Meeting the ISIS challenge head-on

Trinidad Express
January 22, 2018 –

Trini ISIS fightersTHERE ought to be no question that the authorities here must see the urgency of the need to establish effective safeguards for the preservation of national safety and security, with the return home of persons who were enlisted as members of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS).

A report carried exclusive in this newspaper on Sunday revealed that men, women and children who had gone to Syria and Iraq, some of them having joined the terrorist organisation, had returned to Trinidad and Tobago. On the heels of this, as reported in yesterday’s edition, the Attorney General announced plans to bring legislation to Parliament to deal with this potential threat.

Major clauses in this proposed new legislation call for the imposition of million-dollar fines, and terms of imprisonment of up to 25 years, for persons leaving this country to undertake such ventures.
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9 thoughts on “Meeting the ISIS challenge head-on”

  1. If they left TNT to go and fight in Syria then they should not have been allowed back into the country. Once here they can meet and start their own jihad. Islam is a religion of the sword and conquest.

  2. Could the same be said of the Cuban intervention against Zaire, South African and the US backed militant groups in the liberation of Angola?

  3. What about those who join the US, British and other foreign armies that illegally invade and occupy other countries? Are these Trini nationals not supporting terrorism too? Where is our own definition of terrorism that should include what these foreign governments have always done to destabilise other countries?

  4. ISIS is known to have conducted the most brutal campaign against humanity. Raping every woman they could find and turning them into sex slaves. For these sick minded individuals, the scream of a girl getting raped brought them much joy.

    Additionally, there is footage of Trini Isis fighters playing “football” with the head of those they beheaded. Do we need those kinds of people in TnT. I say absolutely not. Get rid of them.

  5. The mis and disinformation that exist in Trinidad, one would have thought, that after 55yrs of so-called independence, our level of internationalism in articulating world geopolitics, would have been more erudite. ISIS, just like ALQAEDA and the TALIBAN, were created by the forces that will attempt to destroy them, only after they have outlive their purpose of chaos and destabilization. The USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the oil producing Gulf states, co-odinated by the CIA and Finance almost entirely by Saudi Arabia, are the stakeholders, in this international mayhem. Protracted never ending Wars, where National Armies are no longer needed, but paid Mercenaries. the young Criminal minded young Men leaving Trinidad for the LEVANT, ended up in the sinking sand, that only the dry desert sands of West Asia had to offer, the one 1000 dollars offered per week, to create chaos, came with a heavy price. The continued mis-education of Trinidad males both Indian and African, leave them out looking straight into the barrel of destructive ammunitions. Trump have already told Keith Rowley what is expected of him concerning the returning mercenaries, and true to form, Rowley is willing to follow Trump to the T. These returning young men and women, are coming home broken both mentally and spiritually, with a high dose of PTSD, does Trinidad have the wherewithal to rehab these returning citizens? time bombs just waiting to explode. 1990 initiated only a semblance of what these fighters experienced in the LEVANT, the conditions presently in Trinidad, is conducive for Havoc. Getting involved in religious political wars, is like jumping from the pot to the fire, Christian, Judaism and Islam, have collared the so-called Western World, whose foundation, is really conquest, murder, ethnic cleansing, Capitalism, Globalization and all the wrongs that the perpetrators have given us over the last 500yrs, in the name of CIVILIZATION.

  6. Just another third government that cannot satisfy its citizen needs. Hence they seek a livelihood elsewhere. Yes something is coming here bigger than 1990. That’s the word on ground zero. Not a one sided story with me. The TT government is a big waste of time. This is the same PNM government that was giving our gas away under Mr Jones for a mere 25 cents per million BTU because it had loads of heavy hydrocarbon liquids from a failed NGC design….same as fake oil but this time fake natural gas product make up composition that a consumer could sue for and win. In the ammonia industry like CNC the million dollar USA catalyst was always was coked up in just one year when in the USA this catalyst operates for over 10 years. I listened to Browne and Ramnarine two nights ago on CNC3 and no mention was made on Onstream Time Factors of this plant a KPI on performance or technology used. Hence without Pheonix Park capability now the heavies still exist. So with this article and the CNC news we are just not hearing the full story. WE ARE STILL ENSLAVED HERE IN TT and so as the foreigners like Koch continues to rape us some of us flee elsewhere.

    1. Again this U-Tube video gives only a small part of the story. Pull String or as the G-8s know it “networking” is one and the same. Its the method used to employ someone. In the first world it is very cleverly done to segregate the population and create haves and havenots. And of course this breeds the crime. So in Chicago for instances this crime becomes full blown just as in Laventille. And of course the driver is the cocaine or other more deadly drugs. Does its use occur in the USA. Of course but why…. When the complex human being wants all the money and joy in the world that human being strives to reach the top…whether as a key politician or successful businessman or businesswoman or head of a very successful business or even entrepenarship etc. And of course he or she pushes others under he or she to become addicts as well. It comes simply as trying to work 24 hours …7 days a week. The system demands it. Gangs become prevalent in the third world where lawlessness breeds to source these drugs. So when Trump talks about building a massive wall most people in the know understands he is playing the vast ignorant majority that this is stopping nothing but creating more revenue for Trump and his friends (millions of USD to build this wall). It is all a big game where most of us are played. And he gets to keep black or non white people from migrating to the USA. Of course his ban on certain countries and making America White again make up his other polices. This is all after they drained most of the wealth from the black countries since 1970 or since US civil protests or black power in TT. It was planned so cleverly. And still is. So your U-Tube video and its propaganda only takes a one day paged story and blows it up. But yes Carnival is a distraction done by outside exploiters using house Ns here. And yes we are the shithole countries. But god doh sleep. Soon the real evil 1% will meet their fate as they try to pauperise everyone here. Perhaps they want another Syria situation here. Who knows?

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