Sore Losers After Failed World Cup Bid

By Heru
December 04, 2010

ADDENDUM: December 07, 2010

FIFA president Sepp BlatterThe English Football Association and other commentators who are fuming because England was not successful in their bid to host the World Cup in 2018 have exposed the extent of Britain’s corruption all the way to Buckingham Palace.

The English press has long contended that FIFA is a corrupt body and some of their journalists have trained their poison pens at Jack Warner over the years. But in spite of all that is said about FIFA and Warner, the British hierarchy was contented to court FIFA officials to win votes to host the 2018 World Cup. They had no problem being seen and photographed with Warner as long as they felt he could deliver for them.

If you are courting someone, that does not guarantee you success — much the same as if a guy is courting a girl. If you do not get favour, then suck it up. It reeks of sour grapes to be now screaming corruption and declaring a lack of confidence in FIFA.

It is blatant hypocrisy, arrogance and racism on behalf the English commentators to feel that because the rank and file of their elite institutions courted Warner, that somehow he was obligated to deliver for them. They fail to acknowledge that Warner was being courted by the President and Prime Minister of Russia and the President of the United States of America apart from other powerful leaders around the world. So the supremacy to which the English placed their lobby reeks of their racist colonial attitude.

What is so difficult to understand about FIFA wanting to spread football to new territories?

FIFA is probably much the same as the International Olympic Committee in selling votes to the highest bidder. The media are no different when they lobby for the television rights. Member nations of these bodies know the systems and have always supported them, but gripe when things do not work in their favour.

England, now claiming to have gotten commitments from certain FIFA executives to vote in their favour, speaks of how they view democracy and the voting process. It is never about promoting real democracy and the voting process, but about corruptly lobbying for and securing interests behind the scenes then using the illusion of free and fair elections to ratify backdoor deals. When it works in their favour, they claim everything is free and fair and when it does not they whine about corruption and lack of integrity.

I am not interested in the British press calling FIFA and its executive corrupt unless they first train their poison pens on their corrupt institutions that are willing to engage the very people they call corrupt for their own ends. England has a long history of murderous conduct that is yet to be atoned for.

I guess in the mind of the British, corruption is to be defined in however they wish people see things at a point in time. But what should I expect from a colonial country that taught me in school that the infamous buccaneer Henry Morgan and the slaver and pirate Sir Francis Drake were our heroes?


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ADDENDUM: December 07, 2010

Thanks for the responses so far.

Beside one or two comments here, most of the responses are either defensive attacks or not thought out at all. Why is it difficult to grasp racism in any European institution unless you are uninformed or simply dishonest? Football has been plagued with racism within its administration and from its European fans.

The British claim that they got commitments from seven FIFA executives. How are they sure who gave them the two votes in a secret ballot? And why is Jack Warner the main target of their venom?

The U.S. may also be angry because they lost to Qatar but they know quite well that they got to host the World Cup in 1994 because of the same policy of opening up football to new regions that could afford to host it. There were critics of that U.S. campaign because many felt the U.S. was not serious about football and therefore not deserving of hosting it. Many were not interested in the view that by allowing the U.S. to host the World Cup it would open up that country to the sport (most importantly they have the finances). The critics did not care that the U.S. has a large immigrant population from countries where football is popular.

What is all this hullabaloo now about wanting FIFA to become more democratic? Since when do these British commentators and politicians care about democracy?

Many of these commentators had no problem with the voting process which brought the World Cup to Germany in 2006. They did not demonize Charles Dempsey who abstained from the final round of voting and thus handed the victory to Germany. Dempsey was mandated to vote for South Africa once England had dropped out of the ballot. I believe he took a bribe to favour Germany.

The British are using some of the same arguments that many have made in regards to the undemocratic United Nations where Britain is one of five permanent members that holds veto power over substantive resolutions. Why do they not support the call for the UN to be more transparent and democratic — giving every nation a vote on substantive resolutions and removing the veto power those five members enjoy?

The reality is that many in Britain hold the view that Britain invented football and should, therefore, control how football is administered. They would prefer a UN-type governing body where certain European countries hold veto power. They have been opposed to the direction that FIFA has taken during and following the presidency of the Brazilian João Havelange where there appeared to be a policy to take the World Cup to different regions.

There are many things wrong with FIFA, especially corruption, like other organizations with such power, but there seems to be a deliberate ploy to demonize non-European members. Even FIFA executives from Africa have expressed the view that they felt racism was behind some of the attacks on them.

Of course, it appears to some that it is only the views of Whites that count; all others, especially Africans, should know their place.


FIFA execs ‘furious’ at British media — JFA boss

30 thoughts on “Sore Losers After Failed World Cup Bid”

  1. Blimey! Sore losers?Says You??? From Trinidad & Tobago! Can I recall the HAIR PULLING INCIDENT!!! Talk about sore losers!

  2. Issue isn’t that Warner chose someone else.

    The issue is Warner was able to tell England that he was voting for them then vote for someone else without the transparency to identify him.

    Being obliterated in the voting process, despite technical reports indicating they were the ideal candidate is what has upset the English FA.

    Reform is necessary.

  3. Yeah I agree, score one for Uncle Jack. Who the hell these the Brits think they are, eh Heru? They have control of our highest Court in the Land , even if precious resources are still being spent to prop up the Caribbean Courts of Appeal by it’s host T&T.Their second rate Scotland Yard blokes , are making millions monthly , to investigate, unending crimes across our country,to the benefit of our present and past governments. They have the 2012 , Olympics, and will have another billion dollar Royal wedding in Spring 2011 between competing millionaire business heiress/ Royal heir fiefdoms , and ,as for football,Great Britain has done absolutely nothing to elevate the game in terms of curbing racism, amongst conniving , exploitative owners/ managers, as well as their thousands of drunken low class , pro hooliganism fan base.
    I am all for FIFA head , finally getting a crack at obtaining his Nobel Peace Prize, by showing some love to one of our more progressive , and wealthy Arab Muslim brothers Qatar, even if no woman in that entire part of the world,dares to go into a stadium to watch a football game , much less play any sport without the consent of a male.
    I say show some luv to the post Cold War ,Russian wounded Bear , as they try to push their version of capitalist democracy , Batman Putin style. Tell that to all those EU , and or former socialist ,Eastern Block satellite, nations that daily cringe in fear of sleeping in the dark,under the Russian energy power blackmails, for still lying in the much hated nuclear enemy American bed.
    Don’t mention the word democracy ,to the thousands of ‘independent journalist,’that are daily snuffed off the face of this earth, for daring to shine a light into the blatant acts of corruption, and militaristic , political terroristic barbarianisms towards former Muslim territorial folks , living in such as resource laden places as Chechnya .
    Speaking of Putin Russia, Queen Elizabeth ,future King Williams, politically savvy Uncle Jack , and the neo tribalistic ,T&T political scene, who cares about alleged football shadiness ,when there is so much more joy in observing Kingmakers , Queens, and Queenmakers , on full parade.
    As Uncle Shakespeare said in his 12th night play Heru,”Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we practice to deceive. ”
    In this case we are only however referring to football power play, business/political transparency, or in the case of …well ,Russia ,media independence,yes?And these folks want me to hate my country and it’s some 1.3 million people.
    Let our Yardee / Jamaican friends keep their gold medal running winners,as well as Dance Hall music , and we will continue to hold on to Uncle Jack’s scissors tail jacket, and control the rest of the world ,hummmm?

  4. Race card has been played. How sad that you flashed it without any substance. As for the English being poor losers, maybe just a little bit but they must feel aggrieved to be making the claims they are.

  5. good to know that Heru will defend a corrupt politician who was found to be on the make in previous world cups and who has been found to have lied. all we ask for is a little honesty and transparency and not a facade with the decision already made as to who is going to win the competition. Search for the truth heru you might surprise yourself

  6. i thought that we england invented the game why are we being ruled by a gang corrupt gangsters we should pull out of there crooked organisation and leave them to it and start our own new cup its going the same as the eurovison contest nobody wants to back us so pull out thats what i say keep being trode down by th fifa but dont stop there pull out of europe all together fifa out englang invented the game we should have the say

  7. Joe it’s called “de chicken coming home to roost,” my friend.Them conniving , slave adoring , country / continent exploiting Brits might have invented , football, Westminster politics, and the likes, but her neo colonial subjects are the new masters , who has been ruling Europe since 1945 again? Nuff said. Still believe that your government should keep dat 14th century common endrance useless education , with the follow up GCE cramming, regurgitation system,or better yet old men London law lords should be interpreting your laws, and people fates, because a few misguided folks ,fervently believe that whites are their lifetime superiors? Perhaps you and other gullible others , should reconsider, and now demand true independence via your own appeal courts accepts, yes?
    Away with Britannia, and her fallen London bridge!

  8. Hi Heru, would you travel to Russia for the 2018 World Cup if given a free ticket, Brother?

    Russia’s football authorities, who will host the 2018 World Cup, have ignored a surge in race-related incidents around the sport, according to campaigners.

    Their warnings come amid a rise in racist murders and neo-Nazi activity in the country that could deter thousands of non-white football fans from attending the tournament.

    Rafal Pankowski, who monitors racist activity at Russian football matches with the backing of the European football body Uefa, accused the Russian Football Union of downplaying racist chants and far-right activity in its stadiums.

  9. In amongst all the accusations and silly references to a colonial past….the fact is that Jack Warner wouldn’t be allowed a job in any society that allows and in fact, demands fair matter how tough.
    Diplomacy is a fascinating game of wits and skill, but when somebody looks you in the eye and tells a bare-faced lie to a Prime Minister and monarch….that person is rightly branded a “lowlife” and a “lickspittle”….he devalues any sense of personal honour and shouldn’t be trusted with the change from a grandmother’s shopping bill.
    This “lowlife” is intrinsically linked to the reputation of Trinidad and Tobago and by association, it’s people, so you need to start cleaning your house because it stinks to high heaven.

  10. 22 members of the FIFA Executive Committee were entitled to vote. 12 votes were needed for an absolute majority and therefore to obtain the right to host the FIFA World Cup.
    Jack Warner cannot be singularly blamed for a FIFA decision.
    For Chris to refer to Jack as a “lowlife” is preposterous.

    “This “lowlife” is intrinsically linked to the reputation of Trinidad and Tobago and by association, it’s people, so you need to start cleaning your house because it stinks to high heaven”.(CHRIS)

    There are many more serious issues other than Jack Warner which have already tarnished the reputation of T&T and its people internationally.You should be focussing on those!

    Jack Warner did his duty when he entertained representations from the USA and England. He obviously listened to their presentations and reserved judgment. This is standard practice in these situations.

    1. “There are many more serious issues other than Jack Warner which have already tarnished the reputation of T&T and its people internationally.”
      Yeah T-Man , we certainly agree, like the second rate airport we were able to acquire due to a certain politically immoral, one time Prime Minister ,and boss of another Prime Minister , and perhaps boss ,of our present sometimes acting Prime Minister.
      Who knows , in our lifetime we will hear about that much delayed trial , and the outcome of the London Bank account, bribery scandal.
      What this modern day Trini turn Canadian called T-Man , don’t realize , is that the Brits are some of the slyest and most destructive people in the entire world , and woe betide any that decides to cross their part, from Iranian ,Times Man of the Year Prime Minister,to desperate African Slaves, who demanded their freedoms in places called Trinidad , and Guyana, as well as native American indians that experience the ravages of genocide, before it was even defined as such.

  11. “It is blatant hypocrisy, arrogance and racism on behalf the English commentators to feel that because the rank and file of their elite institutions courted Warner, that somehow he was obligated to deliver for them..”

    The Brits have always felt that the Commonwealth still exist and therefore they are the Lords and the Warners of the world are the Peasants. Unfortunately, that paradym does not exist in today’s world. Loyalties have shifted and old loyalties no longer exist. There use to be a time when the Brits could command almost any kind of attention, however, they must understand in today’s world relationship dynamics has shifted in this global village. No one thought a black man could be the world most powerful man. That an Indian name Mital could be the richest British man, that a Chinese basket ball player name Yao Ming could command so much media attention, that the world’s most popular name is Mohammed, that a man name Bin Laden without an army, without a tank, without an F16, hiding out in cave could cause such fear in the world.
    That is the paradoxical nature of our world. The Brits should just learn to deal with it, Prince an all…

  12. “There use to be a time when the Brits could command almost any kind of attention, however, they must understand in today’s world relationship dynamics has shifted in this global village.They … have always felt that the Commonwealth still exist and therefore they are the Lords.” Khem.
    Can someone, anyone, or even ET if he cares, please explain what this T-Man Canadian buddy Khem, is really yapping about in all his suspect ,outrage at their much adored Massa England? His adopted Maple leaf country Canada, still kiss Royal Mama Elizabeth de 1st big toe ring , and anything else that she chooses to offer, while singing God save the Queen.
    His one time country T&T, claims to be independent, yet have octogenarian Law Lords interpreting their laws, at exorbitant cost , of course.
    Half of his one time country’s police, and security , top brass are Englishmen, and an English Canadian ,is in charge of his police service.
    As a matter of fact, more than half of his UNC fraction of present PP government ,and their kids ,were educated in England,and a certain self professed immoral leader from the camp , so adored the banking system , that he decided to have secret off shore accounts there , when deciding where to stash his political financial gains while in power, so who is fooling who , ehhh brother khem?
    Just quit while you are ahead my friend, as you are as convincing ,as Minister of culture Winston Peters is, as he attempt to beat a tassa drum, or better yet, Sat, and Dr Cojoe ,as they publicly embrace, during the latter’s recent book tour. Speaking about important matters of national importance , I wonder which hospital dis Dr Rott Rowley, aka de PNM wajang , decided to do his surgery in , and if locally , which doctor he is prepared to take such a chance with?
    Can you find out for me khem , if it is one oh dem former discriminated UWI students from our present , loving Minister of Education?
    To think dat some people still want me to hate this my country and it’s some 1.3 million wonderful citizens. Tell dem khim , and T-Man , that such persons ain’t born yet.

    1. Nealos said “Half of his one time country’s police, and security , top brass are Englishmen, and an English Canadian ,is in charge of his police service”

      Nealos my understanding is that Scotland Yard was in charge of many police operations in sweet T&T. Ask any PNMite and they will tell you, your consin Manning hired them “en masse”. In fact one of them said “we are lions working for donkeys” lol. For that he was given the boot.

      Today a Canadian is in charge of the police service, so what is you beef with these people who bringing a sense of sanity to a job not well learnt by your tribal cousins.

      Your tribalist tendencies cause you to see only in the dark, but let me put a light under your misguided world view. Murder rate was less than 150 in 1999. Under the astute mismanagement of your tribal cousins it skyrocketted to an alarming over 500 plus per year a near average of a little under 2 murders per day. This after a billion plus was given to SAUTT alone.

      Crime was not solvable under the PNM Nealos. So stop beating up on the English and Canadians, they have your tribal cousins under “heavy manners” in their home land. In the mean time drink another glass of fermented barrel water on my behalf and do your shaka wine. Merry Christmas.

      1. Bro khem , Bro Khem,pray tell me ,do you really love this country of yours as claimed? More importantly, you did finish high school , I do hope my friend, yes? Sad to say but even an alien from Mars, would be hard pressed to think so in both cases , after reading your pitiful response.
        Listen to yourself, we Indians ran the show in 1999 ,and crimes dropped drastically,but once Africans got back in charge it skyrocketed , therefore crimes in T&T are an African problem. We know you wish to parrot some of the crap that your leaders fed you since ABC,such as the 50% crime statistic figures ,that have been reflective of crimes committed in our country since independence by our indians brothers and sisters ,were only the results of racially driven actions by African police , and bias genocidal actions ,of overzealous anti indian prosecutors.
        Now if that was bad enough , you had to compound it by stating the following ,to help build my case, when you said “Nealos my understanding is that Scotland Yard was in charge of many police operations in sweet T&T. Ask any PNMite and they will tell you, your consin Manning hired them “en masse”.”
        When I always say that the PNM , and your UNC/PP concoctions , are what the wiser folks claimed are “6 of one, and half a dozen of the other,” when it comes to real change, especially if your government increased the payroll of the Scotland Yard blokes, even with their numerous failures to curb crimes.
        If you , and your 1986 , Trini escapees,keep this over the top mighty Canadian nonsense up ,then someone, or better yet , yours truly , might be inclined , to look seriously behind the this great crime free Canada idle boast, and therefore , expose the true realities of this our decadent American poor man equivalent , Northern cousins.
        Yes my friend, money grabbing “English and Canadians, so called experts have our T&T inter tribal , delusion, oil and gas laden cousins under “heavy manners” in their home land,” and so would take all their money if offered , while in the process , expose them to the world at large as petty, non independent kids ,that cannot make a move towards self sufficiency ,and political adulthood ,unless of course some white European is close by to wipe their noses.
        Ah ha ,your Chief Justice Shama was not a crook , because Englishmen said so. Oh yes,your one time leader Basdeo Panday the criminal , and his two anti American extradition UNC party hacks financiers, are entitled to escape jail time , because you and your kind ,are against the Caribbean Court of Appeal, and prefer to take your chances with dem conniving Brits ,and their Privy council instead.
        Tell me again folks , with citizens like this Khem, who needs enemies. Would someone tell him and others ,to enjoy this charade ,while it last, but the clock is ticking , and it’s only 1099 days to go, if my maths is holding up well.

  13. To the writer of this article, do you seriously think that you would be able to go and watch a game at either the 2018 or 2022 world cup? Would you go with your family? Would you take your wife, kids? No because racism & sexism is engraved and prevalent in these countries… Therefore Russia & Qatar are not good choices…

    So why give them the world cup? England in all fairness has the best capabilities, a free media & society and for all your colonial rubbish, i am an asian man living here… has got well over that problem and learnt and would welcome the world with open arms and give them something to remember… Football here is v.important hence the outrage at 2 votes

    This vote is all about lining certain peoples pockets? How can you think there will be a football legacy in oil rich Qatar which has just over a million inhabitants yet will build 12 air conditioned stadiums for a world cup… Who will use these afterwards? Do/Will they have a league? Surely Austrailia would have been a better choice, but they will not offer money to secure votes

    As for Russia, i’d love to see fifa having a proper “World” cup there… you my man would not be welcome as nor would i… They are not used to ppl of our skin colour and i can see the abuse of all coloured players already as is prevalent when britsih black players have gone to that league.

    FIFA have just sold the world cup to the highest bidders. Techincal scope did not come into it what so ever. Fact!

    Please respond with your one sided views

  14. This was corruption and it was condoned by our supposed friends in Trinidad and the british won’t forget it. But it looks like you hate us anyway – so cosy up to your mates in Russia and Quatar for business and toursim in future.

  15. Tman…like it or not, Jack Warner puts T+T on the map. It’s just a pity that it’s not in a good way.
    This post wouldn’t be here if this story hadn’t been linked to on Twitter as an example of a barmy T+T news blog defending the undefendable Jack Warner…amongst the thousands that have him marked out as a lunatic! I was intrigued.

    JW controls the CONCACAF block vote. He is a lot more than a single vote and the direction of that block vote controls the voting rounds.
    Whoever Warner wants to direct his votes to is entirely up to him.
    What he did was put his arm around he English prince william and say “You have my vote”. Then he walked into the room and voted for somebody else.
    That is why they are going to nail him….not because he voted for somebody else…but for personally and intentionally humiliating them.

    The bigger question is how the hell did Jack Warner not vote for the USA bid in 2022. It’s your own bloody territory and the area Warner was representing…and he didn’t vote for it..and neither did the US representative!
    What the heck is going on….was Warner being being bribed or blackmailed? Anyway, Obama can deal with him for that betrayal.

    Just see what happens now for Trinidad and Tobago….your man has damaged relations with the UK and the US by acting like a buffoon….that will be repaid in trade, aid and diplomacy unless you get rid of him. Just my opinion !

    1. Chris, you are guilty of being a TRINI. You have created a story based on assumptions and bias and you are sticking to it. Who decided that Jack Warner made promises to Obama, the Prince or Cameron? Did these gentlemen made these claims in press conferences or interviews? They did not.
      Jack’s votes could not decide the outcome. Why is this so difficult to understand?
      Even if Jack “double crossed” these world leaders, so what? Do you really believe that T&T could be hurt because of a decision Jack made? (Which he did not )
      Chris, my man , get real. In the international scheme of things T&T is a minute bit player that really no one pays any attention to.

  16. Khem……”It is blatant hypocrisy, arrogance and racism on behalf the English commentators to feel that because the rank and file of their elite institutions courted Warner, that somehow he was obligated to deliver for them..””

    No it doesn’t. He was obligated to deliver because he shook their hands and said “you have my vote”. If he didn’t want to do that he should have said “you DO NOT have my vote.”. Simple.
    This is nothing to do with race, but everything to do with honesty, integrity and personal standards of behaviour.

    The rest of your post blaming this on racism is an absolute disgrace and you should be embarrassed. You sound more racist and out of touch than anyone i know in the UK.
    Nobody cares about the commonwealth. Nobody cares whether Laksmhi Mittal is black, white, brown, yellow….or multi-coloured covered in pink spots.
    Cut it out, you’re living in the past.

    1. Chris said “No it doesn’t. He was obligated to deliver because he shook their hands and said “you have my vote”.

      Chris go and read the article in The Independent, (a UK newspaper) on FIFA. You will find Warner making NO such promises that you are assuming he made. Yes, as is the custom various governments meet and try to convince FIFA officals that they should vote for them. Warner said the vote was going to be a tight one. So I don’t know where you are getting this idea where he said “you have my vote”. No one makes such promises in FIFA.

  17. If you attempt to bribe someone to make things work in your favour and the bribe does not work (either because someone else offered a more lucrative bribe or because they just decide not to take you on) who is more corrupt? You or the person you attempt to bribe? If Britian wants to make this an issue of FIFA corruption they can bring it on it really will be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Britian can claim betrayal and corruption all it wants but the main issue here is the fact that FIFA and the Olympic committee have been spreading sport tourism to new markets not for altruism but because of business opportunities. The reign of Europe and America as superpower economies is in its twilight. The power economies in the future are China, India and Brazil. Iran, Quatar and Russia are forming their own OPEC to regulate natural gas sales and profits. Arab states, China, Russia and France are making moves to oust the US dollar as the oil trading currency. South America is racing ahead and in one generation Africa could be the only continent that can feed itself. FIFA must be cognizant of all this. Football is about money and capitalizing on these new emerging markets and economies. The very idea that no one will go as far as Quatar and Russia for a World Cup is kinda ridiculous. It assumes that there is no one in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. It does not mean that many of these new and powerful economies have not imbibed the same rapacious capitalism of Euro-American economies but it sure does tell us that the whine of entitlement put up by Britain here is just that – whining.

    Kay Sing ,for your information ,England was once a mighty place , but is no longer relevant in the eyes of many , but a few self hating folks , still enamored with the Queen, and so are prepared to remain 5th class citizens , with a phony accent for life, while sipping their tasteless tea in Trafalga square, and waving to King williams and his play boy brother,and paying for that decadent lifestyle upkeep, with scarce , diminishing Pounds.
    As for America , Uncle Obama’s domestic political stocks, and global approval ratings , is falling faster than an out of control airplane flown by a drunken , epileptic pilot,since his Nobel Peace Prize victory parade , that he presently would be hard pressed to even win a karaoke singing contest with his name sake brother ‘Osama Hussain Bin Missing,’ for the past 7 years,while hiding in clear view, in an Afghan bat cave , with the help of pro terrorist, Pakistani money grabbing crooks.
    Go figure ,how USA stood a chance against the more progressive oil and gas laden Qutar, and Uncle Putin’s Russia ? Now if only T&T could leverage it’s resources for useful purposes down the road , but then our ‘take your pick , competing PMs,’probably have great plans for our country down the road.
    To think that these comedians naively believe that this is about football. Get real guys, and welcome to the 21st century!

  19. While Russia will be hosting the games for the first time, so will the Middle East. Blatter has taken what in the past has been a public-relations dream and turned it into reality  


    By choosing first-time hosts, he is making sure that the infrastructure that is needed for the game is developed across the world, which will…..

    STRENGTHEN the GLOBAL presence of “THE PRODUCT” that Fifa sells — ”THE GAME of FOOTBALL.”

    It is a pity that the English media are sore losers and that following their unsuccessful bid on Thursday, they have cried foul with regard to Fifa’s voting system. If they are going to survive and stay relevant in this ever-changing world, they will have to lose their “holier than thou” attitude. The United States and Australia need to do the same…AMEN

  20. Just a could of points to make before you try to paint Mr Warner as some icon for fairness and nobility.

    For the 2006 World Cup he convinced the Trinidad and Tobago players to allow him to deal with the financial part of promoting the event and selling tickets and merchandice with the promise that they would recieve 50% of whatever he made. Warner claimed to have earned TT$18.25 million but spent TT$17.9 million and offered the players only TT$5.664 each but Warner has since been proven to have lied about this. Trinidad and Tobago’s 2006 World Cup appearance netted TT$173 million and Warner was taken to court and found guilty denying the Trinidad and Tobago players their share and ordered to give them 50% of the earnings but to date has yet to do so and has even accused the players themselves of being greedy.

    Warner has also come under heavy criticism from one of the founders of the “Kick Racism Out of Football” campaign and one time interim president of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Players Association (I dont know if he is still in that position) Shaka Hislop. Hislop not only criticised Warner for not giving the players what he promised them but also for controling the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association despite not actually being officially part of it.

    Further he earned around $350,000 selling tickets to the 2002 World Cup and made a profit of $1 million doing the same for the 2006 World Cup. He was found guilty of this and fined $1 million for it by FIFA but to date has only paid $250,000.

    In the lead up this latest vote for the World Cup Warner approached the England bid through Beckham and offered his support, promising his vote to them giving their bid his public backing but then voted against it. He approached them and offered his support and backed it publically then went back on his word. I think, in those circumstances, the English have a right to feel just a bit annoyed with him.

  21. ‘It is blatant hypocrisy, arrogance and racism on behalf the English commentators…’

    Hold on a moment Heru – racism?

    I do not think it could be said that either party behaved entirely respectfully or transparently, as is sadly the norm in such bids. Who knows if and what tangible offerings were made by the English to Jack? That would indeed be a vile corruption were it proven.

    However seeing Jack’s inclinations, and the proclivity of the winning countries to underhanded dealings, we can far more likely say that he did avail himself of some russian rubles. At the end of the day it is not as important what he said to the English as what offers he accepted in the course of ‘changing his mind’. That likely scenario would be corruption, and yes the English do have a right to be pissed off about it.

    However, in no way does their underdealings and post-snub anger provoke the comment of racism. Your barely veiled insinuations the end of your piece on the Brit’s ‘murderous history’ et cetera is totally disconnected, absolutely unwarranted and SICKENING.

    Come on, let’s move upwards from our past rather than be shackled to its indignities.

  22. The Jack of two trades

    Published: 6 Dec 2010
    Guardian Editorial

    There was considerable concern when Jack Warner, the Minister of Works and Transport in the People’s Partnership Government, was appointed to office. How would it be possible for this man to hold on to executive office in two major sporting organisations and serve the country at Cabinet level?

    Legal advice was sought from several high-level sources and in the end, the Prime Minister appointed Warner to the job, arguing that he had to be wooed to accept the position. Jack Warner, in addition to being a Minister of Government, is the President of Concacaf, the regional body governing football and Vice President of Fifa, football’s parent body, which has specific responsibility for the World Cup competition.

    It is also widely alleged that his deep pockets played a decisive role in funding the successful election of the new coalition government. At the time of his appointment, the concern was about potential conflicts of interest and divisions of time. Today, in the wake of Warner’s key role in the voting that decided Russia’s hosting of the World Cup in 2018, the questions around Warner’s role in government became one of international diplomacy.
    Full Article :

  23. What is the old saying again ” a day late , and a dollar short?” Hey Mr Editor , pray tell us something we did not know already. Weren’t you the same guys who were touting praises to the allegedly reformed UNC ,in the lead up to the May 24th election? Please , for all the so called outrage to this idiotic distraction, no one really cares in Sweet T&T.
    We notice that the possible kidnap ,and murder of another innocent citizen ,is treated with almost scant courtesy, even if our country’s security forces ,are presently saturated by lofty ,European , overpaid , so called experts from far away places such as Britannia and Maple leaf Canada.,132050.htmlYour call!
    It’s always a pleasure to expose frauds in all their manifestations.
    Your call.

  24. The author of this ill conceived, badly written article actually sounds like the racist. Honestly what an idiot.

  25. Punishing England for media ‘insults’
    Should Fifa make decisions on which country is best suited to host the World Cup based on whether or not media in the particular country “insult” or not the high command of the international football federation?

    World Cup – Blatter: England are ‘bad losers’
    FIFA president Sepp Blatter has rejected allegations of corruption at football’s governing body after Russia and Qatar won the right to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, calling England “bad losers” for their reaction.

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