Mohammed pulled from Channel Six talk show

By Rhonda Krystal Rambally
November 09, 2010 –

Fazeer MohammedSacked co–host of the morning talkshow — First Up — Fazeer Mohammed says the show is now open to political interference.

Comments posted on social networking site Facebook, where C News and First Up each has a page, indicated that Mohammed had been fired following an interview on last Thursday’s show with Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Suruj Rambachan over Prime Minister Kamla Persad–Bissessar’s statements about providing aid to Caribbean countries affected by Hurricane Tomas.

First Up is aired simultaneously on Channel Six and Talk City 91.1 FM by state-owned Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) and has been hosted by Mohammed and Jessie May Ventour since June 2007. Contacted yesterday, Mohammed said he hadn’t been fired but was “taken off the programme.” Mohammed, who is a long–standing journalist, said he was disappointed by the decision. He is awaiting official word from interim chief executive officer Ken Ali about his status. He said: “I was called in on Saturday to a meeting with the human resources manager Christine Johnson and was advised that the company had to undergo cost cutting measures and Andy Johnson would replace me.
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Talk show host and cricket commentator Fazeer Mohammed is questioning the timing of his dismissal from State-owned media network Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG).

…MATT wants answers from CNMG
In an immediate response yesterday, the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) questioned CNMG’s decision and is calling on an explanation as to its timing.

…MATT wants answers on dismissal

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  • Muslims angry with PM, Suruj

    …’Explanation not good enough’
    VETERAN journalist Sunity Maharaj says she does not buy CNMG’s explanation that Fazeer Mohammed was a victim of cost-cutting.

    Political interference?

    • While I agree that the minister prompted the discussion which caused the reaction by the public and Mr Mohammed, I remember Fazeer’s interview on the Dale & Tony’s Morning show where he indicated that he didn’t want people to make this into a religious issue as he is aware that there may be persons who would jump at the opportunity to take this issue down the wrong road. A couple of days after when opportunists (like Inshan Ishmael et al.)began to agitate, I heard Fazeer on the radio talking about when one Muslim is hurting then the others hurt also and to let the situation take its course (this is the gist of what he said). My conclusion, based on his utterances, is that he has now assisted in fueling the anti-Muslim rantings of some irresponsible individuals who, more than likely, have their own agendas. I think he is disingenuous for having reneged on his initial concerns on the Dale & Tony show and because he feels hurt he has now found a way to hit back. This is dangerous ground and he can certainly help to diffuse the situation rather than continuing to try and satisfy his bruised ego. He needs to see the bigger picture.

  • There is nothing confusing about Fazeer’s displacement. Anyone who believes that women are not worthy of leadership positions, whether these positions are religious, political or corporate, does not deserve to be a journalist commenting and influencing opinions on social, political and contemporary affairs.
    Fazeer Mohammed should have had the good sense to at least conceal his religious opinions. Similarily, political leaders should not parade their religious affiliations as part of the business of the State.Manning was often critized by the former Opposition for his tendency to bring his religion into the affairs of State. Why does the present PM feel that it is necessary to publicily advertise her religious practices?

    • I disagree. I believe that all governments should establish a separation of church and state even if that interpretation tends to protect the church from the state.
      Religion is faith based. If that was he believes as his faith who are we to say that he is wrong and should be fired?

  • Hurray TMan! ”Manning was often critized by the former Opposition for his tendency to bring his religion into the affairs of State. Why does the present PM feel that it is necessary to publicily advertise her religious practices?”. I think gthat this was mature behaviour on your part. But I do not agree with you that Fazeer should be fired because of his religious beliefs. What if he was agnostic? Should we get rid of him because he did not believe in the same God as mopst people do?. He statede that his view was from a religious perspective and we all should be mature enough to accept that and not be touchy touchy about it. Once again your prime minister did her nasty job at the airport and will return as a conquerer of crime, a reducer of poverty and an avant advocate of the children. So says Glamour magazine and I hope the people of Trinidad and Tobago willo be better informed of these achievements.

  • Fazeer Mohammed is a role model. He is a commentator on issues of relevance: politics,social conditions,religion,morality,sport.He takes on contemporary issues on his show.He editorializes on a daily basis.
    His publicly expressed views on women is archaic and cannot be conveniently confined to his religious leanings.
    He should be displaced.Religious tolerance should not be extended to the acceptance of outdated and discriminatory views of women.

    • He is a commentator not a role model. Well perhaps he is to his children. I am only judging him on this article.

  • As the spare-tire host of First Up, Andy Johnson, in his role of providing the capability and credibility deficient PP government some needed cover under the blanket of his credibility, reminds me of the similarly dishonourable role in the lead-up to the invading of Iraq that Colin Powell played before the UN to buttress the discredited Bush administration when he presented “facts about WMD in Iraq”.

    Not only has Powell deeply regretted, and never recovered from this role of trying to provide credibility for a situation and regime that was already compromised, but also, instead of lending credibility, Powell lost all of his.

    Both he and Andy are like once prudent maidens who, for some deranged sense of misguided loyalty, uselessly sacrificed their virginity to the notoriety of a porn star.

    • Why are people’s credibility questioned when they choose to affiliate with any political party. Almost everyone, whether journalist,judge, priest, or president,have their political biases. Are we saying then that political parties and consequently governments all lack credibility? Surely this disregard for people’s freedom of choice and lack of respect for their choices seem endemic to the culture of developing nations and serves to reinforce our label as ‘third world’ thinkers. Mr Johnson is a professional who is highly respected across the region and has chosen a particular path; who are we to judge. Lets work on our maturity first!

      • You either miss the point because you lack acuity, or you cannot accept it because you lack honour.

        Or both.

        Andy Johnson is no fool.

        He is well aware of the reasons why Fazeer was fired.

        He is also well aware why he is chosen to replace Fazeer.

        Any presumed sense of honour he might have had is casually sacrificed on the alter of expediency, more economic than political.

        This is fine with the PP where having a sense of honour is tantamount to being unpatriotic.

        Andy might understandably want to be regarded as being politically celibate, but it is challenging to at the same time be a bought-and-paid-for table dancer.

        • Your tendency to preface your comments with a derogatory remark emphasizes my point about a lack of maturity and respect for people’s opinion. It is not about being right or wrong but the right to express an opinion and engage in dispassionate discourse. You obviously have strong anti-government sentiments (this is your right) but this challenges your objectivity, especially when making presumptions about Mr Johnson’s awareness and reasons for his actions and then on this basis cavalierly make pronouncements on his honour. As such,(to slightly amend your phrase)any presumed sense of objectivity you might have had is now sacrificed on the alter of partiality.

  • Baksh urges Muslim women to lead way
    Amidst criticisms from Muslim organisations that the People’s Partnership was against Muslim people, Community Development Minister Nizam Baksh yesterday urged Muslim women to become passionate advocates for women in leadership positions.

    Muslims split over Fazeer’s firing
    A rift within the Muslim community over the firing of talk show host, Fazeer Mohammed, now seems imminent. Some Muslim groups are incensed over the dismissal of Mohammed by the Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) after an interview with Foreign Affairs Minister Suruj Rambachan, charging religious discrimination, and are planning to protest outside the CNMG office today. Other groups believe, however, the whole thing is being blown out of proportion.

    Matt calls on PM: Honour press freedom pledge
    The Media Association of T&T (Matt) is calling on Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to honour the pledge she made before being elected into office that there would be freedom of the press.

    Sell CNMG, says ex-journalist Cuffie
    Put the Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) up for sale. That’s the call being made by former chief executive officer of Government Information Services Ltd (GISL) Maxie Cuffie.

    MATT president: Watch out for more job cuts

  • Got to give our politically savvy Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Suruj Rambachan,full credit for flipping the script as it were, and exposing this bumbling journalist Fazeer Mohammed ,in such a blatant way ,for the nation to see as an ardent anti female , non objective character.
    Just shows the importance for folks who wish to be in the public eyes , to make sure that ‘their houses are in order.’ In essence ,Fazeer,don’t have cocoa in the sun,’ if you wish to hang with the politically experienced, big boys. Guess what Dr. Suraj is , or else how could he survived Jack Warner , de new Central kingpin, that used a sheering knife to emasculate both Uncle Bas and himself, ehhh?
    The question of our women being viewed as second class citizens by the likes of possible 12 th century thinking , Madras adoring characters, in my country , is of greater concern to me, than any frivolous accusations ,of alleged discriminations on Muslims in T&T , which is totally ridiculous ,when compared to what takes place daily , in the worlds second greatest democracy India , where White British Massa, neo colonial ,divide and rule is still prevalent ,since 1948 independence.
    The last time we checked ,close to 300 million might have died, via extremely violent ,inter ethnic violence clashes with dominant majority Hindus, as the remaining 100 million that still chose to label India as home, are just barely tolerated , and lives perhaps 5 notches below the poverty levels of the nations already neglected untouchables.
    In addition , America’s close Nuclear/ Industrial ally India , still views bride burning ,as wholly acceptable behavior all across the land.
    No ,cousin Fazeer, I am totally with our Foreign minister – and for once -T-Man ,on this score, for we will do whatever it takes to ensure that our country remains the pearl of the region , a model for backward Motherland fiefdom to emulated one day, from Asia, to de Middle East , Latin America, or Africa, and back-capiche?
    Women are the backbone of any thriving society, and when given equal opportunities can excel, and achieve anything that we males can , as attested by our PM, humm?
    In addition ,no civilization can survive, or concrete development take place ,when they are relegated only to the bedroom , kitchen , or abused ,and misused daily by male chauvinist bums Fazeer.
    Not pointing fingers , but if you are on public record as hating women , and by extension or PM ,we shudder to think what next. Maybe Sharia laws , or upping the anti on wife battering, and even introduction of child brides in ‘Sweet ,Sweet T&T , aka Rainbow Country?’ Never my friend!Madame L, it’s a good day in our country ,as women issues are again placed on the front burner, agreed? What’s dat, “what you see ain’t always what you get?” Well I’ll be ….!

  • Always the revolution devours its young first before itself……we saw Newsday’s Andre Bagoo being sidelined almost shunted to the curb cuz I guess he was’nt on the payroll.

  • one muslim was fired from his job.
    big deal get over it and move no

  • Minister: No Govt bias against Muslim people
    Community Development Minister Nizam Baksh disagrees with his Muslim brothers that the Government is discriminating against Muslims.

    PM: No religious bias at CNMG

    PM denies Fazeer was fired

    Ken Ali: It was my decision
    Interim chief executive officer at state-owned Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) Ken Ali says he alone took the decision to sack talk show host Fazeer Mohammed as co-host of the station’s simulcast First Up.

    …CNMG interim CEO says Mohammed’s removal ‘bad timing’

    …Cost-cutting crucial for CNMG says, Devant Maharaj

    …Fazeer washes hands of CNMG
    “But I have decided to take my leave…I had given them until (today) to see where they said they would place me, but after all of this, I have decided to submit my resignation,” Mohammed said during a telephone interview with the Express yesterday.

    …Unions ready to assist workers

  • To hell with this nonsense , I agree. An extremely hardworking Public Servant, dedicated over 4 decades of his life, to the Police Service rising to the rank of a caretaker Acting Commissioner , for two respective regimes, that pretends to be different.
    One day ,as he is busting a load ,in his expensive toilet ,at St. James Barracks , a rookie knock on his door to tell him that his sister called from Edmonton Canada to inform him , that some clueless ,Canadian joker, is about to replace him in his post. He packed his bags , and slittered away into obscurity , with neither a complaint or tear, as he is a discipline guy.
    We thank you Mr. Philbert,and the thousand of other maligned Police Officers, for your yeoman service.
    As rick said , get over it folks! We care not , about pseudo religious , ‘Male chauvinist pigs,’ and if the cap fits you cousin Fazeer, den pull it, by voting your conscience in the next election.
    How pathetic indeed, these square pegs , in round holes, hmmmm?

  • Mr. Mohammed is not a journalist but a talk show host similar to the `gladiator. He was never a professional journalist like Andy Johnson but more like a bacchanal person pushing his opinion on others.

  • Fazeer to co-host Morning Edition in January
    Former Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) talk-show host, Fazeer Mohammed, has moved on to One Caribbean Media’s (OCM) TV6.

    Finance, Phones and Fazeer
    Last week it often seemed like a pitched battle between politicians – both in and out of Parliament – to vie for the headlines and airwaves.

    Martin Daly: Firing Fazeer

    Andre Bagoo: Politically incorrect

    Sunity Maharaj: Rescuing CNMG

    COP backs Fazeer
    The national executive of the Congress of the People has come out in defence of axed CNMG (Caribbean New Media Group) broadcaster Fazeer Mohammed while denouncing the People’s Partnership role in the action.

    The more things change …
    It was funny hearing the new CEO of CNMG, Ken Ali, in parroting an explanation as to why Fazeer Mohammed was removed as co-host of a morning show, say that the company had other plans for Mohammed. Did the company tell this to Fazeer when they summarily removed him as host of the popular morning show?

    Flashback: Mohammed pulled from Channel Six talk show
    He [Fazeer Mohammed] said: “I have not been dismissed. I was also offered other options which were not acceptable to me. It is disappointing to be off the show.”

  • I have been saying for the longest while. Fazeer talks a lot and says very little. He is a PNM,, Muslim extremist. Unfit for a progressive society.
    I associate with thousands of people. I should know more than most.

  • Let’s see if we can decipher the twisted logic of this comedian Saj. Any Indo Trini, that choose to affiliate themselves with the PNM ,from Kamal Mohammed, Errol Mahabir, Ralph Maraj, Linda Baboolal, or Speaker , Barry Sinnanan , are sell outs in his and others opinion.
    However ,Afro Trinis ,that get into bed with the ULF/UNC/PP camp to help further their cause, are instead noble progressives. These includes the likes of George Weeks, Winston Peters,Errol Mc Cloud, Jack Warner ,David Abdulah , and now Speaker Ward Mark correct?
    Speaking of Wade Mark, we know how much he was adored , and then rewarded for his loyalty, so much so that he nearly lost his house, due to financial problems , while suffering as a lowly Opposition Senator , and fighter for this crew, as the party wilted during their tumultuous political times.
    Simultaneously, friends, and the clueless kid of the party’s hierarchy head guru, were getting to run in safe seats, while mama guru ,was sporting brand new Audi A8, for close to a million,purchased by party supporting cronies, that were allegedly given as gifts, yes?

  • Johnson walks out talk-show job at CNMG
    ONE week after hosting First Up at the Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG), veteran journalist and chief executive officer of the Government Information Services Ltd (GISL), Andy Johnson, has walked off the job.

    How to fix CNMG

  • Fazeer: Johnson’s departure embarrassment for Govt
    GISL head Andy Johnson’s decision to leave the “First Up” show is an embarrassment for the Government since Johnson was described as the best person for the job and was heavily promoted as new host over the weekend, said former host Fazeer Mohammed yesterday.

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