Daily Archive for January 27th, 2009

Postpone the Fifth Summit of the Americas

By Stephen Kangal
January 27, 2009

Fifth Summit of the AmericasIt is imperative on the Manning Administration having regard to the current global financial and economic meltdown that is ravaging all Latin American economies to appreciate that it cannot spend over $2bn to provide an April platform for the conduct of hemispheric multilateral diplomacy as if it is business as usual. Since May 2008 when the T&T Concept Paper detailing the agenda of the Fifth POS Summit of the Americas was accepted, the economic, social and trading conditions in the 34- membership of the OAS including in the USA and the Summit Host, T&T, have deteriorated radically. Latin America is not the same today.
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‘Udecott bigger than Cabinet’

Calder HartJanuary 24, 2009

HDC clears Rowley
In a written submission filed on Wednesday afternoon with the Uff Commission of Inquiry into Udecott and the construction sector, the HDC effectively cleared former planning and development minister Dr Keith Rowley of any wrongdoing in the Cleaver Heights project by attributing apparent million-dollar discrepancies, in the contract total for the project, to “{two errors” contained in a letter of award drawn up by the HDC and addressed to the project contractor, NH International Limited.
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TSTT problems with Internet

Tuesday, January 27 2009

InternetTSTT has advised that it is currently experiencing fluctuations in the throughput of Internet traffic from one of its overseas third party suppliers.

In a statement yesterday, TSTT said it was closely monitoring traffic levels and was actively re-routing traffic as needed. However, some customers, TSTT said, may experience intermittent delays when downloading or uploading data.

TSTT said it will continue to monitor the situation to ensure systems are returned to normal operating levels within the shortest possible time frame and will advise customers as soon as more information is available.