Warner FIFA’s Connections Beneficial to T&T

Works and Transport Minister, Jack Warner and Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Rowley
Works and Transport Minister, Jack Warner and
Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Rowley
By Stephen Kangal
June 07, 2010

Do not mess with this sophisticated and unsuspecting T&T electorate. They will quickly appreciate that Opposition Leader Keith Rowley is using as a cheap political strategy the stirring up of trivialities on Mr. Warner’s FIFA connections geared exclusively to kick-start and feather his own dwindling, discredited and deteriorating political nest. His next volley against super-Mom Kamla’s PP Government will be a racism charge.

Mr. Warner was the quintessential and omni-present nemesis of the PNM. He out-strategised them in May 24 melt-down. He is now fair game for them. Mr. Rowley is deliberately blind to the practical and effective promotion of T&T’s national interest through the invaluable and powerful links that Mr Warner has cultivated among kings, prime ministers and statesmen. He is the most popular MP after our Super-Mom.

All Prime Ministers will relish having the degree of leverage that Mr. Warner exercises internationally. His international standing will redound to the national welfare of T&T and strengthen the Partnership Government. Mr Warner individually can diplomatically deliver far more than the two $1.5bn Summits at no cost to T&T.

There is no conflict of interest detrimental to T&T in the holding of his FIFA position — only the many varied bilateral opportunities that will be open to him for complementing the achievement of T&T’s foreign policy objectives in a range of national imperatives. The world is now Mr. Warner’s oyster.

Mr. Warner has already spoken of accessing his international links and enormous goodwill to solve, inter alia, the traffic congestion and flooding problems. He has transformed football into an industry, a sport, a crime-reducing strategy and a lucrative conduit for our highly paid professional players to earn fortunes in UK and USA.

Prime Ministers will relish the gift of having a Minister of the international caliber of Mr. Warner in their Cabinet. He will do justice to the tax-payers and right to all manner of people of this country. We have to act outside of the parochial box to fast track the solution of our challenges.

Please Mr. Rowley you are not in the same Premiership League as Mr. Warner. Mr. Manning realized that early o’clock.

Your are off-side.



Must Jack Choose Between FIFA and Cabinet?

17 thoughts on “Warner FIFA’s Connections Beneficial to T&T”

  1. “His next volley against super-Mom Kamla’s PP Government will be a racism charge”. Mr. Kangal that is what you have successfully done for the last many years? Are you saying now that Mamma Kamla is boss there will be no racisism? If so, I beg to be informed and wake me up when we dont have to worry about it!

    1. But all black people think race and it is not Indians fault they think that way. It is the psychological brain washing that the white man put on them. The blacks in T&T have lived off the fat of T&T and gain more than any other race so they should be the least to complain. However, I suspect they will try the race card again at some point in time and then you would hear them blame, whine and complain. However we will not buy it…or buy into it.

  2. I listened to the television and radio today with a host of people commenting on this conflict of interest affair which is an issue that is worth discussing. However, what I am hearing is people on one side trying to dismiss Rowley’s concerns as if he should never have raised them – as if the Opposition Leader should just go along with whatever is being done by this government. And on the other side, people are just holding on to the notion that because things have been done one way it should never change. For the most part, on both sides, people are not interested in examining opposing views.

    Unless there is a willingness to discuss the issue any decision that is eventually taken will not be guided by reasoned discourses nor will it be reasonably appreciated.

  3. If we neglect to question government just because they were popularly elected then we may as well kiss democracy goodbye. I sense that many who either blog or comment on the various mediums feel that whilst it was ok to cuss the PNM, blaspheme the PNM and say whatever come to their mouths against the PNM then that was ok, but we dare not question anything Mama Kamla does. Does this sound like an enlightened society to you? It sounds more like mob rule to me. It cant be while it was ‘democracy’ to lambast Manning one should never think of questioning Kamla’s rule. Listen! this is a simple question in all developed societies, when ever some one is put in a position of power where he or she has to make decisions that affect a whole population, he/she is normally vetted or screened about their past and present jobs to see what bearing they may or may not have on their decisions in the future taking into consideration what they are now doing or where they have been. What is wrong with that? It is exactly what Mr. Rowley is doing. That is domocracy in action and i’m all for that. If the Integrity Commission decides that it is OK, then it is OK for this government. But I will not be hounded by someone who feels that ‘it is our time now’ to be told what I should or should not ask!.

  4. Nice try Stephen but people are not buying it. Stop the fawning. It’s time to step out of the third world and into the first.

  5. Kian you suddenly woke up? where were you all these pnm corrupt years?eh enjoying the freebies?

  6. Rowley’s tirade against Jack Warner typifies the stunted political mentality of politicans in T&T. The former Opposition was so stymied by the concept of opposing for opposing sake, that they were unable to mount any worthwhile or credible case against the Manning administration.Led by Panday, they were so engrossed in playing petty politics, that they were totally ineffective and contributed little or no constructive criticism.
    Now, What does Rowley do? He begins his tenure as leader of the Opposition with a personal attack on Jack. Instead of accepting his position with some degree of grace and class, he launches an attack on the person most hated by the PNM,the traitor extraordinaire in his perception.Let us hear what you have to contribute to the new government of T&T, Mr. Rowley!
    It seems that nothing is going to change. It’s personal attacks, gossip,and revenge on the destructive agenda of the new Opposition.Pity…..

  7. AG looks into ‘maverick’ Warner

    By Lara Pickford-Gordon
    Tuesday, June 8 2010 – newsday.co.tt

    PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday said no decision has been made regarding Minister of Works Jack Warner, holding a full-time position as FIFA vice-president, but Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, has been asked to examine the matter.

    Warner is currently out of the country attending to official duties with the opening of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa on Friday. Speaking to the media following the launch of the national clean-up and beautification programme at the Ministry of Works, Richmond Street yesterday, Persad-Bissessar said: “I’ve asked the Attorney General to make enquiries into the matter and he is proceeding. Even before the issue arose I asked the AG to look into the matter. We don’t want to be out there doing what should not be done.”

    She said Warner was a “maverick” and this trait was what people loved about him. “He gets things done. He can work. I am sure we will look at it. If there is no legal impediment then it will be a matter of using time. Mr Warner is a person who works 18 hours a day, public holidays, 24-7.”

    She said if there was any area within the Westminster system which precluded a minister from holding positions in the public and private sector then she was sure the appropriate action will be taken. She believed Warner would do the “appropriate” thing in the circumstances. Persad-Bissessar said the government was new and transitional arrangements had to be made by members.

    “Mr Warner had commitments to the Word Cup. It is a massive exercise. He is honouring those commitments. We are very proud of him in that regard. In transition there will be quite a number of issues with ministers that must be resolved”.

    Leader of the Opposition, Dr Keith Rowley, has referred the question of Warner’s involvement as a minister and FIFA official to the Integrity Commission for its deliberations.

    Asked about the investigations into the Church being built at the Heights of Guanapo, Persad-Bissessar recalled that documents she presented at a media briefing (before the election) were sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions and Integrity Commission for investigations. “We trust that they will do their jobs in conducting the investigation.”

    Persad-Bissessar said she “did not know” if the investigation has started.

    No government minister will be attending the Caricom meeting in Barbados on Thursday at which US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be attending. Persad-Bissessar said TT will be represented by “technocrats” and a “policy decision” had been taken that no minister of government will proceed on foreign travel until after the parliament convened, and they were sworn in as parliamentarians.


    Stick with tradition, Mr Warner
    Dr Rowley said he was seeking an opinion from the Integrity Commission on whether it was proper for Mr Warner to sit in Cabinet while holding an office in any other organisation, “especially a fee-paying office, outside of Cabinet.” While Dr Rowley’s move has been sharply criticised by supporters of the People’s Partnership administration, there is merit in an inquiry about whether Mr Warner can serve as Minister of Works and Transport and as Fifa vice president. The common-sense position, based on the Westminster tradition, is that he cannot serve both offices and that he will be required to choose one. The tradition is that on becoming a minister, the senator or MP resigns all previous jobs or positions—paid or unpaid—and places their financial affairs in trust. Cutting ties with previous jobs or positions and the placing of the new minister’s affairs in trust serve to remove the minister from potential conflicts of interest which may arise.

    Unions suggest flexible working hours to Jack
    Three unions representing workers in the public service and commercial sector, the Public Services Association (PSA), National Union of Government and Federated Workers (NUGFW) and the Banking, Insurance and General Workers Union (BIGWU), are welcoming the suggestion of “flexible working hours” by the Minister of Works Jack Warner, noting that it was also put to the previous administration.

    AG looks into ‘maverick’ Warner
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday said no decision has been made regarding Minister of Works Jack Warner, holding a full-time position as FIFA vice-president, but Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, has been asked to examine the matter.

    Kamla: AG to look at conflict of interest
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has said she has instructed Attorney General Anand Ramlogan to investigate a potential conflict of interest in Jack Warner’s roles as Works and Transport Minister and Fifa vice president before Opposition Leader Keith Rowley raised the issue.

    Warner to critics: Examine my life

    I’ll stick with FIFA
    EVEN as Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday made good on his promise to write the Integrity Commission about whether it was right for Jack Warner to simultaneously hold the posts of Works Minister and FIFA vice-president, Warner said he will hold on to his FIFA job as long as he could use it to help this country.

  8. This is really a non issue and I am surprised at Mr Kangal offering. Being a minister is a full time job that demands full time attention. Mr. Warner simply cannot do it. What about all the others before who gave up lucrative careers where they too gave up meet all of whome they could met. Mr warner even knew before hand and did not want any appointment. It should simply be rescinded and Mr Warner should be free to go on meeting his kings and queens on his time, not TnT’s.

  9. If Warner is so well known to kings, queens, presidents, etc., why was he not made Minister of Foreign Affairs? Is it because he does not know as many kings, queens, presidents and maharajahs in India?

  10. Brilliant Victory, My Friend Jack!
    FIFA PRESIDENT Joseph Sepp Blatter yesterday heaped lavish praise upon his vice-president Austin Jack Warner for winning his Chaguanas West seat in the May 24 General Election and his appointment as Works and Transport Minister in the new Cabinet of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

    Rowley: Jack in breach of Parliament code
    OPPOSITION LEADER Dr Keith Rowley yesterday asked the Integrity Commission to determine whether Jack Warner is in breach of the Code of Ethics for Parliamentarians by holding the posts of Works and Transport Minister and FIFA vice-president.

  11. Nice try, Keith

    Government Ministers are often appointed to the boards of international bodies, positions of considerable responsibility and importance and no one has ever seen this as interfering with their ability to hold down their portfolios.

    Such bodies include Caricom, ACS, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Commonwealth Foundation, the OAS, the Law of the Sea agency, CEDA, GATT, PAHO, WHO, the FAO and other UN bodies. This is seen to be not only part of their jobs, but as adding to the prestige of T&T. One wonders at the sudden fuss manufactured about Jack Warner and FIFA.

    I suspect that Dr. Keith Rowley was just being mischievous when he brought up the matter of Jack Warner’s dual positions and the press took him seriously. I never heard him query his then PM’s capacity to handle the chairmanship of the Commonwealth Secretariat, despite the many frequent flier miles involved.

    When NIB’s Geoffrey McFarlane had to step down from being on the Integrity Commission, there really was a caveat against someone being in his job and simultaneously being in a state position for which they are paid…something which the President of the country and Dr. Rowley ignored when Michael Annisette served as a senator simultaneously with his paid posts on various government boards, including NIB and UDeCOTT.

    But in the case of Jack Warner, FIFA is not a T&T Government board, it is not a public service agency for T&T, nor is he being paid to hold that position, according to what he says. So what is the controversy about?

    To quote the bard: “Methinks the gentleman doeth protest too much.”

    Nice try, though!

    Diana Mahabir-Wyatt
    via e-mail
    Trinidad Express, p 14, June 09, 2010

  12. I guess now people will try to tell me that the blacks are racially discriminated by the indians. Well, just taking a look at the integrity commission, how many indians are included in that group, Can someone provide the statistics as to what is the ratio of indians compared to blacks in the public service.

    With so many other issues pending, I wonder why the Integrity think it was so urgent to respond to Rowley’s concern. No doubt they are still seeing themselves as PNM and is trying to destroy the character of a decent man.

    What is the use of the Integrity commission, since they cannot arrive at any clear ruling on anything. I am glad to see that the AG has asked for a report on everything that is still pending with them. I think it’s about time they are put on the bread line. Time for change, we need more balance representation from all people.

    Regarding Jack, i think he is an ambassador and will do justice for all peoples of Trinidad and Tobago. He is a master at multitasking and can be a Jack has demonstrated that all Trinidadians can unite. Unlike the former govermnent and now the opposition.

    Within hours of being appointed as a Minister, Jack Warner had concrete measures in place to eliminate traffic congestion on the roads, and dealings with the floods in the country. All while being the VP with FIFA.

    I see Rowley with his same ole tricks, bitching, bitching, bitching. Tell us Dr Rowley, what are your solutions in curtailing the crime in the country, helping the economy, why didnt you do something about the traffic congestions in the country while you were in government.

    My suggestion to the government, is recognize that Rowley and his cronies are nothing but stumbling blocks in the way of progress in the country. Just ignore him and he will not have anything to talk about. Let him self destruct. They major in critizing and have nothing constructive to suggest, They cannot create anything worthwhile that will encourage progress in the country.

  13. No Canadian Trini, starting in 1986 ,you self loathing ,country hating cowards, and traitors , have made ‘racial discrimination,’ into an ugly phrase, to justify your pathetic run for white European , and ‘Norte Americana’ borders- even in luggage cabins of planes.
    No self respecting Trini today, especially from a noble, intelligent, and yes sophisticated people , would dare use that claim without real cause.
    They’ll simply hold their breath for 2 to 3 years, while your party self destruct itself- through internal , and national power fixation- then promise themselves to do the right thing in the voting booth come the next election , so as to ensure that your party return to the political wilderness for the next 25 or 30 years.
    So you , your AG , and similar others led by Uncle Sat the musical party conductor , can continue to push your luck, via overkill , and arrogance , and see where you will end up.
    Oh yes ‘dey luv , Uncle Jack Warner now,’ and it’s good to see that, hmmm?
    Just continue to be aware , who are the two people that orchestrated this May 24th power shift. Oh yes, it’s Jack ,and Rowley. All the rest – including Madam K -were mere window ,and color dressings.
    God how I despise a pompous, historically clueless fool , as this Canadian wannabe certainly is.
    Love country over the tribe , my friend.

  14. Well Neal, why don’t you respond to the questions I raised. No need to repeat myself. No doubt you have never been confronted with a gun on your driveway. Or beaten up by thugs. Perhaps your goal is to drag the country to tribal rule. Ill send you a drum so you can communicate to your buddies in the next village.

    I can’t wait for all your cronies to be investigated. Where has all the wealth gone?

    Your past Government has done nothing for the country except squandered the resources.

    I could add a few more questions for you, to respond to if you think you have any substance between your ears: WHY HAVE MOST DEVELOPED COUNTRIES RESTRICTED THEIR POPULATION FROM TRAVELLING TO TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO,(travel warnings) WHY HAVE THE WORLD LARGEST AIRLINES STOPPED FLYING INTO TRINIDAD?

    Open you eyes and see the progress to come from this New Government.. Not a black govt, or an indian govt, but a government for all peoples of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Those of us who have been praying and hoping for progress, can finally live with hope for betterment. For the first time we can truly rejoice that there is a government for all the people.

    You might want educate yourself. Thousands of us left the country over 45 years ago to utiilize our intelligence.

  15. So you and others “left the country over 45 years ago to utilize your intelligence,” ehh Trini Canadian? So I assume that you are finally ready to return , now that a Dougla government is in power, yes? Listen my friend. I am getting a bit tired of this lengthy debates , about which of the two tribes did a worst job against this country , and who can do a better job in turning it around. This is not only childish , but highly counterproductive . I am in the solutions business my friend, and attempting to connect with others of similar mindset. I wrote my last negative laden blog .10hrs and 19 minutes ago.
    I wish you well.

  16. Neal, When you chose to insult others you should have the fortitude to support your argument, and not run away with your tail between your legs. Yes your insults demonstrates the calibre who you are. You chose to be negative rather than constructive. I raised real issues.

    No I don’t need a Dogla Government, what I have dreamt for the last 60 years was to see a Government who is comprised of all races of people in the island. We are a multicultural nation, and for the past decades you and your people suppressed those who were not in your tribe. Check the facts.

    Your solutions business we can do without. I wonder how many non-blacks you have under your employ.

    True progress will come to Trinidad and Tobago when one track racisim is iradicated. For the first time, there is the opportunity for equality and unity in your country. Be a part of it, rather than condemning it.

    May God’s will be done.

    PS. I am already established and will continue to contribute to your economy. There is no need for me to return.

    Would still like to know the answers to the questions I have asked. The answers will be eye openers..

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