PNM and UNC Coalition 2010 Manifestos

PM Patrick Manning and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar
PNM Patrick Manning vs UNC Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Download the PNM’s 2010 Manifesto. (Adobe PDF 19 Mb)
Our programme for the next five years is based on our Vision to make Trinidad and Tobago a developed country on or before the year 2020, and on the work we have done over the last 8 ½ years to lay a solid foundation for the attainment of this Vision.

Download the UNC Coalition’s 2010 Manifesto. (Adobe PDF 3.8 Mb)
This General Election comes at a defining moment in our Nation’s history. The oil and gas boom of the last decade has fizzled out and the hard work of building a sustainable economy stands before us.

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6 thoughts on “PNM and UNC Coalition 2010 Manifestos”

  1. How could Kamla stand on a political platform and say to the nation that the PNM has done nothing about crime and that the PNM Manifesto has absolutely nothing about dealing with crime. Kamla is full of SH@#.I have always said that she uses the wrong spectacles for reading . I would not doubt it if someone tells me that Kamla is short sighted.Was she and her new friends living somewhere deep in the amazon and now resurfaced (that explains her new found accent).Let me explain something,if a family has been living and eating good for sometime and then food becomes a shortage issue,sooner or later someone would get up in the middle of the night to steal some food and if caught will creat arguement and hostility. similarly the Government has created a shortage with the drugs and guns etc which is the source of crime ,so now that there is a shortage they fight and kill more rapidly,in other words (it will get worse before it gets better).But this group of power seekers with their backward thinking,think that they could wave their manifesto,say abra cadabra and crime will stop. To Jack Warner, if you thought that the PNM Manifesto is a photo album,then why,why,why did you’ll put borrowed photos in yours,Jack get real.People say they want change ,but do you really think that you’ll could outdo the outstanding achievements of the PNM.Simply putting it “YOU NOT READY”.My advise to you is that you should spend some time in opposition with your new coalition party and bond before comming to the public.Is like the cart pulling the horse.Personally,I am disgusted with the behavior of your group of ….. who have nothing and i mean NOTHING to really offer the citizens of this country.”CREEP BEFORE YOU STAND”and “BALANCE BEFORE YOU WALK”.

  2. As A Trinidadian by love for its Carnival,I find that the political
    climate in the Country is not serious about getting rid off the
    ruling party. The otherside, making an old man that is lucky that he
    can only do that in Trinidad,a hero.However the are not saying how
    they wil take care of the crime,health services,water,housing and
    a better police services.Is a waste off time to plant sugar cane an
    old fail crop.In the modern world cites must have sky scrapers and
    the PM or any ruler off state must have a House like the White
    White to accommodate other heads of States.The PM house belongs to
    the people off the Country.You can only live their as a PM

  3. Andy!! The first response person on the list,
    You must be using Andy instead of Patrick,

    Your attitude sounds the same,your language sounds the same, and you have your head in the sand.
    Just look around your country and open your eyes man.


    1. Allan , you don’t seem wise enough to understand what I’ve written hence your comment and i just realized why (Canada).You must be using Allan instead of Alien.My eyes have been open to reality since I was 15 years old,I have live here all my life and I’ve seen this country grown and withstand many economic and social crisis.BTW stop walking around with YOUR head in your (where the sun don’t shine).

      1. You should get out and see the world Trinidad is the best place on earth but much work is needed to step into the 20th century. Don’t trust the media of North America or dat of England. Look to find the truth and not bend your head around the lies.

  4. Neither party is of any use. For any good the ruling party has done, they have denigrated it with the nonsense that they have also done.
    Then we have the people who have formed a coalition based on “Manning must go!”. Yes he must, but to what gain…we put the same corrupt people who “took 2 Million to put it up and 4 Million to take it down”. Then what? Do we place a party whose right hand man still can’t release the funds to the Soca Warriors? Who is clouded in a shroud of corruption claims…May 24th…make an informed decision

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