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United Force: Kamla selected as prime ministerial candidate
It is final – Trinidad and Tobago’s leading opposition parties and some trade unionists have agreed to unite and contest the May 24 general election under a single banner.

Kamla to focus on women’s issues
IN her first official speech following the announcement of an election date, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Friday vowed to focus on the issues of work and family life affecting local women.

“Patrick Manning Have To Go” by Crazy

Video featuring calypsonian Crazy with his new song “Patrick Manning Have To Go”

Clearing away the garbage
I am always amused when I am more diplomatic or less outspoken than someone else in any given situation. In last week’s column I advised Mrs Persad Bissessar that she must avoid the political garbage strewn around her…

TOP ready to take Tobago

Manning: UNC/COP coalition a farce

Manning: Coalition a recipe for disaster

PNM hopefuls set eyes on 23 seats
People’s National Movement (PNM) representatives are eyeing 23 seats in the upcoming general election.

‘People’s takeover’ motorcade today in Diego Martin West
A ‘people’s takeover’ is behind a Congress of the People (COP) motorcade scheduled to take place today in the Diego Martin West.

Kamla: Take back T&T
Prime Ministerial hopeful Kamla Persad-Bissessar has called on citizens to “grab the moment and take back Trinidad and Tobago” from Patrick Manning.

Don’t fight each other
UNC chairman Jack Warner has said “a new dawn, a new era” is upon us. He was referring to the deal by Persad-Bissessar and Congress of the People (COP) political leader Winston Dookeran to unite the parties to defeat Manning in the general election.

Clarifying the accommodation
In announcing the accord between her political party, United National Congress, and Congress of the People, Kamla Persad-Bissessar declared that “politics is a civilised form of war.”

EDR Laventille residents: No school, no vote

EBC to spend $23m for election
The Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) will spend $23 million in preparation for the May 24 general election.

De fosto gets conscience call
Winston Scarborough “The Original De Fosto Himself” has jettisoned the People’s National Movement (PNM) and is now aligning himself with the United National Congress (UNC).

Unity essential – but no guarantees

A new Kamla has come

Aggressive civil disobedience against Caldergate

Dookeran to become President
The UNC and COP agreed to fight the PNM on a joint platform. The joint platform will be launched on Wednesday night at a venue along the East-West Corridor.

SC: ‘Deal’ for president can lead to confusion

Liquidation only way out for CIB
…analysis reveals poor management of records
Clico Investment Bank (CIB) is insolvent and an analysis of the accounts say the only way out is liquidation.

Duprey: I didn’t know about $100m deal

…an acquisition that got the PM vex

15 thoughts on “United Force: UNC and COP”

  1. kamla ; yes we can ; make this the historic one

    for you .god bless you and trinidad and tobago

  2. UNC/COP Select Candidates
    UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissesar yesterday said she has already scored a major victory by the bringing together of four major interest groups in the country to contest as one against the People’s National Movement on May 24.
    Persad-Bissessar is confident that for the first time the coalition will work in the country. “Well, there was one common denominator in all those coalitions and that common denominator is no longer there,” she said.

    Kamla: UNC to contest 24 seats
    Persad-Bissesar said the issue of the presidency was not discussed. ‘That is a constitutional arrangement and it is not ours to give away, to keep or to take. That was never an item for discussion,’ she said.

    …How the seats will be shared

    COP defends Dookeran
    FORMER deputy political leader of the Congress of the People Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan yesterday rejected charges by Prime Minister Patrick Manning that COP leader Winston Dookeran was a weak man who had sold the party out to UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

    Dookeran hits back at Manning’s claim
    Congress of the People (COP) leader Winston Dookeran has admitted that there were, and continue to be, disagreements between the COP and the United National Congress, but that is a natural part of the process at arriving at common ground between the two organisations.

    Government has collapsed
    POLITICAL analyst Michael Harris yesterday warned that the entire governance system in the country was collapsing, adding that as a result of this people had lost all trust in the leaders who are at the helm.

    NACTA: Overwhelming support for Kamla
    The findings of the latest ongoing NACTA opinion poll on issues relating to the May 24 general elections shows the COP has lost over half of its support to the UNC since Kamla Persad-Bissessar became leader.

    Labour needs to delve into politics

    McLeod, Abdulah on unity ticket
    Trade unionists Errol McLeod and David Abdulah are likely to contest the May 24 general election on joint opposition “unity” tickets. And veteran political and social activist Makandal Daaga is expected to line up in one of the Laventille constituencies.

    Rocky Garcia: Diego Martin is despondent
    CONGRESS of the People Diego Martin West candidate Rocky Garcia took to the streets of La Puerta, Diego Martin, yesterday to meet with constituents.

    Harris: Time for national party
    Michael Harris, political analyst, said yesterday that the time has come for the creation of a national party, where the people would be represented whether or not there is a general election.

    Manning tempts fate once more

    Integrity Commission reminder for politicians
    IN the midst of all the campaigning for the May 24 general election, politicians are being reminded to submit their declarations on time by the Integrity Commission.

    Kamla: Brace for change in UNC
    Political Leader of the UNC Kamla Persad-Bissessar said T&T should brace for change in the UNC with regards to her line up of candidates for the 2010 general election. Persad-Bissessar said the UNC’s screening committee was presented with a lot of prospective candidates who were “fresh faces” to the local political scene. She said there had been an overwhelming number of persons offering themselves to be a candidate on her slate for the general election. She said much of these prospective candidates were women and young persons.

    ‘More food, lower prices under PNM’
    Food production increased, while food prices fell under the PNM, says Agriculture Minister Arnold Piggott.

    Abdul-Hamid: Kamla is no Indira Gandhi

    Kamla promises a LIFE Commission

    A continuing test of democracy
    Should Yasin Abu Bakr, spiritual leader of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen, announce his candidacy as an alternative for government leadership this week, Trinidad and Tobago will hit a new benchmark in respecting the democratic process and honouring the rule of law.

    No violence please
    Although there may be times when we question it, the fact is that we do live in a democracy where individuals or groups of individuals have the right to vote and to do so according to personal preference.

    ‘Confidence in the PM is top priority’

    Christine can’t count at Cunupia
    The eastbound road at Chin Chin Junction in Cunupia had been closed off for the People’s National Movement (PNM) meeting last Saturday evening.

    Niggling unity questions

  3. Comments like this by the infamous Neal contributes nothing to the political debate in T&T.

    “Talk about arrogance on these clowns part. PM position ,they want that ,then 2012 Presidential post ,that too?”

    Who are the deragatory “clowns” of which he speaks? Who are the “they” to which he is referring?
    These divisive, arrogant and downright biased references will no longer be tolerated by those who believe that they have the divine right and the entitlement to govern T&T and to control its institutions.

  4. I did not go to any of the lofty law schools that T-Man, and new aged high priestess political savior Kamela went to , but since when does an Opposition leader with a tenuous grip on power, possess the right to offer a future high office of such magnitude -as the Presidency -to a member of a quickly conceived, and shaky alliance ,that even she in all her public phony smiles and adorations , obviously despise .
    If Dookeran has any’ Cohones,’ as our Hispanic friends like to say , he’ll put his foot down to Kamela , Sat Maharaj ,and her other henchmen ,and demand that he be given a safe seat , so that come the 25th ,he would be able to operate from a position of strength, in dictating where this country is going.
    Totally preposterous demeaning and even condesending to the desperate 1.3 millions acoross our population , to see changed to see these pompous , elitist, neo colonial agents of alleged change , operating in such blatant display of power abuse even before obtaining same.
    I wish you T-Man good luck as you attempt to divide the spoils of power before you even smell it. I told you T&T about the “gime, gime, dog with a bone , selfish, and divisive , country loathing, agents,” and their ill- concealed agendas.
    Can someone tell ‘dem,’for me ,that this political hijack ain’t happening in Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country , Obama advisors or not, for the people will not be deceived or bamboozled any more .
    Let’s keep them honest , and please continue to love country.
    Good Lord , I tell ‘y’all,’that the guy who can make me hate this my loving and beautiful country, with it’s 1.3 million or more comatose citizens ain’t born yet . Wake up ye members of the complicit , corporate 4th estate , too much is at stake for you to remain silent, Ehhh T- Man?

  5. There still is a need of PNM converts in order to truly become the party for the people. They must be able to attract a significant portion of the PNM faithful and eager to allow them to be represented in this “New Trinibagonian Order” of leadership throughout the country.
    We all know that the PNM’s biggest mistake was ignoring the people’s best interest and failure to address the concerns and well being of citizens on a national level. Frivolous spending, egotistical international posturing, and the lack of accountability are some of the reasons why change is on the horizon. However, that can all be negated if true unity is not achieved. At least it’s exciting. There is very little doubt in my mind that no matter the victor, change is going to come. I think that the current administration can no longer ignore the needs of the people.

  6. The reason again Curtis why they were able to get away with murder for so long is what again Curtis? I’ll tell you. We were blessed with a sleeping , often complicit, and policy deficient Opposition. Now you are try to convince us that the folks who comprise this Opposition for so long is capable of initiating changes , because they have two Obama political gurus in the camp? That type to thinking is what you give to illiterate fools , and idiots , that views fellow human beings as semi gods with divine rights to rule.It ain’t happening in my country no matter how you and others attempt to sugar coat it.
    You are not going to get people to vote for you if you are still prepared to chastise them as enamored fools ,incapable of making up their minds , unless it was in 86 , 95 or 2000/2001 when the returns were in your favor, then squander the sacred opportunity , and or privilege to rule the roost.
    Ask Obama’s gurus and now your advisors what nearly happened in Pennsylvania with his IRA speech, before he had to choose the foot in mouth , loquacious Biden as his VP to save his presidential run. Enquire from them as to what happened in South Carolina re the campaign ,before they decided to muzzle closet racist Bill Clinton in his over zealousness to ensure the coronation of his dear faithful ,and loving pseudo feminist wife Hillary , as the first female President.
    Treat people with the respect they deserve in and out of power , and look at the returns.

    1. State what you want Neal, but this fact still remains and is very appealing; the political Leader of the UNC Kamla Persad-Bissessar sounds more like Black Stalin in his song Caribbean Unity than the Prime Minister.
      The PNM needs a new tune and soon.
      I’m not endorsing her, but I am acknowledging a potential change in the country.


    As Obama said ‘YES WE CAN’off couse we can make a differance
    Trinidad and Tobago need a lady like you to turn it arround
    the lady with Brain and Charisma. Let our sweet T&T be sweeter than


  9. Cut it out Monica , you are sounding like a pathetic enamored , over enthusiastic 16 year old on her first date. It is such prostrations to mortals that help create ,low on substance , pontificating , political semi gods that often proves useless in the long run.
    Recently I heard some comedian referred to your elitist political savior as Indira Gandhi. I say woe betide Sweet T&T, if Kamela is a reincarnation of that South Asian neo- colonial failure.


    Well , it might be good if she too push a sterilization policy to curb our callous broad base ‘sex freaks, without responsibility,’ predilections.
    Well, shucks , I might have gone a bit overboard on the naive monica , as perhaps she was simply speaking ‘tongue in cheek.’ Reverse psychology , ehh, Monica?
    I am with you , baby! Win/win, then, as we both made our point . Just hope the comatose masses are reading.
    In case some of the elated, Obama convenient mimics ,failed to recognize , Obama was a young, vibrant , non Washingtonian establishment ,political figure , not too indebted to any narrow fraction. This thus hopefully will make his political forays ,and post election meanders ,for the next seven years , a much easier exercise ,than any can possible imagine in this viper-likle political cesspit, we have in our country.

  10. kamla the next prime minister for trinidad and tobago

    she is in a win win situation. did you hear the song that crazy
    make it goes like this patrick manning must go we need a change
    in t&t that patrick manning must go

  11. I am with you Curtis , on the appeal that Kamla presents to our under achieving nation ,and her potential to invigorate meaningful changes, unlike Manning the clownish ,simi -dictator that seem set to strangle himself with his over inflated ego.
    I know by now that your heart is in it , as we have discussed these and other issues for quite some time.
    When you have some time please explain to me how political shift in fortunes can be made by sidestepping the other half of the national divide in terms of votes? Do you think that Jack Warner can bring them on board or Uncle Mark? Perhaps you are privy to what is going on on the ground more than me. Using Obama as an example , he was able to utilize the internet , concerned recent immigrant voters, and a committed , often ignored , then awake youth movement to fill the void and counteract GOP/ Republican haters. I hope that you are following me here.
    Since Monica is simply just another typical ,stupid , babbling , Emperor Valley Zoo Baboon , fixated on sitting on the sidelines and shaking her ugly butt,for the benefit of curious onlookers , I choose to ignore her ,as you can well guess.
    Remember Curtis , you and I -and the thousand of bandwagon expats , tired with the cold , and many probably anticipating another Guyana post Burnnam , pro Chedi Jeagan / Janet / Jagdeo revolution -do not need convincing , it’s the 1.3 or more ‘voting public,’ that do . Hopefully they are getting the message .
    Love country. Warm regards MY FRIEND.

    1. As you know, President Obama allowed various segments of society to believe that he was the solution to all of their problems without actually committing with a plan to address these various concerns throughout the campaign. He made eloquent speeches that swelled hearts and fed the passions of millions all. However, just like this election, it was the Republicans election to lose. The people were fed up and could take no more of the republican policies that were sinking the country. Does that sound familiar?
      My next question would be for Trinibagonians to answer. When will the pain of remaining the same outweigh the fear and consequence of change? Is it now or will it be after the next scandal?
      Neal, President Obama made the most of his resources in order to become President. Through that he attacked and defeated social distance. It was that manipulation of the frustration vented by everyday people and the idea that a less than ordinary politician may debunk the system that contributed to the Republican fall. That and the fact that the opposition was Sarah Palin and John McCain both of whom were set on exclusion politics. It sounds familiar to me, but we will wait and see.
      Basically, you would have a chance considering the fact that the PNM seems to want to forfeit their power though all of their poor decisions.

  12. God bless Kamla. God does answer prayer. A party with a heart for the people – UNC/COP

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