The Preliminary Results of the 2020 Parliamentary Elections

Posted on August 12, 2020
by Communications Manager
Elections & Boundaries Commission –

PNM Won the Popular VoteWith an electorate of 1,134, 135 in the forty-one electoral districts in Trinidad and Tobago, 658,297 votes were polled, giving rise to a voter turnout of 58.04%.

These are the official Preliminary Results of the 2020 Parliamentary Election.

Click here for “The Preliminary Results of the 2020 Parliamentary Elections” (pdf)

There were official requests for recounts by the People’s Democratic Patriots and the United National Congress. The electoral districts where recounts were requested are:

St. Joseph
La Horquetta/Talparo
Toco/Sangre Grande
San Fernando West
Tobago East

During the recount in the electoral district of Tobago East, the candidate for the People’s Democratic Patriots, Watson Duke conceded, ending that recount. Five recounts are still ongoing.

In lieu of the aforementioned, the Preliminary Results for the 2020 Parliamentary Elections conducted on Monday August 10, 2020are attached for your information and publication.

13 thoughts on “The Preliminary Results of the 2020 Parliamentary Elections”

  1. Interesting results. On the surface of it, looks like PNM won the popular vote. However, if you exclude the results for Port of Spain North and South, in the rest of the country UNC received more votes.

    Why bother with elections when the system is rigged in favor of one party.

  2. Lol._….__

    “looks like PNM won….However, if you exclude the votes…”

    You are a SICK SICK SICKKKK person!!! And you are not alone!!

  3. All the fake news, the misinformation, the lies, the propaganda, it’s all being challenged now. They lied and said UNC won the popular vote. It’s an entire UNC community living in a state of delusion. How do you de-propagandize a cult? That is the question. It’s a process; it’s going to take time. First their propaganda is challenged. They have to rationalize, convince themselves, reassure themselves, stoke the hate, continue the lies. But then the illusionary world starts to decay, reality starts to bite, truth starts to seep in. Baba Selwyn, Moonilal and their likes begin to seem like false prophets. Then, after a while, their whole world of illusion crashes. Truth enters.

  4. The country is used to PNM victories, no surprise here. Historically, the PNM has only been defeated by coalitions. This pattern will continue as long as the constituencies remain skillfully divided by a PNM supported EBC, Tobago remains a PNM Afro based reservoir and the PNM supported Housing corporation tactfully locates their supporters in strategically placed housing projects in marginal ridings.
    I have always maintained that Indians in T&T should focus more on economic power and political influence on the governing party rather than elections.

  5. We are living in a divided country. A mere 12,000 votes separates the winners from the losers. The new Government will have the support of less than 50% of the people who voted. How will they use this mandate and what is in store for the country for the future?

    Being an optimist I am hopeful that the politicians can put their differences aside and work together for the best interests of the country as a whole and for its citizens. This takes leadership. We need to put aside this “us and them” attitude and begin to see ourselves again as one people. Dr Rowley mentioned this in his victory speech and I believe he is being sincere.

    Lets move on and hope for the best for ourselves, our families, our children and our homeland.

  6. What is interesting about racism in T&T is that each group self-righteously denounces and accuses each other of racism when both groups are equally guilty. Included in this phenomenon are political leaders who go beyond the ordinary by sending signals to the electorate for votes.

  7. The PNM would do well to note that, in totality, almost the same number of people voted for it as against it. Some might even make heavy weather of the figure of about 330,000 non-PNM voters, as opposed to the party’s 322,250.

    The ruling party cannot afford to ride roughshod over dissent, given the support enjoyed by the Opposition, among others. Voters declined to hand the PNM a constitutional majority.

    1. Siewdath giving subtle threats to government because his party lost…Wah Wah.Siewdath mistakes Trinidad for guyana…

    1. To satisfy his sickness. He’s a sick mam…rember some years ago another sicko wanted to exclude tobago…from the republic!?!?
      Their political culture ‘tory jumped out of naila’s open mouth!

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