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No New Property Tax

Karen Nunez-Tesheira and PM Patrick Manning
Karen Nunez-Tesheira and PM Patrick Manning
THE EDITOR: I acknowledge that taxes must be paid and sometimes increased in order to maintain and develop the society. Any government could point to all they ‘did for the people’ with our taxes and natural resources dollars, but I am sure if people scrutinize the projects we would find corruption as the underlying reason they bought into many ideas or chose certain companies to work with. Ever so often, a case will get the attention of the wider public.
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They should have done the Percy ‘X’

Percy Villafana doing the Percy ‘X’
Percy Villafana doing the Percy ‘X’
By Andre Bagoo
Sunday, May 16 2010 –

WE ARE ALL familiar with the rough details of the incident involving 81-year-old pensioner Percy Villafana and Prime Minister Patrick Manning. But have people really analysed the significance of this incident properly?
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Malice over Nalis

The National Library
The National Library
Newsday Editorial
Saturday, May 15 2010

Had the National Library and Information Service refused the People’s Partnership request to use NALIS for the launch of the latter’s Political Manifesto, the matter would have passed relatively un-noticed. But that was not the case. NALIS accepted the booking for the Library’s facilities, accepted the payment for them, and met with the Party on site, all during the lead-in to the proposed manifesto launch. No questions were raised about the propriety of holding a manifesto launch there, beyond, we assume, the normal requirements regarding noise, decorum and a deposit against damage to property.
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Really, Mr Manning?

Dr Keith Rowley, Calder Hart, Patrick Manning & Hazel Manning
Keith Rowley, Calder Hart, Patrick Manning & Hazel Manning
Newsday Editorial
Friday, May 14 2010

MANY must surely question how closely PNM leader Prime Minister Patrick Manning is actually following the wonderful list of ideals for handling his Cabinet Ministers, that he espoused to a PNM rally at Fyzabad on Wednesday night.
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Is a Letter of Comfort needed from Daaga?

Candidate for Laventille West (N.J.A.C) Makandal Daaga
Candidate for Laventille West (N.J.A.C) Makandal Daaga
By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
May 12, 2010

Dear Mr. Manning:

I was disappointed when you called upon Makandal Dagga to apologize to Christians for his having desecrated [your words] the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception during the Black Power Revolt of 1970. I was even more disturbed when you castigated him for wearing a dashiki in these post-Black Power Days although you wear African clothes on Emancipation Day, one of the few concessions that you make towards your African-ness.
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RC priest: No problem with NJAC

Candidate for Laventille West (N.J.A.C) Makandal Daaga
Candidate for Laventille West (N.J.A.C) Makandal Daaga
RCs scoff at PM’s demand for Daaga apology
Members of the Roman Catholic Church are distancing themselves from comments made by Prime Minister Patrick Manning that Makandal Daaga should apologise for his role in the 1970 desecration of the Cathedral in Port-of-Spain.
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Road-Paving Problems in Maraval

La Seiva Terrace, Maraval
Recently paved road: La Seiva Terrace, Maraval Reporters
May 05, 2010
Updated: May 11, 2010

On Saturday 1st May, 2010, contractors working for the Ministry of Works paved the roadway of La Seiva Terrace, Maraval. Initially, we were somewhat surprised that they choose to pave that road as we did not believe that the road required paving at this time.

Prior to paving the road, the contractors removed the top layer or asphalt, and left the road bare for about a week. With traffic on the road, this left our community very dusty – exacerbating an already bad dust and ash problem caused by the dry season with bush fires in the hills.

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Election 2010: An Opportunity for Change

Election 2010

By Heru
May 03, 2010

Here is my blunt take on this upcoming election. Neither the UNC and their United Force of Change nor the PNM are truly convincing to me but that cannot stop me from taking steps now that would be part of a process to get improved governance. Doing nothing is not an option as it can encourage the wrongs that exist to continue and for non-doers to be also complicit in them. There is no way that we will be absolutely absolved from complicity in the wrongs of any government. We have to continually work at ebbing away our complicity by working towards improved governance which starts with people being honest and objective about what they want and how they go about getting it.
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Unveiling The Property Tax Debacle

By Stephen Kangal
May 01, 2010

Karen TesheiraAfter the huff and puff of the ill-advised, arrogant and disrespectful steam-rolling of the Property Tax Bills at an undue frenetic pace through Parliament December last that caused discomfort even to HE The President, Finance Minister Karen Tesheira continues to bluff and attempt to hoodwink property owners.
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George Daniel passes on

By Nalinee Seelal
April 08, 2010 –

George DanielChairman of the Local Chapter of Disabled People International, (DPI), George Daniel succumbed to an unknown illness yesterday morning at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Daniel, 45, of Santa Cruz, was reportedly ailing for some time. However, details were not divulged.
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