Pursuing Closer Links with Guyana

By Derren Joseph
August 11, 2010

GuyanaIn looking at the often controversial dynamics of our regional integration attempts, frequent comparisons are made with the European Union. After the fall of Rome, various egotistical régimes had made attempts to unite what is now “Western” Europe with varying degrees of success. Out of this, the first point to be made is that the present European Union with its many languages and cultures is the product of hundreds, if not thousands of years of history. So when we ask ourselves why our little Caribbean region seems to struggle when it comes to cooperation, part of the answer may lie in our relative socio-political-economic “youth”.

In considering the post World War II European unification process, it is interesting to observe how it was, to some extent, driven at the beginning by two core nations. On September 19th 1946, Sir Winston Churchill noted in his somewhat famous speech at Zurich University that: “What is this sovereign remedy? It is to recreate the European Family, or as much of it as we can…We must build a kind of United States of Europe. The first step in the recreation of the European Family must be a partnership between France and Germany.”

Just over a decade later in 1957, the Treaty of Rome was signed which established a Common Market among the six original signatories – Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg. Although by no means perfect, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which was outlined in the Treaty, sought to among other things, provide consumers with food at reasonable prices. The CAP is often explained as a “compromise” between France and Germany which gave German industry access to the large French market and French farmers access to the large German market. Everything grew from there to what we see today.

Now let us return to the modern day Caribbean basin and start with Guyana. To state the obvious, Guyana has extremely large tracts of fertile land. Two weeks ago, the Jamaica Observer carried a story on Guyana’s “Grow More” campaign and spoke to the Guyanese government’s intention to “make Guyana the main food supplier in the region.” The article quoted the Head of the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest) Geoff Da Silva who said that in 2008 the agency worked with 67 projects in agriculture, a figure which increased to 152 in 2009. Da Silva went on say that in 2010 Go-Invest expects some 230 projects to be executed in the sector. This projection, according to Da Silva, is guided by the fact that that agency has already aided 67 projects during the first quarter of 2010.

Earlier this year, Guyana signed an MOU with Brazil during the CARICOM / Brazil summit which should open up agricultural trade opportunities. Part of the strategy is to advance Guyana’s long-term plans for the development of Rupununi, as a major area for food production with rice, soya, sugar, fruits and vegetables. A press release spoke about investors who would be working from the Rupununi region to access the Brazilian market. Specifically, the MOU will also allow Rice Tech, a European company based in Brazil to commence operations in Guyana.

Finally, let us look at Trinidad. Data from the Central Statistical Office released in July by the Central Bank showed that headline inflation rose to 13.7% in June. This is up from 9.6% in May. The Central Bank commented that the rate was “driven by an unexpectedly large rise in domestic food prices.” The bank went on to say that the June rate represents “the highest year-on-year increase since October 2008, when it peaked at 15.4%.”

More specifically, food prices jumped sharply in June to 31.1%, up from 19.4% in May. The rise in June food prices is apparently the highest monthly rate of increase in well over a decade. It seems that we will remember 2010 as a challenging year for agriculture. First we had the severe droughts at the start of the year. Now we face severe flooding from the heavy rains.

On paper, therefore, the potential synergy with Guyana seems clear. One may even argue that it may be worth fast-tracking economic integration with Guyana while issues at the CARICOM level are resolved over a relatively longer time frame.

On the rather sensitive issue of the proposed Aluminum Smelter, last month the press reported certain rumors about it being relocated to Guyana. It may have been a rumor but it does appear to be an idea worth exploring.

My name is Derren Joseph and I love my country. As always, I end by saying that despite our challenges, we are so blessed to live in this beautiful land. Let us continue to have the audacity of hope in our country, as we embark upon the next chapter in our nation’s history.

43 thoughts on “Pursuing Closer Links with Guyana”

  1. It only makes logical sense to pursue a closer relationship with Guyana. Guyana is 50 times larger than Trinidad, filled with abundance of natural resources, gold, diamond, bauxite and possibly oil. The second thing is Guyana is culturally and socially linked having a similar racial composition as Trinidad. Guyana have Buxton famous for murder and gang related activities. Trinidad have Laventille similar to the aforementioned. Guyana had Forbes Burham, Trinidad had Manning. Under Forbes thousands of Indo Guyanese fled to live in various parts of the world. They now have second and third generation Guyanese living in foreign countries. Lots of money but still afraid of Burnham’s Guyana. Forbes took Indian lands and gave it to his supporters. Manning did the same for Caroni. Crime was high under Forbes and Manning.
    Despite the past, I believe that Trinis and Guyanese could enter the era of one love. Trinis are a bit more “polished” than Guyanese but that will be to our advantage.

    1. What you forgot to include, or want to ignore is that in T&T, the drug problem, plus the bringing in of guns and amunitions could only occur through those who control the airport and who own the pirogues and boats which masquerade as fishermen–some now being attacked by rival cocaine boat bandits–and linking up T&T with Guyana will facilitate the movement and the importation of these drugs from Columbia, bypassing the middlemen in the drug cartels there, and with T&T becoming an even bigger player in drug smuggling to the US and Europe.

      However, regardless of what you do, I like you Hindus because you are brazen, aggressive, intemperate and does always show your hand early enough for others to take action.

      Remember when Panday wanted to make Hindi the national language of T&T; and the fact that it is becoming in Guyana not only on the school curriculum, but in the Civil Service, a language one must be able to speak to work there.

      Is the same thing you did to Moslems after India independence why more than 15 million were murdered, forcing them to create Pakistan.

      On the issue of Indians doing the hard work, they have always been the Trojan horse used against Black people. The problem is why Black people so stupid they always falling for this one love thing with people who only know, one hate: for black people!

      1. you and your people still show this shallow typical one track bread and banger nutmeg brain continue to show you all have not got a clue. neverdirty! really?
        when would we as the people of the caribbean would look at ways be more economically viable so we can compete in this everchanging world? instead we are stuck on ideology and race issues. so pea brain don’t comment until you have something of value to share.

        1. Hey, are you an Arkaatis, or a Dhangurs? Regardless of which of the two you are, you’re obviously too dumb to take your own advice.

  2. Thank Khem… Yuh eh see Derren Joseph look fuh dat? Playing all ‘above dat’ an ting. With all his research for this article.. he even went back to quote Winston Churchill.. yet could not find the UN 2010 report on Guyana’s Indo raciest regime..
    Fadah, it must be something in the water..

    1. “yet could not find the UN 2010 report on Guyana’s Indo raciest regime..” George.
      NO such thing exist in Guyana. As far as I know a few black Guyanese living in Brooklyn has been peddling this idea all over the place without any empirical evidence. Here is the problem. To him who is pure all things are pure. TO him who is racist all people are racist. We all see the world through our own world view and our eyes are dim by hatred and blinded by racism. Let us not cultivate these nonsensical divisive ideas and foster it as though it is true.

      The police and military in Guyana is overwhelmingly black. So to the civil service. In fact I would say under Jagdeo blacks continue to savour the fat of the land.
      They are prime beneficiaries of Indian labour. Indians are the one who are producing. As you kmow government jobs are non productive and base on paper pushing. The real income base comes from the export market in Guyana built on the backs of hard working Indian population. Let us end this useless discourse on historical racism and instead embrace the future without fear and trepidation.. I am sure you would agree George that the world would be a better place for it.
      Guyana and Trinidad can become stronger with the help afforded to each other.

  3. George at least you have the time and energy to read the article. My only thought after reviewing the headline was , why did it take so lone for the tribal, and political consolidation power move. Hopefully, Uncle Jack , and grateful Afro Caribbean , roving cultural Ambassador at large Dagga, is taking copious notes, as to all future immigration shenanigans and , imbalanced precious resource flight exchanges that will accrue for our British /English Speaking ,South American neighbors vis- a-vis the other folks of Afro -Caribbean /Bantulands.
    Our resident, Comedian/ neo tribal cultural Apologist in Chief khem reminded us that “Under Forbes thousands of Indo Guyanese fled to live in various parts of the world.’
    Can someone ask him, what’s his point, as Forbes fellow Marxist brother Cheddi Jagan , his white Yankee wife, and now godson Jagdeo , Indo Guyanese are still running – especially to Trinidad the real land of opportunity that did not begin on My 24th 2010- but most importantly , the same percentage of Afro Guyanese are running away from the Berbice , genocidal ,down heap to escape the well documented discriminations activities that are repeatedly committed against them.
    Just wish our yellow belly brothers and sisters in that country had some guts to stand up to this tyranny.
    Serves them right some say ,to lie down in the grass like idiots ,in praise of another so called African Prince as he murdered perhaps the brightest, and most socially conscious mind ,that emerged from the entire region , in Dr. Walter Rodney, and do nothing.
    They deserve everything they are getting, others might say, for being silent when Jonestown occurred , and the lives of hundreds of Africans were slaughtered en-mass.
    I have been trying to enlighten global folks ,that care to listen, that all forms of socio-political injustice , and atrocities ,must be exposed , denounced , and eradicated-irrespective of the perpetrators , or the victims- for failure so to do, could embolden others ,to continue in similar vain , and someday, it might even be against you , and me , or rather our personal interest. Thanks for trying to continually ‘keep dem honest,’ George.IT’s the least that decent folks can do to further the just cause in furtherance of civilize humanity.
    I stand corrected.

    1. “as to all future immigration shenanigans and , imbalanced precious resource flight exchanges” Neal.

      Where were you when thousands of islanders came by plane, boat and whatever means possible in the 1950’s onwards. When thousands of Grenadians flooded T&T. Where were you when Vincees came and settled en masse in T&T. Immigration has been a naturally ocurring phenomenon and an encouraged PNM phenomenon. Former Prime Minister Manning believed in it. Taking hundreds of doctors jobs and giving it the Cubans. Bringing in Filipinos and other islanders to enjoy the fat the land while Trinis starved. In fact Manning had Nigerian guards at his palace and Filipino maids looking after his every needs. No Trinis allowed in the palace. So don’t come with the crap that Guyanese are the only ones coming to sweet T&T. This type of misguided stupid and silly kind of ranting is unbecoming of you Neal. Surly you are smarter than that.

      The Trinidad government needs to bring more Guyanese on a contract basis to work in Trinidad. They are hard working people who can come in on three month contracts and work on government and business projects when required. I know I have met some of them and the report from the business people is that they hard working. There is no need to import Chinese or Jamaicans or some of these other leeches, who will take our money and disappear when we can help our fellow Guyanese become stronger. It is important for Trinidad to do the right thing. As I have said before 50 of Trinidad can fit into Guyana. Their land mass is loaded with gold, diamond and other resources. When the oil taps run dry in the next 15 years (maybe earlier), we can have a functionally strong friend in Guyana. It is important that the right message be sent to our South American cousins.

  4. Yeah what`s new, they have the same crying game, oh we have been so victimised sob story as the ones here, look out for them trying to change the electoral laws here too just now to first past the post, to mean that who gets the most votes wins meaning that they will be in power forever, just like in Guyana because they are the majority in numbers in the population….

    That`s the real reason they want to align this country with Guyana, eveything else in this article is a load of bullocks…


  5. The United States Embassy in Guyana present figures which showed an increase in emigration from Guyana over the past 18 years. Indians fled Guyana because they refused to live under the rule of a blackman. In the 28 years of PNC rule, the dominance of Indians in the economic niches they controlled increased rather than receded. In the 18 years of PPP rule the dominance of Africans in the economic niches they controlled decreased substantially.

    It those patterns that have to be examined when analyzing replacement trends and people’s exodus from a nation. The problem is that many use the anecdotal propaganda from their cultural connections in order to apportion devil and angel characteristics when it involves Africans and Indians. And until Africans exercise soveriegnity over their history and existence, these ego mastubatory postulations paraded as analysis will continue.

  6. You just might be correct khem. My apologies, and as indicated, I stand corrected.
    Don’t have the energy anymore for tit for tat , feel good debates, that gets us no where my friend. For I could tell you that our East Indian population did not reach the astronomical levels it did by chance- but grew at the same rate as their Trini Afro ethnic cousins by the same means as per your accusations .
    I could remind you that it was not only barefeet Ram Kirpalanes the magician ,who came with a ‘cuckros bag,’ and five Rupees in his short pants pocket , then build a billion dollar empire to employ only East Indians , including the 90,000 or more he brought directly from the motherland.
    Don’t really want to bore you with the facts that in contrast these Caribbean immigrant folks were the ones who were prepared to do all the hard , break back and low caste work , that most of us so called real Trinis, would only do when we land in Florida, Nothing Hill England, Richmond Hill Queens , and Flatbush Brooklyn.
    They were the ones who were forced to settle in the already congested , and politically neglected Brazilian favelas across our country, as systems were not in place , neither was the social welcome present.
    For the record, I wish only the best for all my Afro and Indo brothers and sisters from across the globe that are prepared to come to our country and make a useful contribution towards it’s development.
    The reason for this is very simple,and obvious. I expect and appreciate the same courtesy ,and welcome from the more developed countries of the global village ,that we aspire to go to some day,as well.
    Now that we get this all off our chest , perhaps we can hope that in the spirit of positive change, we are finally embarking on a part of prudent immigration, and an inter -regional, as well as wider global foreign policy , that fully enhances our national social, and economic interest.
    Continue to love country.

    1. Neal, I think in the next 15 years or so our geography as well as our wealth could change on us. I remember the Chambers years during the early 1980’s a time when Chambers told the nation of a belt tightening exercise. The price of oil was very low and there was a “glut” on the world markets. Things got horribly worst with the famous song “captain the ship is sinking”. Hundreds were laid off and the money ran out in T&T. That my friend can happen again. We must not be too proud of our status or wealth. We must set the stage for a better Caribbean union. Developing a relationship with the Guyanese is to our benefit. The Guyana dollar is abysmally low and it will take them another 10 years of strategic planning to reach to a higher level of efficiencies. We can hire Guyanese as the Canadian government (farm workers)did to work on short term contracts. Their dollar is so low almost $200 to $1 U.S. They will be happy and we will in term begin the process of social integration something we would need in the future. We cannot imagine how blessed we are with oil but all of that can change. In a short time. As was evident in the past.

  7. It’s funny how kamla had no problem pissing off on our afro brothers and sisters in Caricom but is ready to embrace Guyana with open arms, checkbook and all. And all this shit KHEM talking about gold and diamond and other resources in Guyana. I have one question. Where is it! If Guyana can’t show anything for all their precious resources for all these DECADES, how is T&T going to suddenly benefit from them. None of this surprises anyone and Kamla is doing just as predicted she would do if she got into power. Three years and four months to go. If so long….

    1. “If Guyana can’t show anything for all their precious resources for all these DECADES, how is T&T going to suddenly benefit from them.”–Dexter.

      It is a good question presented here Dexter. The fact is that foreigners own the gold mines of Guyana. As a result the full resource of gold is peddled in the foreign market with Guyana recieving a pecentage for it’s patrimony. Having said that, Guyana has wealth that remains undiscovered. The wealth of thousands of Guyanese exist in foreign lands via it’s dispersed people. Unfortunately Afro centric terrorists based in Buxton has resulted in tourism being a low income earner, people preferring safety to relaxation. In time these criminals will be subjugated and land liberated with from this blight. Sadly many Guyanese leave because of the fear of robbery and a low quality of life.

      Trinidad’s relationship with Guyana is part of a strategic plan to ensure that uncle Jugo does not become the belligerent Simon Boliver of South America. He has laid claim to parts of Guyana and part of Trinidad maritime boundaries have been redrawn to his advantage. Further Guyana is a land of potential. There are high demands for resources across the globe and that will only increase in the process of time. Guyana remains virtually untouched.
      In addition unless Trinidad continues to produce oil the economy will die. Friendship with Guyana must be viewed in the long term. Where will T&T be in the next 15 years???

      Guyana is underpopulated, Trinidad in time will be over populated. The future presents an opportunity for Trinis to establish a presence in Guyana as they did in Venezuela, Brooklyn, Queens and Florida. Also in other parts of the globe. This is important because Trinidadians buy the local products assisting in the T&T economy. Guyana is about 52 minutes from Trinidad by plane. It takes about 2 hours from Point Fortin to Port of Spain on a good day. Guyanese are willing to work hard and their labour can be used where it is needed in Trinidad by a government to government plan.

      The future is not for tribalistic self-centered melogomaniacs, it is for those who are willing to embrace it for what it is…. And the future Dexter my friend begins today.

  8. As for you Neil, CONCUR MY ASS! Don’t ever drop your guard against these haters because we all know their history. We help them and then they help themselves.

  9. Can’t really argue with that astute commentary brother Dexter, but in the spirit of win/win , partnership, bridge building,and quest for national , sustainable development for all our people in this Republic of T&T, one would be wise to attempt to catch flies,not with vinegar,but honey, yes?
    I might be wrong , but believe that the new , and prudent ,21st Century approach , to nation building, and mutually beneficial relationships, is to first accept some things that we cannot change Dexter- without compromising our deeply rooted decent principles, of course.
    To make gains, one must then through honest , even contentious dialogue, try to develop , and nudge others to a meeting of the minds, as to opposing self interest.
    To me life is a game of chess, and all about strategic thinking and timing.
    We are not 14th century peasants , or uncivilized barbarians that would succumb to well laid traps , and resort to wanton lawlessness, in our quest to rectify historical wants, and neglects. We are a growing democracy, with folks with the intelligence to enlighten those with power, as to what can accrue however is they do not “beware of a man with nothing to lose,”
    We are instead, the politically savvy members of a growing, incipient ,and socially conscious ‘intelligentia,’ that must stand up to conniving neo-tribal elites , that has caused immeasurable damage to this damage since 1962 , due to their inability to work together, or push a patriotic spirit amongst our collective people.
    Having said all that , I still agree with you dexter,this is 2010, and Guyana , the personal fiefdom , of closet Marxist Jagdeo, on all counts is nothing but a mismanaged social dungheap, with 1 US perhaps still going for 500 Guyanese ,50 years after Black Prince Burnarm departed, and we in T&T, the richest country in the entire English speaking region , is wasting time thinking about annexing it , as a Borough so as to secure votes, imaginary gold , or whatever .

    Stay engage my friend.

  10. I am convinced of that dexter, especially when you have to endure a seemingly educated, but obvious megalomanic such as khem and his diatribe ,who claims , in justification of Guyana Jagdeo’s neo – Stalin, African purges , and failures,that “unfortunately Afro centric terrorists based in Buxton has resulted in tourism being a low income earner, people preferring safety to relaxation.” Would these fools ever hold an Indo individual citizen, politician , business elite, or government hand’s to the symbolic fire , and have them own up to , or be accountable , for their roles in any atrocious ,corrupting, crooked, or subpar, situation?
    We know about the stupid mantra about personal culture, as the sole reasons for even success, but please, enough already khem! Even Curtis and T-Man , makes an effort occasionally on objectivity when it comes to historical facts. You are beginning now to past ridiculous.
    Unfortunately , it is always that widespread , idiotic , ‘me,me, and we ah better than anything dem kinky head, thick lip , big butt, African , pro savage folks, can ever produce in this lifetime,’ that ensure the the climate is created for other Ugandan, Big Dada Amin, and Fuji’s General Sitiveni Rabuka of the world.
    Let’s hope that Trinis won’t go that route , but likewise never roll over like their yellow belly ,cowardly brothers and sisters from Guyana ,so as to allow any of that 4th century, and post 1948 independent India , intertribal shake down, in our land as well.
    I am finally in total agreement with you dexter, for ‘asking these folks to change ,is like asking a cannibal to change the menu.’ Keep the faith my friend, and let’s ensure that de barbarians never destroy our paltry attempts at democracy-that fortunately ,did not just begin on may 24th 2010, ehh?

  11. Neil, well said. You are obviously a very educated and charitable person and the way you choose your words is very admirable. I am not painting all indo people with a bad brush but I’m also glad that you see my point of view. As the saying goes if the Mayans had greeted the Spanish with bows and arrows instead of gold they would still be around today. Who is with us for peace and brotherhood we welcome.

  12. Foreigners do not own the gold mines in Guyana, they own some. The vast majority of viable mining areas have been parcelled out by Jagdeo to PPPites. You guys regurgitae a lot of anectdotal crap in order to avoid dealing with the fact that regime in Guyana marginalizes Africans, and since it came into power has adopted a an anything but African policy in temrs of distribution of the nation’s resources.

    Dexter of course you are right. The problem is that too many of us are taken in by the deceit that flows on this page. It is enough to make one wish to puke.

    1. You guys regurgitae a lot of anectdotal crap in order to avoid dealing with the fact that regime in Guyana marginalizes Africans, and since it came into power has adopted a an anything but African policy in temrs of distribution of the nation’s resources.–Ruel.

      The Africans if they are not happy in Guyana can leave. Thousands of Indians have left Guyana and continue to leave. Because you are born in a country does not mean you have to live in it for the rest of your life. The African Continent have enough room to receive our African brothers and sisters if they are not happy. I know a lot of Indians at the turn of the last century returned to India. Many also after indentureship. The point is you don’t have to live under oppression or percieved oppression. Leave and lighten the load. I am not living where I am born, I left and I am happy for it…

  13. “The Africans if they are not happy in Guyana can leave. Thousands of Indians have left Guyana and continue to leave.” Thanks for finally admitting the latter, we the conscious were fully aware of that being the case What is an undisputed fact is that that the majority have been coming to Trinidad and Tobago,and not the US or Canada. Need I mention suspect bulging demographics from certain enclaves?
    With respect to Africans, they have been leaving in droves to this land as well, especially since 92, and we have the evidence to show it from George Street ,to Westmoorings, Langepark, and Maraval, where they have performed admirably as babysitters, low end construction workers , and haberdashery merchants ,for the benefit of desperate Trinis, that have grown dependent on PNM/UNC political gamesmanships over the decades.
    On a more serious note, I am very much tempted to ask brother Ruel that we set up a ‘horn checking examination apparatus,’ as we attempt to find out the real reasons for this overwhelming passion by khem towards Guyana when compared to other countries?
    It’s just a hunch , but I suspect brother khem might not want us to dig too far back into that alleged lofty family tree, as we might find certain navel strings buried , not in Catapichima, Aranguez , or Siparia , as we were erroneously led to believe based on his empty , though authoritative pronouncements , but instead in western Berbice Georgetown.
    Now that he knows we are on to him,perhaps we’ll get a bit of humility , and empathy for all our fellow Caribbean cousins. In ending , let me assure him that we hold no malice ,or ill will against him , based on his insensitiveness towards normally resilient, industrious , low caste , or elite ,kinky head Bantustanian folks , across the diaspora. We still embrace him dearly- us being a nation of immigrants, aka baby America, and such.
    Let’s continue to love this blessed country, and cherish all the wonderful things that have accrued over the decades, even while enduring the threats from ‘country hating traitors,’ and most importantly , remember to’ keep dem honest,’ yes?
    Now let me lean back and enjoy this Champ Fleurs Carib beer, as I deserve a pat on the back for finally exposing an unrepentant fraud in cousin Khem. agian

    1. Neal I like your satire. However, I am not advocating Africans leave sweet T&T the land of milk and honey. Absolutely not. We need them to manage CEPEP and other social programs. Manning was bringing foreigners to do most of the construction work in T&T. Certainly an agressive program can be manufactured to make our Afro brothers and sisters more employable in areas where they can perform best. Rather than pursuing the “guns and roses” lifestyle.

  14. Yes, there is racism in Guyana as well as Trinidad and Tobago, but that does not mean our countries should not forge a closer relationship. Both sides can benefit economically and socially from opening up our economies and social realities to each other.

    African activists would be able to easily lend assistance to our Guyanese counterparts towards addressing African concerns. Indian activists would also get a bigger forum to advance their interests. With a greater awareness of social conditions in Guyana, people in Trinidad and Tobago would be in a better position to put pressure on the Guyanese government to improve conditions there. Closer ties do not necessarily translate to advantages for one race only.

    Notwithstanding the ills in Guyana and Trinidad, fostering closer ties can benefit both countries. Fostering closer ties with other countries can also be quite beneficial all around.

    1. Buh wait nah, buh allyuh was not the ones who were talking about BOYCOTTING Apartheid South Africa all through the eighties.. Now YOU ‘don’t mind’ having links with LITTLE DARFUR despite even what the UN report says?

  15. Don’t know anything about satire Khem,but ‘me thinks,’ we alleged Trinis folks ,are developing a sudden despicable characteristic of taking ourselves way too serious ,as we attempt to drive on this here information highway.
    No one of consequence cares if every Indian, and African in Guyana , T&T , or the rest of the entire Caribbean ,suddenly develop some strange disease ,and disappear from the face of the earth all entirely ,my friend.
    Let us therefore stop wasting time on useless distractions, and instead try and put forth suggestions ,or where possible, build meaningful, and mutually beneficial partnerships, that can produce dividends for our nation, and by extension the world at large , yes?
    I have no idea where you’ve have been most of your life , the level of your education ,or global exposure to common historical realities, but here is what I’ve come to realize, and I’ll give it to you free of charge.
    If we were to eradicate greed , curb narrow fixations on only furthering self interests, and the almost childish penchant for blatant disregard ,and lack of respect for the other,then such can be a wonderful blueprint foundation ,for nation building, and would set the stage for making this twin Republic the jewel of the Caribbean.
    Love country.

    1. Let us therefore stop wasting time on useless distractions, and instead try and put forth suggestions ,or where possible, build meaningful, and mutually beneficial partnerships, that can produce dividends for our nation, and by extension the world at large , yes?—Neal

      We are finally singing from the same hymn book Neal. I could not agree with you. Nations that focus on what divides them turn out to become pariah nations. The Hutu and Tutsi is an example along with the Tamil and Sinhalese. The Hutus were Hutus because the Belgium colonialist wanted to divide and rule. They measured the nose of the Hutus and said it is wider than the Tutsi. They understood the divisive nature of the Rwandanese people and so it was easy to divide them. The result was catastrophic. That nation has not recovered psychologically from such murderous, vindictive and evil actions.

      The same with the Tamils and the Sinhalese. The Brits wanted to control Shri Lanka so they brought in Tamils from southern India and gave them government postings. After the Brits left all hell broke lose with a 20 year war that saw thousands dead and many displaced. Division is monster when embrace devours it’s victims. We must always guard against it. We must love ourselves and when we do then we love others. Peace.

  16. So cousin Khem ,let’s stretch your logic to the hilt via this not so cleverly contrived apples / orange example , and ask the following:- Who is the equivalent of the Tamils ,or Sinhalese, and Hutu ,or Tutsi, in our neck of the woods?
    Now in case you are just recovering from one of your usual drunken stupor , that impacted negatively your memory, let me remind you for the record that Indians got everything that Africans got and more from departing Massa, including the most precious asset in life- land. It explains fully their economic and political success today , despite the victimization mantras and bellyaching we are fed daily in the media starting from the bomb, mirror , blast, and whatever we have today.
    In addition , any lack of political power through the decades , was more as a result of ineptitude by 14 century thinking leaders within the tribe, as was so vividly played out after the demise of Panday on January 24th.
    Hopefully it did not escape you , that Indians success could have not flourished in our country, if the climate was not present for them, so to do- quite unlike the case , with the erroneous examples of the respective victims ,you forced into the debate.
    Why folks does this guy keep trying to insult our collective intelligence , can anyone say? Would someone again explain to him he is not speaking to gullible folks of the Edmontonian Junior High PTA , or excitable Saskatchewan Kiwanis members looking for a warm retirement home in Tobago.Most importantly, not all of us spent our entire years only gyrating to music , and praying to heavenly gods, some were paying close attention to the socio-economic com political , and historical realities , as they applied to our country , and the globe at large.
    Love country, over tribe!

    1. “Hopefully it did not escape you , that Indians success could have not flourished in our country, if the climate was not present for them,” Neal

      Nealos you must have been in the States when Indians were being kidnapped a few years ago and the PNM under the astute leadership of Manning the Chief Criminal engaged in making Criminals community leaders, encouraging them to behave like the PNM of the 1960s. Only kidnappings made the headlines, but behind the scene “historical wrongs” were being corrected as criminals came to Indian business men and said “our government in charge, pay up or else”. When the police was call they did not respond. Today as hundred of you black brothers suffer the fate of what you sow you reap. You must think that if we don’t do justice, divine justice will follow surely as night follows day.

      Nealos behave yourself boy and stay on the right side of life. Remember if you love, love will follow you. Remember you are a Trini first and anything else after…

  17. Khem is showing his true colors. He is parroting the racist PPP excuse line by line. That a couple of people from Brooklyn is complaining. There is one state owned radio station and the PPP controls it even though African Guyanese tax dollars funds it. That is discrimination. The PPP gave licences to I indians and Portuguese to own newspapers but deny same to Africans, that is discrimination. Indian drug barons wanted by the US were set free by the PPP while they send the police after corner weed smokers and the like. 98% of the Top of all high powered positions are held by Indians, and in the case where Indians do not hold those positions, they are second in command to watch the blackman or woman at the top.

    You know racist when they refuse to condemn racism practised by their kind, and Khem is the poster child for this Description. Two UN officials wrote about the ethnic divide in Guyana. Gay McDougal and Mr Doudou Deine.

    Here is an excerpt from the Special Rapporteur report. I wnat you guys to read it carefully, so that you can see that for some Indians like Khem it is not about truth it is about the tribe being “Pon Tap”.

    The PPP took up the Hindi rallying cry “apan jhaat” (“Vote for your own”), the Afro-Guyanese responded with a similar call for racial solidarity and the PNC, evoking the fear of Indo-Guyanese hegemony, called for a racial vote. Both pre-independence elections, in 1957 and 1961, were won by the PPP, which had a solid Indian electoral base, and Cheddi Jagan became Prime Minister of Guyana’s autonomous Government. But the colonial Power continued to influence the independence process, which it wanted to mould to its own interests. The period between 1962 and 1964 was marked by a series of political and social upheavals and racial violence, with strikes, riots, guerrilla action and political purges. A strike called by the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) led to confrontations between Indo-Guyanese and Afro-Guyanese and the deaths of 14 people from both communities. The situation deteriorated seriously in 1963, almost sliding into civil war, following a general strike called by the unions and political parties opposed to the PPP in protest at Cheddi Jagan’s budget proposal to Parliament.

    Race voting was introduced in Guyan a by the PPP. Racial violence in Guyana was undertaken by both sides. The first person to die from racial Violence in Guyana occured in 1961 when jubilant Indians celebrating the PPP political victory murdered Michael Ross in Berbice.

    1. Ruel please spare us the race lecture. Today is a new day my friend. You are like the guy who have a heavy load, a car stops to give him a ride, he gets in the car but keeps the load on. Now that is stupidity to the highest, would’nt you agree. Trinidad have a history, Guyana have a history. Have you ever notice Ruel that your windshield is far wider than that little mirror placed in the middle so you can look behind. The little mirror reminds us that we must not pay all our attention to past but only some.

      Where would the Germans be today if they were angry with the Allies? Their economy is in the top five of the world. See the past must not determine the future, it can only inform the future. Ruel are you the type of person who reminds people constantly about what their grand father said??? Please together TriniGuy can build a better future. Look at South Africa, do you see the black people wallowing in self pity because they bore the brunt of white racism… Please spare us your diatribe.

    2. Guyanese President visited Buxton. A place that does not have the Guyanese flag. He reached out to our African brothers and sisters in this speach. Read this Ruel and tell me if he not reaching out to these people. Tell me also if you lil posse in Broklyn know what they are talking about.

      Starbroek News August 19th 2010

      “If you can’t generate employment and economic activity at the village level everything will suffer, everyone will suffer because of the linkages that communities have and people to each other. I don’t want to go back and analyse the past and what happened, that is part of our history now. How do we now move forward in regenerating wealth in this community, economic activity so that the people here can find meaningful employment and solve some of their problems? This is what we have to focus on.”

      He said the state was prepared to help young people who wanted to start farming with land clearing and assistance to get the first crop in the ground. Additionally, he noted that the government had a pig breeding programme with imported stock from the US and Suriname which could improve the returns on pig rearing. He also outlined that there was a programme being run with small ruminants.

      “You now need to ensure that we can generate enough interest here to take advantage of the help we will extend in these areas to create some economic activity for yourself,” the president said.

      The drummers that greeted President Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday .On the issue of empowerment Jagdeo stated that they needed to find a way to make the people of the community more marketable and this was being addressed under a national programme for single parents with over 30,000 persons registered. He added that there was also an industrial training programme in which they are now including single parents. There was also the WoW facility which was launched earlier this year with GBTI, he noted.

      “You can get a loan of up to $250,000 without collateral at six percent interest rate and we will work with those people who have the loans to give them technical assistance to start businesses.”

      The president added that the officers responsible for the programmes will be in the community on Monday to speak with single parents.

  18. Brother khem , It is clear that you are beyond redemption my friend, so I for one would leave you alone for folks with little on their plate to deal with.
    I personally have a much bigger agenda to pursue, and rest assured it has absolutely nothing to do with that segment of the privilege , elitist Indo community , that Panday primarily catered to through the decades.
    Get back to me in a year or two , when the kidnapping stats under your new Canadian surpass that of the previous regime, then you can explain to me who is to blame. With citizens like these who really need enemies, one should ask? Imagine this joker has the audacity to quote South Africa , as some bastion of fair play democracy. Listen to one of your white SA brothers, and similar fake lamentations.
    Enjoy that charade while it last my friend , for soon the old post Apartheid stooges that continue to rape, and neglect our Bantustanian brothers and sisters , would be no more ,and a much more radical bunch such as Julius Malema would replace them, that would make guys like Amin, Stalin, Mugabe and the likes ,look like Sunday school teachers in comparison.
    Well, irrespective of the impact on demographics , we will still have a lil more room in Trinidad for our SA cousins, yes?

    The politics of distraction was developed and mastered by the PPP,and now its seems as if their TT cousins are not only emulating it , but wish to take it over the top.


    Tell dem khem, never again, and remember to ” beware of a man with nothing to loose. What is needed is new leadership that cares about social, economic , and political fair-play, and ones that refuse to panderto the ‘me, me , geme, geme, dog with a bone crowd.’

    1. “elitist Indo community , that Panday primarily catered to through the decades”.–Neal.

      Panday was in power for a few years, what elitist Indo community he catered for for decades??? Most Indos were mad at him for seeking to appease Afros. He spent more money in the East/West corridor than in any UNC area. And they are still mad at him today. Most are glad he gone. Neal you need to say off the alco boy… it affecting your memory.

  19. I have no idea why you Black people engage in, and respond to any discussion put forth by caste Hindu racists.

    They generally are people who first, support an India of which they are mightily ignorant, or support an India that does not exist, or one they cannot afford to admit exists.

    And why?

    In India today, there are the Dalits. These are the descendants of the Dravidians, the first peoples, indigenous Africans from Ethiopia who settled in India.

    In fact, the most sacred river there,the Ganges is named after an Ethiopian general.

    The Aryans, the race to which many if not all light-skinned Indians gravitate committed, and for longer periods, a holocaust against the Dravidians worse than what Hitler did.

    In fact, his ideas came from these Aryans.

    In India today, according to Dalit Voice, and the UN Human Rights, every day, five Dalit women are raped, two of their men murdered, and humiliated to the point India was forced to pass laws against forcing Dalits to eat shit.

    The challenge facing Black people today is the same that faced Black people for millenia.

    Black people in India are reaching out to Africa and Africans for help against the worst form of Apartheid the world has ever seen, and one infused with religious, cultural beliefs, found in the Sanskrit and unfortunately reinforced in the Ramanaya and the Maharabata.

    Ironically, the first printing of the Gita in T&T was paid for by a Black man.

    But Black people are still here and will always be, and need to know themselves, and their brothers and sisters all over the world.

    Visit the Dalits and other indigenous peoples in India, population more than 500 million, and you will see why these characters in T&T today, descendants of indentured peoples, who themselves suffered bitter oppression under the British, and were no doubt, also descendants of lower caste Indians have today joined the ranks of their former oppressors and become the arkaatis, Indian sellouts, today.

    What we must do, for ourselves and for T&T is to be like Dr. Ambedkar, a Dalit and founder of India, and not return hate for hate, but to continue to love and do so more wisely, if not selectively for holding hatred is like drinking rat poison to kill rats.

    Peace and God’s blessings on all who oppose oppression, racism, hatred and humiliating others, and who like Dr ML King love humanity, regardless and unconditionally!

    1. I like your “exegsis” on the Indian dicotomy. I think Neal said the same thing and my response to him was join me in the struggle for the Dalits. Together we can make a better world. Any kind of oppression is wrong, racial, religious, class etc..

  20. That is khem , because you are either too dunce to recognize, or perhaps it’s crafty for your own good , to only equate governmental power, with political power. If that divisive , nepotist , pro cronyism bum Bas, had really catered to the Afro community -as you suddenly wish to claim – in like manner to which the idiots that ran the PNM since 1956 did for Indians in this land , then you can bet your bottom dollar , ULF/Club 88/UNC/COP , or whatever , would have wrestled power more than twice ,since 1962. If there were still any honest Indo Trini analyst on this board , or anywhere across this country , they will admit a few honest truths. Firstly, the Indian community with a few elitist exceptions, are not doing so grand as many pompous fools wish to pontificate daily about. Secondly, such a situation worked fine and dandy for Panday the national victimologist in chief, as it gave him and similar minions a platform to bellyache about, without offering serious solutions.
    I just wish someone , anyone would present a program that Panday, Ramnath, Sudama , or any such characters ever made , which was aimed at advancing the lives of any poor , or neglected group in this country.
    Khem you are so intellectually dishonest , that I won’t even trust you with a roast corn stand , if I was a bare feat desperate URH hustler hoping to survive.

  21. Africans although not perfect, have always lived a simple life in harmony with the plant life and animals around them. The rest of the greedy world that can’t have enough have gotten us to where we are today. At the point of extinction and looking for another planet to live on. Because some people are content to live a simple life does not mean they are parasites as suggested by KHEM. Having said that, I hope the Indian space program goes very well together with NASA and others alike so that all the so-called intelligent people like KHEM can just Go and leave us simple-minded humans alone to enjoy what’s left of this earth.

  22. Me thinke it is a fantastic idea, bond together and survive or stand alone and perish.It is a global world with identities being merged more and more, the past should be a lesson but dead men and old ideas should not dictate our current and future existence- see what hitler, stalin ,burnham ,mohammed and oiks like mugabe have done-be free.BE one nation one country and take the world by storm.

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