Bengal Shadows

Film: ‘Bengal Shadows’ by Joy Banerjee and Partho Bhattacharya

Tariq Ali introduces a documentary about the 1943 Bengal Famine. Historical films about Winston Churchill have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, with actor Gary Oldman tipped to win an Oscar this year for his portrayal of Britain’s war-time leader. One episode of World War II that is rarely discussed, at least in mainstream culture, is the Bengal Famine – for which, many believe Churchill is partly responsible.

3 thoughts on “Bengal Shadows”

  1. Interesting historical facts which highlights a man made famine with Winston Churchill at the helm. Today there is some solace where the dish of curry has now become a national dish in the UK.
    What is most nauseating is the cadavers were destroyed by vultures and canines whereas the holocaust resulted in cremation of most of the victims.
    The Japanese (inflicting sufferings on South Koreans) and Germans (inflicting sufferings on fellow Europeans) were made to pay for their deeds in losing world wars. Both Japan and Germany are financial and economic power houses today.
    Tariq Ali should release a film entitled ‘Reparations’ highlighting Jews, Africans and Indians sufferings at the hands of Europeans; of the three who is more better of today?

  2. I find it strange that nothing was said about Chandra Bose and his Hitler/Nazi supported Indian National Army in this offering.
    It’s no coincidence that the Swastika has been removed from the face of Hinduism in Trinbago (it’s the second most popular symbol in Hinduism after the Om).

  3. Ram K..i know ah off topic..but somehow ah like your crazy intellect..mee too……. take ipl for example..why does sunil..chriss…dwane..andre…and to ah lesser extent…badree…smith…young bravo… fletcher…etc…etc…etc…..go to find thier fortunes elsewhere? WHY?…Is ah big pictuure…This modern world needs forward thinking..

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