1990 Enquiry

1990 Attempted CoupRobinson recalls his infamous order:
‘Attack with full force’

MORE than 20 years after he was held hostage in the Parliament Chamber at the Red House in Port-of-Spain, and his Government overthrown by 114 Muslim insurgents, former President Arthur NR Robinson yesterday testified before the Commission of Inquiry established to probe events surrounding July 27, 1990.

Robbie: I was shot and beaten

ANR: Panday wanted to bring down NAR Govt

Robinson recalls disunity in his government

Robinson has axe to grind—Panday

Police protection for former President

Witness: I saw cop shot and set afire

Sentry at HQ ‘did not stand a chance’
Solomon McCleod, the policeman on duty at the northern entrance of Police Headquarters who was the first casualty in the 1990 coup attempt, did not have “a ghost of a chance”, former assistant solicitor general, Lynette Stephenson, who witnessed his murder, told the Commission of Enquiry into the events surrounding the coup 1990 attempt yesterday.

Rowley ‘optimistic’ about outcome
‘1990’ enquiry

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  1. A red herring, rotten fish, designed to distract from a program of nothingness? Something to titillate the people, rake up bad memories, and rekindle hatreds?
    At what cost? and what track record does our country have of doing something about the conditions that give rise to coups in the first case?What happened to the TELCO inquiry?

    Be aware, please, that the families of those who were killed, would be having their healing wounds raked wide open again.

  2. He that’s without ‘cocoa in the sun,’ need not fear this long overdue inquiry Madame L.Yes it might be distracting politicking for all we know , but so what , and since when this is something new, especially in your lovingly adopted neck of the woods in Pax Americana, ehh, Madame L? After all ,it’s 2011 , and mainly drunken Irish Americans , are trying to find who killed JFK in Dallas , from conspiratorial LBJ, to Mafia thugs enamored with Marylyn M his gal, some unknown jealous husband and victim of his cheating heart, or his pretty lonely wife agitated family. Go figure, and may his son of a bootleging soul rest in peace.
    As for wounded unhealed families of victims in my loving country, you should speak for your self, on the question of not wanting to unearth the actual truth, as to who shot my PM in his knees, used a AK47 , to desecrate heavens knows what, on ah we female wajang gal , Pat Nicolson , murdered my fellow hardworking colleagues , as well as caused millions in looting and economic carnage on that dreaded day ,when certain selective suspected Abu Bakr enabling political miscreants ,were conveniently out of Parliament , and or de country.
    Let justice be done,as you would demand the same thing if someone had run up to UWI ,and let loose on all dem youthful party freaks , and idle too many overpaid , ideas deficient Professors ,that make up this -maybe once noble, or relevant -institution , that produced Patrick the clueless Manning.
    Thank you PP, and full marks to our government as they lead the charge , irrespective of political motivations.
    Sorry Madame L, please leave the neo tribal, pro PNM psycho massaging occasionally, if objectivity is your watchword, as I suspect not at times ,with too many- present company excluded , of course.
    You are dead wrong on this , as no so call civilize ,democratic country ,should be able to hold it’s head high , or have it’s citizens pontificate about runaway crime in their country primarily amongst our poor underclass , when criminals are cuddled , and I do not give a hoot,if it’s idealistic Tethron ,British Sandhurst Coup School trained ,young Lieutenants back in 1970, or an ex fellow Cop turned opportunistic ,political Islamist, and his marauding bands of savages , in 1990, yes?
    Long live the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and most importantly equal playing field justice.
    Now a noble citizen from the island ward , and his thousands of neglected fellow islanders can get some true closure to this ghastly ordeal. Where the hell are the real educated , globally savvy progressive folks? Madame L has now been struck off my short list, or authentic nation builders.
    Hey folks take it from a Political Animal , liife, and by extension politics, just ain’t dat simple . Doubt be, den asked one of my Blacksocrates disciples.


    1. Tell me something Madame L, did Huston, or rather conservative Texas as a whole, join crazy liberal California ,to legalize marijuana, under some stupid guise of medical , and or, recreational use?
      My reason for enquiring is quite simple , for you must be smoking some real hard stuff on your end , before sitting down before your computer to type, for why else would you be enquiring about some stupid European name from a guy whose forefathers were repeatedly raped by a bunch of white , fake Christian ,European savages ,at some time .
      So your name Edwards ,came direct from Papa England , and mine from Fulani , or Benin Kingdom?
      Talk to me, only when you are prepared to come of your phony, lofty ,’high horses,’ my dear lady, if not , then continue to pontificate uselessly , about phantom female global oppressions ,to gullible 15 year old pimple face girls ,from downtown Huston High School.We progressive have a nation to save, and gluttonous, destructive barbarians, to keep at bay, as attempt to prevent them from running roughshod over our extremely fragile democracy.
      As I told you characters before, there is too much at stake , for us to allow petty elitist ,and social frauds, to try and dominate the agenda.
      ‘Loving Country,’is not some simplistic catch phrase , but entails useful debates ,and civil disagreement,that should not be limited to develop countries ,were folks like you,chose to call home – since better cannot be done.

  3. Former Govt minister recalls execution threat
    The 1990 Coup Enquiry

    …Now we dead

    Intelligence only way to prevent a repeat
    In acknowledging the two vital failures of the NAR administration, a lack of security intelligence and a disconnect between government and the poorer sections of the population, former minister Jennifer Johnson said yesterday that “intelligence, intelligence and more intelligence” was the only way to prevent a recurrence of the 1990 coup attempt.

    Jennifer tells of scary Friday: ANR, Richardson tied together

    Former hostage breaks down during testimony
    Former hostage Wendell Eversley broke down during testimony, forcing an early adjournment to yesterday’s proceedings of the Commission of Enquiry into the events surrounding the 1990 coup attempt.

    Coming to closure
    The evidence being presented at the Commission of Inquiry into the events surrounding the attempted coup in July 1990, should make us all sit up as we relive the horror of the attack and the violence wrought upon innocent citizens.

  4. Leo desVignes, in case you were not born yet, which is quite posible, was the legislative rep from Diego Martin who died during the coup. The question had nothing to do with other names. Why act like an ignoramus if you have a brain?

  5. Ok , oh wise one , so what was your point, Madame L? Would Leo’s memory , and that of several other civil servants , -especially Law enforcement officers- who lost their lives ,in the line of duty ,on that fateful day , be better honored , and respected ,if we do like you naively suggested ,and pretend that this tragedy did not happen , by not having this enquiry, because it would hurt the sensibilities of some, or might be some high flown , distracting ,political poly as some claim?
    For the record , I was not only born then ,but was at the forefront of the battle to restore normalcy, and maintain our democratic ideals during the succeeding curfews implemented, in keeping with my duties of service without favor , malice , or ill-will, towards any across my devastated country , when you and similar others,, were busy living the good life abroad, in grateful duty on behalf of your much adored European masters ,while pretending to be global saviors, as symbolic ‘Rome burned.’.
    Just love to hear you and similar phonies, prattle away about how dangerous your country became -especially since Massa England departed-due in great measures to the prevalence of chiefly illiterate ,uncouth ,African savages, that have attempted to destroy all and sundry, but would pay little attention as to why hard working Policemen, and women, continue’s to throw their hands up in consternation , and run for greener pastures likewise, as a result of these, and similar wanton displays of abuses, and misuse of power,under the watchful eyes of competing neo tribal , elitist, fake leaders , like the last two unmentionable bums ,that were kicked off their pedestal- thank goodness.
    I definitely won’t be so crude so as to point a luving finger at you Madame L, but would someone please save us from these and similar suspect intellectuals , and country haters?
    One can just keep prodding them the wrong way , in areas they do not wish ,and the true colors would emerge , ehh Madam L ? Put a lipstick on a pig , and even if it spent some 40 years in Buckingham palace ,KKK haven Southern America, or in other well known cases a year in the frigid former Governor’s Alaskan mansion ,it still remain’s a classless pig , ehh?
    Here is a lesson for you and similar ‘sex is rape neo feminist,’ “the personal , is political.”
    Let me reiterate , for your benefit and the other obstructionist comedians , that care absolutely nothing about our dear country. This Commission of Enquiry that was pushed fervently by present regime, is welcomed by all civilize human beings, who cares about the truth and initiation of justice.
    I do not care if the past 99 out of 100 of their actions since May 24th 2010 , were blunders in yours and other die hard fans eyes, as they are entitled to make a few, especially after 40 years or more ,of PNM failures from ‘use and abuse Dr Deffy Eric,’to uncaring Patios , the Sando nepotistic king.

    Thanks Jennifer Johnson, and at the same time sorry, but Madam L , don’t want you and ‘ah we bouy Robbie,’ Uncle Trevor Sudama , Dr Hosein , and others, to get your well deserve catharsis.
    No Madame L, we cannot wish that dis was an airplane as the singer said in song, and pretend it never happened, for some of us are still hurting.
    Incidentally ,we cannot wish that slavery never occurred too, yes? Now there is something we can both agree on , hmmmm?


    Long live democracy.

  6. Joseph Toney: Guns pointed at us at all times

    Toney: Parliament was violently, brutally assaulted

    Robinson was shot, battered
    Former government minister John Humphrey’s advice to the Muslimeen insurgents to “get something in writing” delayed the release of the hostages in the Red House by one day

    We wondered what side Humphrey was on—Toney

    By asking for amnesty the Muslimeen had conceded defeat

    PNM, UNC used Jamaat in the past
    Both the People’s National Movement (PNM) and the United National Congress (UNC) used the services of the Jamaat al Muslimeen to gain control of the marginal seats, former hostage, Wendell Eversley told the Commission of Enquiry yesterday.

    After coup attempt, crime rose
    ONE of the hostages in the Parliament during the July 27, 1990 attempted coup said yesterday that following the insurrection, there was an increase in crime in the country.

    Revealing coup bid facts, finally
    Twenty years after, but not too late to hear in detail the circumstances surrounding the events of the 1990 attempted coup on the democracy of Trinidad and Tobago.

  7. Conqueror killed on way to rehearsals
    The calypso world was plunged into mourning on hearing the news that calypsonian Conqueror (Leroy Paul), 75, was killed on Thursday night after being struck by a car while he was attempting to cross Wrightson Road in Port of Spain.

    Panday’s ‘Wake me up…’ irks Robbie
    Former prime minister and president Arthur NR Robinson testified yesterday he had been told former prime minister Patrick Manning had “in some way (been) implicated in the matter” but refused to elaborate…

    …Robinson questions Panday, Manning’s conduct

    …Robinson: Manning’s absence raised questions

    …Clerk: My dad was killed fleeing the Red House

  8. This Inquiry is long overdue. It is not a figment of our imagination, it actually happened. Much can be learned from the revelations and most importantly, our young people will have an opportunity to fathom why we are where we are. The truth can be painful but it does not kill, resurections do. Let the truth be told. In actuality this is a sign of maturity. We can deal with.

  9. Some people who ought to be serious, at least out of respect for old wounds being rubbed raw; are being facetious in their comments, and reducing this also, to an absurdity. No one, not me, at least, ever said it never happened. The apparent drunken ramblings of one commenter leave me astonished as to who his teachers of language and logic were.

    My concern would continue to be what conditions(I ask the same of Egypt in its current crisis) gave rise to a second revolution in twenty years, and has the society, in terms of providing a meaningful life for the poor and oppressed/depressed/dispossessed,advanced to any degree whatever. Three different political groups have had bites of the apple, and according to my ex-husband, a Belmont boy, “the old galvanize that fenced the houses on Hermitage Road is still there. The rusted out ones are replaced by slightly less old ones. Nothing else has changed.” In the 21 years since the revolution, I know of only one new business that deliberately located itself in Belmont.(Thanks EJ)

    I posit that the conditions that gave rise to 1990, are still there, if not worse. Digging up the facts without a proposal to make meaningful changes, is titivating the taxpayers at their own expense.

    So what if Panday said “Wake me when its over”. What if Manning had an inkling that things were going south, and absented hmself that day. Are we going also, to look at who profitted from the “revolution”? Who bought the looted materials? I remember Umbala Joseph was put out of business in Belmont when his entire store was looted. Who got all that stuff? Flour and rice in the hundreds of pounds.Loads of liquor. Is there a victims’ fund from which people like him will be compensated.

    Again I ask, what really, besides a macabre entertainment, is the benefit to be derived from this inquiry?

  10. “The truth can be painful but it does not kill, resurections do. Let the truth be told. In actuality this is a sign of maturity. We can deal with.”
    Excellent point brother Errol F. Hosein. I totally agree.
    Your find commentary, especially in these critical moments of our country,where our overall national security is threatened by rampant crimes, and other social maladies ,is a clear indication ,that there still exist, folks from across the length and breath of our Twin Island Republic, with some sense of moral decency, and or respect for the dignity of the other , who would choose to applaud non partisan gestures, and need not attempt to attach narrow ,or skewed political motives, to every act that is performed on it’s behalf.
    It is a well known fact that the seeds of lawlessness in our country was planted in 1970,when Raffique , Rex ,and others engaged in treasonous acts and blatant dereliction of duty ,and were never punished for their follies.
    This seed again was nurtured ,and so germinated in 1990 , when pro Islamist Abu Bakr , and his pseudo religious thugs ,through gross neglect of our law enforcement , and intelligence community , almost destroyed our entire democracy ,by their revolting actions, yet likewise ,were never punished , and to compound the problem, 20 years elapsed , and the truth was never known ,because of the inaction of two of the most despicable, selfish , and incompetent leaders , the Caribbean has ever known. Unfortunately today, the negative effects of those early follies , have blossomed ,as runaway crimes are the order , security officials lives are taken with impunity , as if we are members of a borderline failed state.
    This enquiry therefore, is but one step in the direction of putting our houses in order , and our nation on track to some level of regional respectability.
    Let’s once more say hooray to the quest for justice, not only on behalf of the nation as a whole , but specifically Mr. ANR Robinson ,a much maligned ,yet courageous , dedicated leader- who as a symbol of the neglected people of Tobago , remains national second class citizens.
    May the healing begin. In ending let me add, that there is one thing I am certain of, as sure as what goes up must come down, and it is this:- We would not be hearing some of the utter self serving rubbish ,that has emerged from the traps, of many of cyber prevalent ,phony intellectuals , jabbering loquacious masqueraders , if the atrocities as revealed via testimonies today, had occurred to Basdeo Panday, Eric Williams , George Chambers , Patrick Manning, or heavens forbid ,present PM,Queen K.
    Long live the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,and I will continue to forever wish our people well.

  11. So, Rawle Raphael, Member of Parliament under the NAR, had BEEN TOLD there was going to be a coup, and not to go to Parliament that day, he said nothing, and went, and was not hurt. Does that not make him a traitor to his country? All along, we trying to hound Manning, because with his three measly seats was was in opposition to the opposition under PAnday, who said to wke him when it was over. We wanted to accuse him, now Rawle Raphael confesses to having been told, and did nothing, said nothing, until now.A purgation of is soul?Or the confessions of a simpleton, one of the sort Raf says might have been recruited in a rumshop? Those who say that it was a simpler time then, forget that in 1977, there were policemen on the streets of POS during the Christmas season, officers with Israeli made sub-machine guns, and there were already armed security people at banks and so on, but none in Parliament?
    People in TnT do not take any threats seriously. The US on the other hand locks down a school if there is a bandit at large in the neighborhood, less he run into the school and take a student as a hostage.There is a middle road between over caution, and no caution at all, and Rawle Raphael, MP, failed to exercise due care and attention, when this info was given to him.
    Now, what will the commission do with Rawle Raphael, public citizen, 21 years later?Can he be charged with derelection of duty? This is the strangest piece of info to come out of the hearings, methinks.

  12. A big coup joke
    Former National Alliance for Reconstruction MP Rawle Raphael was warned by a member of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen three times before the attempted coup, that the Muslimeen were planning armed insurrection.

    …Hennessy: Bring movers, players
    Chairman of the commission of enquiry into the events surrounding the attempted coup on July 27, 1990, Sir David Simmons, made it clear yesterday he intended to call or receive, voluntarily, or by summons if necessary, all those who played a prominent role in the tragic event.

    …Scarred for life
    VETERAN broadcaster Emmett Hennessy experienced the horror of the July 27, 1990 attempted coup first hand and yesterday admitted the trauma he suffered has left long-lasting psychological effects.

    …Bakr expected to take stand
    Leader of the Jamaat-al- Muslimeen, Yasin Abu Bakr, is expected to be called before the Commission of Enquiry into the 1990 attempted coup.

  13. ‘They knew of Jamaat’s plans’
    Ex-MP points fingers at Bas, Manning…

    ‘Strange absences’
    …Ex-UNC MP questions politicians missing during coup attempt: Bas, Nizam, Manning

    Nobody took threat seriously—Raphael
    Raphael, former MP for Arouca North, continued his testimony at the Caribbean Court of Justice in Port-of-Spain yesterday.

    Raphael: No remorse over deaths
    Former National Alliance for Reconstruction MP Rawle Raphael said yesterday he did not feel any culpability or remorse over the deaths which occurred during the 1990 coup attempt, given the fact that he had been warned three times about an armed insurrection. He maintained that no one took the information seriously.

    Shot media worker pleaded with ‘Jamaat’ gunmen

  14. We Trinbagonians like a nine days wonder. The coup was one. The effects it had on those who were severely traumatized by it
    were never given serious consideration. BAck then, no one in TNT thought of the effects, apparently, of living in a war zone. One prominent and brilliant journalist could only function sporadically, after being locked in TT House and held at gunpoint. Those who know him dismiss his descent into drunkenness and irrational behaviour, not as the resulyt of trauma, but “wutlessness”; and lament the fact that he”didn’t use to be like that”.
    It is this casual attitude to the long term effects of tragedy that has me concerned. Would this be like the truth and reconciliation Commission of South Africa, headed by the most Rev. despmond Tutu, or would this be an attemt to cast blame and just leave it so.
    Years ago, I conducted a workshop in Antigua, for the staff of a company that was riven by iterpersonal conflict, while trying to do good for the people, just like a political party.
    After the interviews, I conducted a day of talk and reconciliation. By 4.00 PM people were still pouring out heir trauma, but I had promised them I would stay as long as anyone needed to talk. We finally left the Ecumenical Center about 7:00PM. That team had only eight employees.
    How many people ere affected in team trinidad and Tobago? will they all be called to testify and put this thing behind them? I fear not, because we are more about assigning blame that anything else.
    Our “It good for he” mentality will leave many re-traumatized people handing and twisting in the wind when we close shop, put a large bound document on a shelf, and move on.
    I urge our indigenous religious people,the Spiritual BAptists to organize a spiritual cleansing ceremony for all the traumatized people being re-savaged by the casual way these events are being reported as handled. If we could not let sleeping dogs lie, for political motives, we need to find ways to calm tose wolf-relatives, when once we have aroused them from their sleep of forgetfulness.

    This is serious. Do not , any of you who read and comment, take this as trivia. Remember this: Years after the first showing of the movie “Roots” and hundreds of years after the actual snatching of Africans into slavery, if that movie is shown again in some neighborhoods, people will go out and kill somebody. Remember too, that the UN has documented cases of child soldiers whom they thought they had re=programmed and then sent home to their families, who suddenly rose up, and killed a sibling or a parent, without a word, before or after. If we insist on playing with fire, (we have already lit the matches,) someone should be capable of wetting the woodpile.

  15. In racing to finish I made some typos that do not detract, in my humble opinion, from the import of the piece.Now, are we going to line up an international team of trauma counsellors also to work with the people whose wounds are rubbed raw again? I am no longer in business. I make no recommendations of persons, but I strongly recommend getting together such a team.
    Trauma is bruise on the soul.

  16. “Robinson was responding to statements from Commissioner Dr Hafizool Ali Mohammed that they had sworn testimony that anyone could have joined the “A Team” without a proper background check and that Lance Small who was a member of the “A Team”, was also a member of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen.” In essence ,as usual , irresponsible Africans, are entirely responsible for the the 1990 pro Islamic fiasco, even if is well known that in a Muslim population of what some 75,000 at the time , you probably only had about 200 Africans within the ranks of the organization.


    “I was never warned ,” says the good man , but why should you our esteemed former PM, President ,and longstanding global states man, when you were born on the wrong part of the country , and to compound the problem , your ancestors came to this country in chains to toil for centuries freely? Get real Mr Robinson ,aka ‘Ah we Bouy/ de Castaria Kid!’ Listen folks , we the few still remaining patriotic progressives ,love these misguided Tobagonians Island Warders ,such as ANR, Dr Rowley , and Morgan Job to death, but when would they all get it into their thick skulls, that their brothers and sisters in Big brother Trinidad, of all and every strip , despise each and every one of them , and holds them in utter contempt ,to the point that they collectively wish in their foolish ,selfish souls ,that each and every one from within it’s confines ,should sink to the bottom of the ocean, in perhaps some futuristic ,pending Bocas Tsunami?
    Hey Mr Robinson , both you ,present misguided ,PNM party head ,Dr Rottweiler , aka de Wajang/Mason Hall kid , and the thousands of fine outstanding intellectuals ,that helped keep Trinidad afloat , must some day finally recognize that ‘you alls,‘will forever be used, and discarded , by others without a single conception of what respect for the other entails .
    It is about time new leaders emerge from within the 116 square miles , of socio- economically depraved , politically abused monstrosity ,described as Tobago , and do for self , as a first step for outright independence if necessary, as agenda driven neo tribalist , sees little value in enhancing the lives of Tobagonians , like was done mainly in more industrialized Trinidad , over the past 48 years of our independence , with the vast amount of natural resources that are at our disposal.
    What do you know , it’s 2011 , and dis new regime’s contribution to full national unity , and social development of neglected Tobago -and by extension T&T – is to build a what ,hundred story Hindu ,temple to house 75 members – if so much – not only in the island ward , but the most pristine quarters of Signall Hill ,which is only yours truly childhood backyard?
    How much longer , before social , economic, and political justice, will be accorded ,to historically abused ,and much maligned , predominant African folks , ehhh?
    With specific reference to fellow Island Warders , I reiterate in admonition , ‘if your right hand offend you ,cut off,’ Tobago ,’ and away with these Eurocentric charades, and political distractions, disguised as suggestions for advancement.

  17. Why no probe?
    SIR DAVID Simmons, chairman of the Commission of Enquiry into the events surrounding the failed insurrection on July 27, 1990, yesterday expressed astonishment that the NAR government never sought to demand from chiefs of the security services a report on how the Jamaat al Muslimeen could storm the seat of Parliament and hold hostage the prime minister and several parliamentarians.

    Toney: Police were ‘in cahoots’ with the Jamaat

    Ex-health minister: Robinson, Richardson shot by Bilal Abdullah

    Hosein: Bilaal shot PM, minister

    ‘Bilaal Abdullah shot Robinson, Richardson’
    It was Bilaal Abdullah, Jamaat al Muslimeen second-in-command, who shot former prime minister Arthur N R Robinson and former national security minister Selwyn Richardson in the Parliament Chamber.

    Army man probed and cleared—Toney
    A few days before the July 27, 1990, attempted coup, Jamaat al Muslimeen leader, Yasin Abu Bakr, went to Camp Ogden, an army outpost at Long Circular, Maraval, and met with Col Hugh Vidale.

    Toney: I never rejected anyone
    FORMER National Security Minister Joseph Toney yesterday strenuously denied rejecting anyone who came to him for assistance following the July 27, 1990, insurrection.

  18. It is obvious now, that people in the NAR, and possibly the Opposition, under Panday, knew of this proposed treason, and did nothing. Did they want to see a bloodletting. Was it that ANR’s policies were so draconian that they all wanted him out? And for twenty years we have hounded Abu Bakr, the main perpetrator as if he and his cohorts, were the only guilty party. Make no mistake about this, what he did was wrong, but all those in politics who continued to hound him, perhaps wanted him out of the way to potect their cowardly skins.
    There must be something fundamentally wrong with a country where a man known for his opposition to a lot of government policies, is not taken seriously when his people warn of armed insurrection.

    I have a theory that, since our independence was handed to us on a rusted platter, we being of not much further use to Britain, that some of our people have a kind of war envy, a wish for a blood letting, a fright-movie in real life,some busted heads, and they saw this as an opportunity for mayhem. Some were undoubtedly frightened by the situation, but like so many of today’s puerile minds, they must have thought this was going to be “cool”.Now, remember this was after the insurrection of 1970, and still those informed acted with typical trini “slackness”, and even now, seem incapable of recognizing the enormity of their failing the nation.

    So, we had a blood letting, and now what? What path do we chart to be sure this does not happen again? What social policies are in place,or proposed, to deal with the sense of anomie of the young who have no jobs and cannot find any? These, in every country, when led by someone who thinks of making desperate changes, have always been every country’s revolutioniares.
    Has the percentage of unemployed youth grown more, or has it lessened. Those without homes, waiting on a list for fifteen years, have their need been addressed? Has the school system decided to turn out people who can rally read and write, as well as think? Do we still waste our young people by training them to do nothing in paticular, while allowing some websites, not this one, to spill unremitting hate?
    If there is a third such uprising, we as a society would have failed, big-time. No other small Third World nation(pop. under 2m,)has the means to succeed that we do. Will we continue to waste them? Lord have mery. Christ have pity.

  19. “So, we had a blood letting, and now what? What path do we chart to be sure this does not happen again?” Trying to put the cart before the horse eh Mdadame L.
    Your great leader, Dr Deffy Eric did not think about rectifying that problem you alluding to presently ,with his pompous, self opinionated neo colonial self in 1970 ,when Uncle Shah, Rex Lassale , and company acted out allegedly in the interest of our country did he? The Bengal Tiger neo tribal boozoo Bas , likewise did not think along those lines as he was too busy looking to take care of a few cronies from within his small enclave . As for your delusional friend Patios the clown , , he was too busy trying to see how much he could lock away for himself , Hazel , and the two jokey sons, right?
    Now I guess you wish for overnight miracles, yes? No wonder these PP folks are having a great laugh, at ‘you alls,’ expense , with cries of empty treasury .
    Kind of reminds me of your adopted country . They too wish to move on, and build that great nation ,in peace and understanding , without dealing squarely with the atrocious past.

    Calling any desperate Guyanese , Nigerian , Cuban ,South European ,Filipinos ,or Venezuelan , in need of a cheap citizenship , as mine is for sale.
    Got to give up this useless, “don’t give a darm if Good Friday falls on a Monday,”kind of people , and their country , just like Uncle V.S Naipaul .
    The man probably was on to something , by indirectly stating that being anything but a Trinidadian ,is worth every effort. We wish them well.

  20. Humphrey’s call ‘frustrated us all’
    When former government Minister John Humphrey said “get it in writing”, in an apparent reference to the amnesty, all the hostages and even some of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen insurgents groaned in frustration because by then everyone wanted to get out of the Red House.

    Robbie behaved like a dictator
    Former National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) prime minister, Arthur NR Robinson, who was shot and tortured by Jamaat al Muslimeen insurrectionists during the July 1990 uprising, exercised a dictatorial style of authority.

    Hosein links PNM to attempted coup

    ‘Robbie stuck to the rules, even when they stood in the way’

    Panday: I was not involved

    I will testify only if summoned, says Panday

    People named will get chance to answer

  21. Neal: I believe soldiers who revolt are court martialled? I attended one day of the Courts Martial, meeting in the Town Hall in 1972 or 73. There was a tribunal collected from the British Commonwealth Countries sitting in judgment. In the middle of the trial, there was a coup in Uganda,or Ghana- DAnjuma was his name, and one of the generals had to fly home to take charge as head of their armed forces. I am working entirely from memory here, but the papers at the time would support this. I believe the defence lawyers called for a mistrial because one of the tribunal had gone hom to”profit from a coup”, a coup was what the army revolt was.

    Now about Wiliams, that man, named one of the 100 outstanding men of the twentieth century, does not need this humble servant to explain his complex mind, nor to defend his achievements. His intellectual brilliance, I humbly suggest, was beyond your comprehension. He was not a god, as some of your people would deify such a person, but an humble Christian, flawed and human. He did not see the need for a secret police because there already was one? He did not need to repress the society, because this was an army matter? You could perhaps check with the Central Statistical Office for some dull figures on “improvements’ in the society. But, why check the facts when your slash and burn policies seem to do the most damage?

    1. Yes and you are fully aware what would have occurred to any of these comedians had they dared to engage in any such acts in another country . Even the first Iron Lady in Eugenia Charles had more cohones than all our African leaders put together, as we saw what she did to the criminal miscreants that comprised her similar parade day military , that tried similar acts.
      As for your lifetime adulations to papa Defy,unlike ‘you alls’ characters – including V.S- who after enjoying expensive T&T scholarships , and never had the guts to repay this country of birth in any tangible fashion , I never received any such handouts , and so holds no allegiance to your PNM , much less the ULF/ UNC / COP , Club 88, and now fragile PP concoction.
      As a result ,let me add Madame L, that I do not care, if your blue eyed ,white god emerge from the clouds tomorrow, and professed that Eric Williams the self opinionated egomaniac ,was Jesus reincarnated , or a red black and white salipainter from hell.
      I have him down just as another of the many black skin , hazel eyes , neo colonial frauds, that unfortunately prevailed across the Caribbean ,and 99.9 % of Africa , who rode the backs of black folks to power ,then abandoned them when convenient. Need we say the Spiritual Baptist.
      The one exception to that crew was perhaps the greatest African political leader that ever lived in Dr. Julius Nyereye, aka Mwalimu or ‘teacher.’ Had it not been for European meddlers , and typical comatose selfish regional leaders , Africa would be today perhaps just as , if not much better than China, as he had the right plan for the continent , as his visionary resourceful friend and Chairman Mao.
      If after holding power for 40 ,out of the 48 years of our independence , you choose to look at common entrance , T&T street gangs workers,and two white elephant Twin Towers , as some major progress, then this is where we part company my good lady, as my standards are a bit higher.
      It is because of the stupidity of not only of Dr Deffy Eric , but the other 3 PNM stooges that followed , including Tobago coward and traitor ANR Robinson, why today, a bunch of ungrateful , neo tribal jokers , can collectively stick the middle finger at desperate citizens , while attempting to drag us all down the political gully.
      Let’s wish them well , yes? In the interim , just enjoy your upcoming NFL , and fine icy , unexpected Texan winter , and quit getting overworked on these T&T folks , who would repeatedly cut their collective noses to spoil their faces, hummm?

  22. Let me offer a free, professional opinion of T&T leaders over the years, from Badase Sagan Maharaj, Eric Williams…to Panday and Manning. The verdict is still out on Kamla. All of these leaders suffered from the same affliction called “arrogance” which also has become a personality characteristic of T&T nationals, from the man in the street to the educated leaders in the society.
    Progress in this country is severely restricted by these “know it alls”. Here are some of the major personality characteristics.
    The T&T national:
    • is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love;
    • believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions);
    • requires excessive admiration;
    • has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations;
    • is interpersonally exploitive, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends;
    • lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others;
    • is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her;
    • shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

  23. A bit about Bhadase Sagan Maharaj. He was an humble man once, until he became obsessed with getting rich. When he worked as a grass cutter on the American bse at Fort Read/Waller Field, my father, who was the tractor driver behind whose vehicle bhadase swung a cutlass, used to sign for his paycheck for him.(I got this directly from my father). Later, when the base closed in 1950 Bhadase turned to nefarious activities to get rich. He is exactly the opposite of Eric Williams, but, they are both Trinidadians.
    What sociological survey did you conduct, T-man to arrive at these conclusions? How wide was your survey group, and from the number surveyed, how many responses did you get?

    Or, did you just scratch your head and come to these conclusions?

    I am a Christian, a unique child of the living God. I have travelled fairly widely and have never met another like myself. That is the beauty of God’s creation.So, there are about 1.60 unique Trinis. You dismiss them all in one lump. Interesting.

    1. These are the words of SELWYN RYAN in his weekend article:

      “We live in a society where the naysayers and those who seek to discourage you far exceed those who try to encourage you and help you to improve. They are quick to say it is the wrong thing to do. Everybody is an expert except that those who have the authority to do something far exceed those who try to encourage you and help you to improve”

      How timely.

  24. http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2011/02/05/robbie-behaved-dictator

    “The ULF provided the bulk of seats and votes for the NAR to sweep the polls at 33–3 in the 1986 general election. He said Robinson’s Democratic Action Congress only held the two seats in Tobago. “Robinson quickly appeared to be dictating everything where ministers held portfolios.”
    Did this doctor pick up his medical certificate from under the Caroni bridge ,while riding the mules back and forth across dem rice paddies , or has years of sitting in the political wilderness ,soften his brains.
    Hey Doc , even Panday’s own mother did not trust him then , and definitely not now , with a bag of sugarcane, and hence the reason why Robbie, and his two Tobago seats assumed the mantle ,as ‘ first amongst equal,’ and not Bas , or Karl the Black skin , hazel eyed , small island foreigner, and real closet dictator- in the event you are too drunk to still remember.
    Just live and let live , and avoid stupid revisionism , in attempts to justify criminality. Notice how throughout this political charade , we are not hearing about the criminal Islamic elements ,that used the illiterate Horse Police Bakr, to their own endS, in efforts to get a jump start on Hindus, and Christian brothers across the land , yes?
    Yes we know that most Trinis are clueless about the real issues that took place in their country , outside of who won last years useless Road March, and Panorama finals, but let’s try and keep it real, shall we?

  25. If I am made in the image and likeness of God,my FAther, he is really a tall brown African looking woman with masses of silver hair. The European ex-propriation of all things African, including our concept of one God, I reject as just more rape and theft of my patrimony. When they met the Queen of the Nuba, Medusa, who squinted because she, like her warriors were archers, they described her as one-eyed demon woman with snakes instead of hair.But “her eyes flashed fire” so they did notice that she had two! My niece, whose dreadlocks reach to her but, so she could sit on them. loves to roll her hair across her back in a wild dance that terrorises non-dreadlocked wearing folks. Some of you have to grow up, and cease to assume that we adopt the European world lock, stock and barrel. We do not.

    Wherever I have travelled outside of Africa, which I only visited last year, I find that people adopt the European attitude to dark kinned people. When you walk as if you own the world, they resent what they see as “arrogance”. What they see is a onfidence born of knowing who you are and loving the skin you are in. It is quite puzzling to those who adopt European attitudes.

    Stop suffering from intellectual jaundice. The world is a wonderful place to live, travel and feed on spiritual food. My concerns about the banality of the current “Inquiry” are echoed by Brother Raf in his pice today. Go read.

  26. So, what is Selwyn Ryan doing besides talk? How many little boys, of any ethnicity, has he mentored and nurtured? HAs he taught to read? How many low cost houses has he helped build?
    My mother used to sing a hym that said “we shall do so much in the years to come, but what have we done today?”
    We have more than our share of talking heads and so few doers. Before you jump in my face, I organized and execumted two remeial reading programmes for underserved children in TnT in 2006 and 07,to much opposition from many who are supposed to look after the childrens interests. I decied after that to give my help elsewhere. Now I work with foreign students who come to the US on scholarships.

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