8 thoughts on “Pat Robertson on Haiti Disaster”

  1. Notice how this old idiot is not talking anything about the role his country played in destroying this country either through support of it’s military and civilian dictators, cuddling it’s greedy mulatto business elites, and kicking out it’s only democratic leader.
    Take a look at the face of the stupid , dumb journalist as she seem about to do a striptease dance in adoration of the racist,insensitive , bible touting Christian fool, Pat.
    I wonder what would be her response if he had dared to make a similar outrageous comment about the Jews fortune in Germany or later across the Middle East?

    1. There is no doubt that she would have just listened. There are too many people without jobs for her to be one. Thats the type of person who harms the diaspora the most. She would have been perfect for cointel.

  2. What foolishness is this? When was this pact signed, when Haiti broke away from France’s repressive rule, and was considered an international pariah as a succesful slave revolt forming AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY?? When the Americans(whom some regard as the devil’s people) invaded in the 1920’S again and again? When the CIA established its office in the Presidential Palace? WHICH COULD BE WHY THAT PALACE WAS DESTROYED.When American businessmen thought sorting clipped coupons, and stitching baseballs were worth “Developmental projects” for Haiti? When the Bush government kidnapped and deported Pres. Bertrand Aristide from his own country in the middle of the night?And despite the pleas of the International Caribbean community refused to let him back in? When approx. 49,000 Americans decided to make their home in this “Poorest nation in the hemisphere?” When many of these “missionaries” bought little Hitian children to take back as slaves to their homes in the US.
    This senile old fool is Satan, masquerading as God’s appointed. A curse on him from all African originated people. May he stew in his own invective. May he drop dead in the middle of his invective speeches.May his children be as cursed as he has cursed Haiti. May his grandchildren be born with boils all over their faces, and be infertile so that they will be wiped from the face of the earth.

    I am glad that the mass of Haitian people cannot read English, and will not hear this stupid old man’s ranting,less they take machetes and pangas to all the Americans there, Aid Workers and all. This is the sort of Fundamentalist Folly that sets back international relations to the Reagan era.

    HAiti needs its own government, restoration of griculture, better drainage, seeds and fertilizers ans well as a return to democracy so that the one percent educated elite will not manage the economy into destruction. Politics in HAiti is a sore on the bum of the Americas, and this may be a good time to deal with it. That satanic idiotic old man should shut his mouth. Evil bastard!

    1. Religious nuts! White Jesus has been at the root of the problem for Haitians. They are mainly catholic aren’t they? They remind me of the Catholic Africans in the motherland. If they made any deal with the devil it was praying to White Jesus.

  3. Thanks Trinicentet on the history and ceremony of “Dutty Boukman”..
    Now, what up with them US Marines chanting “OORAH, OORAH” early in the morning during training…. I guess they are trying to invoke a ‘militant’ spirit.
    Yes, OORAH means KILL.
    But anyway,


  4. In a time like this, this idiot could bring up this dotishness which he claims happend so many decades ago. But notice how he relates the story, as if he was present, maybe he was, maybe he was the devil whith whom this pact was made, I doh know, I wasin dey.

  5. Seem like ‘Dutty Bookman’ was a Mandingo.. I guess that will put this ‘pig tale’ to rest..
    Now, ah wonder what made the bookman dotty?

    “Boukman, our famous hero of Bwa Ka- Iman, has been described by historians as Islamic. His name has also been written as Boucqueman. Though, he came from Jamaica, the first part of his name has nothing to do with “book” but rather with Bouk, meaning “village”. In Mali, the chief of the village was, until a few years ago and maybe up to today, referred to as the Bouqueman(pronounced: book-eeman) or the village Iman….”


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