Prime Minister Stands by Jack Warner



Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarIt is a fundamental tenet of the rule of law that a man is innocent until proven guilty.

This right is enshrined in the constitution of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago and is an important pillar in our system of justice.

And so, the decision by FIFA to initiate a “provisional suspension” of its Vice President Jack Warner, pending investigation is not a determination of guilt but part of a process that we trust will be fair and unprejudiced.

A “provisional suspension” is not to be equated with a finding of guilt, far less a sentence based on a finding of wrong doing.

The process must now be allowed to go its full course since as I said, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

FIFA is an international sport body that is not part of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago; we therefore have no knowledge about its procedures and the dynamics of its unique internal politics.

It would be unfortunate if we made premature adverse judgement and pronouncement on a matter that is under investigation. This would be contrary to the spirit and letter of the laws of our land.

I am fully aware that events like this involving a Senior Cabinet Minister will be of immense concern to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Likewise, I am concerned by the allegations made and expect an update from Mr. Warner upon his return, which he has assured he will do.

At this time, there is no reason for me to arrive at any conclusion regarding the allegations made against Mr. Warner.

A ‘son of our soil’ who served this nation faithfully at that very football organisation and who was instrumental in leading Trinidad and Tobago to its very first World Cup qualification just a few years ago must be allowed every opportunity to present his case against the allegations made about him.

Consequently, at this time I will not prejudge the allegations against Minister Warner, and until there is evidence to the contrary, I stand by him.

Date: 29th May 2011



FIFA’S ETHICS committee yesterday suspended Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner from his football duties for one month after determining the FIFA vice-president had a case to answer in relation to allegations he offered bribes at Port-of-Spain’s Hyatt Regency Hotel in May.

FIFA suspends Jack over bribery charges

PM: I stand by Jack
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said yesterday she was standing by her Cabinet Minister Jack Warner following his suspension from football activities by Zurich, Switzerland-based FIFA.

PM: I have not asked Jack to resign

Kamla hangs on to Jack

PM: Warner innocent until proven guilty

Jack: I will defend my reputation
The following is Jack Warner’s response after the FIFA Ethics Committee made its decision:

Warner’s response to ethics ruling
I have learned this evening via the media that I have been provisionally suspended by the FIFA Ethics Committee. This has come both as a shock and surprise to me. At the conclusion of the enquiry I specifically requested that I be notified of any decision as I had learned via the media before attending the hearing that a decision would be handed down at 5 p.m. Despite leaving my contact details, up to this point, I still have not received any notification from the FIFA.

Jack responds to FIFA ruling: Abuse of process!

Jack hangs in the balance

COP: He must step down as Minister
The party asked for Warner to step down as Works Minister pending the completion of FIFA’s investigations.

‘Give Warner time off to clear his name’
Local advocacy group FIXIN’ T&T is asking Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to relieve Works Minister Jack Warner of his ministerial duties so he has time to defend his reputation

How the deal went down
AS a FIFA ethics committee heard charges yesterday in Zurich in the money-for-votes scandal that rocked the governing body, details of the now-infamous Caribbean Football Union May 10-11 at the Hyatt Regency (Trinidad) hotel in Port of Spain, Trinidad, began to emerge.

What Panday, Imbert say
“Whether or not he is found guilty, he should not hold both posts at the same time (FIFA vice president and Works and Transport Minister),” Panday said.

Rowley: I warned you
“I told you so.”

Transparency Institute: Warner must choose now

TTTI: Govt must protect country

Warning signs for Jack

PM must now act on Jack

Warner must demit office
Yesterday the FIFA Ethics Committee suspended Jack Warner for one month pending “full investigation” of bribery allegations brought against Warner by one of his colleagues, CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer. Also suspended for one month was fellow FIFA Executive Committee Member Sheik Mohammed Bin Hammam, who is President of the Asian Football Confederation.

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  • Judging from the way FIFA operates this appears to an internal power struggle for the leadership of the Organisation. Warner being a black man might have been prejudiced because of his colour. Information coming out appears as though the current appointed President knew of some of these allegations but did nothing. So as the PM says, let us not prejudge…

  • Please don’t say tobago jack is from trinidad an not tobago so keep us out we are not goin to look bad for him its about time they give tobago credit where it dues not only when thing go bad trinidadians need to stop they stupidness and stop letting down the country every way they go they make them selve’s look bad come on wake up that is what tey have to look at an not other stupid ness they are setting a bad trend for this country KAMLA BISSESSAR LOOK AT THAT FOCUS ON THAT AN STOP TRAVELING

  • Inka like only the good times and jump ship when there is some turbulence. The PM is quite correct in her statements. Inka please remember when the Greens were attacked in Tobago, Trinidad got the flak for it’s tourism especially from th UK. Madam PM these bloggers are hard to satisfy because your promoting T&T comes about with travelling as well. You are doing a gran job irrespective of some minor turbulence during the firs year.

  • Maybe Ms. Kamla, as Captain, wants to go down wih her ship called Jack.Jackass!

  • Coalition parties divided on impasse
    The coalition parties that form the People’s Partnership Government all have varying views on how bribery allegation against FIFA vice-president, chairman of the United National Congress and Minister of Works and Transport Minister, Jack Warner should impact on his status within the Government.

    Mc Leod questions FIFA credibility

    De Lima, Ramadhar: Warner should resign

    NJAC supports Warner
    The National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) sees no reason why Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner should relinquish his Cabinet post in the face of recent bribery allegations…

    Opposition Youth League wants Warner removed
    The Opposition PNM Youth League is calling for the removal of Jack Warner as Works and Transport Minister pending the determination of bribery charges against him.

    Manning: Fire Jack

    Abdul-Hamid calls on PM to fire Warner

    Decision on Warner should wait

    ‘I will respond’
    WORKS and Transport Minister Jack Warner will respond to those who are calling on him to resign from Cabinet until bribery allegations against him in his capacity as a FIFA vice-president, have been addressed, his attorney Om Lalla said yesterday.

  • Jack: I did no wrong, I’m staying put
    EMBATTLED Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner, returned home last night from FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland where he spent the last week fighting off bribery allegations in his capacity as FIFA vice-president, to a rousing hero’s welcome.

    Jack: Prakash disappointed me
    FIFA Vice President Jack Warner said last night he has no intention of stepping down as this country’s Minister of Works and Transport. He criticised Congress of the People (cop) deputy political leader Prakash Ramadhar for saying that he should step down amidst allegations of bribery for FIFA presidential votes. Warner returned from Zurich, Switzerland last night

    It’s no mistakethey got caught
    Rowley weighs in on Warner affair, PP performance:

    PNM in pursuit of Jack… Letter to be sent to Gibbs

    Issue with Warner in Cabinet—Rowley

    Blatter unopposed! Really?

    Makeover for ‘Uncle Jack’ from Karene

  • Jacks of all trades

    By Kevin Baldeosingh

    SOME persons have expressed surprise that the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) issued a statement in defence of Austin Jack Warner. But it’s perfectly logical: what else would an organisation with that acronym do in relation to bribery allegations against the country’s most successful black man, if not to insist that it ent Jack?

    What surprised me at first was the part of their press release which read, “NJAC finds it very difficult to accept that a man of such intelligence and experience would allow himself to be compromised, as alleged.” Yet this is an organisation whose members have absolutely no difficulty accepting myths about geometry being discovered in Egypt instead of ancient Greece; or the Dogon tribe discovering the Sirius B star before anyone else; or combs being invented by an African. Then I remembered that it’s impossible for any African person to do anything wrong; and Africans who cheat, murder, or wear shoes only learned to do so from the white colonialists since Africa was perfect before the Europeans came, saw, and died from yellow fever.
    Full Article :

    WORKS and Transport Minister Jack Warner yesterday claimed a firm employing two British nationals formerly hired by the Special Anti-Crime Unit of TT (SAUTT) has been spying on the Government on behalf on interests in the United Kingdom.

    …’Security firm spying on Govt’
    Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner has alleged that a local security company was spying on the Government. However, the company’s managing director has described the claim as “lies” and said the company was reviewing its legal options.

    …Warner’s spy claims ‘utter rubbish’
    When Newsday dialed 354-4443, a number which Warner disclosed to the Lower House, a man with a clear British accent answered. He denied he was involved in any spying. He said he formerly worked with SAUTT a long time ago, and was in Trinidad on vacation.

    Speaker shoots down Alicia
    HOUSE Speaker Wade Mark effectively shot down several repeated attempts by Opposition PNM Arouca/Maloney MP Alicia Hospedales to bring the Jack Warner/FIFA bribery issue into her debate on the Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill 2011, in the House of Representatives yesterday.

    Prakash: Call for Jack to step down not personal

    …Ramadhar disappointed at Warner’s reaction

    …Ramadhar: I’m still Warner’s friend

    …Toney: Decision by COP executive

    …Jack: King matter totally different

    …Jack: All will be crystal clear

    …Jack: E-mail I sent to Blatter will clear me
    Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner is confident that he will be cleared of the bribery allegations that led to his suspension from FIFA once he reveals details of an e-mail exchange with Blatter. Warner, who returned home late Thursday, says he will make the revelations tomorrow when he addresses supporters in his Chaguanas West constituency, after a motorcade.

    …Warner’s rise to power in FIFA
    FIFA vice-president and CONCACAF president Austin Jack Warner has been a member of the FIFA Executive Committee since 1983, and CONCACAF president since 1990.

  • The Igbo people of West Africa(Nigeria ad CAmeroun) have a saying that “Cowards often stand itheir compounds looking over the fence to where a brae ma USED to live.
    In this case, Ms. Bissessar is being the brave, but foolhrdy man, in “standing by Jack Warner”.

    In a fragile coalition she is holding one string of the spider’s web, while Jack spins and spins. If she ever watched a spider at work, she would know that EVENTUALLY,IT SWALLOWS UP ITS WEB AND MOVES SOMEWHERE ELSE.Being from south, the coutry, I would have thought she had observed this firsthand, and learned from it.

  • One of the characteristics which I share with the PM is that we are from the same part of T&T. And ,YES, I am sure she has observed first hand and learned from it.In addition to spinning webs ,spiders also use a wide range of strategies to capture prey: trapping it in sticky webs, lassoing it with sticky bolas, mimicking the prey to avoid detection, or running it down. Most detect prey mainly by sensing vibrations, but the active hunters have acute vision, and hunters of the genus Portia show signs of intelligence in their choice of tactics and ability to develop new ones.
    The PM will survive. Jack Warner may not.

    • “The PM will survive. Jack Warner may not.”Yeah T-Man , continue to live in your delusional ,fantasy world, as your party try to maintain it’s tenuous grip on power. Just bear in mind , that if Jack goes , so is the bag of straws, that constitutes your PP government, so please no premature celebration ,over the likely demise of Uncle Jack, the Queen Maker. That little Afrikan boy , with the tie tongue , wants his pound of flesh , 2 inches away from Queen K’s, delicate heart.I wish ‘you alls,’ well, especially in this flooding season.

  • CONCACAF suspends Austin
    CONCACAF has suspended acting president Lisle Austin for alleged rule violations, drawing an angry response from Austin who claimed yesterday the action was “illegal.”

    …Lisle: It’s illegal

    …Jack to drop Blatter bombshell today

    …Prakash: Blatter outmatch Warner
    Deputy Political Leader of the Congress of the People and Minister of Legal Affairs Prakash Ramadhar is sticking to his position that Works Minister Jack Warner should step aside

    …DeLima slams Govt’s support for Warner

    …Jack must step aside for probe
    Congress of the People (COP) vice-chairman, Vernon De Lima, has assured supporters that he will not indulge in name calling should “nasty things” be said about him on the forthcoming campaign trail.

    …Warner’s still a Simpaul director

    Where Jack is still ‘King’
    What is the secret of Jack Warner’s resilient power?

  • She has to stand by him. That allegiance is product of political contrivance. He is the overseer that brings the slaves to the electoral market bought where their votes are bought and sold. So of course she has to stand by her overseer.

    Whether he is guilty of the allegations or not I am in no position to assert. What I do understand, and what the segment of the T&T population who were taken in by the persuasions of the overseer and endorsed the social stratification of T&T along the lines of ancient and current day India will soon understand, is that as species of living things are wont to gather together, so too do ideas and philosophies and ideology.

    The presence of Sat Maharaj and others in decision making aparatus of the PPP, I mean PP, is valid evidence that the leader and organization are bent. It is not an accident that David Duke is a republican. Therefore it should be no surprise that Sat finds a home in the PPP, I mean PP.

  • Gibbs must play to goal
    After announcing that the police force had initiated no investigations into the allegations that bribery on an international scale had taken place at Trinidad and Tobago’s Hyatt Regency Hotel, Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs modified that unfortunate position by announcing that he would be contacting Fifa to source information that might form the foundation of a case.

    Jack: I am not a Simpaul director
    WORKS and Transport Minister Jack Warner yesterday denied being a director of the travel agency which handled millions worth of bookings and travel expenses in relation to a special meeting of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) with then FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed bin Hammam last month.

  • I think the Prime Minister & Mr Warner have a very good relationship an it should remain that way.I can’t understand people whenever the Government doesn’t do what they (the people) want they are always ready to protest.Do you think that will ever change?

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