Anand Ramlogan is Attorney General

May 26, 2010

Anand Ramlogan is sworn in as the Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago
Anand Ramlogan is sworn in as the Attorney General
Anand Ramlogan is AG
San Fernando-based attorney Anand Ramolgan has been appointed Attorney General of T&T. Following the swearing-in of Kamla Persad-Bissessar as Prime Minister, Ramlogan, 37, was sworn in as a senator and made the new attorney general of the country.

Ramlogan: I will learn from others’ mistakes
Incoming Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has said he will stand for justice, equality and fair play and would learn from his predecessors’ mistakes.

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3 thoughts on “Anand Ramlogan is Attorney General”

  1. Congratulations Mr. Anand Ramlogan.It has been very deserving of you.As you swear on the Bhagavad Gita help protect this country like the true warrior Arjuna.

  2. Hello Anand saw your swearing in on the computer you look great a big congratulation to you cleanup the country now make Trinidad the paridise it once was we know you will do a GREAT JOB that voice of your’s is very POWERFULL pray hard an the good Lord will truly BLESS YOU

  3. What swearing on the Bhagavad Gita Mr. AG Anan Ramlogan , after victory in an election , held 2 years before it was due ,were tribalistic African Trinis voted you ,and your party in office , after years of raping your women, evil genocide acts, government orchestrated terrorism , blatant discriminations , and stealing of jobs your rightfully deserved, and depriving you of all your rights in the most undemocratic country in the world- behind Guyana?
    Would someone tell this joker that we would be closely observing him, and the rest of the crew ,very carefully over the next four years , as we have listened keenly to all of his racist, and venomous , bellyaching bile for the past five or more years he and others of similar ilk ,wrote their pro tribal, editorial columns in our news papers , not only denouncing our country, by denigrating it’s stellar Human Rights image, and great contribution of his fellow citizens.
    Oh yes, it’s a good day now in paradise , and democracy is suddenly alive and well, thanks to the coming of Queen Kamla. Ah yes , 1,455 more days to go , so as to end this comical charade! Trinidad will never be allowed to become another tribalistic Jagdeo Guyana dungheap, of this one can be assured.
    With the strength of my right arm , social networking , civilian media , and other peaceful mechanisms at our disposal , we the socially conscious, progressive , will do everything feasible to wake up the sleeping ,comatose ,mainly poor and neglected masses as to their rights , and needs , so that they too can remain engaged, in efforts to halt elitist hypocrites , in their quest for power,from continually misleading them, from both sides of the so called racial divide.
    Much luv my loving 1.3 million or more people .
    Remember in parting , that your country did not become a paradise 5 days ago, but be it known that from ‘country hating Naipaul,’ to Anan Ramlogan ,Neo racist Education Minister Dr. Goopiesing ,Millionaire son Moonan , and his change agent PM ,would not be able to achieve what they did had it not been for a political , and social culture that enabled each and every creed and race to find an equal place.
    Good god , how I love this place , but equally despise some of my fellow nationals!

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