Which party are you supporting in this election and why?

Election 2010: Open Thread

How do you think people should vote?

What are the real concerns that should be addressed?

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9 thoughts on “Which party are you supporting in this election and why?”

  1. Observing protocols of governance
    In the last few weeks, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, led by the People’s National Movement, was called on to respond to several troubling allegations that suggest ministries were forging ahead with the signing of multi-million-dollar contracts in the midst of an election campaign. On Wednesday, Trade and Industry Minister Mariano Browne denied that the government had signed a contract worth US$17 million to access as many as 25 new aircraft to revamp the Caribbean Airlines fleet. Just a few days before, Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert dismissed claims that a $4-billion-dollar contract was signed for a proposed highway between San Fernando and Mayaro. “Tenders have been invited for the proposed highway between San Fernando and Mayaro and the highway between San Fernando and Point Fortin,” Imbert clarified, noting that the government was at least two months away from contract signings for the proposed highway works.

    Significant elections
    In our history, including pre-Indepen-dence, there have been three significant election events. These would have been in 1956, 1986 and 1995. And in my view, the fourth such event takes place tomorrow…

    Who will rise?

    Massive Rallies

    Thousands show at PNM, UNC rallies

    PNM poised for victory

    Defiant Manning: I’m still standing
    A DEFIANT Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday declared he is still standing despite all that has been thrown at him and in fact is prepared to lead the People’s National Movement (PNM) to its biggest ever win, at the polls come tomorrow.

    Kamla confident of victory

    Rallies incident free

  2. I am supporting the People’s Partnership because I want to see a change in the politics. I cannot ignore the corruption under PNM. I know people corrupt and corruption everywhere but when leaders do wrong they should pay.

  3. I must support the PP; I must stand up to the corruption and neglect of this present PNM regime. They have neglected the people of this country in favour of enriching themselves. The UNC was in office between 1995 and 2000 and had engaged in corruption, they were removed on that basis, today the PNM according to Dr. Rowley is ten times worst and they must also be removed. An important factor for me also is that the PP is promising to return the power to the people via referendum and recall, term limit and fixed date for election along with other policies that will give me the power to deal with neglect. I am not concerned about free education and CEPEP etc that the PNM is touting that the PP will removed that is rubbish and designed to hold people to ransom whilst this corrupt regime continues to corruptly expend our resources. Many have complained for a long time whilst they protest for roads, water, health care etc that they have no alternative, they would have indicated that the opposition is divided and blamed this on Panday. Today Panday is not longer an issue and the opposition has united, but the very persons who have said that the opposition needs to get its act together if they were to support them, have fallen in line to blindly support their party like cult members. These people I speak of are talk show hosts, community activists and peoples champions who have been complaining and pointing out the very neglect of the PNM regime for years, but today they forget all of this because of the cult mentality, they are telling us about how great the PNM has suddenly become overnight after the blatant neglect they themselves were mad about a month ago. My view is that we must replace governments once they act in the manner which the present regime has acted, blind loyalty serves no one. Our leaders use this to oppress us and to advance their personal ambitions.

  4. To all those people who choose not to vote, or vote for party, are not only hurting themselves but the entire country in the following manner. The PM himself is saying “you think you see corruption now, wait till UNC gets in power…” That is the cause of our action. Believe it people we are the cause for the state of governance we are facing now. We don’t like it, but yet still choose to do nothing against it, by exercising our right to vote.

  5. I am supporting the People’s Partnership, because I firmly believe this is the new wea in politics that we have been waiting for for so very long. I want to see an end to Crime, Nepotism, Healthcare Ills, Discrimination, high food prices and most of all corruption, which i believe is the main reason the country is in this state today. So my people do the right thing and give yourself, your family, your friends and most important the people of this once blessed and safe place a chance for it to become the paradizse that it once was, vote the People’s Partnership and bring an end to the tyranny of the PNM..

  6. I have read comparisons to the United States President. People should be aware of the fact that President Obama would and has raised taxes to make sure programs for the most vulnerable in society will be funded. Will the person that you vote for do the same? That’s the comparison that I worry about. Societies most vulnerable need representation. Either way, be a part of the process. I am comfortable with my choice and confident that I have made the right decision.

  7. I support the PNM they have done great things for the country. You have a $60,000 allowance no tax for low income bracket people. They built over 26,000 houses the UNC built only about 300. They re-opened John Donaldson Tech and San Fernando Tech which the UNC closed. People are complaining about property taxes, but they leave and go to America and buy houses and pay property taxes without complaining, and they don’t even have any yard space to park their cars. They have to park on the street and they are lucky if they get a park on the same street. Sometimes it’s a few streets away and they are quite contented to do that and walk back to their house in the cold. The government is paying for your tuition if you are studying in any part of the world. The PNM has put programs in place for the youths of the nation and are paying them to learn, but some of them want the government to take it and put it on their laps. Many have left T&T to live abroad and have to pay for everything out of pocket or take out loans and pay back with interest without complaint if they decide to return to school.
    If this is corruption then I love it. PM Manning is no saint but at least we can see where the money is going. Do your research people. Why would you be contented to do certain things in another man’s country but not your own. I think it’s because you are corrupt and senseless.

    1. Liz… Take read. Maybe Manning should have spent some of the money to prevent this??

      The rate of assaults, robbery, kidnapping and rape in Trinidad and Tobago is also among the highest in the world.

      With 550 homicides in 2008, Trinidad and Tobago has a rate of about 55 murders per 100,000 making it the most dangerous country in the Caribbean and one of the most dangerous in the world.

      “Violent crimes, including assault, kidnapping for ransom, sexual assault and murder, have involved foreign residents and tourists (and) incidents have been reported involving armed robbers trailing arriving passengers from the airport and accosting them in remote areas…the perpetrators of many of these crimes have not been arrested.”

  8. ALL of my relatives and friends in TT has voted for the PP! I hope we see and end to corruption, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

    It would be good to see people being able to afford food, and health education directed at layman’s level to empower people to care for their health in a positive manner.

    It would be good to be able to walk in the town and villages and feel safe once again although I guess this will take time, but I am hopeful.

    I hope my disillusioned relatives and friends abroad will be inspired to come back home to TT and contribute to rebuilding our communities.

    I am hopeful that PM Persad-Bissessar will be a positive influence that inspires us all to be upright citizens and I hope she teaches us to be patriotic to TT and lose that idiotic focus we have had for years on race. We are all ONE people, and may our one common goal and our one love of TT unite us to work together, look after each other and build strong communities, leading to one great community of TT.

    May God bless PM Persad-Bissessar and her team to lead us BY EXAMPLE and. help us to build a Trinidad and Tobago that is the envy of our island neighbours and the world abroad. I look forward to the next election when this new PM makes us want to keep her and her team as our country’s leaders.

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