Gopio head makes political debut on COP platform

Reporting by Adrian Boodan
July 26, 2007

Congress of the PeopleLaventille residents will be heading Central if Prime Minster Patrick Manning is serious about the State’s plans to purchase their property, says Devant Maharaj, Congress of the People’s (COP) prospective candidate for Couva South.

Manning spoke of redeveloping Laventille during a walkabout in the area on Monday.

Maharaj—president of Global Organisation for People of Indian Origin (Gopio) and executive member of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha—made his debut on a COP platform on Tuesday night in Chaguanas West.

Speaking on the compound of the defunct Chaguanas Prestige School, Maharaj reminded the gathering of the PM’s plans to establish “mixed communities” in Central.

Maharaj said Manning still had not clarified how he planned to do this.

“Where will these people be coming?” Maharaj asked.

And responding to his own question, he said, “I am sure that they will be your neighbours next door in Central.

“We have heard the Prime Minister talking about mixed communities…up to now he hasn’t defined what that means,” Maharaj said.

He said if the People’s National Movement (PNM) is returned to power it spells doom and gloom for the people of this country.

Maharaj said he decided to enter the political arena because of the state of the judiciary and the abuse of power by the PNM.

Speaking about his own experience, Maharaj said he had to take the State to court when the PM stepped in to block his promotion at the National Lotteries Control Board.

He said he joined the COP because the UNC was not interested in fighting when George “Umbala” Joseph made certain remarks about United National Congress (UNC) supporters on a radio talk show.

Maharaj also claimed that the PNM Government was going all out to frustrate the Freedom of Information Act in a bid to block PNM corruption at the highest levels.

The Gopio head further called on Justice Lionel Jones, chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, to step down.

He said Jones had been unable to act on complaints.

Maharaj said the commission was five years and 1,500 murders too late.

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  • Well I hope African Trinidadians in particular and African Caribbeans in general will now recognize the global ethnic aspect of Indian Politics, and rise up in their regional majoritories to confront it. The covert strategy to convert the Caribbean into an Indian Outpost has now gone public. Africans have to rise to this challenge and work to keep the Caribbean free from domination by any single ethnic grouping.

    I have long argued that Africans in this flat world are at a disadvantage without a viable global organization of their own. We have to be able to educate Africans in the United States and Africa to what is playing out here, and launch a counter truth to the propaganda and lies about discrimination, and how it is being used as a tool towards total control of Caribbean space.

  • repost:

    Sorry, my last post had an incomplete sentence.

    Why was the report about GOPIO International disassociating itself from the Trinidad arm and expelling some of its members (although they are too bold faced or stupid to recognize that) because of it’s views being contrary to what GOPIO stands for not linked? This is exactly what I have said in the past….GOPIO in Trinidad is run by a bunch of misguided idiots who have only one agenda.

    Maybe that report should also be linked on this site in the interest of balance, since one of the founding principles of this site was for a level playing field in the media.

  • Trinidad and tobago has already seen that we will no longer be Trini’s but will have to fetch another name for our lost country. manning is housing people from different parts of the world, and beware for those trinis who remain in the country will no longer be able to voice their openion. Wheather you are black, white,chiney or indians You will be the dirty slave of the country once more as in the days of Erick Williams. No food and money. toil the soil.
    Watch your steps trini’s
    sorry for the long lost sweet loving trinidad.

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