All Non-Africans Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm

Analysis by Jennifer Viegas
Monday July 18, 2011 –

NeanderthalIf your heritage is non-African, you are part Neanderthal, according to a new study in the July issue of Molecular Biology and Evolution. Discovery News has been reporting on human/Neanderthal interbreeding for some time now, so this latest research confirms earlier findings.

Damian Labuda of the University of Montreal’s Department of Pediatrics and the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center conducted the study with his colleagues. They determined some of the human X chromosome originates from Neanderthals, but only in people of non-African heritage.

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  1. Modern Humans, the original Borg

    And Joao Zilhao, a research professor at the University of Barcelona, argued that the methods used to estimate the population were outdated. He said modern humans did not simply replace Neanderthals anyway, “as the overwhelming genetic and paleontological evidence shows what happened was assimilation, not replacement.”

  2. Autism, Gender and Race

    “The Sparseness-Adaptation Theory of Autism predicts that autism will correlate with gender and race. This is, of course, a very sensitive subject so I present the basic facts for the reader’s own assessment. The facts are simple. Population density gradients exist on a variety of scales, including tribal and global scales. These density gradients correlate with differences in tendency to move about. The sparse outer regions of a tribe are generally populated by the people who are able and inclined to travel into and throughout the outer regions. For the vast bulk of human history one population within most tribes has been systematically more mobile than another: Men have been generally more mobile than women for the simple reason that bearing and nursing children — the biological legacy of women — makes rambling widely difficult. A mother’s movement also requires energy that is effectively stolen from fetus and infant. Simple mechanics and bioenergetics thus populate the sparse outer regions of early tribes disproportionately with males, with correspondingly simple adaptive consequences: Human males have lived in surface sparseness and their genes have come to reflect it. By most accounts autism is about three times more prevalent among human males than females.10 Adaptation to topology plausibly accounts for the far greater incidence of autism among males than females.

    The same argument applies on the global scale. Current evidence — both archaeological and genetic — suggests Africa as the cradle of the human species or of its ancestors.11 From there migration proceeded outward into sparse regions. The sparsest regions were those with the fewest nutrients to support human life, and those farthest away from Africa. Deserts and mountains cannot support dense human populations and so would be expected to leave an adaptive imprint on the incidence of autism. However, there is on Earth a nutrient gradient that dwarfs those formed by deserts and mountains: It is the gradient that results from the fact that life-giving sun shines more brightly at the equator than the poles. As a result a great nutrient gradient extends from equator to pole on the terrestrial sphere. The poles simply cannot sustain dense human population. Any humans approaching the poles — or approached by polar ice during ice ages — must have been living sparsely to say the least. Adaptation to sparseness should render autism more prevalent among people with ancestral homelands near the poles. There has long been a latitude-correlated racial spectrum on Earth. However unpleasant it is to contemplate human differences, some correlation of the autism and racial spectrums seems inevitable.

    It is possible but not necessary that the incidence of autism be high among present-day Arctic peoples. The expected incidence of autism depends not just on present-day homelands, but on ancestral homelands, which is to say on entire evolutionary histories. These histories must be considered in assessing expected autism rates. Where tenure in sparse regions has been relatively brief, the expected impact on autistic traits is not as great. DNA analysis is beginning to make studies of human population histories easier.

    In two exceptional cases an autism spectrum may not form: They are the case of a spherical population (in any dimension) and the case of a perfectly stirred population. In the first case there is little or no population density gradient, and in the second the average exposure of each individual to different population densities, and hence the average autistic adaptation, does not vary. It is unlikely that either case has persisted long in a pure form in human history. There has, of course, been sufficient mixing of human populations that the species has remained a single species. On the other hand, the fact of geographic variation in skin color and other features shows that stirring has been far from perfect. Even at a tribal scale, where stirring would seem inevitable, the symbiotic arrangement between the genders, with males devoting energy to risk-facing motion and females to reproduction, has prevented perfect population mixing. The ultimate effect of mixing is to force the evolution of brains capable of both autistic and gregarious behavior, and it is fairly obvious that to some degree this has happened. Brain evolution doubtless traces a path intermediate between zero and full effect of the two exceptions. Study of the exceptions should help gauge their relative influence, but in any case this influence has been only partial.”


    “We do not realize the depth of darkness we have been living in until the blinding light of truth starts to shine in. Never having experienced the orgasm of truth, we don’t know what we are missing and thus are content with Counterfeits. We don’t realize how snug and comfortable our ignorance and Deception are until they are threatened, ransacked, severed, cut up by the double edge Sword of Truth. In other words, knowing the truth may be initially painful. But this pain is small compared to the pain of ignorance and Deception that perpetuates Humanity’s wretched condition. Ignorance is no longer bliss. For the errors we make, paths we take, and decisions we make due to ignorance and our having been Deceived, is tremendously harming us, even killing us, while robbing our happiness along the way.”

  4. Nearly 40 per cent of Europeans suffer mental illness

    By Kate Kelland

    LONDON (Reuters) – Europeans are plagued by mental and neurological illnesses, with almost 165 million people or 38 percent of the population suffering each year from a brain disorder such as depression, anxiety, insomnia or dementia, according to a large new study.

  5. Inbred Europe contains and repeats its genetic errors.Even looking at our small local populatio in TnT we see deformities magnified in certain populations and not so much in other genetic groups.Mixed race poeple like Trinidad’s so called Black people, are basically healthier at birth and less susceptible to disease that the children of other races, groups. I was first told this, about thirty years ago, by my younger sister who was a maternity nurse at POSGH.She now works at a paediatric neo-natal unit on the US East Coast. She points out, that there too, one can see the differences even at birth. All neo-nates struggle to breathe, at 14 ounces; but the child with mostly African genes struggles hardest, and succeeds, when you can see, she said, the others willing to give up. The female African-originated child, she said, struggles hardest, as if she knows instinctively, that the survival of the species depends on her. Those inbred Europeans, repeating their genetic disasters over and over should throw in their lot with the African woman, and breed/breathe new life into their gene pool.Even the ostracised Roma, roaming the European countryside for seven hundred yers, seem to show less illness than the land tied others; but they have laughter, and a carefree existence free of obvious mentl illness.

    Now, this is what researchers call”annecdotal evidence” not tied to a double blind study, but I invite intelligent readers to read, look around themselves, and see if this is not the truth.

  6. “Those inbred Europeans, repeating their genetic disasters over and over should throw in their lot with the African woman, and breed/breathe new life into their gene pool.”

    One can always count on a hybrid to endorse and promote the circumventing of the Natural Order. Just think for a second what the world would be like if the Sons of God hadn’t messed with the Daughters of Men. Would Typhon/the Snake been able to seduce Eve? If the God Osiris could only see how his people have elevated the creatures, who in his time, he ‘cudgelled’, to the status Sons of God.

    “Furthermore, the Egyptians relate in their myths that in the time of Isis there were certain creatures of many (the translator says many=large but more likely the word was used to explain the mixed/hybrid nature of the creatures) bodies, who are called by the Greeks Giants; these being the men who are represented on their temples in ‘Monstrous Form’ ( and as being cudgelled by Osiris.”

    See Genesis 6, 4:

  7. “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” Leslie Poles Hartley
    Outside on ensuring that the lifetime criminals that started, and benefited from slavery of millions of Afrikans, I don’t have much uses for who , or what we were, one million decades ago folks , or even, who ,or what we can be, one million decades long into the future.
    Don’t we have enough on our plate , dealing with today’s realities, as opposed to back slapping , feel good archeological, excavations, and research? 40 years ,and more of military dictatorship in Egypt, and death to political freedoms, democracy , and economic justice in Egypt in 2011.
    Those Pharaohs must be turning over in their tombs, I am certain.
    Let’s get on with it guys.Our leaders are in desperate need of help. Enough already!

  8. Past is Prologue my friend; our present $hituation is the result of our past choices and actions. All we can do now is make better choices to ensure a better Future for our progeny, and we can only make better choices by knowing the errors of our past.

  9. My dear Karibkween, and others who joy in derogation:I am not a hybrid, those are bred in labs and consists of things mated together that would not “naturally” mate. Like growing a human ear on the back of a mouse, like creating a lyger from a lion and a tiger, resulting in an animal that weighs about 800 pounds- monstrous. Humans mating together, from different ethnic groups, has been going on for thousands of years. Genetically, all current humans are connected to one ancestor, whom antropologists call Eve, who lived in the Congo basin about a quarter of a million years ago. The Natural Order sounds like a program Hitler would have promoted.

    I do not get into the Adamic argumentt because if we accept the bible story, Cain must have slept with his mother Eve to produce us hunmans,or perhaps he had sisters with whom he mated. Genetically, that should be impossible too, but it is, it does happen even in Trinidad. Now, if you call a person who is part Taino, Part African, part European, a hybrid, all of the world must be hybrids, and the ones who are not die off from genetically transmitted problems.Every one of my family of my generation, and onto the other two after mine, have had children who are perfectly normal, disease free, and intelligent. Some wear glasses after age forty, that is all.
    I wish I could share my exceptional gene pool with others, but my childbearing years are over, and I cannot dictate to the young-uns whom they could mate with.
    Crossbreeding of plant species have also produced stronger plants, though if it were possible between cow and pig, I woud not eat the meat.

  10. Nothing Hitler did was Natural. According to Natural Order i.e. the way Mother Nature intended Modern Humans and the Neanderthal were not meant to mate, hence hemolitic disease, which to this day results in infant death, and is merely cirvumvented by human scientific intervention.

    You are alive because your progenitors circumvented nature thousands of years ago. The male offspring were non-viable like all cross-species products, but the female weren’t and they were indeed mated with their fathers and uncles, its in your History books. The world is currently suffering from outbreeding depression and this will continue to increase until and unless we make a conscious effort to reverse the trend.

  11. Rest assured ,we know them all by now- the errors , that is. If not, then something is terribly wrong. 800,000 dead , and it ain’t matter.
    Say no to tribalism T&T!
    I wonder if folks in Mama India , learned from the past to a better degree than their African counterparts?

    Speaking about learning from the past karibkween, where was Queen K, when , ‘dis is our time ,” head huncho, Basdeo ,was in full reign, a few years ago?
    Well, our citizens survived that political travesty, and they just might this as well, yes?,147006.html
    Let me refresh your memory karibkween. In neo racial ,big brother America , they have some 2.6 million, human beings , scattered across their vast Prison Industrial Complex, making them a leader in that regard in the industrialized world.
    As part of their post slavery genocidal plan, half of that number ,consist of Afrikan folks and decedents , who only make up some 13% of the population.
    For the record, many are there for petty , victimless crimes such as drug use, while elite , big fishes ,with means ,are allowed to roam , in their profiteering schemes without fear.
    Now fast forward to 2011, in T&T ,aka baby America, and let’s just say , the script is still been written,ehhhh karibkween? We wish our people well.

  12. I hope in your memory the history of the error precedes the eventual consequence of the 800,000 deaths?

    History shows that the Hutu a non-pastoral people, who occupied the land along with the Twa before the Tutsi arrival, welcomed them and even supported intermarriage. No distinction was made between them before the arrival of the European. It was the European’s ideas of superiority and their preference for the Tutsi’s physical appearance that created the ethnic separation.

    The choice to believe in the fantasy of superiority however rests entirely on the Tutsi, who used the authority bestowed on them by the Europeans to oppress and discriminate against the Hutu majority, resulting in the inevitable genocidal Hutu response.

    It’s definitely an historic occurance to which the current leaders of your “Baby America” should indeed pay close attention, lest their progeny wind up paying for their sins of error.

  13. “It’s definitely an historic occurance to which the current leaders of your “Baby America” should indeed pay close attention, lest their progeny wind up paying for their sins of error.”
    Do not forget to throw in the Sri Lankan experience as well. It is imperative that the more socially progressive , globally savvy , historically informed ,none revisionists amongst us , do our national duty ,and peace encouraging global obligations , by enlightening dem karibkween,for dey know not what they do my friend. I agree . There is only so many 12 year old FRUSTRATED KIDS , that can be sent to prison for life for lashing out , via social media.
    Half of 1.3 million is how much again? Your maths is better then mine,I am certain.

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