T&T’s Rozelle Phillips on British X Factor

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Rozelle Phillips from Trinidad Tobago sings Jennifer Hudson’s One Night Only, an X Factor audition that blew judges Danii MInogue, Sheryl Cole, Simon Cowell away. X Factor 2009, August 29, 2009

Trini is frontrunner on British talent show
More than 11 million viewers watched Rozelle Phillips be applauded by all four of the ITV show’s judges with her soulful rendition of “One Night Only” by Jennifer Hudson.

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8 thoughts on “T&T’s Rozelle Phillips on British X Factor”

  1. some one once said to me that you never give up on trying to achieve your dream. rozelle you just verify what that person. i wish you the best of luck and keep on going.

  2. Rozelle you go ahead with the blessing of god and live your dream you are a true idol your voice is mesmerizing we are cheering you on all the way to victory ,To god be the glory,all hats of to you

  3. A breathe of fresh air, I felt so proud when I saw her just being herself, Note.. she said she is originally from Trinidad & Tobago, I most definetly will be voting for her come rain or shine

  4. inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful……i am so proud of rozelle…congratulations…You have made your country proud..

    keep up the good work

    my vote goes to you..

    keep smiling


  5. I was smiling from ear to ear as soon as she said her name I said to my partner she is from Trinidad… I am so proud of her we are rooting for her all the way. I know OUR country is already proud!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. that performance was great! i knew u would blow them away! u r gonna reach the top, am rooting for you.

  7. Ah don’t really mean to pull ah Kanye West on allyuh show, but..
    To have Simon and Co. be one’s dream-maker is a bit much.
    BTW, Kyane was wrong… MJ had the best video ever… Do you remember the time.

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