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BREAKING NEWS: Calder Hart Resigns


Calder Hart resigns from Udecott
Calder Hart resigns from Udecott
Calder Hart has resigned from Udecott and all other state boards in Trinidad and Tobago.

ALMOST two years after allegations of corruption were first made against him, Calder Hart yesterday resigned as the Udecott executive chairman and as the chairman of four other state boards he had been appointed to under Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s administration.
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Hart family ties to UDeCOTT contracts


By Andre Bagoo
March 05, 2010

PM Patrick Manning and Calder HartTHE CONGRESS of the People (COP) yesterday called on Prime Minister Patrick Manning to immediately account for his failure to take action against Udecott executive chairman Calder Hart in light of fresh evidence linking Hart to a company his board awarded $820 million in contracts.
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Firestorm is a-coming

By Raffique Shah
January 03, 2010

ProtestShould political turmoil erupt in 2010, it wouldn’t be because of the Property Tax or government’s now toned-down spending spree. The opposition, united or divided, cannot trigger mass action, the kind we experienced in 1970. If anything, it’s the extreme insensitivity of uncaring ministers-Peter Taylor’s ‘living off the fat of the land’, Gaynor Dick-Forde’s ‘only 12 people against the tax’, Neil Parsanlal’s Goebbels-like, weekly media-bashing-that would send angry masses streaming onto the streets.
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Rowley hits property tax

By Sean Douglas
December 20 2009 – newsday.co.tt

Dr. Keith RowleyDIEGO Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley believes that people from all walks of life are angry at the Government’s property tax which they blame on squandermania. Rowley was speaking on Friday in the Lower House on two bills to bring the new tax, the Property Tax Bill 2009 and the Valuation of Land (Amendment) Bill 2009.
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Leave this ‘House of Clowns’, Mr Speaker

By Raffique Shah
October 25, 2009


ParliamentWITH the greatest deference to House Speaker Barry Sinanan, I think he should realise by now that he presides over a House of Clowns. If he values his integrity, he should run like hell, but not before he inflicts some choice words on the 41 jokers who sit in Parliament. In case the Speaker is short on gems from the “mooma-lexicon”, he can feel free to summon my help, since I co-authored the Obscene Dictionary.
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By Sean Douglas
October 20, 2009 – newsday.co.tt

UDECOTTPULLING no punches as he fearlessly trained his guns on his political leader, Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley yesterday launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Patrick Manning, declaring the Udecott scandal was ten times worse than the Piarco Airport affair and warning that come the next General Election, the issue would be about PNM corruption.

Uff inquiry postponed until further notice

Sunday, September 6 2009

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Calder HartTHE HEARINGS of the fourth and final phase of the Uff Commission of Inquiry into Udecott, which was expected to start tomorrow, was yesterday adjourned “until further notice” by its chairman Professor John Uff.

In an email sent by the inquiry’s secretariat to all the parties to the proceedings yesterday, it was announced that the hearing would not take place, but instead a press conference would be scheduled for 11am on Monday.
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Corruption poster child

Newsday’s Editorial
Thursday, April 2 2009

PNMIt seems that every expert testimony given so far to the Uff Commission of Inquiry has revealed mismanagement, technical incompetence and, perhaps, deep-rooted corruption.

The testimony given by engineer Arun Buch last Tuesday on the Tarouba Stadium project was especially damning. “I have never seen anything like this,” said Buch, who has more than 30 years experience in the construction industry. But he placed blame for the myriad faults at the feet of Turner Alpha Limited, who were responsible for the stadium’s design. Udecott, said Buch, was not culpable, since the corporation was not required to know about design issues.
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The Politics of Personal Grievance

By Dr Selwyn R. Cudjoe
June 19, 2008

Dr. Keith RowleyKeith Rowley insists he wishes to clear his name so that his children would know he is an honorable man. The only problem with such a pursuit is this: what happens after he has cleared his name? While his desire is admirable such nobility matters little in politics. I know of no political movement in history that rallied around a party member’s desire to clear his name from infamy. Party members usually rally around causes that crescendo into movements that challenge the foundations of injustice.
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