Rowley: FIFA $$ for UNC ‘the real story’

Friday, June 5 2015 –

Dr Keith RowleyOPPOSITION Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday said former FIFA vice-president and former government minister Jack Warner has confirmed the United National Congress (UNC) — the lead party in the People’s Partnership coalition — received funding from the world football body for its successful 2010 general election campaign.

Rowley, the People’s National Movement (PNM) political leader and Diego Martin West MP, made this statement in response to comments made by Warner in a paid televised political broadcast on Wednesday night.

In that broadcast, Warner promised to provide information on funding he received from FIFA, but implied FIFA funding also went to the Kamla Persad-Bissessar administration and the United National Congress (UNC) in the 2010 general election campaign. Persad-Bissessar is the UNC’s political leader. Rowley told Newsday, “The real story is his (Warner’s) confirmation that the UNC, which formed the Government was funded by the FIFA derived money.” Recalling that Warner was UNC chairman prior to leaving the Cabinet and coalition in 2013 to form the ILP, Rowley argued that it was for this reason that Warner “is now on Interpol’s most wanted list.”

The PNM leader added, “Having been conceived in such iniquity, it should be no surprise to anyone why this Government quickly became the most corrupt that we ever experienced.” Warner, in his televised broadcast, also said he will provide documents to local and foreign law enforcement dealing with the Section 34 fiasco. While offering no comment on this yesterday, Rowley told reporters during a press conference at the Opposition Leader’s Office in Port-of-Spain on Monday, “It is my view that Mr Warner has information which can elucidate for us what happened with Section 34 in a Cabinet of which he was a part.” Indicating at that time that Warner is now “in a position to tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” Rowley said, “What I will say to Mr Warner is, if he wants to tell us the story, tell us the whole story how two other financiers got themselves virtually freed from judicial action because the Cabinet took actions in the Parliament, at the level of the Cabinet, and at the Office of the President.”


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  1. Once again this Leader of the Opposition shows his lack of intelligent thinking, his desperate negativity and lack of good judgment. Instead of adopting a rational and objective position on this Jack Warner fiasco, he is only too willing to play partisan politics by accusing the government of using FIFA money and doing so knowingly, without a shred of evidence. He mistakenly lines himself up with Jack Warner who is wanted internationally. His only interest is in what Jack Warner has to reveal in order to implicate the government in wrongdoing. The PM, the AG and other legal luminaries have all called on Jack Warner to go to the Police, either locally or internationally and present all his evidence. They have discouraged Jack from once again utilizing his “not tonight” trickery. Rowley declared without any proof or evidence that Jack is on Interpol’s wanted list for one reason only, and that is because Fifa’s money funded the 2010 election campaign. This premature, dangerous, uninformed and unfounded declaration by Rowley not only shows his stupidity, but destroys the international reputation of the country.

  2. Rowley told Newsday, “The real story is his (Warner’s) confirmation that the UNC, which formed the Government, was funded by the FIFA derived money.” Recalling that Warner was UNC chairman prior to leaving the Cabinet and coalition in 2013 to form the ILP, Rowley argued that it was for this reason that Warner “is now on Interpol’s most wanted list.”
    Indicted last week by the US on charges of racketeering, wire fraud and money-laundering, Warner scoffs at the accusations, insisting he’s done nothing wrong.
    New accusations of soliciting and accepting bribes are now being made against Jack by some countries, including Egypt.
    Somehow Rowley is attempting to desperately link Jack’s crimes with the UNC, describing it as the “real story”. To quote the PM of Dominica, Jack Warner has a legal problem not a political one. His attempt to implicate the UNC and the PP in his crimes seems like a ruse to con the multitude and rationalize his illegal, sleazy behavior. The PM, AG and Moonilal have all challenged Jack to provide the evidence of government collusion and go to the Police. His reply, “not tonight”.

  3. There is a saying “in order for things to get better it has to get worse”. The past five years have been a period of confusion, scandals upon scandals, nepotism, racism, squander, lies and God knows, the devil has basically taken over the country. It is my humble view that Jack Warner’s indictment by the U.S. Justice Department, although sad, will turn out to be the one thing that will bring about an awakening of the people of Trinidad and Tobago to all that has been going on. Judging by the new combatants Jack/Kamla, it is obvious that we have been lied to, time and time again. As a matter of fact, lies appear to have been the staple diet being fed by the government to us for the past five years. We have in fact reached our lowest ebb in the pasty 62 years and it is now time to hold the bull by its horns and regroup. The first hurdle that we are facing is of course, the election date. With the revelations of what have seen taking place in the past, I don’t see how the prime minister can think that it is in her best interest to hold back that date.
    There is no doubt that, were she to call the election six to eight months ago, her chances would have been much better of re-election. From this point onwards, there is nothing Kamla can say or do that can or will convince the thirty three percent that Nigel Henry is famous for telling us are “undecided” to take her seriously. The country is in serious need of good governance. For the past three or four months, the prime minister has been consumed by “wiping out” any opposition to her government. While wiping out the opposition might be good for Kamla, it is definitely not good for good governance of Trinidad and Tobago.
    We are first and foremost a democracy. We want it that way and want to ensure it remains that way. We need checks and balances in everything that is done in the name of the people and it can only be achieved with an effective opposition. The Prime Minister should take her own advice that she freely gave to Jack Warner and spare the people of Trinidad and Tobago the unpleasantness of the vitriolic and neophyte politics that we have been experiencing by her style of management of this country’s good name. As a matter of fact, based on what we are hearing from Jack Warner, she may now have to find another avenue to “vindicate” her “good name” again. Only this time it should be fairly done in the court of public opinion (not pollster opinion).

    1. Jack Warner producing a series of cheques from one of his many companies with the name of a marketing firm does not say or mean anything in regards to funding the PP campaign in the last election.

      FIFA funding the UNC campaign either does not bring any measure of wrong doing. The money given at the time was not known to be bribe money. This was an election campaign the partnership was not in government. Trying to tie all of this as some kind of corruption on the current government is quite a stretch. CLICO gave the the PNM $20 million to run its last election campaign. So companies were giving money from all direction.

      Jack was taking donors money through dollar fete etc millions of it then giving a little to the UNC campaign. This is what Panday said, he should know “Panday on Jack
      Published on Feb 26, 2010, 12:01 am AST
      Updated on Feb 3, 2011, 3:35 pm AST
      “I am, however, not prepared to serve under Jack Warner as Chief Whip in the Parliament, until such time as he renders an account for the millions of dollars received by him on behalf of the party.”
      Panday added, “In the circumstances, I intend to approach the Speaker of the House with my request, that I be seated on the back-bench on the Opposition side of the House, until such time as Mr Warner is removed as Chief Whip, or until he accounts for the millions of party funds”. Like the common thief Jack has not accounted for party funds.

      Jack wants the world to believe the lie that he alone funded the UNC election campaign of 2010. The truth is he pocketed a lot of the funds he collected and wrote some cheques from his company. Cheques he will reveal in his Sunshine propaganda paper. Whatever money Jack used was quickly recovered, he wrote contractors on a Ministry of Works letter head telling them to give generously to the Ministry of Works Christmas fund. That money went into his own account. Jack problem is not money. His problem is telling the truth same as the current Opposition Leader… The truth defies both of them…

      1. The checks will be used against him by the US District Attorney as additional proof of the bribery monies he have been demanding over the years.

  4. The time for political parties voluntary financial disclosure is NOW for the 2015 election for “Laws control the lesser man… Right conduct controls the greater one.” All political parties and potential candidates (of honor if they have any) should notify the media weekly of all donations, goods AND services received which in any way benefit your campaign (paid for by 3rd parties) for media scrutiny and reporting to the public until such time as an Act and regulations can be implemented and enforced. There should be a cap as to how much in monetary instruments, goods and services a political party can accept in an election cycle in order to rid our national political system of the pervasive influence of private money. When the people believe their vote is irrelevant, it shows our political system is under assault by those who believe that special interests should be able to buy whatever they want in our society, including our government. As remote as it sounds, we must IMMEDIATELY begin taking steps to provide a reason for public belief in the political electoral system. Voluntarily reporting campaign finance, goods and services is that start. Let all things be transparent and brought into the light so the citizen can make an informed decision who is best to govern. We as a nation need to decide whether our political process will be for sale. Currently, politics is just another investment for businesses and moneyed interests. Actually, it’s one of the best investments they can make with the most lucrative return in contracts, favorable legislation and protection. Choose your side – are you for democracy for the people and free and fair elections or are you for an oligarchy by and for the wealthy and their corporate interests? #BeyondPartisanPolitics #VoluntaryCampaignFinanceReportingNOW

    1. The US boasts of free and fair elections as the most democratic country in the world. They have campaign finance laws in place; however, money dictates the results of their elections at every level.They also have frequent violations.
      You are totally correct in your call for voluntary finance campaign transparency and eventual laws to regulate election spending in T&T.

    2. you are not living in a CAPITALIST world but a dream world – WAKE UP.


    The gall of this angel smile /devil heart-political snake ,that we remain stuck with, as our PM! Talk about ungrateful bastards.Used Jack-FIFA-Warner loot,to finance her party,and foster that meteoric rise to power ,over Badeo, now suddenly trying to distance herself from- as if any of us are buying.
    Sorry,but it ain’t so politics works Kamla .
    Just like your mentor Panday,who rode the back of Tobago 2 seats-ANR Robinson ,to fame ,respectability ,and glory ,back in 86,then when he had enough ,did all in his power to destroy the man,and our country.
    Can anyone remember NAR, tribal fake refugees ,Horse police –fake Islamist -Lennox Phillip,aka Yasin Abu Bkar,and his crooked lawyer,turned AG ,Ramesh Lawrence Maraj?
    Yeah ,the same Human Rights ,anti capital punishment guru , who suddenly got a hard on for murder by state , once a client of his,was on death row,and was planning to also spill the beans .watch your back Jack ,and watch who you are eating. The carcass of many are strewn ,all across the streets of T&T , of those who tried to defy de Siparia Queen ,and her Cabal manipululated PP regime .
    Hey Kamla , here is a word of admonition , for you ,and fellow ,UNC dominant, PP goons.To quote Yankee TV Judge Judy- ‘Quit peeing on our legs ,while telling us it’s raining!’
    No one gives a hoot ,about the fate of FIFA Jack,the Trini Billionaire ,and not too bright politician .
    He has enough resources ,to stay away from prison, in much the same manner of Basdeo Panday, and dem two UNC financial contributing cowards , who hates ,foreign jails.
    If at the end of the day ,he can bring down the PP house of cards , root out financial ,and political corruption , by making examples of some leaders, then that would be a great day for me .
    Yes , his maneuver , might ,on de surface ,appear to be -‘a day late , and a dollar short(as we like to say on de streets )but who is checking?
    Is she planning to call this darn election any time soon ,people?
    Enough already!!

    1. “He has enough resources ,to stay away from prison, in much the same manner of Basdeo Panday, and dem two UNC financial contributing cowards , who hates ,foreign jails.
      If at the end of the day ,he can bring down the PP house of cards , root out financial ,and political corruption , by making examples of some leaders, then that would be a great day for me .” Neal.

      Hahaha Neal you expecting Jack the pathological liar to bring down the PP? To get rid of financial and political corruption? You not easy. It was Eric who said if he put ah crapaud there dey go vote for it. That is the PNM mentality it is based on the tribalistic world view. Once you are a member of the tribe you could do no wrong. To date Rowley did no wrong by producing fake emails. Both Jack and Rowley are pathological liars, they lie like its nobody business. However, the PNM supporters hold them up as heroes as prime examples for their children to follow.

      You ask PNMites about corruption and they say section 34. The courts have ruled but section 34 is still the campaign theme of the PNM. Ask a PNMite what is section 34 and you get a blank…
      What other corruption? They can’t say! Balisier house brainwashing is powerful ruthless and based on mind control. To the PNM tribalist Neal and Kian, Jack did no wrong. The international media currently camped outside his office is all wrong. Somehow it is Kamla fault… Delusional deceived they are! Sadly!

      1. Bring it on TMan!Unlike you and equally unpatriotic Siamese ,bozo twin Mamboo,I have no allegiance to any party, tribe , or opaque hero-dead or alive.
        Put differently,I ain’t have ‘no ax to grind,’or ‘cocoa in de sun,’as we like to say on the streets.
        I am an advocate for equal playing field justice,political/economic transparency-n both business,and government-and true partnership with folks across the global village,who have T&T’s national interest at heart.
        Where the hell you ,and fellow neo tribal ,selectively outraged,criminal apologist,stand on these issues ,is any ones guess.
        Speaking of politically supported crapauds,Papa Deffy Eric ,quotes,and such Mamboo,ain’t it fair to say Basdeo,and protege Kamla,subscribe to the same thinking?

        If not ,then how do you explain how a political nobody called Malika Panday,could run ,and win in tribal fiefdom Oropuche West,when she could not understand basic rules of evidence,to save any South of de Caroni criminal,on say shoplifting,or incest,much less start to help her corrupt Dad ,repay dem wink /wink CLICO loans, he got ,from white color bandit pal Dupree,to complete both his daughters glorified,London education?
        We know Basdeo clueless daughter wasted 4 years ,as an MP in Parliament,since nada of significance was brought to the table -outside of her standing on de steps of our Hall of Justice,and beg /while crying to the DPP,not to jail her corrupt papa.
        How about Bollywood star ,Stacy Roopnarine?
        Her claim to fame ?She is one ah we-a devout Hindu,and a lifetime party hack.
        Yep ,you neo tribal bum,for they were the types of crapuads ,Papa Defy was also talking about,mi country hating piasano.

        Once more ,let me reiterate,for the benefit of you not too sly bums,as I sense you are pretending not to understand..ummmm ..typos.
        I personally do not give a rats behind about the legal fate of millionaire,Jack-FIFA -Warner,as I know the self loathing cretin, just like Morgan Job before him,did not likewise care for anyone of Afro Kinky head nation-especially if they happened to be poor ,be it in South Africa,or T&T.
        Uncle Obama law enforcement,and judicial officials,can take him,chop him up into small pieces ,then dump him in the piranha infested waters of Berbice River Guyana ,for all I care.
        Here is the catch however.Right next to him, on the watery grave site ,must be the equally crooked carcass, of Faddah of your Nation,Basdeo Panday,and dem 2 ,still un- extradited UNC financial backers ,Ish ,and Steve.
        In addition,your angel smile,and devil heart ,Siparia Queen must pay a dear price ,for using his ill gotten gains ,to enhance her power grab,then naively think,that just because she and the carbal dominant UNC-PP discarded him ,like a putrid load ,left near the Caura river ,after a (tribal )Curry duck ,&bush rum lime,that can exonerate her,from criminal culpability.
        Sorry guys,but otra vez ,that ain’t how the cloak ,& dagger world of politics works.
        Just like Jack,Jamaica blue color ,neo terrorist thug ,Christopher Dudus Coke,was protected by his PM,Bruce Golding.

        Soon after Dudus was extradited,the Jamaican government fell,and the then PM Bruce Golding,died a quick death.

        Tell me TMan,and Mamboo,did your PM write her final will,and testament,as yet?
        Notice,I deliberately left out the demise of her regime,as I already know ,what that outcome would be.

        Sing with me and Brother Billy guys,’take warning ,you better take warning Kamla ,for the evil today,would blight your tomorrow,so do good today,and sorrow.’
        Ooops,lo siento, too late for Kamla ,and de PP gang.
        Outraged ,suffering citizens,have had enough. She can open 50 new Chinese constructed hospitals,give out 3 million acres of state lands,hand over 5000 HDC houses at 5 dollars each,distribute $80 million ,of our country reserves,to Christian churches,Hindustani temples,and Islamist Mosques,yet that won’t save her,or make a difference to that party fortunes.

        I love this land, Y tu?
        Stay vigilant people!

  6. kamla is just a liar like jack only that jact admits to his wrong doing and she hides her involvement. i WILL NEVER VOTE FOR HER NEVER NEVER SHE IS TOO CORRUPT AND DECEIVING

    1. Free country vote for who you want, the ILP with honest Jack is available for you to vote. I am sure he can attend to your needs from a U.S. prison…

    2. To survive in this T&T environment a sense of humour is really what the doctor ordered.

      The Trini ability to see humour in the most serious situation might be one of our best claim to being a unique people. While some of us are trembling in our skins that Jack Warner is tarnishing our image internationally, there has been some funny responses to what is taking place that are most deserving of a good laugh – especially for us, the lesser mortals, who could only watch from afar at what is happening on the FIFA world stage.

      For instance, told that Warner had taken off his gloves and was ready for some bare knuckles street fighting, the Prime Minister glibly responded that the gloves came off so that the handcuffs (the FBI is going to put on him could fit). That is the funny, peculiar, hahaha response one expected from, say Basdeo Panday when his tongue was so sharp it might have cut off his own head, as Mark Anthony might have warned .

      Then there was this Moonilal priceless play on words where he said Warner has moved from Intercol to Interpol. Moonilal might have added that Warner now received a red flag and not a red card for his penalities.

      If only for these comic book moments one would not mind if this melodrama continues until penalty shootout when there should be more golden moments of sarcasm and satire, Trini style.


      Compare this with the undermentioned:

  7. Free phone,money by the hundreds milk in the sea chicken galore who KDP think she can fool its was JW money from FIFA .only Trin was fool not TOBAGOIANS they took it all then vote the thiefs out I hope my Trini brothers and sisters do the same .

  8. Yeah, not that the cat has been let out of the bag we see, “well de US do the same ting, and we need campaign finance reform. What we need is an investigation to expose the corrupt pattern of the UNC politics, and the Brahminian cyber warriors and trolls dispatched to run interference to obfuscate it.

    There is an old and very true observation that “when thieves fall out, honest men come unto their own”. That is what we are witnessing in T&T today, triggered by the FBIs investigation of FIFA.

  9. Show me your company and I will tell who you are. Sure, they will run from him like he had the plague now, and it serves him right. He failed to juxtapositon his associations within a hostorical context. If he had, he would have grasped that he was in the position of the house slave sitting at the feet of his slave mistress, and being fed scraps from her plate.

    He thought they liked him, saw him as an equal. He like so many others are still in denial of the reality of what they represented. Still in denial that he does not qualify to be liked by those are current day ideological receptacles of the same traits their predecessors who ran and controlled our twin island in the 18th century exhibited back then.

    Poor fellow. His chickens have come home to roost, and he will find no sympathy from those whose status and livelihood he was willing to trade for the honor of being Queen Kamla’s eunuch. He gave up his balls, and all he has left now is the knowledge of how much it costs when you opt to be a field negro.

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