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Heavy rains create havoc in North-West

December 22, 2008

Builders Warned
…Imbert knocks unscrupulous developers after Diego floods

Imbert suggests relocation
Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert says the ultimate solution to the flooding that has been experienced by those who live close to river banks in flood prone areas may be to have them relocated.
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Descent into animalism

By Raffique Shah
December 21, 2008

Trini PeopleIt has been that kind of year. It was unpredictable at the beginning, became tumultuous as it regressed (well, I can’t quite say “progressed”), and as it comes to an end it leaves one wondering: would I live to see anything like this again? If you are a humanist, a caring person, you also wonder if your children or grandchildren would experience anything worse than you have in 2008.
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