Shame and scandal, indeed

By Raffique Shah
June 07, 2015

Raffique ShahCorpus Christi morning, I come awake, latish, closer to seven o’clock. I tune in to BBC television to see what’s happening in the world, since, Thursday being a Christian holiday, the local electronic media stations will have no real news.

I do a double-take, re-check the channel number when, big and bold at the bottom of the screen I see “…Trinidad and Tobago…breaking news…”

It’s the lead story, featuring Jack Warner, FIFA, millions of dollars, links to the general election of 2010. I learn that Jack, in a paid political broadcast the night before, threatened to “reveal all” (for the umpteenth time)—links between his banditry and Blatter, tainted money and the UNC/Partnership campaigns, Section 34 and more.

I watch the faces of the BBC reporters stationed in London, Zurich, Port of Spain as they cover the big story, looking bemused, almost gloating, even derisive: another Third World country mired in corruption, only difference being this one involves the lucrative, universally popular sport of football and some very shady officials and politicians.

I hang my head in shame.

I scan news channels, only to discover that my beloved country is being dragged in mud in just about every television station. I seek refuge on the Internet, avoid the news there, turning to my e-mail box. No respite: a Scottish mate of mine, boyhood friend from my Sandhurst days, now residing down under in Australia, writes: Raf, I know I can rely on you to help recover US$0.5 million that the Australian football federation donated to Trinidad, through Jack Warner, money that was never used for the intended purpose…ha! ha! ha!

The blogs run wild, and it seems that most reputable newspapers across the world, in several languages, have zeroed in on Trinidad, corruption, Warner and who he may have shared the loot with. Most of them take a perverse delight in highlighting the fact that the “disgraced ex-FIFA overlord” had been, up to recently, a senior minister in government. That he was also in charge of the nation’s national security comes across as a big joke.

I feel a sense of personal shame that I know other right-thinking, patriotic citizens must share. Indeed, private shame is now public shame. You are a Trini, you are as guilty as Jack. You must have enjoyed some of the fruits of the loot. After all, you elected this man to your Parliament with the record highest number of votes ever.

More than that, besides his political colleagues who may have benefited directly from the stolen football dollars, priests of every known Christian denomination, pundits from the spectrum of Hinduism, Muslim imams, Orisha devotees and even atheists and agnostics, genuflected before this FIFA Ogun.

As the world sees it, we, not they (the politicians), elevated Jack to some of the highest offices in the land. In their eyes, we are a society bereft of morality, devoid of ethics. We are steeped in hypocrisy.

Such categorisations are unfair, of course, certainly to the few who stood firm from early o’clock, who saw Warner for what he really was, and who, against the tide of those deified him, called a spade a spade, a thief a thief. Patriots were pilloried, burnt at the political stake for blowing the whistle on His Royal Larcenist.

Who brought shame and scandal to our country? Jack Warner? Of course he did! But what of a Prime Minister who, against advice from many, including Keith Rowley, proceeded to elevate him to senior ministerial offices? What of his Cabinet colleagues who latched on to his coattails, and who, like rabid but well-fed mongrels, attacked anyone who dared to speak the truth long before the FBI indicted Warner?

Like the biblical Scribes and Pharisees, they are hypocrites all. They and their recently beloved Jack brought shame to the nation such as we have never before endured.

And the Prime Minister has the gall to say, cross her heart, she never received one dollar from Jack. I would hate to think she did—she is not that stupid.

But does she really believe that intelligent people are convinced that he did not help bankroll the UNC/PP during the general and local elections of 2010? That if he didn’t utilise some of the football loot, he did what he does next best, squeeze campaign funds from financiers? Has she forgotten that one such multi-millionaire claimed to have “lent” Jack $30 million for the 2007 campaign?

The Prime Minister must really believe that the majority of the population dotish.

A final word on this sordid affair: why were we surprised at thuggery that took place outside of Parliament when Warner’s bodyguards physically attacked members of the foreign media? When “badjohn” Jack personally assaulted and abused the BBC’s Andrew Jennings at Piarco (“arks yuh mudder!”) back in 2010, not one of his political colleagues or supporters spoke out against his boorish behaviour.

In fact, police officers who witnessed both attacks did not even caution the offenders, far less lock them up.

So who, really, are inflicting shame and scandal on the country? Jack alone, or “all ah we”?

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  1. “But does she really believe that intelligent people are convinced that he did not help bankroll the UNC/PP during the general and local elections of 2010? That if he didn’t utilise some of the football loot, he did what he does next best, squeeze campaign funds from financiers? Has she forgotten that one such multi-millionaire claimed to have “lent” Jack $30 million for the 2007 campaign”

    Jack is a con man one of the best in the world. He only got caught after 28 years of thieving. Shah you could learn a thing or two from this man, the only better thieves are PNM party hacks. They have nourished themselves as pigs at the feeding trough, wallowing in mud. They remain untouchable.

    The Prime Minister is a lawyer and fully understands the way thieves operate. She has distanced herself from such behavior.
    Jack for the record was raising funds for the 2010 election campaign, he collected money from UNC supporters to the tune of millions. In the words of Panday “Published on Feb 26, 2010, 12:01 am AST
    Updated on Feb 3, 2011, 3:35 pm AST
    “I am, however, not prepared to serve under Jack Warner as Chief Whip in the Parliament, until such time as he renders an account for the millions of dollars received by him on behalf of the party.”
    It is a known fact that Jack pocketed a lot of UNC supporters money in the millions and used some of it for campaigning. Shah must know also that Jack himself was up for election, he had a personal interest in winning this election. So he is now making himself out to be a victim but that is the clever work of a con man. He made back his investment using Ministry of Works letter heads to solicit funds from contractors. Jack was on the take all around. He paid $6 million to remove a fire truck. He also use state funds to employ all of his family and friends. Every member of his family had CEPEP contracts, he managed 25 businesses getting all kinds of contracts. Paying all kinds of ridiculous sums for work that was of little monetary value. The con man was at his best. He now plays the victim and that role he plays well. But tell me Shah how could you be a victim when you have a 142 accounts in the U.S. Alone, not counting Cayman, TNT and other places.

    The Prime Minister have every right to deny this international crook any final words to tear down what he did not build. The UNC was never owned by Jack or Panday. Both of them incidentally said 2010 is a mistake and should not have happened.

    Jack son Daryan is a full fledge PNM supporter, he said Rowley is his mentor. I am sure the Warner money went into PNM campaign even though Daryan was not running for public office.

    1. Mr. Shah’s personal shame about Trinidad is very late in coming. Many of the responses to Mr. Shah’s admission of shame seem to support the theory that Jack has brought the nation into disrepute. This country has been shamed long before Mr. Warner’s issues with FIFA.

      Mr. Shah’s uses the phrase ‘hanging head in shame’

      I want to say to Mr. Shah I hang my head in Shame when; while a country is celebrating 50 years of independence the elected government is spending its time manipulating the constitution so that they can help their friends avoid the legal system of our country.

      I hang my head in shame when a government I supported tries to pervert the democratic process by manipulating a well written constitution, so that they can ensure future victories at the polls for one party and one race, while telling us their actions will empower the voting public

      I hang my head in shame when in our midst, for many many years there are those trafficking in drugs and people, and their criminality goes unchecked by government after government, simply because of the wealth they have amassed and the colour of their skin .

      I hang my head in shame when ever I hear Trinidadians debating whether or not Dr. Rowley is too dark to be the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago and that debate makes it obvious to the international community that this is a nation of people suffering from self hate and no self respect.

      I hang my head in shame when a female member of Parliament uses the crime of rape as a political tool, and she is fully supported in her thuggery by the other members of parliament.

      I hang my head in shame when our country gets a rating of number 92 on the global competitive index, while Barbados gets a rating of number 40. It tells me the International community has perceived that I have reason to be deeply ashamed as a Trinidadian.

      I hang my head in shame when an Integrity commission appointed by our president appears to have a lack of integrity.

      I could go on and on, but the point I am making is Jack’s football tickets are nothing compared to what has come before him.
      The international media has run with the story because jack is the larger than life character that he is.

      Do not be lulled into a false sense of security , do not allow yourself to think that because the international media did not comment on the issues I have listed above means that the international community have not already observed the many many things we have to be ashamed of in Trinidad and Tobago, that goes beyond Jack Warner.

  2. Since “de FIFA mark buss,” we have been shamed as a nation. I have decided to say nothing further on that issue. To me, our focus should now be on how to prevent corruption nationally.
    Another thing, some of the writers to the blog, e.g. Mamoo, give the impression that the PNM is corrupt and no other government was tainted. He implies too that the PM and her PP government are infallible. If that is how you see things then you are not being honest.
    To stamp out corruption we must start by being honest. Mamoo “put that in yuh pipe and spoke it.”

    1. “But does Tim Kee’s ambition as Blatter’s new chief Caribbean cheerleader have any bearing whatsoever on his roles as Port of Spain Mayor”
      Tim Kee and Daryan Warner were the conduits for FIFA money in the PNM. The truth will come out only a few weeks ago Rowley was holding hands with Warner….

    2. Chong sing you got to remember, Mamoo really speaks to low-informed and illiterate readers. His ‘truth’ has a morality of his own and more importantly he propagandise his political wishes. Real truth? What truth? The only truth is what Mamoo dreams of. So, you see Chong Sing don’t expect reality to enter your conversations with him.

  3. “And the Prime Minister has the gall to say, cross her heart, she never received one dollar from Jack. I would hate to think she did—she is not that stupid.”

    The PM did not receive any money from Jack. That should not surprise anyone, only if you have a low IQ. What she meant was there are no cheques with her name on it. Warner did not put her on his payroll. It is that simple. Warner was running his own election campaign and use money that people gave which he channelled through his bank account. Writing cheques to various companies does not prove anything. The Prime Minister did not receive any of Warner money. To put it in layman terms, you and I go to a restaurant have dinner and you paid for it. I did not receive your money. You of your own will covered the cost of the dinner….

  4. It took 27 years to figure out Jack and that was is politicians are good at. If it is common knowledge that he funded the PP then it would be common knowledge he was given the Works Ministry to recover his investments. Is this not what we were taught how political campaigns have been carried out in T&T? Now the question that has to be asked is who is the smartest of all politicians we know for the past 50 years in good old T&T who got good returns on their investments? Selwyn Richardson lost his life based on drug busting campaigns waged against drug lords but the one who took the cake are Prevatt and O’Halloran in recovering investments.

  5. Mamoo, you are sure that Jack’s son put money into the PNM campaign, even though he was not running for office, but Jack did nothing of the sort for the UNC/PP. Gosh Mamoo, get real.

    Mamoo, I hate to say this, because I do not like to speak to people this way, but it is time to shut up, you are sounding extremely dotish.

    Main reason why I don’t do politics – you have to make yourself an arse to defend politicians.

    1. Frontsman Jack was running for office his son was not. Jack certainly put money into his campaign and the results was clear for all. Fronts here is your standard 5 education I feel insulted having to explain this to you. There is something call “collective responsibility”, that means when a decision is made by a team they all bear the responsibility for that decision. Warner was part of the team meaning whatever he gave was a team effort. He cannot turn around and say it was my effort alone. That is what he wants to say, I was giving to team alone but so to were other team members. So his reward was a job in Parliament.
      The money he collected did not go into the UNC coffers or the PM checking account it went into his campaign under the term “collective responsibility”.

      His son Daryan was not part of the PNM team in the sense that he was not running for office. So whatever he gave went into the PNM coffers and we can safely say he gave to the PNM campaign….

      1. Mamoo, you are not explaining anything to this street smart Standard 5 drop out; you are giving me your version or interpretation.

        Your intentions are to make the PNM look like part and parcel of Jackmania, while having the UNC/PP look like saints. I hope you are good at convincing yourself, because no one else is buying what you are selling. Try working that “explanation” on the US Attorney General.

        “Collective Responsibility, team effort,” maybe collectively as a team they will make a jail with Jack.

        1. Here is my standard 2 education for you Fronts. “Possession is 9/10th of the law”. Let’s see 142 accounts in the U.S. In the Warner brothers name. All kinds of electronic train left by daddy.

          Fronts take a look at Dudus, he was in his early adulthood when his dad died and he took over the “family business”. The family business was similar to the Warner but they were in the illegal drug business. They gave money to the poor and had many supporters. Uncle Sam came knocking killed a few and took Dudus away. When Uncle Sam come “ah knockin” Warner is heading for US prison.

          1. Moomoo USA law is based on snitching and retting out the other, so one gets immunity and the other makes a jail. Blazer is the chief snitch in the FIFA scenario and the one at that who is terminally ill and will die soon. You honestly think he wants to die in a jail cell. USA justice system is rigged in so many other ways as well …this is one of those ways. And it is not based on justice but getting crime supposedly under control. Use your brains nah.


    Talk about shame and scandal in de family folks!Listen to this clueless, stupid ,eat ah food comedian called ‘Susan -whats her name.’
    While pushing her systematic Public Service purges,her neo tribal PM, created a bogus post for her-which she only obtained ,because she had a more famous ,eat ah food sister,with her paws ,in every Trini legal pie,be it under Manning,Basdeo,or his protege Kamla .
    She Susan in turn,as expected, wasted 4 years ,as white color bandits ,chiefly from ‘de simi Black -neo triumphalist tribe ,’rape ,plunder ,and steal,left ,right,and center,all across our nation.
    Oh ,but by de way,one month ago,on the 1 year anniversary,de la murder of her hermana Dana,she, and the rest of de tribe ,were running around media houses,crying crocodile tears ,re how dem T&T Police ain’t worth a thing ,since they could not make leads ,much less wrap up ,that case.
    Hey Susan,pray tell us ,how much of Auntie Dana estate from her will -that was distributed,quite quickly amongst relatives-actually is remaining?
    Maybe ,the reason this case is left unsolved,is because Police Commissioner Uncle Williams,and his boys /gals of blue ,& grey,are barking up de wrong trees,hmmmmm?
    Just a thought.
    Who stood to gain most,greedy relatives,husband of Extra Foods,murdered CEO,casino big wigs ,or her fellow legal double dipping pal, ummmm,dat now disgraced,recent PP AG ,in cuz Rammy,of Prisongate fame?
    We know this is a democracy and all,but how much more ,can our people endure,of these culturally depraved,morality repugnant,ultra corrupt folks,obsessed with power,wealth and fame-which incidentally,they pursue,using any means necessary?
    Tell me folks ,with citizens like these ,who needs enemies,ehhhh Howai?
    Sad but true,that everything these political/economic bandits touched,especially over the past 5 years ,became tarnished.
    When will it end,and more importantly,when would their still clueless political leader,call this election?

    Love Humanity people,and forget the tribe!

  7. We do have a serious morality problem in T&T when prominent figures like Archbishop Joseph Harris, editorial writers like Dr. Errol Benjamin and Prof. Theodore Lewis and PNM candidate designate and journalist Clarence Rambharat all seem to be in Jack’s corner. They seem to be all ready to forgive his transgressions as a son of the soil of T&T.,mainly for political advantage, with the false perception that somehow this would help the PNM.

    1. Tan, you are so full of it! When Kamla insisted on bringing Jack into the cabinet against the advice of Dr. Rowley, wasn’t that for political expediency?

    1. Classic for you, we know that. We also know that as one occupying an office that shadows the pillars of our justice system, he was also called into criminal question, in his dealing with the two Land Rovers he brought into the country from the UK by devious means. He is yet to faithfully explain this transaction. He is disgraced anyway! Why should anyone, except you look up to him?

      1. Save the nation over $2 billion, those land rovers should have been gifted to him…when is Rowley going to return Landate materials?

        1. Maybe you should tell us about the reported 21 properties (mansions & palaces) that he has built since becoming attorney general – I guess that it was all his money! I like supposing. Like supposing with all the half a billion dollars worth jobs he passed on to his friends. Suppose there is a kick back of 20%. Hmmmm… lets see….. I can’t really count… supposing….nah…. supposing….nah…hmmm…nah. Do you really think he got loans from the bank? …nah!..suppose Howai being that good friend and confident… may be Howai helped? Nah…I just supposing!

        2. I notice that you too like supposing, heh Mamoo! Only thing is that Landate was tried by the same Integrity Commission that you guys so fervently support, and they found him NOT GUILTY! Sorry Mamoo – nice try but I got U! It is your desire that he be tried and tried and tried and tried. But truth always prevail.

  8. Mamoo, TMAN, and the other “chatree” possee assigned the Joseph Roles for the PP, roles which I concede they are more than qualified to play, are only doing that which comes naturally. They have a play book. It is a classic. It modernized Propaganda for any group or organization with the same general aims, goals and aspirations as the organization on whose behalf it was written.

    When I read their comments I only need to pretend that we are somewhere in Europe between 1930-1943, and I can image them stepping proudly and heiling each other loudly as they pass by. Although the image becomes clownish today, I still see their Hindu Queen defense and disfigured reasoning as the equivalent of them stepping proudly and heil heiling.

    1. Dear Rodwell

      You hit the nail on the head, although I have serious doubts that Mamoo,Tman and the rest of the possee have any idea of what you are alluding to. You will have to spell it out for them that their views mirror those of the Nazis during the 1930s- 40s, as such I can’t help but feel if they were given the power, they would perpetrate the same crimes against Africans that the Nazis perpetrated against the Jews.

      However here is what is so comical about mamoo and the rest of the possee;

      A quick review of the history of Mr. Mamoo’s tribe and their arrival in the new world would prove interesting for him.

      Many of those recruited from India for Indentureship in the Caribbean were only too willing to leave India because of a very rigid caste system that discriminated against them.
      History tells us that many were abducted and forced to come to the region, but most of them came willingly.
      They came willingly because they saw the region as a chance to progress. That rigid caste system in India ensured that your children and your children’s children would be serfs and ,menial labourers. That rigid caste system is still very much in play today.
      So there would be no chance of a cane cutters grandchild being a lawyer or a doctor or a politician.
      However in the sweet Caribbean, thanks to the vision of men like Eric Williams of Trinidad, Errol Barrow of Barbados and Norman Manley of Jamaica, the University of the West Indies was created and provided free Tertiary education, making it indeed possible for that Cane Cutters Grandchild to be anything he or she wants to be.
      My point to Mr. Mamoo is this, his afrophobia is quite obvious, since he lacks the sophistication to really hide it.
      However it is due to the very same afro Caribbean politicians that he resents so much, that the infrastructure that has allowed his tribe to fare so well in the region was created.
      If those folks that took that journey from India to the Caribbean back in the 1830’s remained in India, their offspring would most definitely not be Attorney Generals and Prime Ministers.
      Having watched my fair share of Indian movies I know the darker skinned Indian (which makes up most of the Indian Population here in Trinidad and Guyana)are all but invisible on the Indian continent. In fact many of the darker skinned Indians in India are considered to be part of the ”untouchable or the varta class”.
      I use the term darker skin loosely as this is considered to be any complexion not white or very very fair in India.

      This is the end of the lesson for Mamoo and friends

      1. These Indo-Trinis are so ungrateful it isn’t funny. Many of them took JAW’s money or help and turned around and gave him a good kick …you know where. But as CRAZY says in time to come they will bring more suffering on themselves and their own. This is why when they do suffer you just have to shake your head and move on. I recall that when Panday brought Carlos John into the party before 17-17-2, he knew he could not trust his own. That trio were typical of his race. I will climb on your back and stab you, they quietly said just like the present cabal. Back then in 2000, that was their cry until the public spat on them. So now it is the lady’s turn. She is just another back stabber who will meet her faith soon.

        1. Dear Jerry
          Do not allow the actions of greedy power hungry politicians to form the basis of your judgement of any race of people. The fact is, as we have experienced in the politics of Trinidad and Tobago, greedy back stabbing politicians are to be found in any race.
          Have the discipline to take people one individual at a time and not assign racial characteristics to anyone’s character.
          I don’t know if you are African, but for me as an African Trinidadian woman, who has been all over the world and have faced racism in some of those places, I certainly did not like being on the receiving end of racism, and so I have vowed to have the discipline not to perpetrate it against others.

          Even with your displayed anger against Indo Trinidadians I am sure there is at least one Indo Trinidadian that you call friend, or has been a friend to you. Don’t let the politics destroy that. The fact of the matter is some politicians deliberately play the race card so that no matter how badly they perform they can be assured of the vote of their people. I believe they call it ”safe seats”

          What we need here in Trinidad is for no political party to have any safe seats. In such a case they will have to serve all of the people all of the time.

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