Daily Archive for September 24th, 2006

Manning ‘bombed’ by Bombardier

By Raffique Shah
September 24, 2006

Politicians, especially those who are in power, must know they are under intense public scrutiny, whatever they say or do. Once they have offered themselves for office and are elected by the people, they become public property. It’s a reality that many may be uncomfortable with. But if you commit yourself to politics, expect the masses to offer you no quarter. Opposition politicians can get away with murder or slightly lesser crimes when they reduce themselves to comic status, when they provide entertainment, not serious challenge for office.
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Cussing and Critical Interpretation

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
September 24, 2006

Every parent has a right (nay a responsibility) to monitor what his or her child reads and to comment upon its appropriateness or non-appropriateness. It follows that the Ministry of Education has to assume the responsibility for the materials that are taught in our schools rather than pass the blame on to “professional experts” who have been selected to choose the materials. Apart from the desire to expunge “literary material that is unsavory” to our children, the Ministry of Education must offer a better explanation of what literary material is selected and why.
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