Basdeo Panday’s conviction has been squashed

Basdeo PandayFormer Prime Minister Basdeo Panday’s conviction and sentence have been squashed. The Court of Appeal this afternoon ordered a new trial at the Magistrate’s Court before a different Magistrate. Mr. Panday was sentenced to two years in jail and fined by Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls after being found guilty of not declaring a Million Dollar London bank account to the Integrity Commission.

The Court of Appeal comprising Justices Margot Warner, Ivor Archie and Paula Mae Weekes ruled that there was sufficient evidence to convince an informed observer that there was an apparent bias by Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls. Therefore the sentence and conviction should be squashed. What this means now is that Mr. Panday is still charged with the offence. The Court of Appeal also ordered a retrial at the Magistrate’s court before a new Magistrate. Furthermore, Justice Warner ruled that bail would continue.


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  • That is Bull. But if you have the money and people backing you,you could beat anything boy.

  • justice has prevail and it shows that truth always conquer untruth and and truth is a force on its own it needs no witness it stands alone fight alone and wins alone unlike untruth

  • Appeal Court quashes Panday’s conviction
    FORMER prime minister Basdeo Panday scored a major victory in the courts yesterday after the Court of Appeal quashed his conviction and jail sentence for failing to declare a London bank account…

    Panday escapes jail after Appeal Court orders retrial

    $.4m cheque behind the bias claim

    Dookeran, UNC pleased with court’s decision

    Mark: AG should hang his head in shame
    “Panday has been freed, he is a free man, justice has prevailed, the Attorney General should hang his head in shame!” Mark charged at approximately 2.15 p.m. after he got word of the retrial.

    Ruling may impact on CJ impeachment –Sobion
    The ruling of the Court of Appeal shows there is apparent bias by Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc Nicolls in the Basdeo Panday matter which may impact on the possible impeachment proceedings against the Chief Justice…

    Victory for law and order in T&T –UNC
    Yesterday’s Court of Appeal verdict is a vindication of UNC leader Basdeo Panday’s integrity, the Opposition UNC has stated…

    Basdeo Panday’s appeal verdict
    Justice Margot Warner set aside that first conviction against Panday and she ordered a retrial under a different magistrate.

  • Interesting to look at the comments posted above. I’m pretty sure neither of the posters know all the details of the case yet they have demonstrated their blind following of whatever preconceived notions they may have based purely on what those around them believe and their hard-wired thought processes.

  • Yeah, I agree with Riaz, what distinctly diverse comments above. On one hand we have blind disbelief and the other blinding support. Now lets imagine if Panday was either persons parent, sibling or offspring. What would their beliefs be then?

    Remember that honey taste better than lime. And a drop of honey has a uniquely mystifying effect on the sense of taste.

    Persecution versus Prosecution?

  • Anastasia Mitchell

    You know what’s gets me. Everything in this country has to be facial. It is sickening.

    The evidence is there. What kills me is that his lawyer said that he was too ill to be in jail but hell he doesn’t look ill to me!! What do people have to say about that!!

    I find the people in this country should come together and stop taking on the politicians and there shit!!

    Look at it this way we all have to die money and everything else would be left behind.

    Politicians need to start behaving like adults.

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