Children and the general insensitivity of people

A. Hotep’s comments on i95.5 FM about:
1) Alternative reports that states that the Iran President Ahmadinejad did not deny the Jewish Holocaust and;
2) Street Children and the general insensitivity of people towards them.

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With regards to the claim that Iran (the Iranian President Ahmadinejad) denied the Holocaust, I know for a fact the Associated Press carried a report that stated, “Iran Official Recasts Holocaust Comments“. CNN carried a report titled, “Iran: Holocaust remarks misunderstood“, and Wires also carried a report headlined, “Iran: Ahmedinejad’s Holocaust Comments ‘Misunderstood’“.

It’s just like the Venezuela issue. Some of these reports are out there but many mainstream media do not carry them because of certain agendas. I did a search and several news agencies carried reports denying statements that have been reported to have been made by the Iranian president.

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Yesterday you asked if people care about children, and I would say, in a kind of sense most people care about their own children, but generally speaking people are insensitive and uncaring. The insensitivity is what can be addressed by those who take steps to develop themselves through grasping a proper sense of themselves throughout history alongside developing their character. I have explained this in the past ‘ad nauseum’.

About ten years ago when I first took to the airways, it was to highlight the plight of street children. I was condemned by defenders of this same government in office who were saying we do not have a street children problem. The denials continued until the Mirror Newspaper interviewed some of the children. Following that, TV6 did a report, and then they finally agreed we had a street children problem.

What the children said would have happened back then, actually happened. The children said they didn’t want to talk to the media because after the news report the government will just gather them up and throw them in homes where there will be further abuses.

The situation with one of the homes down South where several children had to be removed reminded me of what I was trying to share a while back when people were talking about just putting these children in homes. I told them that the abuses were taking place in the homes as well.

How I have been dealing with it for many years wasn’t about corralling the children back into homes. I felt the society wasn’t prepared to deal with it properly and they would just put them out of sight and out of mind.

That is why I had a kind of ‘open door system’ to assist the street children rather than force them to be one way or the other. Now we can do better. Unfortunately, I know because of the little child’s death they are going to make a ‘hurray’ about these issues for now. You will hear reports about certain parties being arrested and so on, but soon the concerns will all disappear again.

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  2. Social justice advocacy, therapeutic and purposive jurisprudence, social action to achieve social reform and structural change in policies, practices, and laws, but the big question is where are the advocates, because policies are only a statement of what should be done, what is missing in T&T, are those with the courage and the commitment to ensure it is done.

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