Cops charged with stealing money

September 02, 2009
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PoliceCops accused of stealing money back in court Sept 8
Four officers assigned to the Police Southern Division, yesterday appeared before a Port-of-Spain magistrate charged with misbehaviour in public office. Police Corporals Deopersad Jankienanan, 51, Keshan Harrysingh, 44, and PC Anslem Drakes, 38, stood before Magistrate Anna Ryan in the Fourth (A) Court, charged with misbehaviour by stealing money recovered from a robbery.

Four cops in court
Three officers assigned to the Southern Division Task Force, and a fourth to Project 250, also known as the Bicycle Unit, have appeared before a Port-of-Spain magistrate, charged with stealing money from a robber and beating a prisoner yesterday.

Cops in alleged casino theft dodge media

August 30, 2009

$.45m Bail for Cops
Three of the four policemen who were taken into custody over their alleged involvement in the theft from a casino of some $96,000 were granted bail when they appeared before a Justice of the Peace on Friday evening.

…Four officers charged for casino theft

More action to be taken after probe
ACTING Commissioner of Police James Philbert said yesterday further action will be taken following an enquiry into an alleged involvement of police in a casino theft.

August 29, 2009

Cops caught stealing $96,000
Four police officers from an elite crime-fighting unit in the Southern Division were taken in for questioning Thursday, over their alleged involvement in the theft from a casino of almost $100,000.

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6 thoughts on “Cops charged with stealing money”

  1. Our police service is beginning to look like the greater society, instead of looking like the exemplars. In the last five years, cops have been accused of rape, murder and suicide, theft of liquor, theft of guns, drugs, and money.

    I think President Max was right when he called for a look at what counselling services are available to police officers. I am glad he is joining the chorus.
    We need better training to instill loyalty, we ned a pre-check of good character, including finger printing, and we need programs for stress relief, instead of the punishing attitude of “he cyar take de jammin”.Policing has changed, and an upgrade in salary and training may bring in a better caliber of recruit.
    At the same time, those found to have broken the law need to have the books thrown at them.

  2. If the police them selves are breaking the law and they are not being punished for what they have done then this country has gone to the dogs. Trinidad and Tobago what have we come too

  3. Linda, first let me say that I just love reading your threads on this blog, as your postings are quite literate and factual. One of the prerequisites of joining the police service is finger printing and a certificate of good character, I know this as fact because many years ago I attempted to join the service after I had left secondary school, so that is already in place. I think the problem in the police service as far as corruption is concerned is not a new one and it is not confined to the lower ranks, but in fact it is systemic throughout the entire body of this branch of the service. This problem is endemic in not only developing countries, and underdeveloped countries, but also in the so called developed countries as well. For years the police service has acted as though it was a law unto itself and have rode roughshod over the population and they have been allowed to. The Scott Drug Report brought to light many of the criminal activities within the police service and it all came from atop the chain of command, so for us to pretend that what is happening now is an anomaly is to prove ourselves to be at best naive, for surely who can forget the Randy Bs, the Elephant Walks and countless other miscreants who have held sway over our police service and who have been in league with the criminal element for countless numbers of years. Until true police are put in charge of policing TnT, uncorruptable and unfettered by political interferance, law abiding and convicted by the gargantuan task they are facing, completely sold out to the principles of justice and law and order I’m sorry to say there will be no change in the status quo.
    Peace always

  4. Because I currently have young relatives in the Police Service, I have to believe in the possibility of being better.I owe it to my late brother, my late friend, Asst.Com.Henry, I owe it to my brother in law, a retired officer, and I owe it to the nation. If they are already fingerprinted, why did the top brass need the fingerprints of the men at the St.oseph station? more bobol?
    Thanks for the compliment. I was educated up to the BA level in TnT, and I feel I must make sense for the younger generation.Lighting a candle, instead of cursing the darkness. I will NEVER give up.

  5. Quality leadership is the key to a professional police service in T&T. There are Trinis in the police service and some who are not, that is capable of providing quality leadership to the police service and our communities. The police service appear to be begging for quality leadership…there are people in the service who can provide that leadership, they just need the opportunity to do their job….

  6. “Every one is talking about crime , tell me who are the criminals.” Peter Tosh from his song Equal rights &Justice.
    It is a very simple concept, though often extremely difficult to implement for a host of sociological reasons.
    It is still worth a try however, in our country as many of us that are still concern about our blessed land daily pontificate about runaway crimes, and also yearn for a society that can sustainably develop by practicing zero tolerance towards crimes, as we eradicate the culture that perpetuate and cuddle criminals.
    Here it goes , practice the policy of administering justice using a ‘level field toolkit,’as you treat all criminals equally before the law, regardless of their economic background or social standing. Then look at the positive returns, as the platitude of excuses becomes useless.
    It means that we’ll be tough on all law breakers starting with the low life scum that daily commits blue color crimes such as choosing to rob,steal, rape ,and abuse their authority.
    Then how about arrest ,conviction ,and jail for the white color crooks that hides behind the expensive suits and fancy talking lawyers ,when they choose to betray the trust of many,by fleecing, embezzlements,bribe taking , and similar fraudulent activities?
    Let me see , this covers law makers , enforcers and the general population that are expected to abide.
    Think of the possibilities as we follow the lead let’s say France where a respected former Mayor and President has to deal with the long arm of the law , long after leaving office.,frances-ex-president-chirac-to-be-tried-for-corruption.html
    Never know where you might get your inspiration from. I however got to stop dreaming, for our world is not merely black and white , but interspersed with shades of grey. Well, it was worth a try.

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