Daily Archive for August 13th, 2006

Blame Bush, not Bin Laden

By Raffique Shah

If there was any surprise over last Thursday’s transatlantic airline crisis it was that British security forces, working in collaboration with Pakistan’s, managed to pre-empt what could have been a disaster of immense proportions. But sadly for the millions who must travel by air every day, and who have nothing to do with the root causes of a would-be mass mid-air murder, the risks have not diminished. George Bush, who has taken the world to the edge of disaster, is still around-will be for another two years-to peddle his devious non-strategies.
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A Small Beginning: The UCIBIDES reading project

By Linda Edwards

This project, now completed at the Russell Latapy Secondary School on July 17 to 28, aimed at providing additional reading support services for children in the under-served areas of Morvant/Laventille, who were identified by their sending schools as being less advanced than their peers. In some cases, they could hardly read.
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