4 thoughts on “Mia Motley responds to BBC Reporter on China”

  1. https://www.aei.org/china-global-investment-tracker/

    The Prime Minister is totally correct.
    Caribbean countries on the brink have no choice. China will ruthlessly seize Caribbean assets in their long term plan to dominate and colonize. Unlike North American and European countries they do not forgive loans. They seem to finance mega projects like the Tobago airport without feasibility studies, fully realizing the futility and pending bankruptcy of these questionable projects , with an eye on seizure and ownership.

  2. PM Mia Mottley has made an important point about Caribbean countries, that they are seen as pawns and not as countries that can determine their own destiny. She pointed out that China holds a large quantity of the assets of the US and plays an important role in the economy of Europe. To me her comments underline a number of points. 1. That the Caribbean countries, just as other countries, have Caribbean interests that are particular to the Caribbean, and that they have a right to seek those interests. 2. That in the international arena, just like in the national arena, good governance is secured by means of checks and balances. Checks and balances are there to ensure that absolute power is not made possible for those who may have power in the state. In “Perpetual Peace” Immanuel Kant said that “the problem of setting up a state can be solved even by a nation of devils”, as long as have a constitution that sets up a system of checks and balances. The same thing holds true for international relations between countries. If one country acquires so much power that there is no check and balance against its power, then as in Kant’s “nation of devils” there is nothing that can prevent other countries from becoming victims of its absolute power. Remember the old saying: absolute power corrupts absolutely. Let’s face the facts, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad. The defense spending of the US is 778 billion, more than the combined defense spending (761 billion) of China, Russia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Japan, India, South Korea, Italy, and Australia combined. The President of America, Joe Biden, has affirmed his commitment to democratic principles, but what if the next president does not commit to democratic principles, what if he/she is a fascist? With the recent politics in the US this is not hard to conceive. As Immanuel Kant said, you need a system of checks and balances so that even if a nation goes to the dark side, they can be constrained. The system of a balance of power (as what occurred in the 1960s) is necessary to keep check and balances against absolute power in the international arena. 3. A multipolar world is something that we should not be afraid of, but actively welcome as a world that contains those checks and balances against the absolute power of any country.

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