Election 2010: Open Thread

Election 2010: Open Thread

This is an open thread for general election related comments.

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41 thoughts on “Election 2010: Open Thread”

  1. PM kicks off manifesto: ‘It’s Super Duper’

    It’s not about ‘new’
    Prime Minister Patrick Manning launched the People’s National Movement’s 2010 election manifesto yesterday.

    Property tax, TTRA stays
    AMIDST TURBULENT global economic markets, the PNM yesterday unveiled what is arguably a cautious 63-page manifesto which virtually makes no new promises, perhaps in an apparent bid to woo voters on the basis of the past achievements of the party.

    Kamla rips it apart
    Govt’s manifesto torn up
    In a symbolic act, United National Congress (UNC) leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar last night ripped to pieces the People’s National Movement (PNM) manifesto after displaying it and going through several of its ’empty promises’.

    Probe Petrotrin
    UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar last night vowed to set up a commission of inquiry into the operations of State-owned oil company Petrotrin and to have a forensic audit done on the costs of the multi-billion dollar gas-to-liquids project, if her party leads the People’s Partnership coalition into government.

    Ramadhar vows: We’ll probe corruption

  2. http://www.massviolence.org/The-Burundi-Killings-of-1972

    If you stand idly by and allow hate-mongers and others disguised as peace loving and kind , simply because it is expedient today, then you should be prepared to accept what might occur, at a later stage fellow nationals.
    A Burundi/Rwandan buddy of mind only recently reminded me that close to five years ago , there were some consternation as to the inability to see any adults above the age of 45 , or someone with grey hair in his country, and the reasons were obvious , as most were murdered. In the 1972 massacre listed above he informed me that systematic slaughter was done to every Tutsi with the ability to read. Today in my country , you have quite intelligent and literate folks of influence and power who are choosing to throw the word genocide around loosely so as to incite fan like masses , and perhaps encourage a more powerful nation , or conglomerate bodies ,with laschievious fixation on our huge resources to react.


    Of course the usual complicit corporate 4th Estate agents , would see no harm in this , in similar fashion as many are silent about the despicable acts of a two bit phony Islamist leader, and his bands of thugs that reigned terror on our nation ,in attempts to destroy our chances of full democracy in 1990. Which other civilize ,and progressive nations would not demand a full scale Commission of Enquiry as to the facts that occurred during the period? Who were his collaborations in business, religion, and politics, many want to know , but the ,silence remains, as same is brushed under ground, then many wish it would go away?
    Failure to address the issues that these disgruntled folks , pretended to care about ,has resulted in devastating fallout years later. Today , only a few days from election the very politicians, intellectuals and social media pundits are still attempting to sell the populace a bag of goods. Should we buy? It’s your choice. Make wise one, let your vote count for something, then demand strict adherence to promises made. Let it be known that business as usual is over as far as non accountability , and contempt for all , in Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country.

    I wish you well on this historic day, and beyond.Love country over tribe.

  3. Tell these fools not to leave their day jobs soon Stacy Ali. It was a boring snoozer, unless the listener was a snotty nose , naive six year old , and big admirer of Sponge Bob , or Bart Simpson.
    Is that the type of jingles our Lady of change is putting out , under the advice of Obama former handler Campbell? Heavens forbid such waste of money. Nothing about a ‘Iz da Woman’ when her one time boss , and former PM , is soon about to go to jail for misdeeds while in power ,even if he plans to have his Scottish daughter become a maid , or a hooter server ,for the all the London Law Lords?
    No Stacy,’Iz da Woman ,’for putting a second rate , disgruntled ,former judge from Dominica in a St Joseph safe seat , that worked his magic while on the bench , to keep his former CJ , and close pal of the crooked one time PM from jail as the chief witness suddenly got ‘tied tongue,’ then this Judge suddenly deciding to send in his resignation from the bench on a Monday , and run onto the politically contentious campaign trails on a Tuesday.
    Yes Stacy ,’Iz da Woman,’ for outmaneuvering an economist , one time Central Bank Governor , and political leader to become some future , phantom ceremonial President, that she cannot guarantee, since she has no idea how the people are going to vote for a party, that has this man on board, who wrote the UNC Manifesto, while a Governor of said independent Central Bank.
    More likely ‘Iz da woman,’ for cuddling up with Hindu nut job Sat Maraj the hate-monger, who encouraged all Caroni hardworking folks to invest their hard dollars in the now defunct HCU as opposed to RANDS, PSA, Eastern Credit Union, or the globally respected Unit Trust, then when internal ,elite crooks and bandits , mismanage, and disappeared with most of the sums of monies,turned around and blamed government for not giving a sweet heart deal bail them out , just like Clico.Yes Stacy Iz da woman that can talk about change , yet have Dr Goopesingh as your possible next Minister of Health, when this comedian had the gall to say with a straight face to international audience that African peoples in leadership,were practicing genocide in our country, simply because our government decided to augment our depleted , and understaffed hospitals with a few Nigerians and Cuban doctors.
    Now if they can quickly incorporate this , and throw in a few words as to plans by the new age change agent, to reform and build this country, then they can relax and think they have a grammy winner.
    I am now convinced that many of these jokers that are professing to be Trinis , are part of the grateful UNC newly imports from Guyana masterplan , that have become high end George Street hashish , and coca dealers .
    Love country , and show gratitude my friends.Think of it, you no longer have to swim daily up the Berbice River for food ,with hungry Piranhas in hot pursuits.

    1. Neal
      How you fealing about 29:12 possibly 30:11.
      Blind loyalty – no property tax, no other taxes, frying Manning, CHart, Imbert, Gaynor Dick Forde, Le Gendre, Narace, Malcolm Jones, Swarathsingh, yes and fatty Marlene for the special scholarships and NAPPA in jail.
      Why did we spend so much money on SUMMIT, CHOGM, NAPPA, Hyatt, Smelter when we cannot get water, cheap food, proper education (half of population cannot read, write or do maths). Under PNM T&T will be doomed.

  4. Jack: Williams burnt ‘constitution’ in 1960

    By Sacha Wilson

    United National Congress (UNC) chairman Jack Warner has reminded their detractors that in 1960, the late Dr Eric Williams had burnt several important documents, including the T&T Constitution, to symbolise a new way forward.

    logoDefending his political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Warner said: “My dear friends, in politics there are certain times when symbolically great people who are bringing out new movements have burnt documents and last night, a great woman who is bringing out a great People’s Partnership in government tore up a manifesto to mark the dawn of a new era in this country. “I want Jerry Lewis (Narace) to know what Kamla did last night (Tuesday) was a great symbol of the past…A PNM past of failed promises,” he said. Persad-Bissessar was criticised by Narace for tearing up the PNM’s manifesto at Gasparillo junction on Tuesday night. Describing the PNM’s manifesto as a “photo album,” he reminded Narace that in 1960 Williams, the father of the nation, burnt several documents at Woodford Square on his march to Chaguaramas.

    Among the documents burnt by Dr Williams, Warner said, were the 1941 Chaguaramas least agreement, the 1956 T&T constitution, a statement on Guyana written by Dr Rudranath Capildeo, the report of the Federal capital site, the Telephone Ordinance of 1939 and six copies of the Trinidad Guardian. “Eric Williams, Eric Williams…and all Kamla did is tear up a foolish manifesto,” Warner said. “In Williams’ bonfire, those documents which he burnt symbolised Williams rejection of the past…When he burnt those documents, Williams said it was a symbol of moving forward.” He said if they had more than one copy of the manifesto that night, they would have torn it all up.
    Full Article : guardian.co.tt


    Persad-Bissessar was right

    THE EDITOR: Mrs Persad-Bissessar was right to tear up the PNM manifesto when the Prime Minister claims that 95,000 new jobs will be created in the construction sector mere days after rationalising the importation of Chinese construction workers on the basis of a local labour shortage.

    Saying that unemployment had declined to five percent under the PNM and therefore there are few locals available for work in the construction of PNM mega projects, he now wants us to square this with his outlandish manifesto’s pronouncements? Maybe this is a new PNM mathematics that the general public is not yet privy to. But then again, Manning did not explicitly say from which country these workers would come from, to be fair to him.



    Lesson from history

    THE EDITOR: It is such a pity that the PNM does not know its own history. As it knocks the UNC-COP coalition, it forgets its first term in office in 1956 was a coalition with colonial officials. Now they are attacking Persad- Bissessar for tearing up the PNM manifesto as if it was a holy book.

    Have they forgotten how their founder, Dr. Eric Williams tore up a copy of the country’s Constitution and burnt it in Woodford Square? He burnt other documents too, including copies of the Guardian just because he was angry that they did not agree with him about some matter. Talk about raging bull behaviour!

    What is a manifesto but a glossy presentation — or as Marlene McDonald would say — a “preesentation” of promises promises that would never be fulfilled?

    I came home the other day to find in my mailbox a glossy booklet from a PNM candidate promising caring and love.

    It was the same man who referred to old people like me as old bones from a sepulchre. I took it and tore it up. That is my right and it is what most people do with documents that contain rubbish and should be placed in the dustbin!


    Diego Martin Central


    Harmony, in spite of the politicians
    It is inevitable that politicians would make exaggerated claims about their parties’ achievements. Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s assertion, however, that the People’s National Movement (PNM) is responsible for this nation’s racial harmony plumbs the depths of unbelievability; even absurdity.

  5. THE EDITOR: There is a saying – the more things change the more they remain the same. For many years, the Right Honourable Patrick Manning has been given the opportunity by the people of Trinidad and Tobago to improve their lives. To date, hospital services are poor. Crime is reeling out of control. The unemployment rate is high. Basic necessities like electricity and water remain an elusive dream for many. High food prices ensure that many people maintain poor diets and children are malnourished. A nation cries out in helplessness.

    Mr. Manning, you informed the people of Trinidad and Tobago that your father called you a disgrace to the family. I submit to you now, sir, that you are a disgrace to the family of Trinidad and Tobago!!!!


  6. PNM in Tobago

    TOP leader: Cepep workers forced to support PNM
    Minority Leader in the Tobago House of Assembly Ashworth Jack says hundreds of workers of the Community Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (Cepep) are being told to openly support the ruling People’s National Movement or be dismissed.

  7. Campaign Funding

    This video contains a political advertisement. Please allow the entire video to load.

  8. Govt sets up $250m fund for sick kids

    This is why Mr. Manning was awaiting the Peoples’ Partnership with “bated breath”. Just to jump ahead and implement whatever possible since they are the ones in Government and in control of the Treasury, so it is “follow fashion” no real Vision.

  9. let me see if i understand this –
    Trinidad & Tobago is run by a government that has put forward initiatives that enabled the country to withstand worldwide recession better than most countries have, a government that has brought them from being an island nation to being an industrialized country, a government that has kept the unemployment rate in single digits, a government that has championed adult education, multi sector skills training, free medical care , free essential drugs/medication for the elderly, affordable housing throughout the country, plans for mega farms to enable the country feed itself, plans for a mono rail system to ease traffic congestion and even had the foresight to set aside money for a rainy day (%18 billion in reserves) and yet
    people are considering voting for a political party (UNC) that does not seem to have a clue much less a plan for the country ? All they seem to do is keep opposing the incumbent (PNM) while remaining vague about their own plans and ideas, a strategy that worked for US President Barack Obama.Look Trinidad, your prime minister may have his faults, but to simply look past his accomplishments and vote for another party simply because of the Prime Minister’s personality traits is not a very smart thing to do. The government and the party (PNM) is bigger than the PM. And the government and the PNM seems to have the country on the right track. Remember how proud you were to host the Summit of the Americas and how proud you were to send emails all across the globe showing off your impressive skyline etc.? Be honest, sure you had a couple of police stations that needed repairs and perhaps a hospital or two could have been built – but would you have preferred to do that and refuse to host President Obama and the Queen ?
    On the subject of crime, it is a worldwide epidemic- it’s not exclusive to your country and therefore you cannot blame the PM personally. Rather, you have to work with him.
    In closing I would like to point out that Ali was a great boxer because he had Joe Frazier to push him to greater and greater heights. Unfortunately your PM had no opposition party to challenge him or push him to those heights. Thus he became an “emperor” or as some of you say , a dictator- but how much of a dictator could he be if he calls for an election some two and a half years before it is due and whilst he has a clear majority in parliament to boot ? Ask the people of Cuba when last they had an election.
    So Trinidad, do not allow yourself to be so impulsive or naive.
    Change for the sake of change, especially when there are no new faces in the equation just recycled politicians and political retreads, makes absolutely no sense. You are a nation of bright , well educated people. Don’t fall for the old magician trick of “smoke and mirrors”- you are much better than that. On Monday go out there and vote PNM . The UNC , as I stated before, does not seem to have a clue as to how to drive your multi-billion dollar economy.

    1. dude like you not really living in TnT… apparently your idea of free health care different from mine, i actually want to be attended to when i get to the hospital or at least to be able to lay on a cot while i wait not on the ground….apparently your idea of free tertiary education different from mine because i can’t seem to get one of those special scholarships given out by the Culture Ministry to PNM supporters….apparently your idea of economic astuteness different from mine, as our economy is based on one thing only petroleum…when that done then we have nothing else, all the high oil and gas prices in past years and we have a mere two years budget in reserves, while there are communities with no lights no pipe borne water no proper drainage or road ways and approximately 20% of our population works for less than USD400.00 a month.

      IS THAT THE TRINIDAD YOU KNOW? MAYBE YOU NEED TO COME HOME MORE OFTEN…or at least take a drive through the more destitute areas of Trinidad and Tobago

      Maybe the UNC don’t have a clue as to how to drive our multi-billion dollar economy but then again neither did the PNM….but mind you one Individual was able to give multi-million dollar contracts to family members…and get away with it….the PM was able to start a church for his Spiritual Advisor and all those low cost housing wasn’t about the people eh.. it was about planting their supporter in marginal constituencies so as to increase their voter turn out…maybe you haven’t been applying for a house for the past 29 years…or maybe you have and got yours i’m still waiting.

      Oh and when a PM meets with crime bosses and then refers to them as Community Leaders and then proceeds to give them Gov’t contracts….well….i really don’t see how that contributes to eradicating crime…when as Martin Joseph states some 28 billion dollars spent on crime and this has little or no effect….and then during the campaign period lo and behold new vehicles and stuff for National Security well one wonders if any $$$ was spent at all….

      You know i use dto vote PNM but i think i willing to give some new blood a try if the experienced could not get it right for the people maybe it i because they are too far from the people to care enough about what we NEED, not what we want….lets give someone else a try….

      I understand the points you make they are valid but when one analyzes in practical terms where we are from where we were and where where we ought to be…its like a job where your boss keeps promising you a raise every year and every year he disappoints you….at some point you will find another employment opportunity which will provide the earnings to suite your life plans…..we are there and we have a lucrative offer…

      I leave you with my favorite words of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the true apostles of peace..

      May God Bless You with Wisdom so that through it you may be enlightened and not blinded by the gold, so that you see the needs of those you serve and not the service you perform, that your hear the words of your charges and not the thoughts of your wondering, that he may bestow upon you peace so that all you need, you already have.

  10. Abortion is no issue, yet
    Prime Minister Patrick Manning looked like he was trying to score some political points of sorts by loudly stating his pro-life stance days before Monday’s general election, with his PNM challenging the Opposition to state their view.

  11. I cannot vote for the PNM- this time.

    Too much waste- 2m flag
    Too much corruption – UDECOTT, Gunapo Church
    Too much lies- Manning on Calder Hart

    If we give PNM another 5yrs expect to get more of the same.

    Is the UNC / COP perfect?
    Of course not- but i DON’T want to Stay this course of corruption and arrogance.

    Vote PNM OUT now please.



  12. Yes my friends this is Jack Warner paying the people of Embacadere for their votes….on video!!! No baseless rumor.

      1. Ok, I saw the tape and I am not buying the spin that PNM is putting on it for several reasons.

        It is common for people to ask ‘Uncle’ Jack for money and I would be surprised if he would refuse a guy a little change during a walkabout.

        Warner could also be paying the guy to distribute flyers and put up posters during that walkabout. This practice is quite common and PNM does it all the time. How do you think all those posters get put up so quickly during walkabouts? Do you feel it is strangers who go into communities and do it? Sometimes yes, but from what I have seen, all political parties pay people from within communities to put them up. The minute a walkabout starts, hustlers come around for that job.

        Paying someone like that before they vote would be a very silly way to directly buy votes. You cannot be sure how the person will vote. Warner is not that stupid.

        Also, all the hampers, increase in pension and houses that the government gives out around election time is about trying to ‘buy’ votes. People are used to that and do not see that for what it is. I guess people only see things in relation to their political biases.

  13. Interesting perception of what take place. I guess the COP security that ruff up the camera man eh get the memo. I guess the COP ppl that surround your “Uncle Jack” when they notice they on tape eh get that memo. It so funny how alyuh could even fathom excusing Jack, oops I mean “Uncle,” who is arguable one of the most corrupt men in the world.

    PNM doing too…that is all you does hear from these ppl who advancating “change.” It seem that spinning ah top in mud in Triniland is change, oui. PNM doing it do, so why we cyah do it!!! Everything justified because PNM doing it do (where the proof on this one, Dooks was saying PNM doing it in Tunapuna and he was so disgusted but look COP doing it in Sando, where the disgust). I am really at a lost yes…Same rational with government hand outs. Blast the PNM for creating a gimme gimme society but in your manifesto you talking crap bout giving all school children laptops (WTF, for them to undoubtedly watch porn, you know Trinidad is the number 1 country per capita to seach for porn) and $3000 government pension for all (no matter how much private pension they have) and lowering the age to 60 when ppl living longer. How that make sense, stuepssss! They throwing thing at Rowley, he this that and the other for staying PNM but Dooks (have to go Miami, mind you) to utter he concern about Mr Warner. Dooks, incidentally is the same man that did say Warner buy the UNC, right??? I could be wrong. But PNM doing too, so it all is good and we can do it as well. This is basically politics in Trinidad….this one do it so I eh wrong and so forth. No accountability at all, so what we expect. We like it so!!! Up to now the citizens of Trinidad haven’t gotten justice for the Piarco Scandal, now is Undecott…don’t expect anything to come from that but spending twice the amount in court fees to recoup the money…stuepsss

    Is a damn shame this UNC/COP/PP is a big fat farce. It’s quite clear that Kamla is a puppet leader, especially after seeing that CNC3 interview, man she make Palin look smart. After they win we will see bachannal cuz Jack will have to get his “just” rewards for funding the campaign, don’t you think? On the other hand, if Manning stay, he will get vindication and go even more egotistical. Is lose/ lose for we the people yes that is why the youth will remain apathetic…I have to abstain from the polls Monday yes. I can’t stain my conscious, nah.

    1. and yes I typing in ah trini thwang…who doh like it loss…me eh bizness

      1. Nice one pappi, when will people wake up and see corruption is no way forward…boy, yuh doh have tuh answer dat, but people have to do something ent?

    2. Look, I have been very critical of Jack Warner on our local airways for many reasons but I draw the line at what appears to be a racist demonizing campaign against him.

      Let us see what you and other PNM-ites are damning Jack for according to Jennings:

      It is alleged that he used his position in FIFA to secure a major food contract for his son.

      His son scalped tickets in Europe for World Cup.

      Being the chief advisor for the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) it is alleged that he made a deal on behalf of TTFA to pay the footballers a percentage of proceed money from their matches in the World Cup and they cannot agree with TTFA on the figures. So the footballers are disgruntled (probably rightly so). But Jack Warner does not legally owe them one cent. Their legal case is with TTFA (notwithstanding his role there).

      With this said, FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter stands by him. Jack is not under any investigation or is he charged for corruption anywhere, and he has been hounded by Jennings as the softest target in FIFA (I believe it is largely due to his race). In this racist world it is easier to sell a dark-skin Black person as evil instead of his White boss.

      What about Patrick Manning or Calder Hart who was also reputed to be corrupt long before he entered Trinidad and Tobago.

      In spite of all the allegations of corruption surrounding Hart, Patrick Manning rabidly defends him. Manning even fired Rowley in defense of Hart.

      Did Jack Warner cause taxpayers to lose over $4 BILLION?

      No. Patrick Manning and Calder Hart did.

      When Manning needed Warner’s help to shore up his summit he called on Warner in order to get him to be present to meet both the British and Australian prime ministers who indicated they wanted a meeting with Warner if they were to come here for the summit. It was widely reported that Jack Warner stuck around and met with them.

      I guess some people prefer and support Manning annexed to Hart who corruptly squandered OUR money and incurred over 4 billion dollars in cost overruns.

      I am not supporting any of them really, I am more interested in what will move the nation to better leadership.

      When it was between Panday and Manning, then Manning was the lesser of the evil. When it is between Manning and Kamla, then Kamla is the lesser of the evil and when the PNM restructures and we see the back of Manning, then PNM could be the lesser of the evil again.

      BTW: I am of the view that the PNM ‘hatred’ of Jack is as a result of his involvement with the UNC and the fact that they cannot break him financially (which is how PNM operates when they cannot have their way with people). So while I am no great fan of Jack, I think the demonizing campaign against him is racist.

      1. Your head really buried deep in de gobar boy if you cannot see Jack Warner for what he really is. You are blind because you choose not to see. Even the foreign media are amazed that Trinbagonians remain blissfully ignorant of Warner’s continuous mischief.

      2. Steupssss…where de hell you see me throw in any racist slant or sentimen…stuepsss. Sorry, I probably do it implicitly and ent even notice. It quite clear I’m only an illiterate, wutless PNM wajang from lavantee with no sense and crap for brains to you….go on bumping your gum….the sentiment is very clear all over these boards and blogs. But might I humble suggest you go do some reading on FIFA politics…than in itself is one of the most corrupt governing bodies in the world. Blatter eh want to lose CONCACAF and the Presidency. He done eh have the backing of Europe/Asia…thread lightly.

        Lemme ask you a question…how in the world, could one man fun a political party’s campaign and there not be some kinda conflict of interest. That don’t raise a red flag to you? You have don’t see any reason for concern? The US political adviser eh tell alyuh private citizens and corporate donations have a cap in the US for that specific reason (among others)? Interesting…..but we going for CHANGE!!!! Then again, I expect to hear…well the PNM doing it to! So who cares! Once we win!

        The only person I hear talk any sense during this election time is (OMG, can’t believe I gonna say this) Abu Bakr…ah paraphrasing eh…he basically say he hear so many ppl talking about choosing the lesser of two evils in their decision to vote…BUT YOU SHOULD NEVER CHOOSE EVIL!!! NEVER!!! I agree, that is why I cyah vote at all!!! (Incidentally, this was completely ignored in my last post, I turn into a PNM til ah dead because I voice my concern that is oppose to your ideology).

        The only time we will ever have any kind of change in Trinidad politics is when we have new blood and if alyuh think new blood is the same ppl that sit back with their mouths shot when Piarco was happening, so be it!! It’s just sad and disingenuous to think that ‘ah change ah gonna come’ after the UNCOP get elected. Good luck with that!

        I’m out!

        1. Pappi, I hope some new blood is listening because you’re right and you know it. Most people get so caught up in serving themselves they forget we is all one. Peace.

      3. And what, pray tell, do you call the campaign launched by Jack to malign Kennedy Swaratsingh? It is nothing more than a desperate act at the 11th hour to try to win the St. Joseph seat. They could not win it fairly by bringing issues to the platform so they resort to gutter politics.

        Between Manning and Kamla, I agree that Kamla is the lesser of two evils. When you put Jack Warner in the mix, however, that becomes an evil that will be very difficult to exorcise.

        Do you honestly believe that Kamla will be allowed to rule? No!!! She will reign but she will not rule.

        1. It may seem like she is the lesser of the two evils, all have sinned, we know what manning did and did not do, but what does Kamla have to Hide, we shall see, if she gets that chance, remember who train she.

  14. Election Results!

    Hot off the press. I looked into my crystal ball and this is what I see

    UNC – 19
    PNM – 16
    COP – 4
    TOP – 1
    MSJ – 1

  15. People, corruption is corruption, there aint no ‘lesser or greater’.

    The way out of it is to know that politicians are servants of the people as a community, an not servants of themselves or other individuals.

    Politicians come from the community.

    As such, people always get the government they deserve.

  16. I guess all those Trini websites were built for two people at a time to access. Just when they are needed, they all collapse.

    It has been 6 hrs sine the polls closed. Does anyone know what the current results are?

  17. Where’s all the posts tonight? Sylvia—> PNM is less corrupt? May I ask in comparison to who? Maybe you’re talking about in comparison to Zimbabwe’s gov’t my dear… Since PNM is going to be out of power soon, I suggest you have tea with Patrick and Hazel since they would both be free and can share your admiration for a LESS CORRUPT gov’t…I’m sure they’ll greatly appreciate it! 🙂

    The results are pretty clear…..the people have spoken…..for those that decided not to vote, in your own little way, you allowed the People’s Partnership to reign!

    It’s a win-win really….new gov’t, shuffling of portfolios, crime can either be reduced or escalated…and if PNM had won- crime WOULD escalate…so as a nation, I hope we all unite and support the new gov’t of our land @ least for the security of our island and the future of our kids….

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