18 thoughts on “Election Day 2010 Updates: Open Thread”

  1. May the party with the best policy for the nations interest win do the right thing

  2. I leave everything in God’s hand. He has the last say. Whatever happens, may we all be able to accept it as He holds the future.

  3. There are complaints about how slow the voting process is. In a polling station in the Maraval area, I witnessed the problem with the inexperienced, seemingly untrained poll clerks. I hope they catch on quickly because that could turn off many voters.

  4. Any party that can reduce the crime rate is the chosen one, but too late now only god can decide.

  5. 5:55 PM – Hi all is quite at Balisier house, media setting up no ministers present.

  6. Patrick Manning says he expects the PNM to win more than 21 seats

    Kamla raises concern about election discrepancies especially when presiding officers are not signing ballots which spoils the votes.

    EBC says if the ballots are not signed that does not mean the votes are automatically spoilt.

    Jack Warner said he feels relieved that he feels relieved that the country is more aware of the ills of the society.

  7. A Trinidad Express reporter said security officers at Swaratsingh office assaulted him and he wonders if it is linked to Colm Imbert’s inciting PNM supporters to deal with the media. TV6 has called on the acting Commissioner of Police to investigate Colm Imbert for inciting violence against the media.


  8. The latest tally is 29 or 30 seats to People’s Partnership and 11 or 12 seats to the PNM. These figures will be confirmed later today. The People’s national Movement has officially lost the Election. The Political Leader has conceded defeat to the People’s Partnership.

  9. A full list of the election 2010 winners

    1. Arima: Rodger Samuel – COP.

    2. Arouca/Maloney: Alicia Hospedales – PNM

    3. D’Abadie/O’Meara: Anil Roberts – COP

    4. Diego Martin Central: Dr Amery Browne – PNM

    5. Diego Martin North/East: Colm Imbert – PNM

    6. Diego Martin West: Dr Keith Rowley – PNM

    7. La Brea: Fitzgerald Jeffery – PNM

    8. La Horquetta/Talparo: Jairam Seemungal – UNC

    9. Laventille East/Morvant: Donna Cox – PNM

    10. Laventille West: Nileung Hypolite – PNM

    11. Point Fortin: Paula Gopee-Scoon – PNM

    12. POS North/St Ann’s West : Patricia McIntosh – PNM

    13. POS South: Marlene McDonald – PNM

    14. San Fernando East: Patrick Manning – PNM

    15. St Ann’s East: Joanne Thomas – PNM

    16. Tobago West: Dr Delmon Baker – TOP

    17. Toco/Sangre Grande: Dr Rupert Griffith – UNC

    18. Caroni Central: Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh – UNC

    19. Caroni East: Dr Tim Gopeesingh – UNC

    20. Chaguanas West: Jack Warner – UNC

    21. Couva North: Ramona Ramdial – UNC

    22. Couva South: Rudranath Indarsingh – UNC

    23. Cumuto/Manzanilla: Collin Partap – UNC

    24. Fyzabad: Chandresh Sharma – UNC

    25. Naparima: Nizam Baksh – UNC

    26. Oropouche East: Dr Roodal Moonilal – UNC

    27. Oropouche West: Stacy Roopnarine – UNC

    28. Princes Town: Nela Khan – UNC

    29. Siparia: Kamla Persad-Bissessar – UNC

    30. St Augustine: Prakash Ramadhar – COP

    31. Tabaquite: Dr Suruj Rambachan – UNC

    32. Barataria/San Juan: Dr Fuad Khan – UNC

    33. Chaguanas East: Stephen Cadiz – UNC

    34. Lopinot Bon/Air: Lincoln Douglas – COP

    35. Mayaro: Winston Peters – UNC

    36. Pointe-a-Pierre: Errol McLeod – UNC

    37. Moruga/Tableland: Clifton DeCoteau – UNC

    38. San Fernando West: Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan – COP

    39. St Joseph: Herbert Volney – UNC

    40. Tobago East: Vernella Alleyne-Toppin – TOP

    41. Tunapuna: Winston Dookeran – COP

  10. very good job kamla and the partnership party and may god bless trinidad and tobago.

  11. Now T&T under true leadership my prayers are with you now more than ever.You won the election the battle has now begun, be cautious and true to the people of T&T and they will forever support you. Woman in power ” you go girl”

  12. Congratulations to change. Trinidad will rise again. Now we can come home and feel safe, especially when Kamala help control the major crime in beautiful trinidad.

  13. I wish the country well, but unfortunately, there is not one name on the list of winners that can be identified as a progressive, as some one who would help bring the country
    from the pits where it is now, to any level of democracy and social and economic justice.

  14. Congratulations. Unlike here in UK your “marriage” was through choice before the event and not through necessity after it so I have more faith in yours lasting. As an outsider but with strong connections to beautiful T & T I see this as a wonderful opportunity for you to live up to the moving words of your National Anthem. Every journey starts with one small step and T & T seems to have taken it. Remember the whole is infinitely stronger than the sum of its parts. Only by using ALL the skillsof ALL your people can you hope to achieve your maximum.
    Good luck to all.

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