Fifa Vice-President Jack Warner Resigns

Monday June 20, 2011

Jack WarnerJack Warner, the controversial Fifa vice-president recently investigated over alleged corruption, has stepped down from his position at the footballing governing body.

The 68-year-old, from Trinidad and Tobago, had been a member of the Fifa Executive Committee since 1983, and was suspended last month after he was accused of corruption.

Fifa accepted Mr Warner’s resignation – and the Ethics Committee investigation into bribery claims against him have now been dropped.

Mr Warner, who has also quit as head of regional bodies CONCACAF and Caribbean Football Union (CFC) and had been the longest-serving member of FIFA’s executive committee, was suspended along with Asian football chief Mohamed bin Hammam.

There were suspicions that the pair had been involved in bribery during the presidential election, which Sepp Blatter, unopposed, won.

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June 21, 2011

Jack Warner resigns as FIFA VP

Jack Quits FIFA
A CASE of bribery against Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner will not be pursued in light of his resignation from world football governing body FIFA. His resignation, announced yesterday, left questions over what happened at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in May at a meeting of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) lingering.

Jack Shocker
In a move that startled the country almost as much as his suspension from FIFA, Works Minister Jack Warner announced yesterday that he has resigned as vice-president from the world’s governing football body as well as CONCACAF and the Caribbean Football Union.

I’ve been hung out to dry
After ending his near 30-year association with football’s governing body, FIFA, and before the conclusion of an inquiry into bribery allegations against him, Minister of Works and Transport Jack Warner has declared: “I’ve been hung out to dry.”

Jack’s statement to FIFA
By letter, dated June 17, 2011, and effective on that date—as confirmed by the world football governing body–I resigned the positions I had long held as FIFA vice president, president of Concacaf and president of the Caribbean Football Union. This decision is by my own volition and self-determination; albeit it comes during the sequel to the contentious Mohammed bin Hammam meeting in Port-of- Spain in May with CFU Delegates.

Transparency Institute not satisfied with FIFA approach

TTTI: Open independent probe to clear Warner’s name

Resignation a year too late
As news of the resignation of Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner from FIFA flooded the Internet local politicians have thrown their support behind Warner’s decision.

Warner says he was undermined

Rowley: Gibbs must probe if Jack broke laws

Sad day for Caribbean football, says Camps

PNM: Jack’s sights set on local football

CoP still waiting on FIFA for info

Warner: My new role is problems of T&T

UNC backs its chairman
THE UNITED National Congress yesterday gave its full backing to its chairman Jack Warner in the wake of his announced resignation from FIFA and several other football bodies.

A shadow still hangs over Mr Warner
The resignation of Jack Warner as a FIFA vice-president is very convenient for both FIFA and Mr Warner himself. With the ethics investigation into allegations of bribery by Mr Warner closed as a result

Football’s loss may be T&T’s gain
The decision by Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner to resign as a vice president of FIFA, as the president of CONCACAF and as the president of the Caribbean Football Union would not have come as a surprise to anyone who has been following his announcements since his provisional suspension by the world football body

Business as usual for Jack
IT WAS BUSINESS as usual for Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner yesterday as he toured a site damaged by heavy rainfall, hours after word of his FIFA resignation broke.

FIFA release Jack Warner Q&A
FIFA have released the following Q&A detailing some key issues surrounding vice president Jack Warner’s resignation.

30 thoughts on “Fifa Vice-President Jack Warner Resigns”

  1. The plot thickens. I like the Guardian’s categories of his “sins” in case the FBI file needs filling in. This morning he was talking for Kamla, saying they will make a statement on Sasha Mohammed,this afternoon he is out. Is this a crumb(half a bake really) meant to detract from Sasha’s sins of commission?
    Now, if Jack thinks its over, he’s wrong. FIFA may stay their hand, but when the FBI gets their fangs into you, there is nowhere you could run or hide, there is no one you could bribe. Maybe Blatter had too much to lose by a close scrutiny of all that went on. If he handed Jack the one million,in Miami, the question of such large sums changing hands without a paper trail must cuase the FBI to perk its ears up, so we have not heard the last of that.Blatter too may have to go.
    Now. Mr. Gibb’s case could be “solved” for him. He does not have to do anything about Kamla’s favorite man, but does he? Well, the money entered TnT in cash, aparently as Jack Warner’s stash. He said it was given to him in Miami. He said it was to be used as a discetionary fund. Those are the kinds of comments that cause the FBI to perk their ears up. Currency regulations were breached, the US’s and TnT’s.So, Jack is not out of the fire, but stage one of his removal has been successfully completed.
    Mr. Ewart Williams of the Central BAnk, you still have work to do. Mr Gibbs, you get busy. A deputy Prime Minister of our country has dirty hands, hands that if not soundly smacked would sully all our good name. Resigning from FIFA may be a sop to Cerberus, but will that dog be satisfied?
    A very good day for TnT football.
    I will no longer see his mug on the World News, BBC or China news.

    He is ow TnT’s problem, and the FBI’s.

    1. Homeland Security will surely also be involved, and in a big way since any transfer of funds, and as large as this comes under several imjunctions related to anti-terrorism activities–which this is not–and the transfer of funds for such activities.

      They will want to find any possible loopholes exploited in this case to avoid it occurring in others more cases.

      It also will involve money laundering possibilities and loop holes.

      Any how you look at it it is definitely not good news for Jack and others. While the Homeland Security is on the prowl they might even uncover, if such exists, any illegal transfer of funds that went into the PP’s election campaign.

      Then, the whole government, including several ministers in cabinet might be implicated and the government implode.

      What happens then will include the President who might already be considering legal options with advisors.

      What might also turn out to be a major diplomaatic problem is if any minister is involved, will he or she have immunity from extradition using some of the arfguments used by the AG to keep them in T&T.

      This is one issue the PM cannot tell the country go get past the way she cleverly has with Reshmie, the NP and its contracting conflict of issues and now, emails sent to threaten media from the pM’s office; a PM who is on record as being media-friendly.

      Jack, the money man and strategist who ousted both Panday and Manning might now also oust another politician: himself.

      1. Also, one has to consider how Rowley figures in this. He had eaarlier called on Jack to resign, being also a minister in the government. The AG claimed Jack was not in any difficulty and that Rowley’s challenge was at best mischevious.

        Then, Rowley called on Gibbs to go after Jack, especially since Gibbs was sloww off the mark. In fact, Rowley gave him five days to act, or else.

        Now, Jack has resigned. Gibbs began the investigation only to see the quarry find safety claiming innocent until proven guilty.

        Now, investigation by Gibbs flushed and all that is left are allegations, and suspicions, but no guilty conclusions.

        But wait! Here comes the FBI who will not be turned the way Gibbs has been.

        So, if Rowley has played it, he has done so well, hitting a six from on his back foot and while out of his crease.

        Did Jack claim to be friends with Obama, but damn, this is the year leading up to the presidential elections and the Republicans wwill pounce, so Jack, you’re on your own, buddy buddy

        1. Does Rowley have the legal authority to “give Gibbs 5 days to respond?” Is this another bullying situation?

          Is the FBI involved or is this wishful thinking?

          Do you really believe that the Republicans are even concerned about Jack Warner?

  2. I think most people remember Dr. Rowley addressing the issue of Jack’s involvement in fifa and holding a ministerial post in government, stating that it was morally and ethically wrong. The know-it-all government went through all kinds of psuedo investigations using the most powerful minds in the legal fraternity to justify the lack of conflicts in holding both positions at the same time, but fate has proven Dr. Rowley correct and Mr. Warner has only temporarily survived the bribery charges. If as stated, Lous Freeh is looking into the allegations of money leaving the U.S. (in cash) and not reported to the Immigration Department, then Mr. Warner has a lot to account for. Mr. Warner operates under many clouds of suspicion and in a ‘real’ democratic government he would have to show a clean set of hands in order to be ‘accepted’ but th8is is Trinidad and Tobago, so what evidence there is on Jack will have to come from abroad. This government has politicised the security forces, the police service, the administration of the justice system and many of the institutions where one would naturally expect natural justice that ‘integrity’ is a word of the past.

    1. As I understand it Lous Freeh ia an ex-FBI lawyer in private practice who is working for FIFA.
      Does Jack Warner have an obligation to even speak to him?
      As I understand it , Freeh is not an employee of the US and the Immigration dept is not involved?

  3. By the way, the charge in the US for smuggling money either in or out the country is a fine 3x the amount smugggled and a jail without parole of 10 years. This does not include charges made in T&T, charges possibly including the firing of Customs officers who might be implicated in facilitating the entry of such sums, not only in this case but also in preparation for the last election.

    As they asy in China during times of unrest, stress and upheaval, pray for boring times.

  4. FIFA is inherently corrupt, from the President down. I think Jack step down to save the reputation of FIFA. I am sure pressure from the PNM and COP forced this resignation.

  5. Rowley yesterday took issue with Warner’s comments saying, “I simply want to find out if Mr Warner and the Government were prepared to offer Calder Hart that explanation when Calder Hart’s telephone number linked him to the Malaysian family.”

    Rowley makes the mistake of reminding the nation of Calder Hart, at a time when he has the government and the PM by the balls.His calls for the the resignation of Sasha and Jack are right on target. My view is that he is squandering an excellent political and moral responsibility and opportunity by invoking this comparison to Calder Hart.

  6. Warner still a witness in FIFA probe

    Jack: Not me and American prober

    I’d rather die first
    Jack now FIFA ‘witness’ but refuses to meet with ex-FBI director

    Councillors back Warner
    WORKS and Transport Minister Jack Warner continues to receive the support of many in his constituency following his sudden resignation from FIFA, CONCACAF and the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) on Monday.

    Ghany: Cloud over Jack’s head
    Political analyst Dr Hamid Ghany says Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner’s shock resignation from FIFA leaves a cloud over his head.

    An act of pure self-preservation, says Manning

    Sando East MP seeks caucus on Warner
    SAN FERNANDO East MP Patrick Manning will ask the PNM parliamentary caucus to move against Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner in the Parliament.

    Why wait on FIFA, Commissioner Gibbs?

    Jack Warner to receive five-figure Fifa pension for life
    Jack Warner, the controversial former Fifa executive committee member who was at the heart of a corruption investigation until he resigned this week, is set to pick up a five-figure annual pension for life as a result of his decision to stand down.

  7. JAck WArner conspired with PAnday to lie about meeting Nelson MAndela, and the venerable old man denied it. JAck lied. Panday lied. They lost. I have not believed a word JAck said since that big lie. When they attempted to bring MLK’s son to talk at MAcoya, or Jean Pierre or something, I wrote to his PR people, as I am sure others did, pointing out that he was being used. That letter was sent to the editors of this page.JAck divorced PAnday for new and improved politics a la Kamla. He was lying then too. NOw he divorced FIFA when their lawyers were hot on his tail, to say he concentating on TnT politics. Lie again. He was/is hoping to dodge a number of bullets aimed at him. One can run in a zig zag patten to escape single shot rifles, but a fusillade aimed at you is toughter to escape, and as for a heat seeking bullet?He should use his money to create an ice jacket, to be worn at all times.

  8. I just read the FIFA REPORT on the allegations agaist Jck Warner, carried on the BBC. A Non-partisan delegation made up of about twenty people, pulled from the PP coalition, the Opposition, the Chamber of Commerce, The NGO’s, The Teachers Union, University Professors, and a few independent senators need to go to see the President to request a formal removal of Mr. Warner, not only from his ministerial portfolio, but of his seat in PArliament. Mr. Eric Williams and Mr. Franklin Khan were removed for less.
    This delegation should first let the PM know what they are doing, then do it. She may be paralysed by fear of blackmail,like a mouse in the eyesight of a hungry cat, and so is unable to act.
    For the good of the country, Mr. Warner needs to go.Our integrity as a nation has been hopelessly sullied.Tomorrow should be declared a day of National Shame.Our flags should be flown at half-mast. No other minister of government has ever done so much harm to the country.

  9. TMan, in response to your Is The FBI involved? A sample.
    A big black car pulls up in front of my neighbors. home. He is not there. Two men in black suits, one white, one African-American, walk up to his door and ring his bell.Because we watch each other’s houses, my son walks over and inquires of the two men as to who they are. That’s when they pull out badges and tell him they are not seeking Mr. X but girlfriend Y who lives at that address. Ok, my son says but she does not live there any more. Moved.They leave their card for boyfriend to contact them. As they drive off, my son is on the phone to boyfriend. That is when we find out that she had been put out by boyfriend because she was involved in some fraudulent dealings, as a government employee. Two days later, after they find and arrest her, the stuff hits the news.

    That’s how the FBI works.

    All the crime that they have investigated, would have gone to naught if they had trumpeted their investigations from the rooftops. They inform the local police,I understand, when there might be shots fired or such.
    If I was Warner, I would sleep with my running shoes on, and dressed. They have been known to take people naked from their beds. Of course being an internationally known person, they might let him dress for the perp walk; they may also do it as a courtesy to the people of TnT.

  10. It is not where the money gone, but from where did it come? Away? Then is trouble like goobal. If from the Treasury, then is trouble in Arima … is that where COP has its headquarters?

  11. There is something to be said for other cultures.
    In Japan, he would have fallen on his sword. In China, he would have faced a firing squad.
    In Nigeria, the woman head of the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission would have hauled him into court, striped him of his assets and recommended jail time(Would the FIFA pension be paid in jail?)

    In Tnt JAck seems bent on being Jack be nimble, jack be quick, and he gives presss conference after press conference on this issue, while in Tobago, after he recieed his copy of the report from FIFA he could not be found.I thought he had already skipped the country. Even KAmla did not seem to know where he was, at least she said so.

    I am thoroughly amused that people are defending this man, on various grounds. It goes to show that our love of money transcends all evil.

    If it turns out that he was involved in many local corrupt activities that were facilitated by his frequent trips abroad, would we still defend him them? What does in take in the land of the Trinity, the land of rum and roti politics, the land of calypso and chutney, the land of carnival and hosay, to say enough is enough?

    1. Linda wrote “In Japan, he would have fallen on his sword. In China, he would have faced a firing squad.”

      Just goes to show that Trinis are more civil than your Japanese and Chinese friends. Personally, I think Jack made a mistake in trying to make that American FIFA president. It appears as though the current President can do no wrong. He is president for life. He is perhaps the most corrupt of the lot but power lies in your position of influence and so Jack failed.

      Trinidad will benefit from Jack’s experience in soccer and the many connections he established during his travels. He is a politician who is coming into the profession with considerable wealth. However, his greatest asset is his ability to get projects done on time and at a lower cost. I am sure he will work hard in the few remaining years as a true unsung hero. He must be commended for being the man to bring soccer to South Africa, I think that was one of his greatest achievements, proving that the mother land was capable of hosting such an event and breaking the European monopoly on such things. He will continue to help his fellow country whether in politics or out…Jack is fully capable of continuing to make a difference..

  12. FIFA Ethics Committee report: Case made out against Warner

    ‘Compelling’ bribery evidence
    FIFA Ethics Committee report reveals:

    Jack blasts FIFA leak
    Works Minister Jack Warner yesterday lashed out at “sections” of world football body FIFA for feeding “misleading” information to the international media in a bid to undermine his legacy and Caribbean standing in FIFA affairs.

    Jack: They’re out to destroy my legacy

    Jack Warner: ‘Document not released by FIFA’
    Statement by Jack Warner on the circulation of a document purporting to be the decision of the fifa Ethics Committee, which is currently considering charges of bid-rigging in fifa’s recent presidential election.

    Hold public debate on Jack Warner issue
    Political scientist Derek Ramsamooj is warning the People’s Partnership Government that for it to maintain the pillars of integrity and public confidence, there must be internal and external debates on the resignation of Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner from FIFA.

    Anil: Jack should have faced probe to clear his name
    COP leadership contender Anil Roberts would have preferred the FIFA probe to have gone forward in order to clear Jack Warner’s name, rather than resign from FIFA as Warner did

    Rowley: Jack must give up Cabinet post

    COP members chant ‘Fire Jack’ at City Hall

    Jack gets $7m pension
    WORKS and Transport Minister Jack Warner is to receive a FIFA pension of an estimated TT$7 million. This amounts to 644,000 pounds sterling.

    British press reports $230,000 FIFA pension for Warner

    Many unanswered FIFA questions
    It is becoming clearer that the scenario surrounding the Fifa bribery allegations which forced Jack Warner to resign and in the process keep his “presumed innocence” of the allegations remains cloudy. And notwithstanding his departure from the international football body, Mr Warner could still be central to how matters unfurl in the not-too-distant future. What was not considered in the discussions on Monday in the wake of the resignation of the former Fifa vice-president was how the allegations against the Asian football president, Mohamed bin Hammam, and that of the two Concacaf officials would be proceeded with.

  13. Yeah Uncle Jack, and you luv Queen Kamla, and Chagurnas , or better yet care about anything outside your bank account. Tell me folks since Transparency international local head guru was kicked out of the party, is there any to protect these remaining political bandits, from further destroying our underachieving tenuous democracy?
    There is an old expression ,that the wise ones would use that can be summed up by “jumping from the pot into the fire.” Just maybe, we should reappraise it, by putting Basedo Panday, Patrick Manning , and now Queen K’s respective regimes ,under the microscope,to decipher which is worst,ehhh folks?
    Is this what “change we can believe in,” entails?

  14. Mr./Ms.Moderator, please forgive me. Mamoo, “more civil” my ar-e. Today’s papers: a man murdered over his child whom his wife wounded.Last two weeks: two women set on fire by men like you.(NO woman has yet tried to burn her husband).Today’s report on the 1990 events: Soldiers of the regiment under a captain empty a store of all kitchen appliances, and store them in a house in the Vale.People apparently buy them at distress prices, all in the interest of a bargain. And the Bamboo, oh the Bamboo, repository of all stolen cars where you could buy back your own parts as spares.Children dying in hospitals among rats and ants for want of medical care. Doctors unaware that they have severed two major arteries during a Caesearean Section, woman dies, but hospital head is fired, not doctors responsible.One year in government: One contract issued by Jack without authorization, recalled.AG insults people right and left with his uncouth utterings. PM doing the same. PM takes freeness from friends,the Gopauls, and gives them a lucrative contract, eventually recalled(Certainly Gopaul’s luck ent Seepaul’s luck). Anil- Govt. Minister covers up accident involving state vehicle. Report released two weeks later when he has sobered up.MAry King giving contract to son, while on the board of the Integrity Commission, or was it TI?and as Minister of Government. Warner, oh Warner, ex-teacher, multi-milioniare who never owned a football team, but owned the paychecks that were supposed to go to the Soca Warriors.
    Oh, save me and my people from Civilized Trinidad. Begone, knucklehed.

    1. Linda, usually, your comments are filled with passion, information, balance and aplomb. Everyone can, in my opinion, see how utterly trite and reactive are some, if not all of Mamoo’s responses, seemingly designed or intended not as much to inform debate as raise the ire of others. Please leave uncivil responses to uncivil individuals like me and him. With all kind thoughts and best wishes. Shalom

    2. Sounds to me like one of your diahriah episodes. Where were you Linda when 60 babies died at Mount Hope without even a proper investigation into their deaths. This was at the time when your papa Pathos was in charge of the nation. The Caesarean death of this woman was promptly investigated and measures taken to prevent this from happening. Where were you when the murder rate rose to over 500 under the PNM. Hiding in Dallas I imagine. Where were you when over 300 citizens were kidnapped and many brutally murdered during the Papa Manning reign of terror. Hiding in Huston I imagine.

      As for Jack who you seem to take a delight in attacking him. What is your problem with a successful black man?. He has accomplished more than you could ever accomplish in serveral lifetimes. Trinidad the smallest nation in world was in the World cup of Soccer thanks to uncle Jack efforts. South Africa the first African nation to host the Soccer World cup, thanks again to uncle Jack. Projects after projects in T&T completed on time by Uncle Jack and within budget. What is Jack’s crime??? Maybe he not as black as you…

  15. Dear Never Dirty, thank you for you kind suggestion. Back in 1972 or thereabouts, I was constantly hassled on my job by a Vietnam Vet who was full of bitterness. He picked on my accent, which “sounds white” to some people, found fault with my perfectly constructed sentences, I do not speak slang, until one day, in my “nice, educated accent” I told him to get the f— off.” He was both stunned, and seeemed joyful. He found out that the accent could cuss! He left me alone. It works. Thanks.

  16. No doubt about guilty verdict against Warner

    Manning calls for Integrity probe for Warner
    FORMER Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday called upon the Integrity Commission to investigate whether Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner declared the full extent of his remuneration from FIFA in his declarations of income for the years that he was an Opposition Member of Parliament.

    Manning to PM: Act on Jack now

    What international reputation?
    So amid all the bacchanal and accusations surrounding FIFA, a phrase has been thrown around that this is “damaging to the international reputation of Trinidad and Tobago”. For this statement to be true we must have had some good reputation that I was not made privy to but is in danger of being “damaged”. Let it be absolutely clear to all and sundry that the so-called international reputation of T&T is nothing to be proud of, and by far our nation is perceived in a very negative light.

  17. In his song, “No woman no cry” Bob Marley sang,

    Cause I remember when we used to sit
    In a government yard in Trenchtown
    Observing the hypocrites
    Mingle with the good people we meet

    That stanza constantly penetrate my consciousness as I examine the responses to the hypocrites who were calling for the resignation of everyone associated with the PNM whenever a rumor or suspicion arose. If Bob Marley was around during the last election that brought the PP into power, he would have been using the same lyrics to describe the association between the cross over voters who were lured into making the electoral choice that brought this dispicable regime into power, and the Jack Warners and others influencing their choice. He would have remembered sitting down in a tenement yard in T&T observing the hypocrites mingleing with the good people we know.

  18. Blatter ‘unhappy’ over CONCACAF scandal

    Panday: Warner can’t stay in Govt
    Former UNC leader Basdeo Panday believes Works Minister Jack Warner cannot remain in the PP Government with credibility any longer.

    Do the right thing Mr Warner
    IN the wake of even more compelling evidence linking him with wrongdoing, Jack Warner must finally do the good and proper thing and step down from his position as Minister of Works and Transport and chairman of the United National Congress, pending the outcome of the ongoing police investigation into various allegations against him.

  19. At the beginning of this scandal, I called for Jack to step down,(Illegal bringing in of foreign currency, bribery etc) and gave some good reasons. I have since been joined by the leader of the Opposition, 2 former Prime Ministers, all the editors of the major papers, and numerous members of the public writing on this and other fora. Jack stays put. Kamla stays silent. The religious organizations usually so vociferous, have decided to render unto Caesar, silence.

    This is the most amazing phenomenon in the history of TnT politics.

    Jack is like Ghaddafi, he will apparently fight to the last man standing. He will go when the fragile coalition called the PP party, is in shards around his feet. Then, in finally stepping down, he will get a splinter in his toe, he will hop into some dogs turds,and will get tetanus. Such an ignoble end.
    Then he will blame it all on our heat, which shatters glass when a BLACK man is around, and our stray dogs who do not respect property laws. There will always be someone or something to blame, but not Jack.

  20. Jack is protected because he plays an overseer role in PP politics. People like Jack have existed in our community since time immemorial, and they have always been used by forces whose interest and goals do not include our well being,to divide our communities and persuade the more weak and desperate to act against their own self interest.

    Jack’s value to Kamla and the PP is akin to window dressing, an ethnic manequin in the display case of PP politics. As long as he agrees to continues to play the role assigned to hm, he will be safe, regardless of how many laws he breaks, or how many moral and ethical fas paux are laid at his door.

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