The Performing Arts Centre -update

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The National Academy for the Performing Arts Centre
The National Academy for the Performing Arts Centre

Work is feverishly progressing on the National Academy for the Performing Arts building on Chancery Lane, Port-of-Spain.

On October 8, the Prime Minister was adamant that this art centre would be ready in time for next month’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, (CHOGM). The art center is to be used for a gala cultural event during the hosting of the CHOGM.

We are unable to ascertain the final cost of this project.

Here are pictures of the work in progress taken on October 16, 2009:
Photo Album: National Academy for the Performing Arts

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3 thoughts on “The Performing Arts Centre -update”

  1. y so adamant about cast d cost don’t u think it’s about time we got a state of the art cultural center. and b4 we get into cost, let see what we actually purchase first.

  2. I visited the centre when it was under construction. It is priceless and long overdue in this emerging society.It will enhance the Arts in a culture that already has an abundance of talent and creativity.

  3. Yes, center for the arts while PoS General Hospital still looks like something out of a war torn country and gov’t systematically leasing land rights to multinationals for pennies (while they – corporations & gov’t ministers – get rich) to reek havoc on the environment. Emerging society indeed.

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