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Harry Mungalsingh’s distinct national development plan

By Marion O’Callaghan, newsday.co.tt
Monday, March 19 2007

This is what Harry Mungalsingh, speaking in the Senate, said:

Jail“As far as I know, 83 percent of the prison population come from specific communities which predicates the need for a strong and distinct national development plan accepted by the entire society for these specific 16 communities and you know what communities they are. Such a plan must include the churches. A change in abortion laws, strong family planning service with cash incentives for voluntary sterilisation re-education.”

I have repeated what Harry Mungalsingh said in the light of some comments which attempt to turn this into a pro-abortion debate. Crucial to this pro-abortion position is that perhaps Harry Mungalsingh was unwise to say this, but after all no big t’ing since sterilisation is voluntary.
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