Adult toys banned by Customs

August 17, 2018 –

Sex ToysCOURIER company, WebSource, is warning its customers against trying to import banned items or risk having their items seized by the Customs and Exicse Division.

Adult toys are at the top of that list.

In an email broadcast, the company said, “Please note that Customs will be inspecting all packages to ensure compliance with laws. As such, they can and will seize the items listed below and other prohibited items.”

In addition to a complete ban on all adult toys, citizens are also banned from importing camouflage patterned clothing, shoes, game controllers, headphones or any item with a camouflage pattern.

Honey, cigarettes, tobacco, tobacco products, plants, soil and toy guns are also prohibited.

Those wanting to import seeds and holsters must have required permits to do so.

The company said this list is not an exhaustive one.

Many social media users expressed their dissatisfaction with adult toys being placed on the list, questioning why such a ban is necessary.


6 thoughts on “Adult toys banned by Customs”

  1. So, regarding the contraband, i.e. the sex toys, do I hand them over to the police? I truly regret illegally acquiring these toys. What I do in the privacy of my bedroom seems to adversely affect my country; for my lack of patriotism I deserve to be hanged, drawn and quartered. My orgasms, so strong they are with the aid of my vibrator that they ripple throughout the land causing mayhem and panic. I see this now. Methinks I will find me a man, go before god and man and take that sacred vow. I also promise to have missionary, heterosexual sex strictly for procreation. I am so relieved and inspired that this great law has resurfaced to remind us heathens of the proper way to conduct ourselves. Down with those goddamed sex toys! Long live Trinidad and Tobago!

    1. Is Trinidad now a primarily Islamic country? Only 6 countries in the entire world (Islamic) has imposed a ban for religious reasons. What is the reason/basis for this lame law? How is using a sex toy in the privacy of your bedroom a crime? Pleasure is a crime now? I am a single hard working,law abiding female & using my toys relaxes me. I dont smoke or drink, now they want to ban a toy that can’t get me pregnant or give me a sexually transmitted disease?! Such a turn off!!living in Trinidad.

    SEXOLOGIST Dr Raj Ramnanan intends to petition the High Court to amend a law that restricts the importation and sale of adult toys in TT.

    Get rid of obsolete laws
    IT works against the cause of law and order when obsolete laws are allowed to stay on the books, to the point of becoming so pointless that common-sense dictates they be ignored and broken. Case in point is the recent courier company notice reminding the public that it is illegal to import adult toys.

  3. I am not sure if the population understands the implications of this law that deals with sex toys. The Section 46 (g) of the Criminal Offences Act forbids the sale, distribution or exhibition of “indecent” content. This not only affects sex toys but a wide range of areas include art galleries, Carnival, cable TV broadcasters and entertainers. While the law is not enforced, at any point it could be, as the Trinidad Express editorial notes. Thus, the public is vulnerable to however law enforcement interprets “indecent” at a point in time. This is just one example of many colonial laws that remain on our law book and successive governments have shown little interest in identifying and changing these archaic colonial laws. There are still laws on our books that outlaw or restrict obeah, public gatherings, same sex relations, marijuana, drumming, fortune telling, begging, loitering, placarding, indecent attire, suggestive attire, and “insulting, annoying or violent language”. Whenever these laws are enforced, it is usually a certain class of people who bear the brunt of being targeted and charged.

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