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  1. Making meaningful and relevant changes to the Constitution could begin to address the issue of government corruption and misconduct, which is obviously part of the problem. For example, ‘No prime minister shall serve more than 10 consecutive years.’ This should become a part of the Constitution. If we wait for Manning to insert this clause, we would be waiting past the year 2020. Term limits cannot be that bad since it is used successfully in many foreign countries to reduce corruption. History has shown that whenever a politician remains in office for too long in a given country, corruption thrives.

  2. I definitely enjoyed what I just heard and can only be aptly described as a forceful and articulate response by one of our Independent Senators Gail Merhair as she attempted to rebuke her numerous detractors that seemed perturbed and or mystified that she had the gall to follow the dictates of her heart in an effort to carry out her constitutional duties, and as such voted as she saw fit , solely in the interest of the nation.
    I’ll tell you what , should this refreshing young political progressive ever decide to throw here hat into the political ring some time down the road , rest assured that she would have my second lifetime vote for a politician in my country ,no questions asked.
    If crafty Guyanese and a few savvy Trinis can appear out of obscurity from afar in places such as Mars , Saturn , Anchorage Alaska , and Winnipeg Manitoba to vote , I should be no exception.
    I have said it before , but it’s worth repeating. These are the sort of fearless individuals we need in our country to emerge and grasp the reign of power from the multitude of ‘political has been,’ and ‘idea deficient dinosaurs,’ that did hijack our various political parties ,and noble ,much adored British Colonial system of government. Support will be given to her and others , if gridlock is to end and our country is expected to finally emerge as a vibrant nation , which can get back on a pathway of concrete ,sustainable development.
    Thank you , and remember that we have your back sister Merhair. Let Hansard note for the record that we fully endorse your sentiments that one’s actions as an Independent Senator should always be made with limited concerns for the backlash from pseudo dictators and party hack agents , but as you so eloquently put it ,“with independent thought, Independent mind ,and Independent will.”
    Let the games begin . Now on to tackling crimes in this country , and across the region, once and for all. Send a message to criminals and their complicit supporters ,that when you destroy lives , you will not get the benefit of tying up the nation’s much needed resources ,as anachronistic colonial masters decide your fate- at our expense.
    Away with the stupid , useless ,Privy Council , and on to full political support and recognition to the much neglected / maligned Caribbean Court of Appeal. Let the people’s voices be heard. Tell me again,
    “who is your leader?”

  3. I was once a regular contributor to this newsblog, but Neal’s frequent, constant, arrogant, inconsistent and biased ramblings have exhausted me.
    I am no longer motivated to contribute.

  4. To T-Man I am arrogant , inconsistent and a bias rambler simply due to the fact that I have decide to give credit to Independent Senator Gail Merhair for putting the State interest over self. http://www.trinidadexpress.com/index.pl/article_news?id=161502576
    Now mind you , I do not know the Senator and did not even take the time to research her background to ascertain from whence she came . I did not care to listen Mrs. Hazel Manning or Minister Of Local Affair’s reasons for postponing the election. I simply saw , and accepted the fact that the young Senator’s selfless act was a genuine step forward that could help halt the foolish gridlock that has plagued our nations for too long , and so decided to applaud her . What do I get as a response from T-Man , as he selects his costume for the August 1st upcoming Toronto CARIBANA Carnival festival, while feigning concern for our country ?
    Denunciations, as he attempts to convince us that he admires his new haven Canada for the past 23 years since his escape from sweet T&T, simply because they too have religiously followed a similar non -tolerant partway to social , and economic development as commonly advocated by the national divisive agents and ‘dog- with – the – bone syndrome’ political spoilers we have grown accustomed to locally .
    T- Man my friend , folks who allege to still care for country do not put their tails between their legs and hide like zandolees due to the fact that a passionate citizen like just yourself holds a differing point a view. Take up the game of Chess my friend, and learn about the concept of ‘the end game.’
    That’s all that counts . Take the time and read my blogs , and you see a method to my madness and seemingly crazy rants. It’s always about my country first, and I’ll never hesitate to show contempt for any that tries to tarnish it’s image , while elevating some other so called noble continent . Let me hear you stop pointing fingers , and repeatedly enunciate empty excuses as to why our country is following the lead of Barbados , and Jamaica . Put forward a positive suggestions can get us out of this quagmire that does not follow the playbook of some out of touch closet socialist Trade Union leader , and I would hitch my progressive bandwagon on to yours as we rise together in true sustainable development.
    One cannot keep doing the same old two step , and expect new results. Your problems , along with many like yourself , is that you believe that your interest is different than mine, and you can fully achieve your goals without the support of oppressed, and or successful others across the nation. Once more , it is clear that our European divide and rule masters had done an excellent job in terms of pushing tribalism , while at the same time doing every thing possible to eradicate it from their own continent.
    Take some time and read what our respected, learned Statesman , and Editor at large, Uncle Shah has to say about life in the new global village a you try to steer a pathway across this Hobbesian world that is sometimes “Nasty , Brutish , and Short.”
    I wish you well my friend. Change is inevitable, but starts with you.

  5. Here’s one for you neal.
    I can’t seem to give up on you.

    Experts: Merhair seems confused
    By Clint Chan Tack Saturday, July 11 2009

    CONSTITUTIONAL EXPERTS Kenneth Lalla SC and Reginald Dumas yesterday said Gail Merhair seems to be confused about what are her roles and responsibilities as an independent senator. They expressed this view, two days after Merhair and Independent Senator Michael Annisette voted with the Government to pass the Municipal Corporations Bill 2009 in the Senate on Wednesday to postpone local government elections and extend the life of local government bodies for another year.

    In giving the reasons why she supported the bill, Merhair said she was advised by a constitutional expert that her role as an independent senator is not to “thwart the will of the Government.” Lalla told Newsday that this to him seemed “to border on a bit of absurdity” because this was not the role of an independent senator. While they are appointed by the President under the Constitution, Lalla explained that the nine independent senators do not represent the President in the Upper House and simply bring their own individual perspectives to bear on any issue. He said independent senators must use their own judgement to determine whether any particular measure or policy advocated by the Government merits their support and decide whether or not they will support it.

    Lalla said Merhair needs to be clear in her mind about the role of an independent senator and if she could not, then she should resign.


    ACCRA — U.S. President Barack Obama told Africans on Saturday that Western aid must be matched by good governance and urged them to take greater responsibility for stamping out war, corruption and disease plaguing the continent.

    Obama delivered the message on his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa since taking office in January as the first black U.S. president. He chose stable, democratic Ghana because he believes it can serve as a model for the rest of Africa.

    Fresh from a G8 summit where leaders agreed to spend $20 billion to improve food security in poor countries, Obama stressed that Africans must also take a leading role in sorting out their many problems.

    “Development depends upon good governance,” Obama said in a speech to Ghana’s parliament. “That is the ingredient which has been missing in far too many places, for far too long. That is the change that can unlock Africa’s potential. And that is a responsibility that can only be met by Africans.”

    In an address that offered the most detailed view of Obama’s Africa policy, he took aim at corruption and rights abuses on the continent, warning that growth and development would be retarded until such problems were tackled.

    “No country is going to create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves, or police can be bought off by drug traffickers. No business wants to invest in a place where the government skims 20 percent off the top,” Obama said.

    He said America would not impose any system of government, but would increase help for those behaving responsibly.

    The visit has enormous resonance for Africa because of Obama’s roots as the son of Kenyan immigrant. He laced his speech with mentions of his background and the struggles of his forebears in the face of poverty and colonial rule.

    “We like the positive signals that this visit is sending and will continue to send,” said Ghanaian President John Atta Mills, elected in a transparent election that contrasted with stereotypes of chaos, coups and corruption in Africa.

    “This encourages us also to sustain the gains that we have made in our democratic process.”

    “YES, WE CAN”

    MP’s chanted “yes, we can” before Obama started and the president ended his address with that phrase – his old campaign slogan. The crowd’s response was much warmer than the cordial but mostly chilly reception in Moscow earlier in the week.

    Obama praised Ghana’s economic record too.

    Reforms in the cocoa and gold producing country, set to begin pumping oil next year, helped bring unprecedented investment and growth before the impact of the global financial crisis.

    “We don’t allow one president to rule for 30 years. This should be evidence to other countries that it can be done,” said tax official Nii Dodoo, 41, among the crowds in Accra.

    Walls and utility poles were plastered with posters of side-by-side portraits of Obama and Mills and the word “change” – the mantra of Obama’s presidential election campaign.

    Ghanaians in bright yellow T-shirts showing Obama next to Mills hoped for a glimpse of Obama, a hero on the continent because of his roots as the son of a Kenyan immigrant. But tight security meant only a few got the chance to cheer him.

    Obama was later due to visit Cape Coast Castle, a fort used in the transatlantic slave trade. He and his family will spend less than 24 hours in Ghana before returning to the United States.

  7. I know what you are undergoing cousin T-Man , and no explanations are necessary. If Michael Jackson the billionaire self loathing genius could not beat his addiction , why should you, or I? It’s called staying engaged , and one of the simple reasons as to why we choose to continue to drive on the information highway, as opposed to going and fire a few Molson Canadian, Labatt Blue, Budweiser , or Miller beers with our local buddies at the our respective taverns , or pretend that we still enjoy playing cricket at the lusty parks and make efforts at enjoying curry duck and dumpling limes in the Canadian and Yankee land sunshine, eh?
    Seriously, T- Man ,for all the air of inclusiveness , democracy demands ,and cries against racial discriminations that the fan base enjoys uttering , what about your concerns for gender equality and general respect for our women? Why exactly is Independent Senator Gail Merhai now forced to be on the defensive because she decided to take an unpopular stance that r does not fall within the acceptable viewpoint of Uncle Panday and his numerous self serving agents in academia , or high end board rooms chairmanships? Do you think that equality should only apply to his daughter and new PM in waiting? Is she the only one that’s entitled to finish a final Oxbridge Law exam or Review paper on Monday , hop on a plane on Tuesday , run for political office on Wednesday , become Oropuche West MP on Thursday , and to this date not made a tangible and or meaningful contribution to legislation or social issue of magnitude in our Parliament or country as a whole , without first vetting it with daddy? Is this what constitutes democracy in your opinion? Is Canada , USA , Australia , and Europe the shining beacons that you and others so adore because they practice similar behaviors? This Senator does need the support of so called constitutional experts such as Kenneth Lalla SC ,and Reginald Dumas to decide how to vote?
    Let’s keep it real my friend, as neither myself and most definitely you could care less as to whether local elections are held today or ten years from now , as that in itself won’t bring back a lost ,abused ,or murdered child or woman in Carapicharma , Las Lomas or Lopino. We have little concerns as to if the drunken maniac feels that the entire Senate should be eradicated , along with the House Speaker’s position , and the Presidential post ,while his noble House of Lords, Privy Council ,and British Monarchy remains. Such imbecilic posturing would not ensure that our economy thrives , full equitable justice for all citizens takes place , along with proper stewardships of our abundant natural and human resources.
    As I have repeatedly indicated before , you cannot for a moment think that you or any other fan are capable of creating magic , by trying to “have your cake and eat it.” A country’s educational system cannot be good when it helped build the foundation to making you into a global intellectual like Naipaul, but useless tomorrow because our country is saturated by pregnant bare feet 16 year old girls selling corn and music CD’s on the highway , and criminal high school drop out fatherless fools that constantly terrorize us daily as they become prey to the dangerous ideology of gang leaders disguised as community elders and activist.
    We cannot be said to have justice in the land when the law works in your favor , but not when occasionally a ruling goes against you. One cannot afford to give white color thugs that rip off Caroni pensioners of their HCU savings ,a pat on the wrist , but want to give life sentence to some lost hungry soul for stealing a chicken from an Aranguez farm. How can a leader be respected that walks into Parliament and treats an unbiased Speaker with so much contempt , as he the Speaker tries to do his job , while being disturbed by childish distractions, as such leader listen’s to his favorite Rap music , and watch Bollywood dancers gyrate on his lap top for all the world to see?
    Now we have this empty call again for usurpation of our democratic system and processes. Brother T- Man , please inform the lurking vultures that we have our progressive sister Gail Merhai’s back , and the words on the streets according to my independent sources are to leave the Independent Senator alone, and try to get his own house in order. By the way ,isn’t there a pending trial looming? I wonder what it is they serve in Carrera Prisons these days , is it still black Cocoa tea , and roach infested stale bread , while hairy prisoners in the adjourning cells lurks? I stand corrected. We are a nation of justice and compassion.
    Listen T-Man , are you trying to frustrate me to the point where I rent a room on one of the lofty suites at our expensive Wrightson Rd Hyatt Regency Hotel Towers and jump through a window? Why are you quoting me the condescending remarks of a Harvard./ Columbia elite yuppie President ,as he lectures to excitable ,childish , and gullible Africans about good / bad governance , unnecessary wars, and runaway corruption ,when he would need another 50 years after he dies to see it become a reality in his own country? Talk to me again when he or his Peace Envoys finally lectures to Israel about what Jimmy Carter described as genocidal practices in the Middle East amongst Arabs neighbors , as his people continue to subsidize their war machinery with US Tax dollars.
    Get back to me when he has the guts to stand up to South Asian nuclear obsess , misguided economic geniuses that remains neglectful of the real needs of millions of desperate hungry and neglected in their respective countries that remains under the poverty line as the complicit corporate media is silent on reporting this menace due to some obscure global war against terror , and the quest for cheap labor to ensure Nike and electronic junks remains affordable .
    Give me a shout out when he can stop staring long enough at young girls romps while on rock star tours , and tell G8 nations to do the right thing when it comes to compensation to the ills that they are all guilty of in terms of the past dehumanizing roles in the ugly African slavery. http://www.nypost.com/seven/07102009/news/nationalnews/tail_to_the_chief_178552.htm

    Let me see him finally stand up to other Security Council members such as the uncaring Russians and Chinese that would not recognize the words Democracy and Human Rights principles if it hits them in the head based on the way that they treat fellow citizens, and support of destructive policies in – shall we say Chechnya and Sudan where oil rules?
    Change? Yea right. Let him try and reign in the out of control CIA on Iran and Honduras first , or scold China about Muslim Uighur , and Tebetian Xinjiang province dissidents that they are using obvious ethnic cleansing techniques to eliminate.
    According to the wisest woman that ever lived – my Grandmother – “ great talkers , are less doers.” That includes you T- Man.
    Mutch love to you, but most importantly our country.

  8. He was absolutely correct to lecture them and let them know that they are responsible for their own upliftment. Ghana, basking now in the discovery of large oil deposits, is primed to be an example of the new Africa. Hopefully Nigeria won’t be the model that she emulates.

  9. Of course he is Bro Ruel , but there was a much bigger point that needed to be driven home to the crafty T- Man , for as you can suspect these examples of his were not just plucked out from across the global village for our admiration at a whim.
    I agree , heavens forbid that Nigeria with their religiously inclined militeristic tribal nuts ever becomes a model for anything of worth on the continent. Incidentally, should Lt.Jerry Rawlins aka Junior Jesus be given any credit for paving the way for what Ghana is experiencing today? As you might have guessed some Stalinist purges were implemented as a result of his 1979 military com political escapades upon assuming power.
    Perhaps USSR Joseph Stalin the Georgian political butcher and Mao , knew something about change that we Western educated folks cannot fully comprehend.
    Just a thought.

  10. Neal
    The issue I presented has nothing to do with Molson Canadian beer,curry duck,gender equality,racial descrimination,Panday, Mikela Panday,crime, the President,the Privy Council, the educational system,pregnant girls,gang leaders, the HCU, Bollywood dancers,Carrera prison, etc… as mentioned in your disjointed diatribe.
    The issue has to do with the erosion of the democratic voting rights of the people of T&T. Could you imagine any developed country postponing democratic elections at any level for four years in a row? The irony here is that the PNM will probably win these elections; that’s fine , but do not erode the democratic voting rights of the people.

  11. The problem with guys like you T-Man is that you take yourself a wee bit too serious . It gets to the point that I am even beginning to suspect that you and many like yourself might not be real ‘Trini to the bone’ as alleged ,but some phony upstart Bajans, insecure and super jealous Yardees, or tout Bagai Hatian neighbors pretending to be one of us. We Trinis invented humor and piccong as a means to convey serious messages , and it’s done by all and sundry from politicians, to grounded editors , kaisonians ,and numerous infamous homeless infidel that roams our streets daily and terrorize parents and our few, far and in between tourist that risk life and limb to visit the land of the Hummingbird, Bird of Paradise , and Cocrico.
    I however do not blame you for this unwholesome behavior. It is what happens when you’ve been away from our blessed land for too long, and have inculcated dangerous false values indoctrinated by conniving Eurocentric countries all in their misguided quest to push assimilation.
    Sorry T-Man, you cannot expect to migrate from this country for 23 years and only visit once every ten years only to check to see that the government did not confiscate part of your 500 aces real estate inheretance to give to some desperate Guyanese , Dominican, or poor party fanatic from Movant or smelly Beetham Labasse to live or plant food for ournation’s benefit.
    So continue to display for all the world to see your self hatred , via contempt for your country and people with every comment and utterance. You won’t be the first as our unnamed world famous ingrate, and Knighted Nobel Novelist proved, and you certainly won’t be the last .
    We however, the unsung heroes will continue to fight the good fight in whatever way we can to get the message across ‘that this country is nice,’ is still a paradise ,and is well worth saving for the benefit of us all as there will certainly come a time that a new reality would step in to confront us all that was forced to at some time disappear from it’s beautiful shores.
    We would no longer be of use to our foreign benefactors ,and they’ll want us out of their country , or we would have enough of the love and acceptance charade ,and wish to be home as we fondly remember the smell of the Cascadu fish. That’s a local river fish in case you could not remember, that is often sold by bare feet nationals along our highways.There is a mythical saying attached to it , but you won’t know about it, being a St. Lucian native and all.

    To address your direct concerns I hope for the final time , let me say the following:- You are absolutely correct , a developed democratic country would not be subjected to this sort of treatment , so long as it has a viable Opposition party in place capable of commanding the respect of the people , and willing to ensure that the will of all across the nation are adhered to. A party in or out of government that cares about democratic rights of people would not be an obstructionist simply because it can , but would appreciate the importance of compromise without necessarily abrogating deeply held core principles that it believed in from the inception by Uncle Shah, and younger Mr. P .
    It would ensure the formulation of sound alternative policies so that the general populace can make a distinction that come election they can vote wisely . They would know when to put to pasture and weed out elements from the party at any level, that they believe are a detriment to the party , will continually inhibit it success at the polls , and therefore enable one party rule to go on in posterity. They would know fully well that if your leader is charged for corruption while in office and the evidence is overwhelming , he should be forced to resign-as is the norm in much adored mother England -so that the party would not be dragged through the gutter likewise due to such infamous clouds of impropriety.

    It is obvious that you and I are from a different world , for you look across the political landscape , and only see problems , I in contrast sees challenges that can be confronted and dealt with effectively with the efforts of visionary , new age thinking, and approaches. You do not have a problem in maintaining the status quo so that an eventual father to daughter coronation can take place down the road , I recognize that an indisciplined, undemocratic party incapable of controlling it’s own internal affairs , will not be looked at too fondly as the rightful body to correct and maintain the ship of stati on an even keel, and so the nepotistic , arrogant, egotistical bozos ,that control and mismanage the coffers will rule unchallenged .
    You see Independent Senator Gail Merhai as your enemy , and even lack the sense to appreciate how your party’s leaderships unwarranted vitriolic , demeaning responses towards her are perceived as a blow to all women across the nation- who I am certain makes up a very high percentage of our conscious voting population.
    I am almost certain that you’ve convinced yourself that if you occasionally trot out the name of Barrack Obama , and claim how much you adore him it means something to conscious ,’eye on the prize’ folks like myself .
    Far from it ,for I have been following the lives and fortunes of politicians along with their system while you were still a confuse 25 year old rum guzzling kid in Chickland , Grande ,or such similar foxhole rumshop in 1985.
    What you and many of even President’s domestic ,phony supporters fail’s to recognize is that cousin Obama is the consummate politician that has mastered ‘the end game’ to perfection , as such, he would do like any before him what is necessary to achieve an objective – which in his case is to win and achieve his goals. You , and other budding politicians that are planning to get involved , might be well advised to pay close attention on how to win friends , as well as allies ,and even influence enemies. Yes it can happen as it once did in 1986. Think about it . Remember, it’s all about the end game.
    Are you and the party elites prepared to enquire as to what can can be sacrificed without destroying core principles ,to obtain a better objective ,that is beneficial to self, party, constituency , nation ,and wider global village? That’s what politics is all about. The only irony here is that there are folks that are paying to learn this lesson that I have given to you for free. What a tragedy!
    Can you imagine where our idealist cousin Barack Obama would be today if he was running around on the South side of Chicago as a young Lawyer giving folksy interviews like this to the Chicago Sun ? I thought we cancelled what we now viewed as the exploitative beauty contest competition in Trinidad T -Man.


    Women should multitask , and folks should be blindly loyal , work hard ,and believe in themselves to get ahead in politics eh? Tear up the tired political play book Mikela , and tell old schooled folks like dad, and T- Man to take a side, as you show your independence by support and show of solidarity to Senator Gail Merhair and similar unafraid progressives.

    Come out of your 25 rooms Oropuche West mansion and put your weight and influence to some of our fledging Civil Society bodies that deals with critical, substantive , social and economic issues of importance to people across the nation , then check to see how the people in turn would gravitate to you and the party that seems to be in desperate need for resuscitation as it gasp on it last death breath. Can you believe it , Jack the business crook , and Ramesh the former Human Rights concerned advocate are looking as shiny roses as others try to convince the nation busy trying to save up to come August visit T- Man to jump up in Caribana ,that not having local elections was some monumental loss.

  12. The absence of a viable Opposition and credible Opposition leader are no rationalizations for destroying the democratic rights of citizens.
    By the way, it’s 43 years away and 20 acres. And yes, my Caribana costume is ready. But no, my visits are annual and sometines bi-annual.Also, no one can deny me of my legal status as a citizen of T&T.

  13. I thought that a certain individual had retired from this blog after his hollow rhetoric was denounced a few months ago. Even though his hollow rhetoric appears to have become slightly less reckless in recent months, some of us still find it disturbing to say the least. If one were closely examine his so-called reasonable commentaries over the last 12 months, one would observe that there is very little criticism of Manning or the pnm. Whatever little criticism there is, occurred only recently after he was labeled a Manning apologist. His commentaries appear as veiled attempts to cloud, obfuscate, or deflect negative criticism of Manning and his insane policies. For example, his explanation of Independent Senator Gail Merhair’s vote in favour of the Municipal Corporation Bill amounts to sleazy disinformation. He fails to explain how the senator’s action benefits this country or strengthens what little democracy we have left. Clearly, any reasonable Trinbagonian would agree with these observations. I am able to recognise this with a Jr. Sec. education.

  14. T- Man rest assured that I would be the first in line if called upon to defend all your fundamental rights and “legal status as a citizen of T&T,” for that is the way of a global humanist and progressive.
    This is a simple dilemma we are confronted with in our tenuous embryonic democracy that fringe lunatics and religiously clothed criminals attempted to destroy in 1990. Please note , that to date no Commission of enquiry was suggested by successive governments , in and out of power. Hopefully, even you can see a correlation between a weak or non existent Opposition and the display of profound arrogance, mismanagement, neglect that you, and many like Martin claims to find so revolting.
    That’s it , every member on our bloggersphere would be encouraged from now on to go and do a crash course in Chess playing before attempting to continue conversing with yours truly. It is getting beyond reasonable , and I could care less if you are pretending to be a simple minded , sparsely educated Jr. Sec high school drop out like Martin, it’s no excuse for not appreciating symbolic political gestures ,capable of engendering positive returns down the road without suppressing one’s principles .
    Once more for the record, I haven’t a clue as to who Gail Merhair was prior to her -in hindsight -courageous actions. I do now, and so does 1.3 million fellow citizens across the nation, and that what matters and makes politics so fascinating. You can remember what occured in much adored big Brother America , when an unknown Senator defied reason and voted his conscience against a stupid pointless war in Iraq, then used it successfully to parlay a successful run for the Presidency, while touting the importance of sound judgments? Same thing T- Man . You and similar unthinking fans cannot applaud democratically oriented actions when done in your new love Europe and North America , then dismiss them as naivety and partisan manipulations when done at home. Folks beyond Jr. Sec education, might perhaps unjustifiably call you out as simply a country hating , destabilization ,phony.
    I do not know or care to as to what this Municipal Corporation Bill is all about, or the thousand of media directed ,knee jerk political gestures that daily takes place in our Parliament as overpaid political actors and empty suit ‘figurines’ masquerades on both sides of the ‘so called divide’ for the benefits of gullible elite fans ,while no broad based substantive returns accrue to the masses. Any tentative steps however that’s aimed at curbing gridlock , serves the interest of our nation, some would agree.
    I wish this refreshing, future political star and Senator well, and supports the notion that loyalty to nation always takes precedent. So let the minor, rabblerousing elites continue to ‘suck like piglets at the proverbial trough.’ They are always free to fervently try to protect personal largesse , while they pick , probe ,and selectively feign outrage while secured in tenuous enclaves .
    Me being defined as a PNM / Manning apologist, has as much weigh as saying that Prince William and I are half brothers. Martin screams for democracy at T&T, but wants to take away the people’s right to choose their government ,by demanding term limits, unlike his loving Britannia. He could live with the Privy Council, but have no problem with Trinidad looking as idiots across the globe , as we are headquarters for the Caribbean Courts of Appeal, but cannot agree to fully support the organizations outside of payments of dues, because the wonderful Opposition has an agenda. These non – progressive guys must be halted .Someone must continue to be the unheralded voice that’s cries out in the wilderness on behalf of the oppressed. I accept the challenge.
    Pity more of the common, desperate ,and often neglected masses cannot afford a computer , or the expensive internet service which can enable them to get access to what folks like T-Man , Martin ,and myself with so much time on our hands to spare, are attempting to articulate.

  15. Who would be the “perfect government?”. Just a question out to you guys here…..Who canidates would you nominate to be in you ideals of the “perfect” govenment body? Here are my canidates…

    Keith Rowely
    Jack Warner
    Winston Dookeran
    Gillian Lucky
    Kamala Bissesar
    Eddie Hart

  16. T-man, in rference to your comment “US President Lectures Africans”, you should know that I for one, faxed him a six page letter pointing out things he should know. A copy was sent to Newsday, which frequently published my work, but they like short pieces. Copies were also filed with other publishers and bloggers.
    What I wanted Mr. Obama to know is that Africa is not in turmoil by itself, but that major developed countries have hands in it. The International Criminal Court agrees with me. Gun running in Africa is done by businessmen from China, the US, Russia and Brazil to name a few, and this is why there is little support for arresting Al Bashir of Sudan for crimes against the people of Darfur. This is why the campaign of Wangari Matthai of Kenya, for an end to gun running in Africa has so far had only limited success. The big powers want African counntries weak, so that they could get lucrative contracts to extract its wealth. France, Canada, The US, China and Russia are deeply involved in every situation of unrest in Africa.Many people who do not know, talk nonsense about Africa.I gave my president some information that he could look into, including corruption by big American companies, in providing substandrd equipment there, and arming children with repeater rifles and machine guns that cost more than a year of their father’s pay.

    If some powerful UN member or members, decided to arm the people of TnT, more than they are already armed, to bring down the government by civil war., Manning and Co would not stand a chance. We should be grateful that we are only small players on the stage of world affairs.

    Meanwhile, every African originated person, who purchases something made in China, is helping to kill children and burn villages in Darfur and other parts of Africa.

  17. I will refrain from politics for a change for there is no change there. I have left Trinidad for 29years now and have worked there for years. I was advised to claim my insurance being over sixty and sent all documnets etc etc to headoffice in Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain (NIS). This about four years ago. I have called and chased many times (mind you copies original birth certificate were sent back to me which is acknowledgement of receipt etc). When I called after many times they could not find documents. One said it should be sent to this branch and that branch etc. What is so difficult to sort and forward to the right branch in question??or rather write and inform me. Can they do office work there anymore ?or use discretion. I know everyone wants a degree etc but exercise it in doing work. It makes me wonder sometimes whether a degree is just a sort of accomplishment fullstop. I am very tired in chasing and to send again it will not be actioned for people there do not want to work. Why look for office jobs? there other manual things to suit some people. I think it is hopeless wasting my time. It is my entitlement but who cares? I am just tired and think I am just wasting my time and phone-calls. Sorry, but I am not very impressed.


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