Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana officials in vaccine-use crosstalk

By Shane Superville
June 18, 2021 –

Dr Leslie RamsammyRemarks made by the Prime Minister during a media conference last Saturday led to a heated exchange between officials from the Guyanese government and business community and Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs on Friday.

During his presentation, Dr Rowley referred to a table highlighting the number of vaccines received by all 14 Caricom countries and their associates as of Saturday.

He noted the only Caricom country to receive more vaccine doses than TT was Guyana and that was because they accepted vaccines that were not yet approved by the World Health Organization.

“I have raised that at this platform before, but I’ll raise it again.

“The Guyana government took a decision that TT did not take, and that is early in the proceedings, to use vaccines that were not approved by the World Health Organization.

“As a result of that, Guyana had a larger volume of vaccines available. We did not participate in that and that explains it.”

Up to that time TT received 234,700 vaccines while Guyana received 287,400 vaccines.

In a media release on Friday, Dr Leslie Ramsammy – Guyana’s advisor to the Minister of Health blasted Dr Rowley for pointing out that Guyana was one of the countries in the region which started using vaccines which were not yet approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).
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  1. This section of the article is worth repeating:
    Professor of International Relations at the University of Alberta, Canada, Professor Andy Knight told Guardian Media the entire exchange was uncalled for.

    He also said the Prime Minister’s statements about the vaccines used in Guyana were used without the World Health Organisation’s approval was a ‘bit misleading.’

    “Those vaccines that Guyana received early in the year were made available through a partnership between the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Thus, while technically one can make the case that these vaccines were not directly approved by WHO (most vaccines around that time were still undergoing trials) the fact is that this first shipment of vaccines to Guyana was delivered with the blessings of PAHO/WHO,” Knight said.

    He said if the Prime Minister wanted to make the point that T&T has more vaccines that have technically approved by the WHO, he could have done so without implying that Guyana’s larger amount of vaccine was because some of their vaccine shipments were not technically yet on the WHO’s approved list.

    “To me this is an unnecessary argument to make just to prove that ‘we have more WHO-approved vaccines than the other guy.’ It’s undiplomatic. It’s unnecessary. Even the officials at WHO would recognize that back in January 2021 Guyana did the right thing to procure as many COVID-19 vaccines as possible to try to stop the spread of the pandemic,” Knight said.

    Knight said he hopes the ‘undiplomatic’ exchange will not hurt relations between the two countries.

    1. Siewdath (Tman), doesn’t get to determine what is or isn’t worth repeating for everyone. The fact is that the substance of the PM’s point is correct, guyana is operating under a different set of rules, and it’s vaccination drive cannot be equivocated to T&T, while using an alternative vaccine source and vaccine selection guideline. Also, i’m not taking a basket for water on this press spin in favour of the guyanese minister.This was not an undiplomatic “exchange”! Their was nothing undiplomatic about the PM’s statements at the press conference. The PM did not “blast” or “blame” any individual or government. This would accurately be described as an undiplomatic onslaught of disrespect from minister ramsammy within the guyanese ethnocracy (PPP), towards PM Rowley of another society. The fact that the minister is an indian, brahmanist (“hindu”), his party supports the brahmanist (“hindu”) opposition party and it’s leader, will no longer be ignored. Ramsammy’s theatre appeals to UNC/COP (Indian politics) supporters’ racism….”puh dah rawan (“Kneegah”) in he place !” The silent, one-sided, “play along, to get along” game is over!

      1. The PM did not “blast” or “blame” any individual or government. This would accurately be described as an undiplomatic onslaught of disrespect from minister ramsammy within the guyanese ethnocracy (PPP), towards PM Rowley of another society.

        Exactly. I quite agree.
        I watched the video clip with PM Rowley saying what he said. He was merely defending the performance of his Gov’t within the context of comparator Caricom countries. Guyana came up in that context and PM Rowley simply sought to explain the apparent disparity in performance by stating the facts of difference that would account for the disparity. There was no criticism of Guyana for the choice it made that T&T did not also make, as pertains to WHO approval. It was merely cited as a fact that explained T&T’s ranking against the comparator set. T&T’s performance in that context was exemplary. NO disparaging remark was made against Guyana, its policy, or the Sputnik vaccine. NONE.

        It could not reasonably be maintained, as attributed to Prof McKnight, that what the PM said was “uncalled-for”. Guyana was a comparator country from within Caricom. The PM was obviously responding to criticisms of his Gov’t’s performance, in which context the Guyana comparison came up. One may be sure that the T&T/Guyana comparison had earlier been made — by the UNC no doubt and/or its hound-dog media “personnels” — seeking to paint PM Rowley in negative light. Hence his treatment of the matter could hardly be considered “uncalled-for”. I wonder if Prof McKnight knew of the full context when his comment was elicited.

        It was Ramasammy’s comment that was uncalled-for. It clearly pretended to read into PM Rowley’s remarks a criticism of Guyana’s policy that was neither made nor implied. The attack on PM Rowley was as crude as it was gratuitous. It was baseless since the allegedly offending remarks were never quoted. So it was a scurrilous attack, calculated to defame, while providing no clue as to how repair could be attempted.

        That in itself provides the clue as to what is really going on. When friends fall out, the aggrieved party, if truly aggrieved, will provide clear particulars of the cause of offense, that the allegedly offending party might be able to offer correction, and satisfaction. Otherwise, it is a sham grievance, and there is another game being played.

        One does not have to look far to find what that is. Ramasammy and the PPP in Guyana, and Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the UNC in T&T, are birds of ethnic and political feather. Here in T&T, the UNC in Opposition is an avowed mover of sedition, and worse as we see laid out in the “Indian Policy”, some salient aspects of which are as follows:

        Item 1: “Make the country ungovernable”.

        Item 2: “… we must not allow ourselves to be ruled by monkeys. Give them [no] support. Our people must undermined (sic) this nigga (sic) government from within the ministries and work assiduously in collecting and disseminating information to our personnels (sic)…”

        Item 3: “Hire niggas (sic) only if you have to, make them your slaves and keep them at the lowest level of your payroll, economic power is ours”.

        This gratuitous attack from an allegedly friendly Caricom Gov’t can well be understood when it is put into this frame. The UNC and the PPP are allies in the Hindutva project. They help each other in the struggle against rule by “niggas” — inferior “monkeys” in their eyes.

        This is just another UNC/PPP gambit, intended in this case to continue the project of undermining PM Rowley and his Gov’t at every turn. Their objective is to bring down the PNM Gov’t, preferably before when elections are next constitutionally due, and if not that, then to so weaken the Gov’t that they will be unelectable the next time around.

        This is the political context that makes sense of the otherwise unexplainable. Prof McKnight ought not to allow himself to be used as cat’s paw in such wicked and seditious machinations.


  2. The Barbados Underground is not a credible, valid or reliable source of information. This political, propaganda source should not be cited as verification or proof of any stated thesis and will be rejected by any learned researcher.

    1. Yes…Yes… The almighty gods have spoken through siewdath (tman), and it is so! Personally, whenever i want credible information about T&T or guyanese politics, history and race relations i always make sure to first consult;

      (1) UNC (T&T)
      (2) PPP (Guyana)
      (3) Indo Caribbean Diaspora Network (ICDN)
      (4) T&T/Guyanese Indian controlled media
      (5) SDMS
      (6) Tman/Mamoo etc
      (7) Anyone with straight hair and a Caribbean accent
      (8) self loathing, sandal-licking political mercenary africans

  3. “He said the Prime Minister could try to change the narrative of T&T’s vaccine programme but not at Guyana’s expense.

    “First of all, at the time Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister stated that Trinidad and Tobago had within their country 234,000 doses of vaccines, Guyana had in our possession 465,000 doses of vaccines, twice the amount of doses that Prime Minister Rowley’s country had,” Ramsammy wrote.

    However, he said the number of vaccines was not the important point, as he accused Rowley of questioning the legitimacy of the vaccines being used by Guyana.” Guardian Newspaper..

    Guyana has a more robust vaccination program. Guyana population 782,766. Trinidad and Tobago population 1,399,488.
    Guyana vaccines 465,000 for 782,766. TnT 234,000 for 1,399,488. As a comparative 18% cannot be better than over 50% unless like Inconvenient who failed maths believe Rowley numbers that TnT is doing better than Guyana..

      1. As expected more copy and paste. It comes from a brain dead blogger. I suspect you can’t stand the truth.

          1. Has nothing to do with the vaccines. Like your mother giving birth to you, when your dad forgot his condom.
            The strange world we live in, just got stranger..

    1. As usual you are off topic and go to where you are comfortable. The Indian domination of African people. The topic is on vaccine but you being a rabid racist can’t help yourself.

    1. The Guyanese AG has a right to respond to the blatant, fast and out of place Rowley. He should mind his own blasted business but anything to do with India, Guyana and Kamla the Rottweiler in him does emerge. He is the most racist PM TnT ever had. All he doing is fulling the pocket of the 1% and suffering the citizenry. Gas tax increased 3x, GATE, school feeding, education centers etc (too numerous to mention) cut.
      Out of respect for the office he holds I will say no more…

      1. Lol, mamoo refer to the PM as a black dog, and in the same breath, accuses HIM of being racist. The caste-minded have a morality of their own.

    2. Guyana’s AG Anil Nandlall is a true statesman and humanitarian.

      Recording of Guyana’s Attorney General Anil Nandlall

      Big trouble brewing in guyana’s judicial system! Anil Nandlall abuses the courts, African lawyers operate in Fear

      GUYANA: Well-known anti-government protester gunned down while urging people to vote

  4. In my view, the government’s approach to dealing with this pandemic was quite cowardly. We should have taken a bold position, worked with Cuba in developing vaccines and ask the public to consider volunteering for trials etc. Instead, Rowley tried to play it safe by not doing anything to further anger the US and to not feed the opposition a case for negligence if the government acted outside of the WHO. We know that if the government bought Sputnik V or any other vaccine that was not approved by the CDC or WHO, the opposition would have been screaming to high heavens about how reckless Rowley is for putting lives at risk with drugs that did not meet the approval of those bodies.

    What is missing from some Guyanese officials’ criticism of the PM’s statement is context. The UNC and other commenters repeatedly spoke about how smaller countries in the region have vaccinated more of their population than T and T. There is no way the PM could have responded to this without explaining how others secured their vaccines. Once his comments are removed from this context then people could distort what was said. I think most of those who are criticising him are aware of the context and choose to ignore it.

    1. A. Hotep needs to go to head of the class. Howerever, the plot ISthicker and more dubious than africans realise. Guyana’s ethnocratic government (PPP) is gang banging on Dr. Rowley as PM, because they want to break the spirit of african guyanese and african trinidadians, to show ethnic dominance and erase hope of any african trinidadians assistance against the PPP’s genocidal tactics, policies and governance. Meanwhile african trinidadians think it’s “just politics” and are gleefully ignorant of the dangers ahead. Imagine ramsammy’s tag-team attacker of Dr. Rowley, is quoting Anil “indian immigrant mother ” Roberts as a legitimate authority on integrity in public life.

      Anil Roberts’ claim to fame, is that his mother was indian and “pnm”, his father is african, and, as his professed “Dougla Politics” radio programme implies, that makes him uniquely qualified as an official arbitor on race and politics in T&T. Bulls***! Anil roberts chose to be an agent of the indian party, and his wife does not “look PNM” ! The white supremacist hierarchy of the caribbean, automatically imbues people who LOOK “mixed”, with social and other privileges over persons who LOOK “african”, and this positive, anti-african psychological re-inforcement, more often than not, makes that mixed LOOKING person value their NON-AFRICAN heritage more! Remember the social media post during elections, of anil roberts posing for a photo ,smirking, while about to eat a peeled bananna? Why did he do that? The numerous vulgar anti-african racist “rowley monkey” posts by his fellow UNC supporters, raised serious questions. Anil was not aware about the pervasive racist propaganda avout rowley being a monkey? He didn’t know that photo fed into those racist tropes against DARK-SKINNED, unmixed looking africans? Did he cancel those indian UNC supporters whose social media info he would have seen?

      Despite the cover-up lies the racist indian “hindus” tell to the contrary on wikipedia, “Dougla”, is an offensive, caste-ist (racist) slur, which implies:

      (1) Child of a whore mother or bastard child (African/Indian)
      (2) Africans are lower caste than indians and thus impure
      (3) African originated children are less than human and unworthy
      (4) only indians of deplorable character are intimate with africans
      (5) Africans are sub-human
      (6) indians of upright character must scorn africans as inferior

      GUYANA: Well-known anti-government protester gunned down while urging people to vote

      1. (1) Child of a whore mother or bastard child (African/Indian)
        (2) Africans are lower caste than indians and thus impure
        (3) African originated children are less than human and unworthy
        (4) only indians of deplorable character are intimate with africans
        (5) Africans are sub-human
        (6) indians of upright character must scorn africans as inferior….
        Thanks for the reminder, you recognized the superiority of Indians in this post……. You are a true Indian wannabe. That’s all you talk about…

    2. “There is no way the PM could have responded to this without explaining how others secured their vaccines”. (HOTEP)
      Really? Exactly how did other Caribbean nations secure the vaccine?
      They secured vaccines by pre-planning, anticipating WHO vaccine approvals, by approaching manufacturers before approvals and distributions, and by “begging”.
      During these preliminary stages these small Caribbean nations, realizing the importance of keeping borders open for tourism, were pre-planning, establishing protocols for testing and quarantining and devising creative ways to keep their tourism labor force employed. Mottley in particular displayed great intelligence and statesmanship as she once again led by example .What was T&T doing? Fiddling, establishing a total lock down of the borders even to nationals, ignoring testing and bragging that they were number one in the world according to Oxford university which the Health Minister , in typical colonial enslavement, heralded as the best in the world.
      The rest is history!

      1. “Mottley in particular displayed great intelligence…”-Tman

        Of course she did siewdath (Tman), she supported the racist, ethnocratic, genocidal PPP Guyanese, Hindutva led, anti-african party over the african led coalition party in last years elections. Surprise! Surprise! After standing by the PPP election claim and praising narendra modi, mottley’s administration is favoured initially for vaccines, while T&T’s government was publicly undermined by an unnamed high commissioner and bullied into begging for indian vaccines.

        Open letter to Prime Minister Mia Mottley & the citizens of CARICOM

        India PM hails ‘special friendship’ with Mia Mottley

        Barbados PM thanks PM Modi for supply of made-in-India COVID-19 vaccines

  5. “The appearance of a blatant international, indian, Hindutva-led political gang banging of Dr. Rowley, will forcibly wake up the african population to what and whom they are dealing with.”inconvenient.

    Yes the Indian domination of the African people continues. Yawwwn.

  6. A couple of points I would like to make mostly in response to A. Hotep, who writes “In my view, the government’s approach to dealing with this pandemic was quite cowardly.” He adds, “We should have taken a bold position, worked with Cuba in developing vaccines and ask the public to consider volunteering for trials etc”. If A. Hotep believes that a political leader acts courageously if he displays his personal willingness to go outside the bounds of what has been suggested by the medical/scientific fraternity in the matter of Covid vaccination, then he is confusing courage with foolhardiness, a courageous leader must be prepared to accept the calumny and slander of those who attack him, if he knows he is acting in the interest of the people. That is what defines courage in a leader, to be willing to accept personal calumny in the pursuit of what is the public good, even though it may mean restraint and careful thinking through things. It is not a matter of making yourself look good, and ‘courageous’, it is a matter of doing what is right for the people. The other point I would make concerns the context of the various statements. While A. Hotep makes a good point in defining the context of the PM’s statement –“The UNC and other commenters repeatedly spoke about how smaller countries in the region have vaccinated more of their population than T and T. There is no way the PM could have responded to this without explaining how others secured their vaccines”, I think the context is even broader than that. The context of any statement made on vaccination has to take in the geopolitical war that is taking place with Covid 19 vaccination. The WHO has spoken time and time again about “vaccine apartheid”, about the vaccine inequality in the world. World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the world is at risk of ‘vaccine apartheid’. “Speaking at the Paris Peace Forum Spring Meeting, Ghebreyesus said: “I think I would go one step further and say not just that the world is at risk of vaccine apartheid; the world is in vaccine apartheid. As you know, high-income countries account for 15 per cent of the world’s population, but have 45 per cent of the world’s vaccines. Low- and lower-middle countries account for almost half of the world’s population, but have received just 17 per cent of the world’s vaccines. So the gap is really huge,” he further remarked.” A CBS news report, “US lags behind Russia and China in sending Covid 19 vaccines to struggling nations” states that “While America has promised 80 million vaccine doses, according to monitoring groups, China and Russia have done deals to deliver around 600 million doses each globally” We should have a global, collaborative effort to vaccinate the world, what we have seems to be geopolitical battles about vaccination. So that is the context we should be concerned about. All Caricom countries should be advocating for vaccine inequality to be done away with, rather than arguing amongst themselves about their vaccine programs.

  7. ‘Coward’ is being kind…
    Now, after being a good patient of ‘Dr. WHO’, and the CDC.. How do you tell citizens of TT that goes to Canada, for whatever reason, the EU too. Yet, they have started Warning Labels for Vaccines that they have approved for entry…

    No Canada entry exemption for those vaccinated with Sinopharm….

    And The Cubans have entered the arena… Shipping to Venezuela, as the politics of the vaccines, intensify..

    Some come here and speak of ‘African’, but never mention AFRICA … and her performance in this pandemic..
    Dr. Rowley cyah see…

    Well, as 20,000 gather at their brand new stadium in Antananarivo tomorrow… Happy Independence Day.

    1. Some come on here and speak ‘Africa’, and intentionally focus on african every where else but relevant to the social, political and economic reality of the society and region this blog addresses. Frauds…

      1. Let’s cut the crap…

        These are the stats for Madagascar and their State Herbal Policy, today..

        – Deaths: 00
        – New confirmed cases: 05 cases found out of 576 tested
        Analamanga: 02
        Vakinankaratra : 01
        Matsiatra Ambony : 02

        But this is what Dr. Rowley’s government is promoting..

        TT Express: *Herbs won’t help
        Public warned in fighting Covid
        Leah Sorias Jun 23, 2021 Updated Jun 24, 2021

        The public is again being advised to be careful about using herbal remedies to treat Covid-19, as it can cause more harm than good in certain instances.*

        Dem is fraud, IT…

        Won’t be long now..

    2. Very good points RamK. I was talking to a friend today her sister got the two Sinopharm shots, one of her sister passed away in Canada and so she wants to visit her nephew and niece. Now she is in a quandary. Hopefully Inconvenient and Yoruba could explain this cocondrum. Dr. Rowley is controlled by Xi Jinping and Maduro.

      RamK did you see the long long lineup for hampers? Food is on the shortfall list….poor people barely scraping by. TnT coming like Venezuela, show me your friends and I can tell who you are!

      1. Hopefully Inconvenient and Yoruba could explain this cocondrum.

        What “conundrum”?

        I do NOT support vaccination against Covid. There are known and unknown dangers associated with the mRNA- and DNA-based “vaccines” — Astra-Zeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, J&J at the least. I don’t know about Sinopharm, Sputnik, etc. which may or may not also use genetic engineering principles. I seem vaguely to recall reading somewhere that the Cuban vaccine is a vaccine in the traditional sense of relying on weakened and attenuated virus material to trigger the body’s own immune response to fortify it against possible future attack of the pathogen being immunized against. I have no objection to such true vaccines in the traditional sense, although efficacy would be an obvious concern, considering protection is sought against a fast-mutating virus.

        In any case, the mRNA- and DNA-based “vaccines” seem potentially quite dangerous. Not only may they, also, fail against mutant strains, but they may wipe out the body’s own normal immune response, leaving the vaccinated person without any effective defense whatsoever. In other words, per the science (look up work by van den Bosch) the ultimate effect of these genetic “vaccines” may be to cause the wipe-out of billions of people. Any public health policy that accepts such a risk is misguided in my respectful view.

        This obviously means that I quite disagree with T&T Govt policy in this regard.

        Nevertheless, I cannot countenance movers of sedition in the land. Yes, opposition and contrarian voices must have their (loyal) say, but the (loyal) Gov’t must have its way. Under the system agreed at Marlborough House, sectarian disloyalty either in Gov’t or Opposition amounts to vitiation of the social contract therein agreed. That is the threat of Hindutva to the body politic.

        Therefore, I quite disagree with whatever passes for policy in the minds of the UNC Opposition. Their postulations and posturings have been incoherent. They are consistent only in seeking to “undermine this nigga Govenment” at every turn, in accordance with the Indian Policy:

        Item 2: “… we must not allow ourselves to be ruled by monkeys. Give them [no] support. b>Our people must undermined (sic) this nigga (sic) government from within the ministries and work assiduously in collecting and disseminating information to our personnels (sic)…”

        The UNC is a disloyal Opposition in the Constitutional sense, They are movers of SEDITION, an actionable offense against the Constitution. They have also urged and engaged in actionable SABOTAGE, including in the sense of Item #2 of Hindutva “Indian Policy” quoted above. Moreover they almost gleefully raise the specter of INSURRECTION when sobriety, and a sober say, are what are called for. They are even machinating with foreign governments to “undermine this nigga government” when it seeks –as it is constitutionally obligated to do– merely to govern.

        That having been said, I have no doubt where, prophetically, all this will end, both for T&T and the world. Covid-19 is an end-times plague. Others are to follow. The end will be that the meek — notably the Negro — will inherit the earth, and the enemies of the most High and of His Chosen will be swept off the land. Covid is one of the plagues that will see to that. Others are already unleashed, and include hail, snow, whirlwind — hurricane, tempest, typhoon, tornado –, fiery conflagrations, death by sword, death by pestilence, death by drought and famine, earthquake, etc. These are likened unto a woman’s birth-pangs, as they are gradually increasing in intensity.

        Micah 4:10 “Be in pain, and labour to bring forth, O daughter of Zion, like a woman in travail: for now shalt thou go forth out of the city, and thou shalt dwell in the field, and thou shalt go even to Babylon; there shalt thou be delivered; there the LORD shall redeem thee from the hand of thine enemies.”

        This will not be appreciated in a world which for the moment is still given over into the hands of the wicked. But in the end, it will be against this broadest of contexts that Covid policy will be judged success or failure. The world will fail in that regard. But they will fail most that trust most in “science”, so called.

        I withhold my peace from the promoters of hindutva in this land and indeed around the world, and from all other enemies of the Most High such as those pushing this or that “vaccine”. To all others I say


        Here is my “vaccine”:
        Psalms 91:2-7. “I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
        3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
        4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
        5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
        6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
        7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.”

        1. You were doing well until you get back for the hundredth time on item 2. Indians are not homogeneous thinkers as our Africana brothers. I get more help from Africanas than Indians. It just the way we are more jealous of each other. Don’t assume Yoru that Indians think like Africans. If we did TnT would not have a black man in charge!

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