Imbert paints brighter mid-year picture

Economy turning around

By Gail Alexander
May 11, 2018 –

Colm ImbertAfter two and a half years of financial adjustment, Government’s now seeing its way.

The economy is turning around, revenue collection is up, the energy sector’s booming and the non-oil sector is also growing, Finance Minister Colm Imbert announced yesterday.

“From all indicators, we’re on the road to economic revival. In the words of Johnny Nash: ‘I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.’”

“If I’m allowed some artistic license: “Under this PNM Government, it’s going to be a bright sun-shining (sic) day’.”

Imbert painted a glowing picture of an economic turnaround as the highlight of his mid-year review of the 2018 Budget in Parliament.
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Finance Minister boasts economic gloom over for T&T during mid-year budget review
“I CAN see clearly now, the rain has gone,” Finance Minister Colm Imbert chirped yesterday, as he quoted “the words of Johnny Nash, later made famous by Jimmy Cliff” to signal the end of the gloom and doom and the dawn of Trinidad and Tobago’s ­economic revival.

9 thoughts on “Imbert paints brighter mid-year picture”

  1. The Unions will also be seeing clearly now in seeking on behalf of their clients increased wages and salaries in sync with the booming times ahead.

  2. The government actually did nothing to improve the economy. T&T once again is the lucky beneficiary of rising oil prises.
    The Leader of the Opposition is completely correct when she made the following remarks:

    People in the country cannot feel the good fortune of which Imbert boasts, she said, because they are at the mercy of criminal elements, in the throes of poverty, depressed and in a profound state of joblessness. The only thing the government has delivered to the poor people of TT was taxes, she said. The government, she said, had failed to deliver one major project. The inflation rate was low, she said, not because of the government’s monetary policy, but because of a lack of economic activity. The constraints on access to foreign exchange, she added, has paralysed small businesses. “The paradise we left in 2015 is now a nightmare republic in present day. We are a country that has crashed, where life has never been as nasty, brutish and short as it is now

  3. Imbert is challenging the wisdom of every reputable and qualified economist in T&T who disagree with his economic review.
    He is behaving like an egotistical, conceited ass in parliamentary debates on his midterm review.

  4. The Economy turning around has nothing to do with Fiscal measures being put in place, seeing clearly after the rain, the Floods are usually long in duration, accompanied with mass destruction.Some are willing to jump into the Political well being of the moment, lacking knowledgeable forethought.Trinidad, is like the Vulture, it kills nothing, but feeds off the killing of others. We are fooling ourselves, if we believe that our survival is not nestled in the bosom of Super Power politics.Oil and Gas, are the fuel that propels world industrial developments, Trinidad plays a minuscule part in that order, the powers should Educate the less fortunate of its perils, and why they are the ones who will always have to suffer when things take a downturn. I wrote in a previous comment, that because of Geopolitics, the price of Oil would take a turn for the better, how long? it all depends on the International power play that exists presently. Trinidad can, and will see through this, with good sensible planning + proper management.Trinidad, is in a good, not very good position as we speak. In this present juncture, Trinidad must put certain things in place to JAIL or EXECUTE corrupt officials, RADICALISM must replace petty talk, RURAL politics must be buried in the eternal garden, the voices of the Man in the streets must be listened to, property taxes must be paid by the RICH and well to do, the new DAWN should start in the NOW.We have seen over the years, how inept Rural politics can be, and the long lasting effects that entails, the EVIL of the mind have taken over every nick and cranny the last couple generations, presently, Mothers are unwilling to give the legal authorities access to their Criminal minded Sons, Policemen are willing to stage their own OK CORAL gun fights in the open view of the public, some may say that Trinidad is heading for the worst, but Trinidad, was born in GENOCIDE, SLAVERY and INDENTURESHIP, the worst continues to live in the midst.While Mr ROWLEY is in CHINA,i hope he starts discussions on China building a SEA bridge from TOCO to TOBAGO and do away with all this Ship transportation thing. Trinidad deserves the best in development, China, can provide that aspect,Trinidad presently, needs clear thinking people, not political POT HONGS, not we and DEM, but a new awakening, a beautiful petal emerging from the murky muddy waters.

  5. After two years of negative growth, the worst being 2016 with -8% growth, the economy suddenly turn the corner according to Imbert. Massy is laying off workers because they say the economic situation is grim. That comes on the heel of thousands already laid off.

    Oil prices will rise as uncertainty sets in the Middle East. Trump is determined to start a war with Iran. This war will involve several nations but it will affect oil prices. Petrotrin is heavily indebted, they have to repay interest on loans to the European market on three fail projects to the tune of billions.

    But Imbert had to put a smile on the balisier crowd. However the Central bank is noticely silent on this issue. Maybe they afraid of losing their jobs if they disagree with Imbert.

  6. The only time you could claim a turn around is when there is 3 consequtive quarters of growth. That means on the plus side. That has not been so, in fact 2016-17, the nation recorded –8% growth.

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