Daily Archive for May 19th, 2006

Louis Lee Sing’s Compulsory National Service

By A. Hotep Audio

The discussion on Compulsory National Service is taking place on the backdrop where people in this society do not like facing and openly addressing racism, colorism, gender biases and classism, amongst several of the other ills mentioned, that are largely as a result of slavery and our colonial experiences.
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Children and the general insensitivity of people

A. Hotep’s comments on i95.5 FM about:
1) Alternative reports that states that the Iran President Ahmadinejad did not deny the Jewish Holocaust and;
2) Street Children and the general insensitivity of people towards them.

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Cops move on CJ’s Chambers

FRAUD Squad detectives yesterday obtained a warrant to search the Chambers of Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma at the Hall of Justice.

This move has come as the investigation into allegations that Shar-ma attempted to influence Chief Magistrate Sher-man McNicolls in the recently concluded trial of former prime minister Basdeo Panday draws to a close.

The action has also occurred while Sharma is attending an overseas conference in the Czech Republic and while lead investigator, Assistant Commissioner of Police Wellington Virgil, remains at a private health institution recovering from minor surgery to his left foot.
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