How Low Can You Go Mr. Panday?

By Stephen Kangal
February 04, 2010

Basdeo PandayIn 2005 when Mr. Winston Dookeran was elected unopposed as leader of the UNC Mr. Panday used as the facade for discrediting, marginalizing and hounding him out of the UNC with the support of the same cabal, the excuse that the former had not met nor fulfilled the conditionalities for leadership. He cannot lead, Mr. Panday alleged.

In 2010, Kamla after exceeding all the requisite credentials for leadership of the UNC, gaining all the political criteria necessary and ushering a humiliating meltdown of Panday and his cabal, the latter is still resisting doing the honourable thing. Kamla will sell away his UNC to the COP.

Displaying an embarrassing and imbecile puerility Panday will not speak to Kamla and is observing party disobedience and lack of civility. He transforms succession to the Leadership of the Opposition which is essentially a political issue into a convenient constitutional one. He reduces a leadership succession issue into a grab for the second physical seat on the Opposition benches much to the humiliation of us all.

How low can you descend babaji- maha-guruji? Remember the conduct expected of your Brahmin caste. Your chelas virtually worshipped you and supported you to the max. I can still picture you immersing yourself and exulting in their unbridled display of loyalty, adulation and genuflection in what the local Bhojpuri calls “goarlagay”.

These chelas were the wind beneath your wings as you soared as an avatar – as Hanuman in the political firmament. What is the legacy – the quid pro quo that you will leave to them for such deification and canonization now that your extended political bubble has all but burst?

Mr. Panday and his cabal are determined to create disunity in the ranks of the Parliamentary Opposition geared to undermine the prospects for Kamla to initiate a mass mobilization of the people. It is either Panday as leader or else he will mash up the party. Like he said in Debe the UNC is his Sita. It is his baby to which he singularly gave birth. That baby will remain a baby in need of Panday’s parenting and exclusive protection for life. There will be neither progressive organizational growth, behaviour nor development of the UNC.

Brace for Panday forming his own party soon. He will install/confirm himself as Leader of the Opposition until 2012 with the support of his pathetic and dwindling group of ethically-challenged maha-chelas in the House.

Panday go mash up the country if he cannot have his way.

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  • Mr. Kangal, having trouble understanding your position.
    Did you not bless the forum with your article sometime ago on how great Rama was in the Holi Manu-Script.
    Please,we know you have unlimited access to this blog.
    One has to wonder if you have an investment in Trinicenter.

    • GEROME
      I need a little more clarification because I do not recall extolling the virtues of Rama not referring to the Manu-Script.

  • Panday is doing what he is doing because he has the support of a few of hos cohorts. If those four or five people would talk to him and show him that he no longer have their support it will make a world of difference. Moonilal and a few more has seen where the people have now spoken and it is long overdue for a change but they still will not listen. Those that still support Panday do so openly and wants to reap the benefits of Kamla’s leadership. I say those few should leave politics altogether as they are now painting themselves with the same brush Panday is using.

  • Panday walks out on Kamla
    Angry that he did not get his way, UNC Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday walked out on political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar and members of the party’s parliamentary caucus after they refused to vote on his motion to hold a public inquiry into what he claimed were “fraudulent and gross irregularities” in the party’s elections on January 24.

    Upset Panday storms out of UNC meeting
    Blanked by Partap…

    Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday yesterday stormed out of the Rienzi Complex, Couva, after he unsuccessfully tried to raise a motion at the party’s parliamentary caucus for there to be a public enquiry into the January 24 internal elections which saw his defeat by Siparia MP Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

    Gopeesingh slams ‘failed politicians’
    Opposition MP Dr Tim Gopeesingh says he will not be influenced into supporting UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar to become the next Opposition Leader by ‘failed politicians’.

    Symposium tonight on UNC elections

    Dookeran courts Kamla
    CONGRESS of the People (COP) Leader Winston Dookeran yesterday despatched what he described as a document on national “unification” to political leader of the UNC Kamla Persad- Bissessar, as he maintained the COP still remains relevant to local politics in the wake of the new UNC leader’s victory in party polls last month.

    Ramesh: Warner’s appointment flawed
    Tabaquite MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj said the appointment of Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner as Chief Whip was flawed as MPs were not consulted on the matter.

  • I agree Panday era has come to an end,but he seems not to realise that Trinidad is calling out for change.Unfortunately he is to contented to sit and be in opposition for the next 20 years.The few that still support him clearly are not in touch or relate to the the very people that support them.All i have to say is Mr Panday should bow out of the political arena gracefully and enjoy his retirement!!!!!!

  • Mr Kangal you don’t even know the meaning of the word Bramhin and who is.So why don’t you use terms that you know .

    P.S your words are lower than Panday’S.

    • Let me assure you that I am quite familiar with the concept of Brahminism and know the standard of behaviour expected of a Brahmin because all my life I have seen Brahmins expecting “dachnas” even though some may be by boat.

  • i think of panday as a father in a house who make the tuff decisions that nobody like but only see the real value when the are in the same situation or dead,why cant this unc family join togehter with their father ,he raise them from small now the can walk the thing they can do and be beeter ,maybe they can but are the wiser or got the experince,please people think before you talk or write what if panday is right just what if 6 months is not to far away,from the looks of thing you all want to wait and see ,and it maybe to late

  • Panday’s position has always been based on the pompous idea that he is the superior caste savior of Indian people. This man, his daughter, brother and other supporting legislators are totally misguided. They are reeling from the reality of this rejection by the very people of the UNC whom they always considered to be of inferior castes. The archaic thinking of caste differences among Indian people has never left the mentality of Hindus in T&T.

    • TMan

      Straying from the subject, hitherto all leaders of Indian-based parties with the exception of Vernon Jamadar came from the Brahmin caste including Stephen Maharaj, Bhadase, Rudranath and Panday. Brahmaninism is very much rife in T&T including in the precedence list of the Mahasabha and the appointment of most pundits, Executive Members and Principals of schools. Brhamins are regarded as the representatives of God as well as intercessors between lower castes and Divinity. They must eat first at pujahs and you must prostrate at their feet in adoration. Brahminism is endemic in the modus operandi of Panday in his interface with Shatrias and Sudras. Some marriages are still contracted on caste criteria. There is inter-caste discrmination in the Hindu community in T&T.This explains why they do not protest against overt discrmination in the wider society.

  • Are you people serious Dr. Gopeesingh, the business of the UNC is everyone’s business, you are at the head of the UNC because of the people voting you as leaders and MPs, you represent the rank and file of the UNC and if people lobby for you all to support the leader they elected, then sir, you have no choice but to do that. How can you tell us to mind our business and then go to parliament and demand accountability from the govn’t, what hypocrisy is this, you sir need to mind your business and do as you are told, you must support the new leader of the UNC or you too would be voted out. A serious message needs to be sent to these idiots in suites that we are not our grandparents; we would not stand for their dotishness.

    Panday intends to take it to the people, but I wonder which people he is taking it to, is it the same people he told that if “you dont want me as leader, I would go” well that people has spoken, so where is he taking anything. It is unfortunate what is happening to panday, but its all his doing, he could have been at the right hand of Kamla, had he just accepted the his “democratic” process, a process he claims exist in the UNC alone, a process he introduced to build a democratic party. But in true Panday style, he would try to mash it up. But Kamla would have the best opportunity to show her leadership skill in how she deals with Panday and keeping the party united and attracting more to return and join.

  • The Panday temper tantrum is typical Panday., and he is using it, obviously to stay in the headlines. I hope he keeps on walking right into retirement, without ever looking back. He reminds me of my son who was three, and inclined to throw tantrums. He did one in a shopping mall once, sat down screaming and refused to get up. I calmly walked off. As I got about twenty-five feet away, and he realized that I was prepared to leave his little screaming behind on the floor, he got up and trotted behind me as fast as his still bandy little legs could carry him. I said to my friend ,”See?It only works if they can threaten you successfully.” MAybe Panday Mainever learned that about children.

    Note to Kamla, leave his old screaming butt walking. Ignore him. He is like an old man, impotent, who sits outside his door whacking all the young women who pass by with a stick, because his other stick no longer functions.
    Political lesson #1 as a woman.Do not let men threaten you. You won. You were chosen. You decide.
    I know five thousand years of Indian culture may be brought to bear on this situation, but if your ancestors wanted you picking tea leaves in northeast India, in Assam, or growing vegetables in Kerala, they would not have undertaken that dangerous journey across the water. In the West, women have choices. Leadership of a poitical party is one of them.
    And, forget that Brahmin nonsense. No Brahmins were on the Fatel Razack. Brahmins lose their status when they leave India, and drink water in other places.Brahma bulls are an exception.

    • Think about it, the Brahmins, who are of higher cast, would not have had to leave their country to become slaves (indentured labourers). so you are right, none of these idiots could ever be considered as such, all this dotishness about Maharaja and all. But to the matter at hand, you are very correct, leave Panday alone and he would get the message, too many continue to allow this man to make headlines, the media included. Please all, allow this broken looser to leave us, the dead must be allowed to go on, let the dead go please.

  • Panday is nothing more than a petulant old man unwilling to do the honourable thing.He has resigned a few times I believe.A leader needs all the tools and human resources to function properly.This old man has done a lot of disservice to himself and the UNC.With the limited resource that Mrs.Bissessar has she has come out smelling like a rose.If i wre in the leadership position, I would have appointed Mr. Jack Warner as chief whip and leave the other boot lickers to do what they can best.Elections will come again, they should not cry, foul. The ball is in their court.

  • One of the philosophy that I like to subscribe to is that of ‘piggybacking success.’ During the past 20th century , there were five leading women politicians that we happened to know , who held their own with any testosterone laden men come hell and high water, and Madame Kamela would be well advised to take a page out of their respective books, as opposed to trying to set herself up as the next candidate for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize , along with the Mother Teresa ‘turn the other cheek, and Mr. Panday could squat in my face all he like,awards.
    These were iron ladies Thatcher, and Eugenia, South Asian princesses Indira , and Bennizeia , along with Israel ultra zionist lady of steel Madame golda Mier.
    Now Mr K, Ms. L , Mramps and T- Man, you have all been exposed , as closet PNMites , for you are obviously via this advice to the good lady ,pushing a subtle agenda to ensure that Mr Manniong remained victorious in the pools once again , come snap election 2010.
    Madame Kamela , must follow the lead of other great leaders and proudly exclaim in a vociferous manner like Harry Truman that “ the bucks stops here!,”as she place her feet on the head of her recent opponent and crush it in the sand.
    As the unpaid national political advisor , the first two course of action I’ll push is to support the new PNM orchestrated rail road demands , irrespective to the screams of well paid objecting land owning farmers , who are no longer planting foods for our hungry nation, but instead are using their lands as collaterals for exotic loans to spend on yuppie kids in London, vacationing, privileged shopaholic spouses in Miami , Paris ,and New York , and growing local elites , waiting impatiently for dad to die as they drive his Lexus and BMW’s across the nation. The second would be to use her influence to demand that the state restart the long delayed pending corruption court case against Obstructionist in Chief Mr Panday , and his wife , then finally support a move to close a certain judicial loop hole, by demanding that the senile London ,Law Lords go to hell , as we finally elevate our local Caribbean court of appeal.
    In this way a win/ win situation would emerge . In one swoop she would eliminate partisanship, and tribal gridlock in the House of Parliament, and come across as pushing a pro the national agenda, while ensuring that her new enemy exit the political scene in one swoop. We wish her well, and remind her that politics is not for the weak at heart.
    In addition , she must be ready in the event that king arrogant, and budding egomaniac catch her off guard at the polls , by calling election on Ash Wednesday , when most of our Trini nationals are ether broke , pregnant, an unprepared to vote.
    A word to the wise is sufficient, eh?

  • Neal,yuh talking stupidness. For thirty or more years I have been a strong supporter of women in leadership positions. What “subtle” signs are you talking ’bout? Go to the Express files dating back to 1984. Check my writng.

  • Now folks ,I don’t want to be accused about sexism by any , especially our resident ‘neo Feminist in Chief,’ that enjoys lamentations about males -and I quote her -” pissing contest,” but what exactly is this outlandish response about, really? Who has ever questioned the lady’s sterling contributions to her country , and global neglected, while choosing to confer on her all the respect I think she once deserve.
    Be forewarned Madame L , the gloves are off, and I am going to show both you and Auntie Kamela, how to go for the juggler of , misguided ,ego inflated ,snotty-nose ,lifetime opportunist.

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