Obama Pledges Action With Or Without Climate Deal

United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark

President Barack Obama — December 18, 2009

President Barack Obama spoke on the last day of climate talks at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The President called on all major economies to put forward decisive national actions that will reduce their emissions and turn the corner on climate change.

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Obama brokers a climate deal, doesn’t satisfy all
Two years of laborious negotiations on a climate agreement ended Friday with a political deal brokered by President Barack Obama with China and other emerging powers but denounced by poor countries because it was nonbinding and set no overall target for curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Comment: Posted by krmckeon
The big break through agreement was that they would all go home and make a list of what they would do to reduce global warming! Are you kidding?? Sounds more like a 4th grade homework assignment than an international treaty.

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