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Chavismo Lives!

Hundreds of thousands have gathered in Caracas to pay homage to Hugo Chavez (AVN)
Hundreds of thousands have gathered in Caracas to pay homage to Hugo Chavez (AVN)

By Stephen Lendman
March 06, 2013

Hugo Chavez (1954 — 2013) at The 5th Summit of the Americas[/caption]Venezuelans mourn. Chavismo lives! Bolivarianism is institutionalized.

Venezuelans expect no less. They want no part of their ugly past. They’ll put their bodies on the line to prevent it. They did before. They’ll do it again.
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Hugo Chavez dies after battle with cancer

Hugo Chavez at The Fifth Summit of the Americas 2009 held in Trinidad and Tobago
Hugo Chavez during The Fifth Summit of the Americas 2009 held in T&T

Trinicenter Reporters
March 05, 2013

Vice President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro announced on Venezuela’s television that Hugo Chavez passed away on Tuesday afternoon at around 4:25 p.m. after a two year battle with cancer. He was 58.

Since coming into power 14 years ago, Chavez embarked on a socialistic revolution that saw sweeping changes across Venezuela.
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President Hugo Chavez has Died

By Tamara Pearson
March 05, 2013 –

President Hugo ChavezAfter two years of battling cancer, President Hugo Chavez has died today at 4.25 pm.

Vice-president Nicolas Maduro made the announcement on public television shortly after, speaking from the Military Hospital in Caracas, where Chavez was being treated.
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IV CARICOM-Cuba Summit
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By Clint Chan Tack
Friday, December 9 2011 –

CUBAN PRESIDENT Raul Castro yesterday slammed United States (US) President Barack Obama for failing to keep a commitment he made at the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Port-of-Spain in April 2009 to lift the 49-year-old embargo which the US placed on Cuba since 1962.
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Chaguaramas named in $830m drug bust off Spain

By Sampson Nanton
September 24, 2010

CocaineBritish and Spanish police are investigating why 1.5 tonnes of cocaine, worth close to $1 billion, left Chaguaramas earlier this month aboard a yacht headed for Spain. The yacht was traced across the Atlantic Ocean by satellite after it left Trinidad until Spanish Police intercepted it on Monday. The drug haul showed similar signs to one of the biggest drug cases in Ireland two years ago, which also had strong links to T&T. The La Flibuste yacht, a UK-flagged vessel, was moored at Chaguaramas earlier this month before leaving with the cargo of 1.5 tonnes of cocaine hidden in a false roof of two of the cabins.
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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on How to Tackle Climate Change: “We Must Go from Capitalism to Socialism”

December 23rd 2009
by Amy Goodman – Democracy Now!

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

President Hugo ChavezVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez spared no criticism of the climate conference in Copenhagen. At a joint news conference he held with the Bolivian president Evo Morales on Friday afternoon—this was before President Obama announced the accord—Chavez called the proceedings undemocratic and accused world leaders of only seeking a face-saving agreement. He described President Obama as having won the “Nobel war prize” and said the world still smelled of sulfur, referring to his comments about President Bush at the United Nations last year. Well, shortly after the news conference, I caught up with President Chavez for a few minutes.
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