By Jada Loutoo and Corey Connelly
October 20, 2017 – newsday.co.tt

FloodingLarge sections of Trinidad were swamped yesterday by flood waters which continued to rise in certain areas following over 24 hours of non-stop rainfall which began on Wednesday.

As a result, the Meteorological Service yesterday maintained its riverine flood alert for Trinidad especially as the Caroni River burst its banks shortly after midday. In its 9.12 am bulletin, the Met Office advised that as opposed to street and flash flooding, riverine flooding is more prolonged and widespread.

It also reported that water levels in some major rivers as well as their tributaries reached threshold levels overnight and the flood situation would be exacerbated by rainfall yesterday accompanied by gusty winds. “(With) the occurrence of high tide at 3.50 pm, the flooding situation is expected to continue for the next 12 to 24 hours in areas already affected,” the bulletin said.
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Flood waters rise quickly in South: Residents reeling
It was hard to tell the roads from the rivers and drains yesterday. But the frustration and despair etched on residents’ faces told a story of the hardship to come.

Heavy agricultural losses
Acres upon acres of crops were submerged in filthy water in Penal and Barrackpore yesterday as a result of overnight and persistent rains during the day.

Drivers stranded for over 5 hours
Those were some of the remarks made Wednesday night by motorists who were among thousands stranded along the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, Chase Village, due to severe flooding caused after a nearby river burst its banks.

Floods from Coast To Coast
Three days of persistent rainfall has led to this developing disaster in villages and communities located in low lying areas or near rivers that have broken their banks.

Soldiers deployed as 200 ‘rescued’

The ODPM wants to update us: Press conference called

What’s hiding in this water? Teeth and fangs!

10 thoughts on “SWAMPED”

  1. It may be time to pay the piper, illegally built humongous homes and housing developments with no proper planning, are the major culprit and dumping refused in the rivers preventing its natural flow. The flooded ares are low lying lands, and the mass influx of developments during the last UNC/POP administration, have greatly contributed to the disaster we now have to live with.People can’t recall ever having to go through this calamity, in reality? the price is great, for not having a vision vis- vis the possibilities of our own doing.

    1. Why Government have to do everything for these Gimmi, Gimmi People. They Build on Land that is Not theirs, they dont help with their Environment. Ie, Clearing Drains,cleaning around where they live, Reporting Crime. Pay NO TAXES. BUT, when mother nature strikes, Some Rain. they cry, saying the Government is doing nothing.?? –Do these people ever see/hear about other POOR countries? earthquakes–mudslides–STORMS—hurricanes, JUST TO NAME A FEW. most GET no help. Shut up TRINI people.—Every thing FREE,—Have a Cost.

  2. The response of the pnm government to the victims of flooding is appalling and further confirms a racist and discriminatory stance of this government.
    When flooding occurs in south and central the pnm turns a blind eye to the plight of the citizens.This malevolent pnm regime cannot assist flood victims but is opening doors for Dominicans.The discrimination and malice is blatant the international community and aid agencies must take note of the malicious practices of the pnm.The venom against East Indians by the pnm runs deep in their veins and is going to poison their soul.The Hindus believe in the law of karma and it will lead to the destruction of this nefarious pnm government

    1. Oh Please AgentX, ‘PM Sinanan’ is on top of things. How many contracts were awarded to INDIANS under his ministry And how many were awarded to Africans?
      Allyuh doh change, still crying dem crocodile tears in 2017?

      >Sinanan: Rain just too much for channels

      Friday, October 20, 2017

      Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan says while he agrees there are irresponsible people who contribute to the flooding, he believes that the events experienced Wednesday into yesterday were caused because of the volume of rain that fell in the 60 hours.<


  3. $32 million allocated to clearing water courses, only $2 million spent, which explains the flooding. If the water courses are cleared the run off will be much faster.

    The Government need to address these issues. There are pumps that can pump thousands of liter in an hour. Those pumps along with flood gates must be maintained. The clearing of the water course must be done just before the rainy season. The additional challenge is non biodegrable garbage. Folks if a drain runs in front your house, once per month clear and clean it. Waiting on the government is like waiting on Santa Claus to come and bring you a Cadillac.

  4. The sad record of the Rowley Administration shows that it has been using national disasters whether at home or abroad to further divide and tear the delicate fabric of diverse T&T. First it was the Bret disaster where he showed to his followers these these people from Central and South ravaged by floods are of no consequence in the national scheme of things and left them to draw upon their innate resilience and fend for themselves. But God is good and he does not sleep in T&T.
    Secondly he knew his open door Dominican immigration policy will touch a sensitive raw nerve and ought to have held consultations with Kamla to achieve consensus but he went on all the same insensitive to the reaction of the people and did his thing.
    Now in the Divali Flooding disaster he further alienated the victims with his indifference with his ODPM appointee/CEO saying it was small thing according to him even though up to this afternoon flood waters have not subsided and people are still marooned starving without food and water

  5. The UNC is in a position to form a parallel government and assist the victims of flooding.The putrid minds of the pnm will promote resilience and soladirity among the Indian community.The UNC politicians and affiliated contractors who allegedly benefited from contracts must lend a helping hand to their supporters.
    Indian unity is needed at this unfortunate time.

  6. I dont think TRINI’S Will ever learn. Disaster strikes. All one hear is INDIAN dont get this, Negros get that, folk DONT Get this, want that.? Where are the Good/great stories, of people helping People.?? Its like they store up shit in the Brain, waiting just for the right time to let it out. Such Hate, such petite brain numbing CRAP. Remember FOOLS, The Country DONT have Wars, real Disasters. So why all these Negative comments/attitudes. Of late, I think its all about the FAST FOOD,you eat. When one hear/read, from SO CALLED educated Minds.—It leave one to wonder who the Jackasses are. –Bury the Hatchet,and work togather dumb folks.You are in this BOAT TOGATHER.

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