Heavy rains create havoc in North-West

December 22, 2008

Builders Warned
…Imbert knocks unscrupulous developers after Diego floods

Imbert suggests relocation
Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert says the ultimate solution to the flooding that has been experienced by those who live close to river banks in flood prone areas may be to have them relocated.

Imbert: $30m to fix Diego Martin River
Even as he praised the Highways Division of his ministry for plugging a gaping hole of about 200 cubic metres on the Diego Martin Highway within 36 hours, Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert said yesterday that about $30 million.

Hundreds trapped as hillside caves into road
Heavy rains brought a deluge of mud and slush into properties at Lachoos Road, Penal, on Saturday night, after a hillside, which was being excavated, caved in, blocking the entire roadway.

Landslides block roads in North
Motorists are being advised against using the Lady Young and Saddle Roads and parts of the North Coast Road which are being cleared of landslide debris, in the wake of recent heavy rains.

Slush, mud wreak havoc
Penal residents voice distress…

December 21, 2008

Diego Regional Corporation doesn’t have resources
to deal with flooding, landslides…

‘Save our homes’
Diego Martin resident Lisa Maraj is calling on Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert, Diego Martin Regional Corporation chairman Lindon George and any other relevant authority to help her save her home and those of eight of her neighbours from collapsing into the Diego Martin River

Bad weather hits Santa Cruz
While residents of Diego Martin and Maraval breathed a sigh of relief yesterday, residents of Santa Cruz held their heads in frustration.

Minister of nothing works
Questions arising about the integrity and reliability of civil engineering projects carried out during Mr Imbert’s tenure include failures as internationally humiliating as that of the Piarco runway repaving.

December 20, 2008

Muddy Xmas
6 children saved from raging flood waters in Tobago

Maraval left wet and muddy
FLOOD WATERS rose as high as five feet in some homes along Saddle Road in Maraval, as heavy rains throughout Thursday afternoon and night caused the Maraval River to burst its banks on two occasions.

Diego highway caves in
Torrential rainfall wreaked havoc in north west Trinidad on Thursday night, exactly one month after the deadly floods that devastated the same communities, but this time the extensive damage includes the cave-in of a section of the new multi-million dollar Diego Martin Highway.

41 landslides in North
BETWEEN Thursday and yesterday, at least 41 landslides were recorded in various parts of North Trinidad as heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding transformed solid earth into mudslides.

Clean-up crews out in full force as…
Heavy rains create havoc in North-West

Works Ministry crews were out early yesterday working on sections of the Diego Martin Highway which collapsed, as well as numerous landslides, debris and other problems washed down by Thursday night’s continuous 12-hour rainfall, Works Minister Colm Imbert has said.

Govt on flood alert

Widespread disruption of water supply

WASA plants go down
The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) hopes to restore the water supply today to several communities in north Trinidad after overnight rainfall on Thursday caused mechanical failures at several of its plants.

Disruption in Wasa service
Water production at several WASA surface water treatment in North Trinidad has been adversely affected as a result of torrential rainfall in the East-West Corridor over the past 24 hours, according to the authority.

Brace for more rain
Brace for more heavy rainfall and flash flooding this weekend, the Meteorological Office (Met Office) is advising in the aftermath of severe showers on Thursday night which caused havoc in North Trinidad.

24 thoughts on “Heavy rains create havoc in North-West”

  1. Just Imagine! This Government has enough money to build stadium after stadium, Calder Hart has enough money to pay his inlaws millions in contract and no one ever heard of them, hotel after hotel, 200 posh cars for outsiders and no money to save the locals from the torrential rains that is devestating their lives! Go Manning Go, Go Manning Go…and while you’re at it, See what you can do for Ruel Daniels and Ms.L.Edwards, they have your back!

  2. I have examined the above contribution and formed the opinion that its author should be charged for wasting valuable space. As with previous submissions, nothing sensible offered to stay within the framework of trying to inform or educate. Critcism is healthy, must contain facts and should not come across as childlike chatter.
    What is the agenda of this person “dasy 100′? Is it to have the site declared anti-government,or its operators careless upholders of false and misleading outpourings? To prove my point as to to the wastage by some of good space and opportunity, I pose these questions to Mr/Ms.dasy100:
    How many stadia did this government build?
    Where is the evidence re the Hart in-laws allegation?
    Where are these hotels after hotels being built?
    How would the “money save the locals from torrential rains”?

    I leave the 200 posh cars for now since the government is still uncertain about the use they will be put to after the summit. Some say auction, some say absorb into public service. Auction will be a sensible thing as a portion of the cost spent could be recovered and re injected into our system.

    Ms Daniels and Edwards can take care of themselves, I am sure.

  3. I would not even reply to your childish whimpering! Obviously you’re too busy caught up in your own life and a Trinbagonian when you get time! Had you been reading and keeping abreast of the goings on of the country you would know exactly what my points are addressing. Finally, I guess the WASTED money the PM is using for his private jet et al couldn’t be possibly used to enhance the infrastructue as in proper drainage so people could preserve their spot they have to rest their heads. No! I guess it’s a wiser government move to IMPRESS other government heads as opposed to helping distressed locals! Try reading and educating youself a bit more before coming to your ‘GOD’S’ (MANNING) DEFENCE!

  4. Well, once free advice is given one should take it and examine it for it may be beneficial at some point in one’s life. I took the advice of this erudite person and started reading voraciously. Everything I could put my hands on or lay my eyes on. Trying to find the answers to the questions raised in response to his earlier contribution. I tried the Freedom of Information Act and went in to the Minsistry of Sport.
    Q. Can youn tell me how many stadia This government built?
    A. None since the National Stadium. Where did this talk of stadium after stadium come from?

    Then I spoke to an Attorney-at-law who advised me re the Hart’s family allegations:
    One should await the outcome of the Commission of Enquiry into the Construction industry to see whether said allegations would be ventilated or not. Such persons as have made them may choose without the protection of Parliament to not broach the subject for fear of losing houses,lands etc. A good lesson to those who choose to revel in sensationalism / defamation of character.

    Next stop: Ministry of Planning and Environment.
    Q. Why didn’t the Ministry take the money the PM is wasting on private jets and enhance the infrastructure?
    A. Yes, we need to better monitor the development of sites in the mountains and hilly areas but then that alone will not give protection from flooding. What about the people who deliberately build houses on the river banks? The squatters? What good would money do them? The people who use the waterways to discard their fridges, stoves, mattressess and endless plastic bottles?

    To the Ministry of Education:
    Q.What should I do to better eduacte myself? What should I be reading etc.?
    A. To achieve the level of education as the person criticising you, you just have to enroll in the Barackpore High School and all would be well. There you would learn warped logic, sensationalism, and regurgitating snippets from a failed and dishonorable ex political leader. And then when a graduate student attack your inteeligence or accuse you of a lack of it, just smile and simply advise ” Go look in the mirror”!

  5. Congrats to Richard Stevens for rescuing this space from pointless childish ventillation. DASY100 might have noticed that I have removed myself from the generally idiotic noise that this outlet has descended into. I send my pieces to other papers now. You at least,sir, know how to do research. I am proud of one trini who tries to get to the truth. May others choke on their apoplectic gutterings. L.E.Edwards 12.24.08

  6. Congrats indeed Richard Stevens your presentation based on research would seemingly idicate that your level of Education if based on your research did indeed eminate from the Barackpore school. The fact that your research proved that no stadium was built after the National Stadium is erroneous and misleading to say the least.

    Fact: National stadium was built in 1982, now called the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

    Fact: The Larry Gomes stadium was built in 2001 in Malabar.

    Ato Booden stadium was built in 2001 in Couva

    Manny Ramjohn stadium was built in 2001 in Marabella.
    Dwight Yorke Satadium was built in 2001 in Bacolet, Tobago

    Finally, The Brian Lara Stadium is currently being built in South Trinidad.

    So much for your research, don’t look so hard next time. Perhaps being in a hurry to prove me wrong blind-sided you.

    There’s also a few more, but I highlighted these just for you.

    Finally, If your justification of YOUR PM, Manning spending profusely on a Self Gratifying private Jet is that the squatters have no business on the banks of the river and the disposing of ol’ fridge and stove in the river, it proves my point that the nationals of the country is worthless to the government and it’s leaders; and their only purpose is to support the PM and his cohorts live a lavish life-styly and suffice with the bone thrown at them from time to time.

    Please note: I have a wealth of resources available for research should you ever need.

  7. It takes a special person to sleep sound at night after causing so much pain to so many people; Manning is a special PERSON indeed! It also takes special people to appoint such a special person to lead them even though the pain and suffering is so immense that it sometimes lead them to commit suicide; but yet they dip their finger in the ink for him anyways. This is what makes Trinbagonians so special.

    They will blame the cops when their sons, fathers, uncles, nephews and friends get shot; blame the Doctors and nurses when their children are neglected and dies; they will blame the taxi driver when fares go up and blame the doubles vendor for raising his prices but NEVER BLAME the person responsible at the top.

    They will pray hard for health and strength for the opressor and wish the opressed dies. These are all special people that could only live in Trinidad and Tobago.

    People have lost their way in our country and the ol’ cliche has come to life – ” when the neighbour house on fire, wet yours.” Neighbours are no longer interested in the welfare of their neighbours any more. It appears every man is for themselves and to hell with the rest; as long as he/she is good to go anything could happen. When their neighbours are getting robbed, raped, murdered they lock up tight and come out when the police arrive and “they didn’t see nothing.”

    The current administration thrives on the fear of the people because it keep them in line. being a criminal in this country is very lucrative because the cops lack the resources to effectively apprehend them. No cars at the station, telephone out of order, not enough officers on duty etc.etc.

    Everyday is a special day for everyone just to make it to the next day. I often hear people say “boy trinis eh bet dey have belly nah.” That is the furthest from the truth, they are gutless bunch. It takes a special people to rise up and say “stop, enough is enough” and do something about.

    Tell them “bring de rum, in a bucket in a gallon, just bring the rum, jus bring the rum.” When the people can realize that Rum, caura river and Manzan” won’t provide a future for their younger ones then and only then will they ralize what has taken place; hopefully, it won’t be too late, but for now it will only get worse.

  8. Sometimes I recoil in shock or horror when I hear someone say to prove a point that they “read it or got it from the internet”. Most publishers would take the time to advise that persons should take the time to further verify the accuracy of information contained therein. It is a known and accepted fact by intelligent people that the internet is not the be all and end all of information.Human beings with all their frailities and biases contribute to the world wide web and many times information posted can shock the daylights out of the well informed.
    Case in point: Dasy 100, erudite, intelligent, educator that he is continue to spew misinformation and still has the temerity to advise persons here to visit his source of information. Whew!! His post was and I quote to refresh his memory: “This Government has enough money to build stadium after stadium”… My question was where are they, since I know as every other breathing T&T citizens, that THIS Government had not built any stadium since the Nat

  9. My apologies for the break. I continue:
    This government had not built any stadium since the National Stadium, now renamed Halsey Crawford. Jack Warner and FIFA would be displeased with your knowledge of the achievements of the UNC. You used the right tense this time with reference to the Brian Lara Stadium ie ” currently being built” but it is not sufficient for me to change my assessment that you lack credibility. You also wrote about hotels after hotels, and again propaganda, which sounds to be like a rehash of a Panday speech on some platform in Tableland.
    The government’s involvement in the hotel industry involves a 51% -49% partnership with the Hilton Hotel international . Then when the Tobago Hitlon began experiencing problems, to save the jobs of workers and to try to encourage and promote tourism in Tobago,the government purchased the Hotel outright. Similarly, the government bought Farrel House Hotel in Claxton Bay, again to save the jobs of workers at the behest of the Trade Union Movement, primamrily, the OWTU. That property has since being sold to private investors. The Hyatt Regency Hotel, built via the design, finance, manage method gives the Hyatt people favourable tax and other concessions to operate the hotel for 5 years after which it will be owned by the people of T&T. “Hotel after Hotel”?
    Ms. Edwards I thank you for your correct assessment of this good person. I too have however wasted good time trying to put him right. My only reason for so doing is that I am generally disturbed when I see falsehoods or inventive writing in any media. In my earlier time I have had serious debates with my children only to find out after that the misinformation or wrong points they were dying to defend were obtained from the media, internet included.
    There are some good contributors on here and I read them and still learn from them. I don’t think that a medium as this should be used lightly but should inform, educate and encourage various degrees of growth among its users whether it be in grammar, vocabulary or analytical thinking. Earlier I read where Mr. Neal has had to pull this person square and expose his stupidity and puerile contributions / agenda, thus my reference to Barackpore High School. My apologies if there is such a school.
    Dasy 100 please keep your wealth of resources and especially, keep it away from the children.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

  10. YOur unqualified assessement of me or anyone does not prove you to be anymore educated. Perhaps you wallow in your own self preservation hence being subjected to contribute to this forum and none else. Twist the facts as you may-a penny is a penny no matter how you add it. Your twist of the facts should be accepted as credible and recount the information found on the internet; so much for reliable sources.

    Perhaps your array of explosive prjoratives may find a home with certain other self declared elites among us, but when you come home-you come home to the less eduacated who have a knack for common sense and not supposition as you love to indulge in.

    I’ve always been one to embrace constructive criticism and learn from them-what I don’t engage in is defending the perpetrators of mass destruction by trying to defeat those that speak out. Perhaps you may want to pick up the cross for your currrent administration when the time comes for them to answer for their crimes. You can then bring with you the measure of wealthy information minus what is found on the internet and explain to the suffering nation why you think building government equity is more important than the people who pays for it.

  11. It is absolutely incredible and audacious of you to refute the findings surrounding the construction of stadiums as it appears on the internet. Perhaps you have your own library of sources that we should adopt as far as the history of the country goes. You criticize my findings and encourage others not to believe what is on the internet and yet you offer nothing solid in it’s place. It is CUSTOMARY to replace misinformation with the proper information and the athority with which you base it. I guess at your literary school those principles are not affected.

    It has become apparent that you are not concerned with the people of the nation but the leaders. It appears your motive on this forum is to defend the misgivings and misdeeds of the current administration and lay blame at the feet of it’s citizens.

    Looking through your eyes and imagery, I see the government doing an excellent job and providing, defending and caring for the nation and the people is to blame. I see the PM as a Hero-the dynamic duo (Mr&Mrs Manning) as the saviour of the nation and the people as descriminitive ingragtes who are whining for no reason.

    It is clear that the mention of the word crime through your eyes translates into racism and it should not be talked about but accpted as normalcy because there is violence world wide. Well, all three of you can attack, descriminate, belittle, demonise or denounciate me and or the others for calling it like it is; but nothing will change the facts; a penny is a penny no matter how you add it up.

    Finally, you critsize the internet of misinformation and encourage not to believe what is presented and accept your knowledgeable input yet you quote Mr.Neil on the “Barackpore school” and then apologize for not KNOWING whether there is such a school or not-so much for cridible sources. I can guarantee one thing, the people on this forum are more into the goings on of the nation that you possibly can be. You are probably holed up in some neighbourhood in New Jersey or Boston and read the blogs of the PNM forum and attach that to your repotoire of information.

    I once heard on a western movie “it takes three commanche to kill one apache,” This reminds me of you three-Danels,Edwards and you- with a twist-the UNHOLY trinity, if you know what i mean.
    and asking people to dismiss information that is available and believe your theory and your statistics; even though your knowledge is limimted in such areas. Perhaps you would like to offer your own opinion on the independence of the countr and it’s history in generalYou seem to think your VOCABULARY as meaningless as it is-should bewilder people and have them follow yourlead. This is so typical of a Manning follower as he himself proclaims the same.

    Your unqualified assessement of me and my general knowledge of our country is

  12. I knew there was a link Stevens. I really enjoyed this sharp and passionate interplay between yourself and dasy100, even if in the end you had to shockingly smack me hard in the solar plexus for what you consider as my ” stupidity and puerile contributions.” Let’s continue to be patriots and do what we can to uplift this wonderful country and its diverse people.

  13. Mr. Neal, I believe you misunderstood what I said. I was referring to your having to pull dasy square in one of your earlier contribution and expose HIS stupidity when you asked whether he got his education or facts or whatever from Barackpore etc. I never intended to criticize you and I apologize if I came over as having done so. Maybe my phrasing or construction was incorrect. Again I apologise.
    FINALLY… I will like to depart from this senseless interplay as Mr Neal calls it with a person who will not see the forest for the trees.
    I never said don’t use the internet. I meant do not put your head on a block and vouch for its vearcity. Other sources should be consulted to complement it. The source you referred to gave the names, location etc of the stadia. Good for you! The question remains – By whom were they built? You kept insisting this governemnt. THIS, my most knowledgeable teacher, is the operative word… THIS!!!
    And dasy 100, just so you know, one last time, I’ll say it slowly and as child-like as I can. THIS (meaning PNM) Government never built any stadium / stadia since the National Stadium. You have the facts at your finger tips. You gave me the dates that the new ones were built. Do you not remember that your party was in power in 2001? Ahh! Do you want me to quote you and have Jack Warner, Fifa, UNC sue me?
    Your above contribution reminds me of a programme on early radio called “Random thoughts about things in general”. I have been reading through over and over and can’t find anything substantial to grasp. Anyway dasy have a nice life, wallow alone in your new found intelligence and do not try to convince anyone that you know anything more than regurgitated speeches from discredited politicians. And please, don’t try to pass off the race bogey or read the race card into anything I have written. It has never been my style and at my age I am sure it never will.
    And just so you know… I am a born, bred and intend to dead Trinidadian (Citizen of T&T) who have never left this land for anything more than two weeks in any one year at a time. I aint holed up no where in NJ. I live here and that is why I cringe when folks like you with a diet of lies, untruths and plain ole TATA use an educational forum, such as this one could be,to spew your wealth of vacuous commentaries.
    Beware people!!!

  14. IT seems that i’ve plucked a few feathers from your wing-i’ll let you roast with those thoughts for a while. It’s obvious where your heart and soul is when it comes to politics. I can bet my bottom dollar you wouldn’t go to BARACKPORE and have this argument in a rumshop. Thank the lord for the internet and forums like these that you can defend like a trojan horse your government and their deeds. I’ll guarantee you wouldn’t sit in that rum shop and tell the squatters it’s their fault for getting flooded out and should find somewhere else to live.

    Trinidad and Tobago have never had a government that rallies around it’s citizens, it has always been about power and their own agenda. Panday, ANR Robinson, Chambers, Manning have all been failures. I’ve never announced support for any party or party leader on this forum but you find it appropriate to align me with the UNC! I wonder why? I know! because I’m anti-Manning I must be pro Panday/Warner/Dookeran! lol…typical Trini “if you ain’t for me, then you against me.” Sorry to disappoint you.

    While it is true that the UNC did build the stadiums with great financial restraints and control, Manning insists on making upgrades that is now costing double, tripple and fupple what the original cost was. why is the Brian Lara Stadia not completed yet? why is it costing almost extra $200milion over budget? You know why-because he’s a jackass and he duncee; and fighting to build a legacy, a legacy that No one wants to remember, well perhaps a few of YOU here, but that’s about it.

    That is I have a hot iron to stick up his **U)YY&T and leave the hot side for him to hold. He can over budget a stadia but stop work on a hospital; what will it actually take for your PNM’ites to admit that Manning is the or one of the biggest failures Trinidad and Tobago ever had for a leader. He and his side kick (Mr.and Mrs. Dagwood and Blondie). As for your my friend, you’re a PNM die hard, I just hope you never have to lay down in a hospital bed in Trinidad with your life hanging in the balance; I wouldn’t wish that on my worse enemy.

    You have taken all the potshots at me, called me every name you can think of, tried to uplift yourself as being “a smart one,” as well as a liar! I take that with a grain of salt! and smile :), because I know in your heart you know that i’ve only spoken truthfully, the way it is, like it or not.

  15. Your advice to dasy100 is spot on Mr. S. One should really take most things that are projected as facts on the internet with ‘a grain of salt,’ as some of us from rainbow country l like to fondly say. After reviewing your comments , I can see your point especially when you quoted me on ‘Barrackpore High school.’ Apologies are in order on my part as well. Hang in there my friend, and yes ‘ keep them honest,’as they like to say in New Jersey , or is it in Saskatchewan?

  16. Good editorial policy should indicate that when a discussion on a topic of national importance descends into a tit-for -tat between two people, as this one has obviously become, it should be stopped.

  17. One could not help but be a bit sympathetic for the wonderful folks in the low lying areas of the country. According to news , residence affected by landslides and floods were primarily from Maraval, Santa Cruz, Diego Martin, Cocorite, North Coast Road, Las Cuevas, Blanchisseuse Main Road, Mt St Catherine, Tunapuna, St Joseph and Gasparillo, and ,Latchoos Rd Penal. “Save our homes Mr. Colm Imbert” said Lisa Maraj – a Diego Martin frustrated resident. “People are selling and moving away , and property values are falling,” said another befuddled Maraval resident of an upscale community that experienced 3 floodings in the past few months.
    “It’s the people that live on the hills,” lamented another. “We will have to get tough with developers , and even dredge many of these rivers, but this would require millions of dollars, exclaimed the pandering Works Minister for the benefit of the television cameras ,and many angry constituency members.
    I could not help but remember some 25 years ago as I too lived on a hill in a certain unnamed part of the country where flooding was the norm, and the people to this day still depend on a underground spring for water, and are rift with poor drainage.
    I could still remember fondly where my car would be stuck each time a flood occurred , and I had to depend on a local residents to help push me out of my quagmire. Unfortunately for the kids of such an area and others in the community , some of us that perhaps that could make a difference , uprooted, and ran ,after years of beseeching the authorities for help , but to no avail.
    The folks from this community still won’t hear a Minister speak about efforts to improve infrastructures so that they too can feel safe . They have gotten use to complaints of abuses to the environment, destruction of the hills, unplanned house construction, and today every criminal behavior across the country that one can conjure up. Unfortunately, no one dares to make any authentic move to rectify the problem by moving people out of inhabitable areas, or using the vast resources to rectify long neglected basic infrastructure.
    It was said by a famous feminist that ” the personal is political .” Perhaps there is some truth in that comment,but who might step up for the neglected, when distracting political overtures can bear more devidents /fruits in so called divided ‘rainbow country.’

  18. dasy100 the only thing more looney than your insufferable trips of literal fantasy is the fact that people bother to respond to you. If I have a choice between Patrick Manning and anyone you support, I will go to the trenches for Manning. People like you are like pond scum. The day any organization with a majority of your kind get into office in T&T there will be a revolution. Ignars like whose mouth is where their asses should be and vice versa represent the barnacle that impedes the progress of the state. $%#@& you.

  19. hahahah, xcellent piece! Given a little time, the TRUE colours definitely emerges! All you choice words makes you the king of the hill/queen or both if applicable! It is because of people like you T^&T is the way it is. Pray on the weak and with a lot of help from your MASSA, MANNING! But remember, Trenches have respect for now one, but it’s just that those that dig the trenches tend to fall in them!

  20. dasy100, how are you my friend? You’ve got to take it a bit easy , as it is claim that doing otherwise can be detrimental for one’s health.
    I once saw a quote some years ago that was written on some obscure area , I cannot rememer. It was of some significance to me at the time ,and stated as follows:- “An emotional police is not only useless, but ineffictive.” I am doing some paraphrasing here.
    Same I believe applies to bloggers. I am not saying that you fit the bill – mind you. I have also being known to get passionate and fustrated at times since I pounced on this wonderful forum outlet last March, but in time one can see the gist/ logic of a fiesty fellow national with a different perspective.
    Let’s agree on this. The PNM led today by Mr Manning did make some mistakes and there is still much work left to be done. The Opposition must be prepared to capitalize on these mistakes if they are to seize the reign of power.For me they too must also acknowledge their roles in contributing to the political malaise , economic stalemate, and social dysfunction that exist in the countryand cannot expect to wash their hands like pontious pilot to every problems that is bombarding us today. I can elaborate if you wish in time especially on the question of crime.
    Both parties have a base , and many from within that respective base have suffered from neglect . It is time to tear up the old political playbook if the people’s will are to be address by present or prospective leaders .Get moving , an be part of the solution . Regards.

  21. I have watched carefully over the last few months people trying to justify and minimize the status quo of the country! Sending an disengenuous message of togetherness; trying relentlessly to navigate away from the responsibility of the current administration. Using every angle possible to weaken the minds of those capable of using blogs such as this to voice their opinion and perhaps encourage influence others to take action.

    When you have One person changing names to make it appear as though there is consensus among them amplifies the notion that people are fedup living the way they are currently and change is tentative and the current administration knows it. Therefore their soldiers are out here trying vigorously to make sure people live with blinkers on.

    In general, Trinbagonians are a patient people they spend most of their time trying to pvovide for their family and other dependents and are lackluster when it comes to national issues, that is, until if affects them personally. The struggle of OWTU, TTUTA, are no longer front page news as it was 20yrs ago; cost of living, murder, rape, corruption, constitutional rights and freedoms are now in the forefront, even for those who can’t even spell the word CONSTITUTION!

    Their patients have now run out and they know that they are entitled to better things. They are tired of watching their babies die, ralatives and friends murdered, home invasion, women being raped in broad daylight, the Prime Minister acting like Hitler with the intentions of rewriting the constitution to fit his needs and wants.

    As you said Neal “take it easy,” and the emotional police bit; I am what I am! and that is a CONCERNED CITIZEN. Concerned about the welfare of our nation and where it’s headed. Is this the Trinidad and Tobago we want our children and grand children to grow up in? I think not. The mere joy of long ago, taking a walk at night with a girlfriend, husband, wife or just alone has become a life threatening and dangerous activity, why should I take it easy?

    I am deeply offended that the Prime Minister has the gall to walk into a radio station and get people suspended but does not have the balls to take a stand against the siege that the country is under. Yes, I am pissed that our cops are not equipped well enough to apprehend criminals in a timely fashion nor the facilities to conduct proper investigations to put away those dregs and unwanted individuals called humans in society, that is causing the death toll to rise as though it has yeast enshrined it.

    I have a right to be pissed and render my opinion regardless of who is offended. They can cuss me till’ mornin come and I will be relentless.

    Most people are afraid to state their true opinion because of political correctness and the chances of being spurned on a blog like this. That is why the race card is played on here by the administrations defenders. All it takes is one indian to complain about anything, murder, rape, kidnapping, whatever! then the race card begins just because it’s an indian he HAS to be talking about an African. My opinions are based on the facts as they presents themselves. We can run from it, but you can’t hide from it; and not speaking out is interperted as being satisfied with it!

    Finally, I just hope those people who have read the articles on this blog do so with an open mind! Is it wrong to demand a government that works for the people! This government has not demostrated it’s ability to lead a pack of dogs let alone people. It has demonstrated how to take a “once rich and free” nation and turn it into a place that most people think of getting away from; not because they don’t love their country but because they may not live long enough to enjoy it.

  22. I hear, or rather ‘read you loud and clear Curtis. You are indeed justified in highlighting your outrage at any shortcommings you observed in regard to our beautiful country, and should not be intimidated from presenting the ‘facts’as you see them , or likewise into sucumming to “political correctness,”by what you’ve characterized as “administration defenders.”
    Sometimes however, one can have the best of intentions in the world as far of dealing with a pressing social/ political problem ,but your actions would come to zero if no attempts are made to get to the real heart of the matter.
    When a man is starving for example , I always believe that he would not be satisfied if you purchase a fine five course meal from the best resturant in the world and rub it outside on his stomach.
    I am on record to state what must be done to ease many of the social problems in this country. Few would feel inclined to follow my advice since many in the drivers seat are ill prepared to “give a wing to the man that made it possible for them to obtain the chicken today .” We prefer to opt instead for costmetic gestures , scapegoating tatics, and medivial political ploys .
    Trinidad and Tobago would be no better even if you were to uproot the Canadian legislature from Ottawa its home and bring it to our country after you drown the entire PNM- and yes- UNC leadership and parties in the Ecacas sea, so that they drift off to much beloved Chavez our neighboring henchman .Stay strong.

  23. I obviously intended to address the last comments to dash100,and not Curtis as indicated.My apologies.

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