Mom, 2 sons throats slit in La Horquetta

LEFT: Melik, eight, Makasi, four, and Vonetta Haynes-Reyes

Husband finds wife and sons murdered
Residents of La Horquetta were in shock last night following the discovery of a 31-year-old mother and her two children, found dead with their throats slit open. The discovery was made by the woman’s husband and father of the children. There were no arrests up to late last night.


By Alexander Bruzual and Darcel Choy
Friday, July 22 2011 –

The murders of a mother and her two young sons yesterday shocked the peaceful community of Plumbago Avenue, Phase Two, La Horquetta, where the family lived.

Vonetta Haynes-Reyes, 31, and her sons Malik, eight, and Makasi Reyes, five, were found dead by police who had been alerted by someone who went to the family’s home yesterday afternoon.

Haynes-Reyes was a senior beauty advisor at Senses at Trincity Mall.

Police sources state that at about 3 pm, a person who knew the family visited the home and called Haynes-Reyes’ cellphone and heard it ringing inside the house.

He knocked on the door but there was no response. He looked into the window and saw the body of one of the two boys on the floor.

The man called the police, and moments after, officers arrived and knocked down the locked door where they discovered the three bodies, reportedly with their throats slits. Upon their discovery, officers cordoned off the street, preventing any vehicle and pedestrian access.

Scores of curious residents gathered within the limits of the police barricade. While most persons didn’t want to speak to reporters, those who did said they were terribly shocked by the murders and described Haynes-Reyes as a very peaceful, loving and quiet person.

The father of the two boys, Selvon Reyes, was notified of the killings and when he arrived he broke down in tears. He was taken inside a neighbour’s home where he was comforted by friends and relatives.

Haynes-Reyes’ uncle, Martin Mitchell, described her as “a very pretty and sweet woman who was very nice”. Mitchell who described the incident as shocking said he was in Aranjuez collecting a package when he got the news. He then left the package on the pavement and made his way to the scene.

“The circumstances of this incident are very strange. I was told that at about 1 pm, neighbours saw a Nissan motor vehicle drive out of the yard and then the police told us that the door was locked,” Mitchell said.

Police later reported the vehicle belonged to Haynes-Reyes. It was found in Carapo at about 9.30 pm

Earlier, Mitchell disclosed that Haynes-Reyes was looking forward to the upcoming marriage of her mother who lives in New York.

On her Facebook page, friends and relatives of Haynes-Reye expressed their horror about the killings.

One friend, Corty Corts, stated: “Three angels gone too soon! RIP and may God grant u eternal peace V.”; while another, Melva Branch, said: “Just can’t believe it, R.I.P, you will be missed by many.”

A family friend Pauline Hazzard said the woman’s mother, brother and sister were expected to leave on a flight last night from the United States to Trinidad to make preparations for the funeral.

Minister in the Ministry of the Office of the Prime Minister and MP for Arima Rodger Samuel was also on the scene as he lives a few streets away from where the murders took place. He said residents were stunned and hurt.

“You could never be comfortable with any loss of life because it naturally hurts us all. It is especially hurtful to us because this is normally a very quiet area and we are shocked that such a crime can take place…it’s not what we are accustomed to and it’s a very sad thing,” he said.

He said he knew the family from seeing them walking along the streets but he did not know them personally.

At the time he didn’t want to comment on any facts of the killings saying police were still investigating the case. When asked if Government was satisfied with their policies for crime he said, “As long as there is one murder, we can never be satisfied as one loss of life is too much.”

Up till 10 pm, the crime scene investigators were still at the house searching for clues.,144255.html


Mom, 2 sons throats slit in La Horquetta
A mother and her two young children were found murdered at their Plumbago Avenue, La Horquetta, home yesterday.

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  1. its a very very sad story..da post dt she posted on her fb wall clearly has somethin to do wid her husband…so mayb she called off the relationship and the man didnt like it…n he killed da mom n either one or both of the boys saw d incident n them he turned on them also…
    am not goin to say dt her husband and the father of the two boys did this but if he did dt means hes gone mad..a mean who wud hve the guts to watch two boys in dere faces and kill them…smh..the police needs to hurry n find the perpertrator…dey need to look for fingerprints..its really a sad story..b/c i hve seen pics of her n she is a beautiful lady….R.I.P…u r in a better place now…trust me..

  2. A horrific tragedy,such a waste of human life,total disregard for God,seems as if this perpetrator knows that he/she is already doomed. GOD have mrecy. May their souls rest in peace.

  3. rest in peace where no one can hurt you all no more. That monster day is comming soon than they think

  4. Condolences to the family. I am sure it will be very difficult for them to come to terms with this. These children did not deserve this kind of death nor the lady in question. Why? Would be the question going through the mind of everyone. But I am sure there is quite a story behind all of this…A very, very sad story.

  5. murder has become as a craze within our society.while our laws seek to protect the defilers and condemn the innocent.we boast of being independent yet we depend on the reign of a collapsed empire to rule and judge over us, who are we fooling can we not decide for ourselves to pass judgement you say you are here to inflict change but you seem to take us for the fools.we bleed each day while you all sit and discuss. you solve nothing my people suffer because of your lack of wanting to purge us of these hoodlums,these uneducated fools,you are by no means different God have mercy on these innocent children jewels are they that shall no more shine

    Hours after identifying the bodies of his two sons and wife at the Forensic Science Centre, in St James, Selvon Reyes called for swift justice and pleaded for the police to find the killer who snuffed out the lives of his children and their mother.

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    Protect women, children
    Minister of Gender, Youth and Child Development Verna St Rose-Greaves wants communities to take responsibility for protecting women and children from becoming victims of male/female relationships.

    Evil stalks the land
    Once again we are faced with a dreadful multiple murder in our society, and what makes some of these more frightening is that, once again, this is not apparently gang or drug related, but involved a young mother and two children in the presumed sanctity of their home.

  7. How very tragic…….innocent children paying the price in this matter, so sad to look at……condolences go out to the relatives…..RIP

  8. this is rediculous, innocent people whomever is responsible for this is a monster and i hope and pray for the family of these people may you guys rest in peace am in tears.

  9. sad really sad the thing is death is to good for the person who did this ……….. 2 young innocent little boys what kind of monster is this …. this is just to show people don’t respect god again this just brings more sad memories like the Sean Luke case ……………. god please may their souls rest in peace

  10. this i’m sadden long would it take befor our nation leaders see the need for capital punishment.would more mothers and innocent children have to be murdered by these blood thirsty monsters befor something can be done?please let us know.

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