Consultations Without Representations on the Rapid Rail

A Rapid Rail
A Rapid Rail
THE EDITOR: The financial and technical monstrosity of the Rapid Rail (RR) hitherto incubated in Imbert’s secretive nest has at last now reared its head in the public domain after two abortive consultations that were scheduled for 18 and 19 January. But although NIDCO is the designated operator for building the RR and to whom the EMA issued the final Terms of Reference (TOR) on 24 December 2009 relating to the procedures to be observed for conducting the requisite Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) conditional to the granting of the Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) the Monday March 22 public engagement held at Kampo Restaurant Chaguanas was hosted by the TRINITRAIN Consortium. Not any single official from the EMA and NIDCO was present to answer to public concerns. The media, allegedly now under drug-lords influence but the custodians of democracy was blanked.
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PM: Drug dealers against me

By Cecily Asson
March 24, 2010

PM Patrick ManningPRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning has accused the country’s drug dealers of being “against me” ever since his government’s acquisition of tens of millions of dollars worth in security technology including a radar system, fast patrol sea crafts, interceptors and helicopters to tackle the drug trade.

And in a strange twist, Manning said that as a result of drug dealers viewing him as “the man who standing in their way”, he is now being attacked daily in the media.
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