Unsatisfactory Digicel Service

Blackberry ServiceTHE EDITOR: I wish to advise you of the poor and unsatisfactory service that I have been experiencing with Digicel Limited. I am a post-paid customer with the Blackberry unlimited internet service. Since Wednesday 2nd June, I have not been able to access the internet service on my mobile device.

I have made several attempts to have this rectified by calling in the Customer Care toll-free number. The agents who appear to be very pleasant acknowledged my dilemma and until today have not been able to grant me a solution.

The irony is that I am certain that I will still be billed for the unlimited internet access that I am unable to enjoy!

Hats off to the BIGGER, BETTER NETWORK!!!!

Extremely disgruntled,
V. Ramharrack.

2 thoughts on “Unsatisfactory Digicel Service”

  1. Dear Mr Ramharrack, Don’t jump out of the frying pan and into the fire just yet. Have you not heard of LIME’s terrible pricing plan and service being offered…. As a matter of fact, LIME is hiking its mobile, internet, land line fees effective July 1st 2010… Digicel is a much better option. They offer better service, better pricing plans, far better customer service, and they are reliable and solid during time of inclement weather, including tropical storms and hurricanes. There is no question in my mind, and I have already switched over to DIGICEL, DIGICEL, DIGICEL, DIGICEL ALL THE WAY!!! Digicel is a much better alternative!!! Go DIGICEL GO!

  2. Well Mr. Ramharrack, I completely understand what you’re saying! I have an outstanding amount on my bill for the past year which I’ve been following to have reversed as they did not disconnect my post paid phone as requested. Calling customer care ia waste of time! Those agents don’t know how to deal with important issues. And this is of major importance to me as my credit rating has been deteriorating for the past year! So Mr. Irish don’t jump on the DIGICEL band wagon just yet, because they can do major damage to your credit rating, for no reason at all, and their customer service is VERY poor. Customer service is not just about sounding happy on the phone and smiling, it’s providing excellent after sale service.

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