UNC: Bring back hangings

Trinidad Express
January 10th 2007

JailOpposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar says killers should be hanged.

“I believe that we need to seriously examine the actual implementation of the death penalty.

“Yes, I am speaking about bringing back hanging. We live in drastic times now and drastic measures are necessary,” she said at the United National Congress’s Monday night People’s Forum at Gasparillo.

Persad-Bissessar said it was past the stage of counselling hardened, cold-blooded killers and supporting them with taxpayers’ money, as the People’s National Movement government has done.

“We need to focus more on victims’ rights and victims’ needs,” she said.

She said crime had reached such a state that criminals had made extortion a new business.

“Businessmen are being forced to pay these criminals bribes to keep them from murdering, or raping, or kidnapping their relatives,”she said, adding that it would take only drastic measures to deal with them.

“We are a nation under siege. While the criminals roam free in search of their prey, we huddle, petrified, behind burglar-proofed windows in self-imposed imprisonment,” she said.

She said when the UNC was in government, it dealt aggressively with crime and that the party’s current plans to solve crime included bringing in external experts.

This, she said, was the reason for bringing in former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik.

Do you support hanging as a means of solving crime? Tell us what you think.


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  2. Thanks for the spam Balty.
    The application of the death penalty is usually a lot more humane than the way the victim of the accused met their fate. In the USA the vast majority of the population don’t have to live behind virtual cages, so I really see no parallel to the situation here. In Fl it took a mans head bursting into flame, to get them to admit the electric chair, “Old Sparky”, was cruel. After resisting for years to convert to a more humane form, after that incident they converted in a matter of months. I hold no pity for a cold blooded calculated murderer. So what if he suffers a tad. I hope they suffer more than the poor little children, who end up dead, with semen in their anus. You guys are a bunch of jokers, coming up with willy nilly feel good reasons to spare the life of this vermin. Pedophiles and sociopaths can not be rehabilitated.
    Its time to take a serious law and order stance The DF should deploy a squad of soldiers, to assist any calls from the police, to every nook and cranny of the land.
    When we attain a relative calm and basically a law abiding state, maybe we can have the luxury to consider whether the poor scum suffered, as he was exterminated.

  3. Hmmm…totally off topic but I read somewhere that only 2 know known populations of Lions climb trees one is in Tanzania and the other in Kenya and it’s to escape flys and the heat. Don’t know for sure. My first enounter with “reason” was in the atricle prviouse to this one. Had I read this article first, I would not have made that comment.:)

  4. OK you win reason. You see no parallel with the US and trinidad bc we live in virtual cages. If there is no parallel then why are you the one who keep using the USA and New York are your model examples? Just a thought. Your thought process is truly an enigma wraped…no tangled in a mystry.

  5. Huh? Ok let me make it simple for you. I’ve been saying all along we are not parallel.
    Every example I have used of the USA and NYC is just about the exact opposite of T&T.

    When you dial 911 the cops are coming no matter what, especially if you hang up. In T&T you they don’t have a car to come or the manpower. I mean can you imagine the fear that guy in south felt when he called the police to tell them bandits had his family held hostage, and the cops said they couldn’t come.
    In the USA laws are enforced, prisons are secure, witnesses are protected and they have modern laws,(3 strikes, 10-20-life) and tactics to cope with the criminal element. The only houses with burgular proofing are in the ghetto’s or the cities, every business does not need a security guard and a buzzer to enter.
    So my opinion is that we don’t have the luxury to take a liberal agenda on crime. I am very liberal socially but I am an ardent supporter of victims rights, and have no pity for anyone who harms the innocent intentionally.
    Now if we started stretching some necks we could advance to gas and injections than maybe after several pests were exterminated, we could attain the level of the utopian death-penalty free state.
    In my humble opinion.
    I don’t see how we can have the luxury to worry if a bandit choked to death when the nation is in such a state of fear.
    o as mr ducks

  6. Reason, you really have a short memory. You are the one who has problems writing in english. I made a simple typo’. Don’t tell me you are too dumb to not figure it out.

  7. Did you understand? An anti-death penalty foundation has no bearing to T&T, because we are not executing anyone. Debate my point instead of trying to be my friend, lover or stalker. Or do like the rest and be silent, so that I think you are just a fool, instead of proving to me you are one.

  8. Reason, you are a high-school child or at least have the mental capacity of a high-school child. I cannot debate your point because you have many points and they all contradict each other. I think that last “damned if you do, damned you you don’t” statement you made is a weak attempt to get the last word in. So I’ll give you the floor. You don’t need me as you already argue with yourself.

  9. You all have been going back and forth on this for a while now. How about holding up and just let others share their views on this topic.

    Also, it appears that a few people on this blog are posting under different usernames and this practice will not be encouraged. I am not calling out anyone in particular. We would like to leave the blog easily open for people to comment as they see fit, but people should not use the blog to deliberately distort, slander, deceive and attempt to monopolize the discussions by posting under several usernames.

    All the best for the New Year,

    A. Hotep

  10. The death penalty is legal but we should be looking at better ways to deal with offenders instead of continually supporting revenge which does not solve anything.

  11. aight let meh drop somethin on all yuh!!listen if hanging is d only way to help or prevent crime in t&t well den is fine by me!! for one dem stupid dumb police they call dem over dey, dey en doing ah shit!!dey will stop somebody for some stupid reason on d road and see and kno other people commiting crime and leave it hanging!!!daz bullshit!!!law needs to crackdown on crime and drugs and if by all means is to hangin people well so be it!!!!

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