5th Summit of the Americas News: April 20, 2009

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Patrick Manning and the President of the United States Barack Obama

PM signs alone, no unanimity on declaration

Heads divided on Declaration of PoS

Summit plagued by disorganisation
US PRESIDENT Barack Obama opted out of posing for an official photograph for the Fifth Summit of the Americas when it was taken yesterday as several heads of State skipped the symbolic act amidst chaos at the Prime Minister’s Diplomatic Centre in La Fantasie, St Ann’s.

A summit in shambles
The Fifth Summit of the Americas has come and gone, and after all the pomp and ceremony, delegates and foreign journalists have come to one conclusion: it has been a mess. After going to five Latin American countries, earlier this month, to whip up support, Prime Minister Patrick Manning was the only leader to sign yesterday the document, the Declaration of Port-of-Spain.

Manning lauds spirit of co-operation at summit

Well Worth It
PM Manning defends big spending as summit comes to close

Chavez: Summit almost perfect

Leaders to embrace Cuba

Concern over Haiti
Leaders: A regional shame

Jack: Not enough Indian culture at summit opening

Four Opposition MPs attend summit

Manning calls for more funding for IDB

Barack charms Latin leaders

Obama goes to bat for Democracy
Braving the fierce midday sun on the deck of the Hilton overlooking the Queen’s Park Savannah, US President Barack Obama outlined his foreign policy principles, placing a high value on the promotion of democratic practices such as freedom of speech and religion which he described as universal values.

…wants ‘real change’ in Cuba

Panama in line to host next Summit

Cabrera not happy as protesters blocked

Obama denies US plot to kill Bolivia’s Morales
Violent overthrows of democratically elected leaders will not be supported by the United States, the country’s President, Barack Obama, said yesterday in response to claims by Bolivia President Evo Morales that Americans are behind a plot to kill him.

No harm in being polite
Obama responds to criticism on Chavez handshakes

Smooth departure for Obama

PM: We all want Cuba back

Jagdeo to US: Lift Cuban embargo to keep goodwill

Hot, hot Arrow hits bull’s-eye

Jagdeo sees region lagging
Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo says the region needs bold and big initiatives to catapult the area, not mundane, evolutionary hundred years transformation. “There are too many illiterate people and too much poverty for the region to remain competitive.

Obama praises local forces

Harper praises role of Caricom
Closing ceremony at Diplomatic Centre

‘Drummit 2 Summit’ accused to appear

After summit, questions linger

Now the numbers
Now that the Fifth Summit of the Americas is over, it is time to do an accounting. And we do not mean just the monetary kind.

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  1. International News:

    Obama’s Day: 2nd day of Americas summit

    Obama: Summit of the Americas ‘productive’

    Americas summit concludes in ‘new spirit of cooperation’

    Obama defends greeting Hugo Chavez
    The president says Americans want him to interact with foreign leaders and that the U.S. has nothing to fear from Venezuela. He stresses importance of collaboration and earning goodwill.

    Analysis: Obama gores foreign policy ox
    President Barack Obama has gone abroad and gored an ox—the deeply held belief that the United States does not make mistakes in dealings with either friends or foes.

    Hopes run high for warmer U.S.-Cuba relations after Americas summit

  2. this summit was not really a big ‘thing’ for trinidad and tobago

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