Jack Warner: H.N.I.C.

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
September 29, 2010

Jack WarnerIt was one of those incomprehensible statements: “I am the Head N…. In Charge.” That was Jack Warner’s major contribution to the recent Budget Debate. If we use Jack’s logic in a society such as ours, the following corollary suggests itself: if there is a “Head N…In Charge” there must be a “Head C…. In Charge.” It is a philosophical proposition of which this is the logical conclusion.

Initially, I was intrigued by what Jack meant by this statement. As good scholar, I sought to understand the etymology of the phrase that is written sometimes as H.N.IC. Ralph Ellison, a famous African American novelist, defined the H.N.I.C. as the “lone black person whom whites have invested with voice and authority; the king of darkies.” Such a definition suggests that Indians in T&T have now given Jack the authority to speak for Black people in the country.

H.N.I.C. can also be offensive to Black people. In April 1998 the Boston Magazine described Henry Louis Gates, Jr., one of the most distinguished educators in the United States, as the “H.N.I.C.” That headline upset many African Americans. Rev. Charles Stith, a former US ambassador to Tanzania, emphasized that in its original context this phase was used to describe “the slave placed in charge of other slaves.” Mayor Tom Menino and other Boston leaders called upon the magazine to apologize for using such an offensive headline. The magazine did not apologize but it left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth.

The Standing Orders of the House of Representatives delineate words that should not be used in Parliament. They categorize such words as unparliamentary language. It is a long-standing tradition. Many moons ago Dr. Eric Williams used the term “damn” in the House and was asked to apologize. In utter playfulness he informed the Speaker that he was merely quoting Shakespeare. However, in keeping with the decorum of the House he promptly withdrew the offending remark.

Today standards have changed and greater latitude is given to what is considered acceptable language in the House. So that when a member of the House or Senate uses the “C” word in Parliament I hope it is accepted as casually and as unapologetically as Members of the House accepted the “N” word” as what can only be defined as unparliamentary language.

Apart from speaking on behalf of Black people, the H.N.I.C. also has a responsibility to protect the legitimate claims of his group so that when Dr. Roodal Monilal chastises the H.N.I.C. for seeking a job for Donna Cox in NIDCO it is the role of the H.N.I.C. to put Monilal in his place and let him know that “all ah we have to eat ah food.” After all, it was taken for granted that the H.N.I.C. had assured Donna that she had the job until Moonilal intervened. It is either that the H.N.I.C. does not possess the authority to speak on behalf of “fellow darkies” or Moonilal could not accede to the request of the H.N.I.C.

The Urban Dictionary tells us that one of the proud boasts of the H.N.I.C is that “I’m the head nigga in charge ’round here and yall gon do as I say go-dammit.” This suggests that the H.N.I.C. has an obligation to see that justice is rendered to his fellow “niggas.” Therefore, when members of the PP move with draconian swiftness to lower standards required for employment in the public service and deny citizens of their just rewards then it behooves “the king of darkies” to demand that justice is done.

Take the case of Maxie Cuffie, a loyal, well qualified citizen. In 2007 Cuffie was employed as the CEO of the Government Information Services (GIS). He was the person best qualified to do the job. His record is outstanding. From 2003 to 2006 he worked in the Attorney General’s Office providing strategic communications advice to the AG and other Cabinet ministers. From 1998 to 2003, he was the head of news and Current Affairs of CCN TV6 and the editor of the Sunday Express. During his stewardship he took TV6 to over a record 500,000 viewers.

In 1989 at the age of 29 Cuffie became one of the youngest editors of the Trinidad Guardian. He took the Sunday Guardian to the number one position in the nation and was awarded the Harry Britain Commonwealth Press Union Fellowship which took him to Westminster Press in London to learn every aspect of newspaper production. In 1996 he left the Guardian to become the managing editor of the Independent newspaper.

Such devotion to the newspaper and television industry did not prevent Cuffie from following through with his education. Having achieved a B.S.c in Economics and Accounting from UWI in 1988, Cuffie went on to study at Oxford University (1992-93) his having won a prestigious Reuter Foundation fellowship. At Oxford, he studied (the English prefer the word “read”) research on development economics as “Visiting Scholar” at Green College, one of Oxford colleges.

Cuffie did not stop there. In 2006, after he left the employ of T&T government he went to study at the Kennedy School, Harvard University that is renowned for being au courant with the latest approaches to government. Years ago, all the newly elected member of the US House of Representatives spent a week at the Kennedy School before they took up their assignments in the US House of Representatives. Cuffie was awarded a MPA from Harvard in 2007.

The PP wins election and no one is safe. Qualifications do not matter. Andy Johnson is asked to replace Cuffie as the head of GISL. Johnson is a good journalist. He does his homework and is effective at what he does. He does not possess a first degree nor does he have much managerial experience. His achievements pale in comparison with those of Cuffie which leads one asks: in the age of new politics does a person’s qualification play any part in his employment?

This is one issue in which I would like the H.N.I.C. to assert his authority and to insist on the superiority of substance over shadow. It is one case in which he should be able to assert with aplomb: “I am the head nigga in charge ’round here and yall gon do as I say god-dammit!”

And while we are at it, can I refer to the Hon. Prime Minister as the H.C.I.C.?

24 thoughts on “Jack Warner: H.N.I.C.”

  1. Dr Cudjoe, you damn right, Jackula regrets he is Afro Trini and wishes he was an Indian, and I guess it is ok to refer to the PM as H.C.I.C…lol…


  2. “Such a definition suggests that Indians in T&T have now given Jack the authority to speak for Black people in the country.”

    Again another article that has nothing meaningful to say except to spew racist garbage. Jack speaks for his nation and constituency and suddenly he is speaking for black people??? I have not noted any statements by Jack that represents black people. Further to all of this the “ugly” professor engage in set of name calling. Calling Jack HNIC and Kamla HCIC, I find his writing to be insulting.

    1. Jack Warner referred to himself as HNIC and Dr. Cudjoe is commenting on that.

      Warner said NIDCO wanted to move to a new building-“the Hazel Manning building” (earmarked for the Local Government Ministry) on Alexandria Street, Port of Spain. He said the annual lease on the building was $3.3 million. NIDCO initially paid 10 per cent deposit ($334,000) to Al Rawi, not realising that the building was for Local Government.

      “They paid him and then they asked back for the money. Mr Speaker, that money was paid to him on March 2009,” Warner said.

      He said NIDCO has written Al Rawi three times since.

      “Mr Speaker, in July, I say here now, HNIC-Head Nigger in Charge-, ‘write him’. No answer. And therefore the next step is to go to court,” Warner said.


      Of course, in your racist view, Dr. Cudjoe is jealous that Kamla is not “black and ugly” (your words) like him. And I guess because Jack Warner serves your narrow-minded interest he is the most handsome African alive.

    2. Khem, your renk opposition against Dr. Cudjoe is so predictable, it is surprising that you can even out-do yourself at it!

      Usually you always oppose him for whatever he says.
      However, on this occasion you oppose him for something said by someone else, and which he quotes!
      On this occasion, you even out-do your self, blaming him for something he did not say, but quotes someone else as having said.

      Get it Khem? Do you get it? Ok, let’s try again.
      For example, you say Dr. Cudjoe’s statement about Jack Warner being Head Nigg*r In Charge (HNIC, and the PM as HCIC) is insulting.

      You keep missing the obvious.
      With regards to the latter, and cited regarding the PM within the context of being described, possibly as (HCIC), Dr. Cudjoe is using humour, gallows humor to humour you. Ok?

      Regarding the more important point of Jack Warner possibly being HNIC, Dr. Cudjoe didn’t say this. Someone said this, in Parliament, and it wasn’t Dr. Cudjoe. He is a man of too much class and perspicacity to so demean himself, Parliament, and Black people!

      In fact, Dr. Cudjoe is quoting the UNC’s HNIC, Jack Warner, who during the budget bebate, used this remark; a remark that at best is lacking in elemental decorum.
      Thus, if it is ‘insulting’ for Dr. Cudjoe to quote Jack Warner, what say you of Brother Jack? PM Kamla, while she is not my calabash of mauby bark, gave him a look of utter astonishment and possible dismay.

      I’d say Jack Warner’s remark describing himself of being Head Nigg*r In Charge describes an individual who is shallow and callow, possessing the qualifications needed to be in the dUNCy party.

      I also felt sad, very sad for this man, this Black brother who behaves more like a quarter-brother, one who doesn’t know himself and who, despite his bombast and bragadaccio, or because of these shows himself to be someone trying desperately to be loved; love he seeks repeatedly among Hindus.

      Poor fellow, after the elections he visited a Mandir, and worshipping thereat, prostrated himself before a monkey god.

      Jack is not dumb, not by a long shot, but a possible desperation forces him to assume that among Hindus he is a favoured son; someone welcomed as some type of maximum leader, and not as an Untouchable, a Dalit and a fold-now & unstack-later ladder.

      Jack needs a lot of help. But Black people, will not deny him when sooner, rather than later, like another prodigal son, he comes home for healing and comfort.
      In fact, Dr. Cudjoe’s article is another attempt to say to Jack, “Brother-man, don’t necessarily be our man, but just be a man, please, please …”

      Also, for the voters undergoing “buyers remorse” electing the UNCPP, nothing can so alienate them from the political system as backing winning candidates who are losers.

      For yourself, given your perennial lack of insight, a reasonable person is left to conclude that your vision is as dim as it is because you are up to your eyeballs in bullsh*t.

      1. “In fact, Dr. Cudjoe is quoting the UNC’s HNIC, Jack Warner, who during the budget bebate, used this remark; a remark that at best is lacking in elemental decorum.”

        Maybe I am expecting too much from the goodly prof. I expect perhaps a higher standard from a man with so many hononary degrees.
        If Warner said something silly does it make it right to promote it in such a hateful manner. Or is just that the goodly prof is waiting for Warner to say something so that he could make him look bad. That is the 20 million dollar question.

      2. Neverdirty said -“I’d say Jack Warner’s remark describing himself of being Head Nigg*r In Charge describes an individual who is shallow and callow, possessing the qualifications needed to be in the dUNCy party.”

        It is sad to see this tribalistic war raging over an honorable minister whose example is there for all to see. South Africa benefitted from Jack’s influence when they had the Soccer World Cup. Thousands of black South Africans got jobs and millions pumped into the economy. In comparisson what has the goodly professor done to improve the lot of Africans? Sure he teaches Africana but what good is Africana when economics is what really empowers people. All Africana does is create some black pride and make people feel good about themselves. Same as if someone taught me Hindi. I would feel ah lil proud of ah me heritage.

        This tribalist war must end neverdirty and Jack should be respected as an elder in the African community. He should be honored that way. Whatever Jack does benefit all. He is a man of the people not some people.

    3. Come on khem , have you been residing in the land of the Maple Leaf too long, where is your sense of humor? Weren’t you the one who was chastising cousin Heru ,for getting too worked up about a silly jibing from you while driving on this here information highway, as you felt calling kinky head, big nose , thick lips , large butts Africans , ugly savages- cool, and or funny?
      Now you find this globally recognized literature luminary and intellectual ,insulting , as he dares to say what everyone- including you is thinking- via some fine, nuance writing? “Do so ain’t like so ehh?”
      By the way , let me add,as usual, a very brilliant, piece of analysis, Dr Cudjoe.
      Now let dat fake British / ever ungrateful ,Trini hater , Sir V.S. top that.
      Lord how I despise , selectively outraged ,non patriots,and well established phonies, of a neo tribal bent.
      Hey , fellow on line drivers, if you know any , don’t be afraid to expose them.Let me see 365 days multiply by what, 2 and a half ,before this stupid socio – economic – com political charade ,is finally over , eh cousin khem?
      Dr Boe Tewarri, time for us to form a new alliance . I take that back, Dr Boe , you seem to be too enthralled by our world famous , national ingrate ,VS. Tribute , my foot!
      Just kidding, guys. We know how you treasure your heroes, but would give away your right arm to castigate , and tarnish the image of the other- especially if he is not in possession of blond hair and blue eyes- until a law is passed under darkness, by pro Christian Rammy ,the adorable Pitbull,demanding that all women without education ,in Trinidad, must be sterilize, like was done.. well, somewhere outside ‘The Cradle of Humanity.”


      What a tolerant, resilient ,and forgiving people, are these wonderful Africans! Tell dem life long haters of des great people , that such tolerance levels ,can be tested , and dey might not be too happy about the consequences, eh khem?
      Perhaps as flag waver in chief, you should forewarn folks, and their impish front men / women , that climbing picker ,grogrubev trees , can be unwholesome for monkeys, irrespective of the species, eh?
      I luv dis land, and it’s myriad of people. Let’s continue to put nation over tribe.

  3. Dr Cudjoe,
    I have being reading your articles for the pass 3 months.
    It doe not surprise that your are so caught up in race baiting.
    You are no different from some people at Fox new??? who is usibg the hate and malious rhethoric to mak people afraid. What jack Warner has done for his country is more than what you will do.
    Indians have sacrifice to uplift themselves in society and you think that indians has been given a free pass.
    Use your forum fro good not for destruction and division.

    1. Can you tell me what jack Warner has done for this country??? I hear this statement more and more with no evidence to back it up….pray tell

      1. Now , now keeping it realer, let’s look at the big picture with respect to Uncle Jack. I do not think we need to beat him up unnecessarily. If by his actions, in and out of the UNC party , he was able to first ,aid our PM , Madame K.to wrestle away , and assume power,from two lifetime leaders, with a penchant for nepotism in an extremely patriarchally structured society, then kudos for him , and it was the country’s gain, agreed? This we can agree on regardless of our political leanings.
        Secondly, we can agree that he might have engaged perhaps in some questionable business dealings over time – or others might have others do so, on his behalf-even though this was never fully proven.
        However, in terms of ensuring that the Red, White ,and Black flown high , and his country get some global luv, Uncle Jack is second to none.
        So let’s agree to give him some props, and not succumb to the urge, to also step on his head, as some sly neo colonials, would enjoy seeing, even as they publicly tout his praise.
        Finally, I have real faith in our Machiavellian , and quite underestimated Uncle Jack.
        Let’s just say , that the script is still been written , and for all you know he might be plotting , as we speak , on the acquisition of a choice pound of flesh, 2 inches or less ,from the heart of our dearly beloved, national Queen K, hmmm?
        What can I say, political animal , as I am, eh? The question is , can the Rot get his collective house in order , for democracy demands that the Opposition be willing , and able to step up to the mantle, in the event of any eventuality- of a political nature that is. On second thought,why can we not push for a new pro citizens party,-in the vain of the Yankees, grassroots driven , disenchanted with establishment,Tea Party- that can be a spoiler, or even go for the whole enchilada. Forgive me, too much Carib, laced with Vat19 in mi blood today.
        In the interim, just ‘Keep dem honest,’ my friend, as there is lots at stake.

  4. Cudjoe your attempt to insight your racist intentions in your piece is disgraceful.Why would you try to portray Mr.Warner as a sellout to the black man simply because he do not share your racist views and intentions.Trinidad do not belong to the black man or any other race that inhabit the land,but instead belongs all of the people collectively.You seem to think that the black man has a special entitlement of ownership.How could you function in society while you harbor all this hatred and malice for your fellowman?While you wallow in your self inflicted misery here you are using Mr.Warner to indoctrinate others to share your despicable fate.

  5. “The PP wins election and no one is safe. Qualifications do not matter”

    That is an erroneous statement, to date many on State board appointed by the previous administration is still working there. When the PNM came to power State boards were cleared immediately. CEPEP, OJT, HYPE and other PNM social products continue under the PP, in fact those who have PNM party card continues to be employed while PP members have to wait their turn. Even Jack said the PP must take care of it’s grass roots.

    I think the PP is trying to move away from using political affiliation as a weapon against the people. Sure there are a few of Cudjoe friends who will be fired because of low performance (does’nt matter as to how many honorary degrees) but that is not unusual, the PP has had a very measured response when it comes to dealing with PNMites who hired, wife, husband, uncle, cousin and close relatives. They kept the national patrimony within the PNM family. So to the prof quit the belly aching and unecessary accusations against the PP.

  6. Cousin, here is the new deal, my friend.As we move forward in a spirit of reconciliation, brotherhood , and a quest for true nationhood building, let promise to desist this petty bickering about who better than who, or which of our respective leaders, races , or political parties was more crooked, as there are many blame to pass around.
    For every African you pinpoint that helped drag down this nation, I can find 3 Indians, and vice versa, we can find several folks from all the various groups that make up Callaloo nation , that have proudly done all that’s necessary ,to elevate this wonderful country, yes?
    Time to up the ante my friend. These are serious times.As a matter of fact, I am going
    On the political front, it is the people that would respond at the appropriate time, as to whether the new regime was good , bad , and ugly, or in essence ,another representation of the PNM , that help every member within the new government ,to be who they are today via it’s contributions during the past 48 years.

  7. “The goodly professor done to improve the lot of Africans, .. teaches Africana ,but what good is Africana when economics is what really empowers people. All Africana , as well as Sat Maharaj Hindi does is create some black pride ,and make people like me feel good ,and a lil proud of ah me heritage.”
    I hear you khem, but if self loathing is the norm as displayed between these two competing communities , then it is equally impossible to love others , which is a greater prerequisite goal towards national unity / nation building, yes?


    I know you folks think that money is all, and some of you would sell your respective souls , children ,and nenen for a few dollars more, and or succeed in this life.
    Some have maintained the unwholesome habits of trying to bribe God , in the quest to even go to heaven, believe it or not. Now we are stuck with a second rate airport , and billions unaccounted for during the Panday / Kamla stewardship.

    So much for economics, and meh adoration of karma!


    Say no to tribalism, and appreciate what a true patriot like our Dr Cudjoe is attempting to do for not only global Africans , but all of humanity.Much better than to ride the wave of world wide anti Islam , like some,spend a lifetime kissing Queen Elizabeth and all of Daddy one time oppressors butts,then turn around and denounce your country of birth in favor of a continent that ship your parents out, to replaced them unwholesome , revolutionary , loving African ex slaves in La Trinity.
    Lord how I am revolted , by country hating ingrates , who leech , prey, and plunder, then abandon their place of birth in favor of others. Once more my friend,love country over tribe, as many are on to yours and similar others , not so subtle demonization game.

  8. Whenever Cudjoe makes his tribal pronouncements, many on this information highway attempt to balance Cudjoe’s destructive,separatist ideas with the theories of Sat Marajah.There is one major difference however, between the two tribalists.
    Sat champions the cause of Indians by declaring the perceived superiority of Indian language, customs, culture and people.He does without tearing down Africans. Sat is a religious leader who is smart enough to know that he is going to need the financial support of governments.It is often reported that Sat’s movement has done better under successive PNM governments than when Panday was PM.
    Cudjoe on the other hand is obsessed with ensuring that the perceived African party is in government.His present objective is to tear down the perceived Indian government with its honorary Indian, Jack warner.Cudjoe cannot be blamed for his strong advocacy on behalf of African people; however he does this by attempting to discredit and disparage Indian people.He is educated enough to know that it is possible to be a proud advocate for your people without necessarily expressing racist views against others. Cudjoe’s views are destructive and unproductive as far as nation building is concerned.How can a multicultural nation be built when intolerence and tribal power seeking dominate the debate? It is possible to demand rights in society and a fair share of the economic engine without playing tribal “ping pong”. Cudjoe should know this better than anyone. He is an American citizen who has benefitted from strong advocacy.Black Americans have made incredible gains in a society in which they comprise only about 15% of the total population.The universal perspective is that Blacks in the USA have excelled in almost every field of endeavour.
    So why does Cudjoe feel, in the context of T&T, that he has to discredit Indians at every turn and indulge in the endless comparisons of Africans and Indians, with the usual PNM versus UNC useless debate? Use this literary energy to build up your own without tearing down others!That is a right afforded to you by the constitution of the USA.

  9. “Cudjoe on the other hand is obsessed with ensuring that the perceived African party is in government.His present objective is to tear down the perceived Indian government. ”
    Well T-Man ,the race monger apologist, to use your twisted Canadian logic in describing “the Indian government of alliance in Trinidad,”if Dr Cudjoe and the rest of Mandingo Nation ,could be assured that they too could thrive under the UNC/ pp Indian government, in like manner in which pseudo spiritual tribal Chief Sat ,and similar ungrateful frauds ,do under PNM stewardship, don’t you think he would throw his hat in the ring by now and support your PM?
    We are awaiting the Panday Prime Ministerial pardon,and the elevation of his daughter to DPP ,to solidify the one love pretense, on one side of the equation, without even a bone being throw in other direction. Hey buddy , enjoy this charade while it last , as the clock is ticking, and dem Trinis memories are fine , as history would show.
    I told you jokers to quit bellyaching about racial blowbacks , name callings ,and so call denunciations, as it was you folks who started first blood in your acrimonious characterizations, of kinky head folks while out of office.
    Listen ,the fatherless kid with the 6 O’level from Lavantille ,wish to send a resume to that big shot insular, businessman for a lil job in ElSecorro. Do you think he has a chance, or is he better off going to Najib Elias, or Stolks and Bynoe, in Westmoorings?

  10. TMan/Khem please forgive me if I’m wrong but I have that strange feeling you are one and the same person. This is the curious side of me because your writing seem almost identical. I think when it comes to believing, we believe what we want to and not necessarily what appears reasonable for us to believe. To those of us who are not pursueaded by the concept of hinduism Sat Maharajh come off as a terrible racist who promotes superiority of hindus and Indians. He has little or no tolerence for non-Indians and while never promoting himself as a full-fledge Trinidadian he always support the concept of Indianism of the locals. On the other hand, Professor Cudjoe is scholarly and always support his narrative by referencing known publications accessible to all and sundry. Yet, he is perceived as racist by people like Khem/TMan. And that is OK but I would like to see narrative that supports the idea of his racism by supporting ideas and not just the name calling. The remarks by Jack, Anand, Volney, Rambachan and others will always create keen and interesting observations because this is an adfministration that is eager to prosecute in or5der to support it’s thirst for blood. There is a huge cadre of lawyers in this administration and while I believe they know better of what it takes to convict, they want to fan the issue of corruption, overspending, company failure, nepotism and association with the PNM as CORRUPTION. Meanwhile this man called Jack is using the election of the party as power to do what he wants. The PH issue is a case in point. By it’s nature PH is unlawful, if Jack wants to offer help to the travelling public why not put forward legislation in parliament that would give the drivers the authority they need to operate and at the same time offer some form of protection for the passengers who use these servicers?

  11. Let me repeat my central thesis for those slow learners: IT IS POSSIBLE TO TAKE PRIDE IN AND ADVOCATE FOR YOUR OWN GROUP WITHOUT TEARING DOWN OTHERS.
    When are PNM supporters going to realize that their party does not have the divine right to rule T&T?

  12. If Cudjoe employs the same critical, racist strategies in the USA against the majority population, his credibility in that country and university would be in question.
    Many “foreign” Trinidadians seem to think that it is quite acceptable to rant and rave through a variety of media in T&T, but restrict their rhetoric when resident in their foreign domains.It is similar to littering aimlessly when in T&T, but using receptacles to lodge their garbage when in foreign lands.

    1. Listen to this grateful Canadian, with the T-Man sobriquet. “Many “foreign” Trinidadians seem to think that it is quite acceptable to rant and rave through a variety of media in T&T, but restrict their rhetoric when resident in their foreign domains.”
      Speak for yourself T-Man, and before you venture forth with this skewed generalization, take some time to traverse the information blogospheric highway ,beyond T&T, as you’ll be surprise. I take that back , you said ‘many,’which obviously exclude some of us, yes?
      As for your repeated ploy of Indo Trinis numerical superiority/ dominance as far as population goes, please spare me the repeated falsehoods. The Indian population can never by any logical , and or scientific , statistical census explanation ,be larger than that of the African, or any other in this country, and the reason is simple.
      First ,since most Trinis don’t subscribe to the disgusting neo racial , thrust that you tribal comedians are pushing,there is a 25 % and quickly growing, confused Dougla population in this country ,that would flip the script as to their racial/ ethnic being ,at the drop of a hat, if it suits them , and that’s a well known fact- ask your thick lips , pro footbal,flamboyant , loquacious new pp MP , with the same foot in mouth disease, that’s afflicting Volney, Jack, and Rammy ,our now busy, prosecuting anyone, but the enclave members AG .
      Secondly , since 1986 , more Indo Trinis like yourself have choose to escape the land of birth ,and gave up their citizenship , just like Guyanese cousins, to live instead in the cold European ,and ‘Norte Americana prisons.’
      Such obviously will affect any census figures , unless someone is busy manipulating , pro gerrymandering numbers some where across the nation.
      Let me leave you with a point that I was of the view that you the professed king of the ‘phony swing vote camp,’ and hopefully misguided political handlers ,and advisors of Queen K ,along with her benefactor Uncle Jack ,in all their intelligent ,resplendency ,would know by now .
      In Trinidad and Tobago ,since independence, the PNM won the 40 out of 48 elections because they recognized the importance of having a broad base , non tribal political appeal.
      Each time your ULF/ COP/CLUB88, UNC, or PP concoction won , it was only because the political leaders , at the time from Panday to now Madame Kamla,were astute enough to bury their egos , and present themselves , not as a tribal party , but a truly national one.
      Therefore,if you and your PP colleagues intends to continue being successful on the grand political stage -as I am very supportive of-then they must remember , who got them in power , and what will happen 3 to four years hence.
      The clock is thinking ,so make haste , while the sun shine.
      I wish you well.

  13. Excellent point as usual Brother Kain ,and fellow patriot ,that did not just evolve on May 24th 2010, when “we got in charge,”so as to teach dem Afrocentric social peons, and -the believe it or not-thousands of hard working ,yet desperate, and poor,low class ,Indo Brothers, and sisters ,in this land , who it is that’s really in charge, while still continuing, the revolting PNM legacy,of cronyism, nepotism, and clueless,non transparent, mismanagement politics.
    The fact of the matters is however ,that it does not matter if it’s T-Man , Khem or the myriad of phonies, that hustle along this here Trinicenter , Information Highway.
    There are just some folks that will never ever love their country of birth, irrespective of any of it’s Stella achievements, beauty,and promise and would do everything to tarnish it’s image ,or push it along the unwholesome line, of ID Dada Amin Uganda, or the indigenous , undemocratic Fijian military nuts, so as to say – ‘see, we told you so , these savages were no good, like our more favored European North Caucus brothers/ sisters!.’
    That’s fine and dandy , but what I find most intriguing is the fact that from any sociological study one can peruse, it is clear that 99.9 % of our fellow nationals of that ilk , posses a particular social cultural trait , that plays out as follows:- Kiss the butts, and feet of any and every European and their cultural ways of life , as well as savagery, and dehumanization predilections,across the globe, while finding every opportunity to denounce, disparage, and even destroy anything ,or anyone that’s African.
    The reason for this is simple, and it’s the presence of an ingrain sense of self hatred , and inferiority complex towards the Europeans, that they wish they could become, and simultaneous,unwarranted envy- as opposed to admiration- played out via contempt for the globally maligned ,yet peaceful ,caring and spiritual oriented ,Africans social revolutionaries, and noble warriors.
    Let us the conscious ,play our roles in pushing Diaspora togetherness,and pride, just like Sat ,and national/ global ingrate VS Naipaul , have done, and Uncle Cudjoe-like a voice crying in the wilderness is attempting to do.
    Our children, listless peoples , nation, and global community demands this.
    Tell you what, nothing tops self love my friend, but unfortunately , Trini Indians ,and for divergent reasons, Africans ,are afflicted in similar ,and different fashions with the ‘self hatred virus bug,’ to our collective detriment.
    I love this land , and so do you, along with a handpick others-I observe.
    Let’s encourage them,in the quest for nation building, yes?

  14. It is interesting that race merchants like Neal and others are quick to recklessly throw out accusations of racism against those who advocate for equality and rights for Indians in T&T.It is also extremely ironic since these same accusers continuously champion their own fiery brand of tribalism at every turn. Their myopia impedes their recoginition of a litany of PNM governments which have discriminated against people with Indian names over decades.How many times do we have to list these programs with their discriminatory practices? How many times do we have to provide the proof?
    The failure of Neal et all to accept and recognize these proven instances and designed prejudiced programs reflect negatively on the sincerity and motives of these contributors.
    The victory of the PP seems to be a bitter pill for these disturbers to swallow.We have always accepted the PNM victories with optimism and cordiality. Why is it so difficult for some to accept the new government? As you pursue your destructive agenda, you are laying bare your your souls and exposing your nakedness.What we see is not very pretty.

  15. My , my , my,what do you know?Talk about “pot telling the kettle he bottom black” My buddy T-Man said,”The victory of the PP seems to be a bitter pill for these disturbers to swallow.”
    My friend T-MAN, this is perhaps the dumbest commentary I have had the privilege of reading since May 24th by any on this bloggersphere . Those canadian winters are finally affecting your brain , obviously, for I do not know where you got that from. Have we not gone down this road before in support of Panday the neo racial , and vindictive Crook, and what was the result?
    Are we not a democracy, or did these idiots believe that they were the ones that suddenly brought it to the fore, since someone that looks likes them holds sway for the time being in a political house that obviously made of straw- your call Uncle Jack, don’t try to antagonize/ piss me off now,because you forgot who was the Queen maker huh?
    Am I not the only one on this board to exclaim that the PNM by any meter, was the most useless political party in the history of the region, based on what they failed to achieve, and the fact that we were such a wealthy country?
    It is you and others that are misguided T-Man , and it is because of this stupid narrow way of tribal thinking, why the party that traditionally claimed to represent you had such repeated failures at the polls, and not as you so disingenuously used to claim ,because of some political shenanigans by those Africans you not so secretly despise. “Swing vote,” yea right!You should be thanking your lucky stars that the 60,000 and growing Dougla population played an Obama and was prepared – please ,don’t get me started my friend.
    Get this historical reality into your thick skull my friend ,the only reason an Indian would ever become PM in T&T is when African people decides to vote in support for their candidacy. Panday , and Kamla if honest enough , will admit that, and so should you.
    There is not a scintilla of evidence to indicate that indians were ever discriminated in your country since 1962’s independence, and if you say so then you are obviously a sick ,ungrateful ,lying unpatriotic fool, that needs plenty therapy.
    Indians in T&T have done better than those scattered across the rest of the globe , including the hypocritical Canada, India , Pakistan , Guyana,South Africa,Fiji, and you name it.
    Prove otherwise.
    Admit also, that it is Africans in their own country that were taken for granted, discriminated ,neglected ,and ignored -irrespective of their full support to these neo colonials -by useless elite phonies ,such as so called Father of the Nation Eric Williams,clueless Chambers, Robinson the coward, and of course Manning the nepotistic clown, and then we can start a dialogue.
    The real reasons the PNM remained in power for so long was because it was simply prepared to pretend to be a pro African party, but was more prepared to pander , and bend over backward to appease your kind and any other group , as it felt such was the only way to guarantee power.
    Finally , the real reasons Indians have suffered in this country can be pointed directly to the stewardship of the selfish , cast oriented , crooked, pro victimization jokers ,they were privileged to have as leaders -led by Panday -for too long. YOU NAME A SINGLE PIECE OF LEGISLATION this comedian pushed in and out of power that was of benefit to the poor suffering brothers and sisters of the Indo community. Show me where he supported a policy , that could be broad-based enough to take care of all citizens- especially his own community.
    As for the greedy , country leeching Indo business community, outside of lining their own greedy and selfish pockets, tell me what any have done to push private initiatives that could be of some help for the community -their own or otherwise.
    THese are the matters you should be concern about , as opposed to looking over your shoulder like lot’s wife to push phantom cases . In the meantime , Panday the crook is allowed to visit his grand kids in Scotland and check dem British bank accounts, while Rammy is running around London.
    Get real, and support nation building, while looking at the other as your equal, even if they do not posses green eyes , blond hair , and called Europe their homes- you self haters.
    Two days in power , and the first piece of business is to try and demand the construction of a 50 story Hindu temple in Tobago for 20 Indians or less ,living on the island, but cannot do a thing to alleviate the suffering for the African folks who voted them into power , by pushing the long over due hospital.
    Job creation Smelter Plant dead, or perhaps given away to Guyanese cousins.
    Traffic easing Rapid rail dead,to appease 10 land owners, but the jokers are busy clogging up the PBR. Revenue creation land tax on the wealthy, dead, and of course no talk of redistribution of State rice and sugar cane lands for the desperate outside the tribe, and yet these apologist wish to know why people are disgusted.
    Pushing empty rhetorics about one love, and global responsibilities to gullible regionalist , and international communities , but won’t show that ‘charity begins at home,’to folks that built this country freely, and gave them the power the clamor.Yet surprise that of the past 48 years of our independence only 8 years , or better yet 4 were ever truly won by his party.
    Hey buddy, enjoy the charade while it last, as the night could run, but the day must catch up with it. 2014 we eagerly await you, ehh T-Man?
    Yours truly.
    De voice of reason.

  16. When would people like Neal and others like him that answer the tribal battle cry of Cudjoe they either oblivious to the fact or just don’t give a damn that they are willing to squander through their actions and words the gains and hard work of great men like Dr.Martin Luther King,Malcolm X and other black leaders of the past who paid with their lives for much of the freedoms we enjoy today.
    These card board heroes like Codjoe and his protege Neal would not be able to stand up to the weather of a good fight or a mosquito bite far more to be held accountable for their actions and words that they contemplate and spew here and in other forums of debate.
    While these paper tigers beat their tribal drums of war,the disregard the consequences of their vile treats to the society at large where most people live in harmony.The attempt to use “divide and concur” a page out of the playbook of the old colonial masters to get their fifteen minutes of fame is pathetic.
    Why is it whenever a black man of great stature like Mr.Jack Warner finds himself free of bigotry and hate and is willing to work for the betterment of all people these tribalists always feel threatened.Mr.Warner is a great mentor and inspiration for Trinidadians of all colors and to him I say kudos,no Cujoes.

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